St Marys CBS, Killagoley, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

Harmony of the Body

My body swaying around,
With the beat of the drum
My feet tap-tapping,
As my mouth starts to hum
My eyes glimmer,
As the music plays from the start
My ears listening onto,
The harmony of my heart.
Being Yourself

Roshan Varghese

A Smile

Kindness that can be gifted without a step,
A gesture that can endear all who can see.
Something that can hold your hand without contact,
Can hug without embrace and can comfort without speech.

How could a movement display such warmth and colour
That it can change the mood of a room in an instant.
How could a movement so simple lift the heart of a stranger passing by.

A power everyone holds, some without knowledge.
A power that can be hindered but never taken away.
A power that can express an array of vibrant emotions.
The power of a smile.

Jack Cahill

Lights, Camera, Action

Negativity is the blocks that break me
Reality is the stuff that saves me
Film is the world that embraces me
Lights, Camera, Action
My world behind a camera
Some say distraction
These stories that are fiction
That world is like a drug
Like a straight addiction

Patrick Devereux


From danger sports
That break your bones
From video games
You played too long
That broke your back
In broken homes
Stayed up too late
On midnight snack
Netflix binging
In the sack
Drunken depression
Sang songs on my own
Talking to God
On the porcelain phone
Trying my hardest
At sports to succeed
But the feeling of losing
Is making me bleed

Gerard Kennedy

I Look across the Meadow

I look across the meadow so vibrant and full of green,
I look across seeing you acre’s away staring back at me,
Suddenly I’m overwhelmed and fall back into my soul,
Arguments and debates growling I begin to feel so alone,
My heart rackets in panic contemplating what my life could be,
Then out of the blue you throw me a rope.
You saved me.

Jonathan Breen


I am made of action
Got no time for words
Can’t get past the stutter
Choking the these words
Sounding like a fool
Can’t comeback
With no comebacks
But on the pitch I rule
I like to show I’m hard at work
Playing in the game
Skilled, competitive
But I can’t say words
To describe myself
So here, just watch me
And you will learn
Because I struggle
With them words
Them words
Just give me one chance
And I won’t fail

Ben Harrington

The Hardest Part

The hardest part of being a gent is not the getting money for presents
To do nice things it’s the hard ship
You get from these so called lads from gay to faggot
If only these so call lads could release themselves from the shame
They see themselves in people could really be who they really are



Romania with the world’s heaviest building,
Must have some of the most skilled builders,
It also serves tasty dinners.
Beautiful rocky sculptures,
With a wonderful culture.
Birthplace of amazingly good coffee,
Where you can also try their toffee.

Bucharest also known as “Little Paris of the East,
Unsurprisingly as it’s unique architecture is beast.
Great buildings looking elegant,
Meaning Romanians must be intelligent.

Kuba Golawski

At Wexford Park

At Wexford Park as the sun was setting
Over the bright may meadows of Clonard
A rebel ball set the crowd blazing
And brought the supporters from far and near

Then Martin Storey from Oulart the balagh
Spurred up the rock with a warning cry
UP UP he cried for I’ve come to lead you
For Wexford’s freedom we’ll hurl or die

He lead us on against the coming hurlers
And cowardly hurlers we put to flight
‘Twas the Harrow the boys of Wexford
Showed the limerick men how men could hurl

Search every parish where breathes a hurler
For Martin storey of county Wexford
Sweeps over the field like a mighty wave

We took Camolin and Enniscorthy
And Wexford storming drove out our foes
Twas at Wexford Park our hurls we’re breaking
With the crimson blood of the beaten rebel’s

At Patrick’s Park and Bellfield
Ah doctor welsh had aid come over

Ryan Quigley


When I was ten I learned to cook scrambled eggs.
So the only thing I ate and cooked for weeks was scrambled eggs.
About my 100th scrambled egg, I got very confident.
A little bit too confident if you ask me.
I has a pair of headphones on while cooking on the gas cooker; I was also home alone too.
While the cooker was on I walked away Just minding my own business.
I’m not sure if the gas cut out at this point because even when I came back,
I was still stirring the eggs as if it was cooking.
With my headphones on, I didn’t hear the gas cut out,
The room filling up with gas while I’m cooking the eggs with no heat.
Eggs still cook in the pan but I didn’t know at the time.
I then finished and served. I walked out of the room with the gas still on.
I don’t know how this story ends because I woke up to my dad asking if I was okay.

