St.Mary’s College, St Mary’s Rd, Co Galway

Endless Slope


I live in a world of standards and judgement

Toxicity and misery run abundant.

The grey sky blankets the world in despair,

Cries for help are seemingly left hanging in the air


This world is a battlefield of words and expectations

Disease and corruption divide unlucky nations.

I keep my head high looking for hope.

While fighting a cold war on an endless slope.


I Lived a Life


I lived a life

A life I don’t know

The person I was I can no longer go

I live and walk and breathe and talk

But to know who I was to be nothing more

I wish to forget of the thing that I was

For I was the squalor of what is

But now I don’t know of how to see

Of how to be the person I want to be

I just don’t know


The Expectations


The expectations of the world are higher than I can reach

Doesn’t matter if we have freedom of speech

The expectations of them all are all different from me

I can’t help it if they don’t like what they see

The expectations of the class are not where I lay

They laugh at what I do and mock what I say

The expectations of myself are horrifying

But what can I do when all I’m doing is lying


The City


Strawberry lemonade, straw between my lips

You might think that I can’t help;

But you’ve got problems that I can fix.


We’ve been through a lot

However our relationship isn’t simply bought


But as you roll up the window

Feelings you try to conceal

One hand on my shoulder

Your other on the steering wheel


Take me to the city again.


Blinded by Shadows


I went through a drastic change back when

My family thought it was better then

But to no one’s surprise, my attempts to fight it were slain


I was forced to follow despite my tries

To express my hatred for the traveling flies

That lead me into this abyss of shadows and pain


Blinded by shadows, I brought myself to my feet

And built my own fortress to shield my fleet

Of thoughts and feelings that kept me from death’s disease


But when I finish my living here

And make my own choices, my own ship to steer

I’ll find my way home and die when I feel at ease


The Same Day


Time to live the same day

Everything is moving slow

Got people asking me if I’m okay

Don’t know how to tell them no

It feels like everybody else is fine

Why am I in-between the lines

Time to put on a fake smile

And make everything worth the while

Music helps me get through it

I just don’t think I can do it




Cancer is here and cancer is there,

Cancer takes life from those who can’t fight,

Family watch loved ones get lowered six feet down,

Coffin gets covered, by those who are loyal with soil,

And after the day when the sun is down,

Those that feel down,

Light a cigarette to continue the same endless cycle

As of it will make some higher power proud.




Have you ever seen an older get frozen in time,

Till they’re younger then you cause you’ve grown and they’ve died,

And all you have left is a hole in your mind, a ghost in his prime, frozen in time,

They don’t get any more moments to shine, just media eluding to involvement and crime,

Left their family, their friends and the whole ends behind.

Don’t look at me like that, you think we pick and choose, who gets to win and lose,

Think we don’t wanna sometimes walk in different shoes, see more for these gifted youths.

All now your mum doesn’t understand, switched it up just for a band,

Nothing on earth can make your dad believe, there’s a good reason u had to leave,

You left the madam too mad to grieve, now your little sisters generation has to back the beef,

No one knows why this had to be, but it’s real life and it’s sad to see.