St. Mary’s Secondary School, Convent Hill, Ballina, Co. Mayo

This Angel

The bald headed beauty
With voice so sweet
The closest thing to God
You would ever meet

But the white angelic wings
Are faded by the black
That pollutes the mind and heart
And the mischief soon to attack

‘’Why her?’’ I ask myself, heaven above
A girl whose beauty is a reflection
Is slowly beginning to lose herself
And we start to question God’s love

Somebody save this woman from her own mind
The addiction, the pain, the past is creeping
And the tragic tale starts to unwind
And the love that is hidden is weeping

A career, a life, destroyed by hate
By the disease of the brain that overtakes
We stop, we stalk like fools and wait
For this Angel to slowly disintegrate


All the Lies

When do you stop with all the lies?
With all the hidden secrets
Mornings come I try to hide
Force out all the weakness
Monsters hunt me in the night
Searching for my soul
They burrow deep out of sight
Crunching up all my bones
But during the day they linger on
Reminding me of all the bad
I close the door to get them gone
But that just makes them mad
At some point I let them be
Regardless of the screeches
Live at home my demons and me
Unaffected by those who can’t reach us

Ciara Mullarkey


I come from a place where girls can’t box
Because we are never strong enough.
We’re told ‘’shut up and look pretty.’’

Where boys can’t cry
Because they aren’t masculine enough
They’re told ‘’man up’’

Where kids can’t share opinions,
They are never mature enough
We’re told ‘’let the adults talk now.’’


Girls will be Girls, Boys will be Boys

Girls slap on tan and paint their nails,
Boys pick fights and go off the rails

Girls share emotions and let people know they’re sad
Boys will be cocky and act the hard lad

Girls want love, like what they see in the movies
Boys just want big bums and boobies

Girls are hoes if they kiss too many boys
Boys are kings if they treat girls like toys

Girls and boys both have pros and cons
So why don’t we all just get along



Getting ready for results
Where we all get insults
Going out tonight
Where people’s clothes are too tight
Peer pressure to drink
Forcing you not to think
Trying to prove yourself
Convincing them you’re not useless


The Problem

This is where the vodkas abused and the girls are used.
This is where the graffiti is scribbled all over the walls
And we’re asking if the guards are helping at all
From crushed up cans to the cigarette stubs
This is the problem with underage clubs

L and A