Sean Maher

Lesson Learnt

It was any ordinary primary school day getting through every class easily until school was over.
My uncle decided to pick my cousin and I up on a bike with only one extra seat,
So I sat in the space between the bike seat and the handle bars.
We were cycling through the cold winter breeze in my uncle’s housing estate,
Just before we reached my uncle’s house, we went off a curb
And I managed to get my ankle caught between the spokes of the bike wheel,
The spoke ripped through my skin and nearly torn apart the tendon in my leg.
I was brought inside to wait for the ambulance and my ankle was still bleeding,
When the ambulance got there.
I was in a cast for a month and i learned after that not to trust my uncle cycling again.

Scotty Games

My Best Life

I wanna be a footballer I know I’m well capable
Despite this generation it is so flipping terrible
Few days ago my bros dad passed away and it’s heartbreakin
The news was so sad man I couldn’t stop cryin
Life’s way too short live your best life with your close ones
I hate Enniscorthy can’t wait till I move
I also can’t wait till I’m finished secondary school
I’m 16 today I hope I live more years
As soon as I get older I can drink plenty beers
I’ll be there for my brother when they’re goin through a rough time
I can’t wait for adulthood so I can live my best life

Ashley K

My Life

Wake up go to school do my bit and walk home
Think about my life (life is good).
Play with my family
And then express my talent on the sports field
And smash a few noobs on Fortnite.

Mikey Mcveigh


I dreamt a dream the other night I couldnt sleep at all
The rats were tryin’ to count the sheep and I was on the beer.
There were footsteps in the pub and voices up the stairs.
I was climbin’ up the walls and movin’ round the place.
I looked out from under the sheets up at the fire.
Liam Neeson and Connor Mcgreggor were starin at me face.
Suddenly it dawned on me I was goin mental.
When a leprechaun began to dance around the mantelpiece.

Darragh Guinan


I was born on Dublin street where we were sowing spuds and beat,
And those loving farmers treats trampled all over us,
And each and every night when we had nothing to bit,
He’d invite the neighbours outside with this chorus

Come back you spuds and beat, so we can have some fun and eat,
We could make some nice chips, and have some curry dips,
From the green and lovely grass of Killasshandra.

Jack O’Hagan


He hates school, bad experiences made him hate it and he always will.
Once upon a time he hated himself because people never looked at him
As who he was but as the fella who wants everyone to feel sorry for him.
He doesn’t want anybody’s charity he wants someone to understand the position he is in.
Growing up he had two best friends, there was nobody else.
His uncle and his grandad.
His uncle died aged 32 when he was 11…. One down.
His grandads dying… one to go then there’s the 16 year old chap,
Who is living a hell on earth.
But at the end of the day he might not have anyone to look up to
But there’s people lookin up to him despite his family situation



Good at sports
Family people
There good craic
Good at boxing
Good singers
Hard workers

Aaron Wallace


When I was younger, I used to live in a big housing estate on the outside if Wexford.
There was always construction going around the estate.
One beautiful summer afternoon,
My friends and I were just walking down town to watch a new movie.
I think it was another one if those Fast and Furious movies.
Anyway, as we exited the estate we seen a big house in the middle of construction.
So we checked the time, and said to ourselves “You know what?
We’ve loads of time, we might as well see what’s going on.”
Then we ran over to the building site and we seen some lads building a big, fancy house.
It looked like something straight from Beverly Hills.
Our curiosity got the best of us and we wanted to sneak in and have a brief look around,
Maybe even try to climb up on the roof.
But the problem was that there were too many builders,
So we went to watch the movie, grabbed some torches and batteries
And came back when it got dark.

