St Mary’s Secondary School, Mallow, Co. Cork

I Am


I am the voice I hear in my head,

I am the books I read everyday,

I am grateful to be me and know that will never change.


I am my friends and family, who support me, that are always there,

I am the music I hear ringing through my ears.


I am the person I aspire to be,

I am who I am and that person is me.




Sand clouds my view,

Each grain an opportunity, eager to be discovered.

I’m sinking in the endless possibilities this world has to offer

And if I don’t choose quick these pieces of sand may turn into shards of glass

Pressuring me to make a decision.

What I don’t realise is that this sand is not on a beach,

I’m encased in an egg timer of life

Waiting for everything to be turned upside down

Once again.




They tell you to smile,

To walk with your head held high,

To speak your mind and don’t be shy,

But the you become a teen,

“Cover up”

“Sit down”

“Don’t upset HIM”

Are the new…

“You look pretty”

“Show them your new dress”

“He is mean to you because he likes you”

Now want I say NO!

But I just smile




They put me down

But I’m gonna bring myself up

My injuries put me down

But I’m gonna fight

Because I want this

People can’t control me

I know what I’m doing

They think they know me

People think they can win against me

When they don’t know my story

One person gets me

He was unexpected

But the unexpected are the best

He made me like this





Never thought I’d say this,

While I’m feeling down in the pits,

Going back to school, really makes me drool.

The laughs, the messing, the routine,

The ordeal of waking up early,

Sometimes a daydream.

Although I unhappily tromp into school,

Thinking about grey’s anatomy,

I really am craving some normality.




Parents always say; don’t worry it’ll be okay,

But they don’t understand the pressure of today.

Subject choices, college applications and jobs,

It’s all too overwhelming and I want to sob.

I wish I knew what I wanted to do,

But there are way too many options to review.

I know I have a big decision to make,

I just hope, I won’t make a mistake.


Teenage Years


So many expectations to act grown

And stereotypes saying all we do is moan

Grown ups telling us to grow up and stop acting wild

While they are the ones treating us like a child

Going to school learning useless things

Instead of being told what the future brings

Not being told how hard it would be

Just to be teenage me




The pen in my hand,

Blank sheet of paper

And a mind of thoughts


As I push the bad

Back to the back

Trying so hard to the crack


All I can hear is

‘Put a smile on’

To never let anyone know what’s going on




Tired of the pain

Tired of the pressure

While everyone else thinks

That I’m feeling better

My friends don’t even know yet

My days flip in a moment

I don’t know what to do or where to go.


I’m too afraid to text my friends

I’m so scared that they won’t care

What if they never noticed

That I was ever even there

And that I really do care

I love them so much

But still when I’m around them

I feel like I’m not enough


I want to live my life to the fullest

But day by day passes and I still feel useless

I want to write stories and I want to write music

But funny enough

I’m better at the stuff I want to do less

Like equations and sciences

That I check off my to do list

Because nobody sees me like this

And nobody knows that I feel like this


The Same


Everyday is the same,

From waking up to more cases on the news

To sitting at your desk doing work drowning in the blues.

The hope you’ll see your friends one day

And hopefully their hair will not have gone grey.

The day we get to hug each other

Will be a day like no other.

To smile and laugh under summers sun

With no care in the world having all the fun.

Forgetting about life on social media for a second

To normality again. Not having to check in




These times are strange,

How we wish they would change,

Distancing from friends,

How we wish this would end,

We’re learning from home,

But we’re not on our own.


Did we ever think this would happen?

No. Never.


We are more united now,

Than ever!

You can bet,

There’ll be good days yet

When we can sing and play and dance all day.


Until then,

Keep safe and stay strong!


I’m Tired


I’m tired

I’m tired of this feeling that consumes my happiness

Its big and dark and cold and mean

Pushing me down

Just waiting for me to give in


I’m fitting, I am

I do want the joy, from staring at the clouds

Or simply walking in the park

But I’m tired as I walk on this bridge out of the dark


What if He Does?


He doesn’t know he makes me happy.

He doesn’t know how much I care,

About how his day is going,

Or how he styles his hair.


He doesn’t know that it’s been him

Right from the very start.

He doesn’t know that when I see him,

There’s a storm inside my heart.


He doesn’t know how all his words

Affect my every day.

He doesn’t know that I can’t make

These feelings go away.


But still he’s kind.

And still he tries

To help me through my days.

And still he texts me every night

To make sure I’m okay.


What if he does?

What if he loves

All of my imperfections?

What if he looks at me

And feels that I’m the right direction?


