St Mary’s Secondary School, Convent Hill, Ballina, Co.Mayo

Be You

Life is weird.
It’s like a never ending rollercoaster,
Ups and the downs, round and round.
But why do we stereotype?
Why do we judge people for being themselves?
Why can’t we just be unique and be different?
Is it because we are scared of being judged,
Or is it simply because we are afraid to put ourselves out there.
Into the big bad world,
Full of negative people looking down on you.
But times need to change.
So go out there.
Don’t let that negative thought in the back of your mind stop you.
Don’t let it hold you back from expressing yourself.
Be different, be unique.
But most importantly be you.

Leah Mcandrew


Today’s society is messed up
Whether you are a boy or a girl you’re doing something wrong
You are always going to be judged no matter what you do
Your name gets you further than your qualities.
If you have feelings or show emotion, you’re desperate
If you kiss someone, you’re a tramp
If you’re very friendly with someone of the same sex, you’re gay
Everyone is so bothered about everyone else that we are missing the big picture
We don’t look at people so see them and their true beauty
We look at them to pick out the bad qualities and we ignore all the good
We compare ourselves to everyone else and put their bad qualities against our good
We try to put other down to make ourselves feel good
We need to stop
We need to see ourselves and others around us for the people we are
We are all human, we all make mistakes and we are all different but the same
We need to embrace our uniqueness and not worry about what people think if you
You need to live life and worry about yourself; don’t waste time and energy judging people.

Ciara Carroll

Never Taught

For I was never taught two homes outdo one.
Never taught words could hurt like shards.
Never taught of un-equal rights.
Never taught of climate change and acid rain.
Never taught we are beautiful, ugly.
Never taught we are perfect, flawed.
So teach me things I will never learn.
Teach me how to build a home, to cover those who aren’t.
Teach me how to write a speech and change the hearts of nations.
Teach me how to be a lady, stand up for my rights.
Teach me how to live my life.
Teach me it’s ok to have two different lives.
Teach me it’s that life will be crap some days.
For I will teach my children the things I never learned.
Never taught will be taught again.

Amelhyne O’Regan-Farineau


Every day I wake up.
Go to school.
Come home.
Over and
Every day I get out of bed.
Look in the mirror.
Wipe dried up tears
With rough
Over and
Every day I go to school.
Trudge through no man’s land
Dodging bullets,
Screams and
A place of inspiration and of pain
Where we wear masks
Every day.
Why do we try to break the ice?
We never will.
Because that ice is what
Keeps us from spilling
Our hearts
On the
Stone we stand.
If that ice breaks,
You break
With it.
Over and



You smile and laugh,
But they fade away.
You joke and mess around,
But the fun ends.
You try to be the man you have to be,
But you are still the boy who failed.

I noticed your smile fade
I noticed the good time end
I noticed the boy you try not to be

I see the boy who cries
I see the boy who tries
I see you.

I see the beauty of your smile
I hear your melodious laugh
I acknowledge your aspirations.

Most people don’t see the beauty in men.
Most men hide their emotions.
There is beauty in men who don’t shy from their feelings.
Men are beautiful.

Annabel Greham

That Day

I still remember that day
As bright as the moon shines.
Although I was young, I still understood quite clearly
That my great grandad had past.

It was a dull, wet day
But nobody noticed what the day was like.
We were all devastated
At what had happened.

All I wanted to do that day
Was to go to bed and have a good cry.
I like to think people think of me being brave and strong,
But it was broken that day.

I learned a lot at that time,
About the people who you think are strong and do not cry.
It taught me that people aren’t going to judge you
Because you show your emotions,
They’ll think of you being a fighter, and a kind heart.

Chloe Sweeney

I Miss You

I miss your kisses, your touch and your hugs.
I miss your comforting words in my bad times,
Your hugs in the cold and rainy days.
But you are not with me anymore,
I can’t hear your laugh and your sweet voice.
But for more storms, snow or wind that passes,
You will always be in my mind.
I miss you.

Yasmin Khamis Ali


Here on this planet, where we call home,
Let the great world spin,
Billions of people on board this marvellous journey.

The fire within, boiling and bubbling keeping us warm,
With the miles and miles of fields of home.
We’re put here on the edge of reason,
Here on this planet everybody matters.

But this journey is taking a wrong turn,
We’re getting lost in our own mistakes,
We have to stop before it’s too late,
The wrong destination is closer than you think.


All our Hours

All our hours of torturous training
All our hours of preparation
All the tears after a loss
And all the pressure to win the toss
The day before a match when the nerves kick in
The pre games meals that end up in the bin
The morning of the final the stress, the worry
When the ref throws in the ball
The stress is felt by all
The forwards the backs all do their best
We’re winning at the half time rest
We come back on and play unreal
That’s why we got to lift the shield
We played, we cried, we sung
And that’s why we won

Sinead Honan

The Final

It’s the day of the final
The nerves are setting in
I tie my boots extra tight
Ready to put up a fight
Ref throws in the ball
I stand up tall, catch the ball clean
60 minutes of dirty football to be seen
The ball comes soaring down the field
I get it and run for goal
The winning goal scored by me
Such a kick, to a tee

Erika Smith

On Monday

On Monday last I feared to peak
Beyond the margin of my sheets,
And hesitantly prepare to meet
The challenges that each day greets.