When it was starting to get dark we ran over to the house
And hopped the metal fence without any problems.
It was pitch black when we walked into the house.
We decided to split up and have a look around.
A few minutes later a heard a loud scream coming from upstairs.
It sounded like a seal getting hit in the stomach.
I ran up the stairs hesitating.
I seen my friend in the ground with a big nail in his foot and a pool of blood around him,
He was there screaming his head off, looking like something right out of a horror film.
When my friends came upstairs, we grabbed him and brought him home.
He was then rushed to the hospital and luckily nothing too bad happened to him.
I don’t know why though, but why came back to the same house,
But this time my friend fractured his arm badly by attempting to jump a gap and failing.
This whole event is definitely one of the stupidest things i’ve done.

Dawid Godula

Christmas Eve

It was Christmas Eve about 4 years ago.
My entire family of about 25 people were gathered at my Granny’s house.
Everyone was busy preparing for Christmas in a joyful mood
Apart from that one cracked aunty who is stressing out to make everything perfect.
The mothers were preparing soup and some weird but delicious shrimp spring rolls.
The younger children were getting ready for Santa by leaving out milk and cookies.
The men were kicked back with the fire lit watching some ancient Western with a bottle in the hand.

I was just sitting around eating selection boxes and necking cans of coke.
Then out of nowhere in comes my aunty asking me to give her a hand
With preparing the soup for Christmas dinner.
So I decided I would give her a hand and I went to the kitchen.
There was two giant metal pots on top of the old fashioned cooker
Full of orange coloured thick soup with big lumps of veg in it.
She told me to take out the big lumps using a rough filter device.
Now I don’t know what I was thinking but I set the filter in the sink
And poured the soup from the first pot through it.
It went straight down the drain and having realised what I done I began to panic.
There was only mush veg left in the filter so I got them,
Threw them into a smoothie blender with a few orange coloured fruits and mixed it up.
It was really watery so I added some cream and milk.
It was not the same colour but close enough.
I was doing all this with my aunty in the next room.
I mixed in the new smoothie soup in with the first pot and divided it between the two pots.
I left the pots back on the cooker and said nothing.
I’m not sure if anyone noticed the next day
But they wouldn’t have said anything
Because my perfectionist aunty was responsible for the soup.

Oisin Murphy

Little Fly

Oh little fly upon the wall
Have you got no friend at all
Let me pat you on the head
Down you beastie now you’re dead.

Now you’re dead nobody gives a damn
For you are a fly and I’m a man.
So rest in the peace my little fly
Now I must giggle you goodbye.

Sean Welsh and Dylan O’Gorman

The Match

Last year our school rugby team where doing alright at the start of the year
We had one a couple of games and lost a couple in the league
Then we won the first 2 rounds of the cup
And got a private school from Dublin in the quarter final
We didn’t go in expecting much so when we won we got a massive boost in confidence
That ment that we got put into the father Godfrey competition which was a bigger one
We got Kings Hospital in the first round and no one gave us a chance
We played unbelievable and beat them.
We were brimming with confidence. We lost our next game.
After that game, we got word we were playing Gorey Community School in the Semi final
We were confident but knew that they would be good
Considering they were so close to us we didn’t like them
Because it was a tough game and they where wanna-be-dubs
We were excited for the game and there was a big build up to it.
The game was played on a chilly but sunny January morning in Tullow
From the start, it was clear the referee loved his power
We began strongly scoring first to make the score 5-0
Then coming up to half time we had kept them under pressure w
Hich they gave away a penalty from and I got to make it 8-0 that brought us to half time.
They began the second half faster, scoring to make it 8-7
After that the game became a dogfight with time nearly up
They began making inroads into our half.
We got a line-out 30 meters from our goal
And I asked the referee what time was left he replied saying 4 seconds.
We won the line-out went through a couple of phases
His watch started beeping and I waited a little longer until I got the ball and kicked it out
I started cheering and jumping around we were through to the final
Beating our rivals by the slimmest of margins
But no the referee said he had told me the wrong time
We would have to play on
All of a sudden thought what might happen if they won
Because they had a line-out 20 meters out with 1 point in it
I was devastated
Luckily, we won the line-out and kicked the ball out and he blew his whistle we had won