I talk a lot but cannot hear
The shallow things drowned out by fears,
And try to keep my sanity near
Through the traumatic trip of teenage years.

Ava Kelly

I Like You

I like you, as I like the cold of December and the sunsets of November.
I like you, just as I like to see the sea or the moon in any of its phases.
I like you, like everything that doesn’t have or need explanation.

Xiao Li

Gender Equality

When I was young,
I didn’t understand the definition of what feminism or gender equality was.
As I got older,
I started realising what it meant and what it means to be a woman.
What went on in the world,
Relating to feminism and gender equality was none of my business in my youthful eyes.
As I’ve gotten older,
I’ve learnt that I can’t change the things that people look at,
But I can change the way people see.

Robyn Youle

Her Moment

It’s game day her boots are tied and hair is back
She’s ready
She’s waited for and wanted this for so long
Nothing will put her off her game
She knows what she has to do and will stop at nothing to succeed
Winning is the only option

She sprints out the tunnel amongst teammates
One more focused than the next
Hearing the cheers fuelled her adrenaline
She needed to do them proud
It’s game time, this is it
It’s her time now

Cathy Timlin

When I Step

When I step on the pitch or a court
A new version of me arrives and I feel a band of support
From the moment I woke up to where me I am now
My mind is fresher by the people that surround
I feel I am valued
I feel less alone
That there are people here that call me there own
By just passing and running and by shouting my name
They set light to my candle and create a flame
The jersey we wear
That unites us as one
Creates love and support
And makes me valued as someone

Mollie Tully


It is one football filled with so much history.
Bad day’s extraordinary gall
This seasons goals for victory.
Shelves full of gleaming trophies
Or will the sound of the cricket echo in my ear.
The looks of absolute joy and glory all around.
The screeches and cheer after lifting that glorious trophy.
The tears of heartbreak that drip onto that precious jersey.
The quiet gloom that runs through the dressing room.
We fought long and hard through wind rain sleet and snow.
But its a worth it for that one shot of glory.

Ella Morrison

Shy No More

Quite as a mouse in a housing estate in Glasgow.
Always called by second name.
Too scared to express myself.
The shy girl they would say.

A boat trip in July over to Ireland
Welcoming family introduced me to the town
Learning my love for music in my uncles kitchen

New Year’s Eve singing is how I grew my courage.
Now six years later I have confidence.
Busking on the streets and winning competitions.

Not the quite Donnelly anymore.

Orla Donnelly


Family is there in times that are hard,
They listen to problems that got to your heart,
The good and bad they help with it all,
And are always there to pick you up when you fall.

Family is there in the times that you need,
They are always there to hear your pleas,
They love and support you in all that you do,
Your family help ease the things you go through.

Rebecca Hoban

Missing Home

Missing home being far
Missing home all the time
Missing home is so hard
Missing home all the nights

Missing home without knowing what is happening
Missing home trying to keep strong
Missing home, the music, the culture, the dancing
Missing the sports, the friends, knowing that is going to be so long

To return, to come back
To see them another time

Missing home at least
Without feeling nothing at first

Without being to talk with them
To be afraid
Afraid to say I want to come back
Afraid to cry in front of them

Missing home so hard
Missing home all the time
Missing home knowing I will come back
Missing home, I will miss all you guys

Daniela González Peña


Friends, will always be there for you,
Friends, will always want to stay with you,
Friends, will always be true to you,
But true friends, won’t stab you in the back,
True friends won’t ever leave you,
And most of all true friend are forever.

Naw Kue A


I wish someone supported me like my chair does.
I want someone to help me rest like my chair
If only I could bring my chair everywhere with me.
My chair is too heavy.

My chair has a good heart.
She has a nice way of comforting me.
She doesn’t ever lie to me.
My chair can’t talk.

Meu Lui Tu


Why don’t I look like her?
Pretty, tall and flawless?
Why can’t I be as funny as him?
Witty, clever and kind?
Why can’t I fit in the with those guys?
Popular, cool and confident?
Why, why? I keep asking
I should be filled with glee
I shouldn’t be asking questions
I should be happy to be me

Muireann Igoe


I come from a family of ten,
If I wasn’t with them where would I be than,
From my brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts,
From the loud noises, tears and the chants.

I come from a village of friendly people that say hello everyday,
And for that I want to say.

No matter where you come from or who u are,
Keep on smiling because you are a shining star.

Emma Greavy

I Come From

I come from the stonewalls that surround my school,
I come from the women, who I myself would call a jewel,
I come from the park nearby where I’d spend my nights,
I come from the farm next door with the beaming lights,
I come from happiness, friendship, support and more,
I come from a life I’m yet to explore.

Lucy Tierney