Conal Kervick


My family and I were on holidays on the coast of Turkey
Where the water was clear as glass and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen.
At the time, we were on holidays my father’s eyes were sore.
He could see two of everything and occasionally had to wear an eye patch.
He looked like Mr.Bean if he was in Pirates of the Caribbean.
Since he could barely see we had to take turns bringing him around places.
He may as well have been blind.
On our last night in Turkey, we decided to go out for dinner in a fine Indian restaurant.
The restaurant was warm inside and there was a strong smell of kebabs.
After a while our food hasn’t arrived yet
and we’ve after gone through a few litres of water between us.
We all take turns going to the toilet, so our blind father wasn’t left on his own.
It was his time to go and I had to bring him so he didn’t get lost.
He was being a bit of a prick earlier so I thought it would be funny to play a bit of a prank on him.
I sent him to the women’s toilets.
Him having the vision of a bat did not have a clue of what he was walking into.
Seconds later I hear screaming and a woman shouting for security.
I walk in and there’s my father going to the toilet in the sink as if it is a urinal.
Since the police would probably be going to get him,
I decided to get him out and make a run for the apartment.
To this day he still hasn’t a clue what happened in that bathroom.

Joshua Waldron


I woke up with a blister on my tongue in the morning.
Twas annoying so I decided to take action.
I got up out of bed and made my way downstairs and into the kitchen.
Keep in mind that what I was going to do was dangerous as well as stupid.
I looked in the mirror and looked at the blister and said “I may sort this out fairly lively”.

I then walked back into the kitchen to get my breakfast, which made the blister even more painful.
I then got to realise that not only was there one blister but two blisters.
So that made me even more annoyed.
So this thought came to my mind.
And I thought to myself “If I pull this off, I’m absolutely unreal.

So I finished my breakfast and confidently walked up to the freezer
And opened the door of the freezer and decided to follow my “brilliant” plan
And pressed my tongue against the bar in the freezer.
I then began to remove my tongue from the freezer.

Thankfully the 2 blisters came off and stuck to the freezer
Along with some of the skin on my tongue which left me in a bloody mess.

Adam Leahy

A Mistake

In the summer of 2017, I was in France.
We’d been staying on a campsite there for just over a week – a week of sheer boredom.
i had been wasting away in the mobile home we were staying in.
The weather was horribly hot and i had been burnt to bits by the third day.
There had been no-one but young kids and old people around
And the pool lost its appeal before long.

It was the seventh of our ten day holiday and I was practically losing my mind.
I had the idea of renting bikes and cycling outside of the campsite to the nearest town.
I went with my eldest sister, we rented 2 bikes and left that morning.
We managed to reach the town after about an hour of reading (and misreading) the road signs.
We recognised a part of the town by the beach and stopped to have our lunch.
We explored the town for some time and then, suffering already from the heat of the sun,
We decided to head back.
We tried to retrace our steps several times but found ourselves totally lost.
We found our way back to the beach eventually.
We had no credit on either of our phones so contacting my dad wasn’t an option.
I managed to find a man who spoke english, who directed us to a tourist office – poorly.
After asking three more people and cycling around like headless chickens for another hour,
We found a tourist office.
I got a map and had the person working there mark out a route back to the campsite.
We were much further away than we thought.
We cycled for 2 hours to get back, following the map as best we could.
The stupidest thing I ever did was head out of that campsite without some means of navigation.
It’s definitely not a mistake I’ll make again.

Adam Dunne