I Wonder


I wonder about life a lot, like why am I here how does everything work,

I think to the point where I’m worrying about what happens next

When in reality I should be living

I should be giving, giving up all the negative thoughts in my head,

Probably even thinking about getting out bed

I lack so much motivation, to the point where I can barely keep up a conversation

I want to be out exploring with the people I love, with the people I cherish

Soon before one day they will all perish

In this thing called life, not everything lasts forever, that’s why you shouldn’t hold back

You should go attack, attack the things you want

And what you want to be, because in the end it won’t be you and me

It will just be you and trust me, you will feel ever so free




Eyes tired and limp

Begging the mind to sleep

To stop the aimless scrolling

To finally start counting sheep


The sun starts to show

It’s now 5am

Distant chirps of birds are heard

You’re wishing you were them


Independent and free

Spending hours flying in the sky

Nights with no stress

Not needing to lie


It’s 5am

And my minds gone absurd

Because I’m lying in my bed

Thinking about being a bird




It’s hard, In Lockdown

When you’re stuck in a place that isn’t made to keep you safe,

Where your neighbours shout and always fight around.

It’s hard, in lockdown

Where you can’t see your friends. An occasional text is all you get.

When it’s been so long you can barely remember the smiles upon their faces.

It’s hard, in lockdown

When your education is cramped behind a screen

Where deadlines and missing assignments is all you see.

It’s hard, in lockdown

But hopefully it will all change.


So Sick


I get so sick of walking down the street,

Afraid I will be followed,

Or I will be thrown into a van,

It makes me feel so hollow.


I was told I could do anything I wanted,

But I can’t even wear a short skirt,

In the fear that a predator will catch me,

And use me, then abandon me like dirt.


You hear these scary stories online,

But they are nearly always glamorized,

And imply the question of endless doubt

‘Did she ask for it’ and ‘did she try’


It makes me so sad to think,

Of my future daughter being afraid

Not of monsters or scary things under her bed,

But of some men and getting raped.




Starting from now, I’ll learn to love myself

It feels hard, staring in the mirror,

empty eyes reflecting back

But now I need to move on, pick myself up and go

Pick up the love you threw away

Realise day by day that I can once again learn to love myself.




Trends and styles i feel tempted to follow,

Sure they look good now but they’ll be silly tomorrow.


The worst trends come in summer time, because it tends to be warm,

Wearing belly-tops and shorts suddenly become the norm.


Trend after trend sometimes they seem to get worse,

And other times certain trends put present time in reverse.


Some trends appear to be innocent, but how can they be,

The clothes are not appropriate, who cannot clearly see.


Some trends I don’t see, some trends I miss,

That trend holds no pressure that is my wish…




Freddie (Mercury) is the love of life

I wish I were his wife


You thought me to be myself

And not to care what others will think


Thank you for lifting me up

When I’m feeling down

And putting a smile on my face

When I’m wearing a frown.


Yes there’s other things that make me happy

But nothing like you, who I am so through too

Darling, you’re overall charming


The Sky


I look to the sky above me,

For my hope and inspiration.

I look to the ground below me,

To feel the strength of the ground to support me.


Twisting and Turning


From the bottom of the ocean,

To the tree tops above,

With my emotions running high,

Thinking about me there in the sky,

Twisting and turning,

As the world rages on burning,

As I am glad I’m not there,

Leaving them in despair


Staying Inside


In the long hard days

The only things that pays

Is making sure you have in those essays


To keep yourself sane

And trying not to complain

To hide the pain


Of being alone

With just a phone

And this curve ball you have been thrown


But staying inside is tough

And gets really rough

When you can never do enough


“Life after Lockdown”


Everyone says it will be unreal

The best fun we will ever have, that’s a deal!


But what if it’s not, what if it’s a big lie, at times I can be all too shy.


I’m quiet when you don’t know me, that’s the thing,

But once you get to know me, you will cling.


Boys don’t look at me, they think I’m not there,

And honestly I don’t think that is fair.


But with all this expectations, I’ll take my frustrations away,

Put on my foundation and I’ll be on my way!


My Escape


Movies and TV shows are what I escape to,

Ever since I was young, I watch them when I’m in any mood.

There the only thing where I want to be , especially when I can’t be anywhere else.

I put on Netflix, Disney or whatever it is, and emerse myself as if nothing else exists.

Whether I’m fighting Thanos or laughing at Michael Scotts bad jokes.

I feel happier knowing that they won’t end for me, with the great ability to stream.

Knowing that they might be fictional to other, but are very real to me.


Can’t Wait


Can’t wait for the end of this

All going out for the sesh,

We’re all stuck at home now

It’s like being back at the crèche.


Most I can do is try a workout or watch Netflix,

Even made a Pinterest board to find some sort of aestethic.


The buzz for the summer is all I can think about,

I’m never going to be home I don’t care if my parents lash out.

My mind is like a time bomb from all the stress I’m about to cry,

But as soon as quarantine’s over, I know my life will simplify


My Favourite Things


If I was asked to describe my happiness

I wouldn’t chose words

I would show you favourite people and places

Where they are and all their friendly faces

I would show you me in Jess’ garden with a can in my hand

Or me in Spain lying on the sand

I’d show you me and Lara’s adventures

Or my vision board

Or the stuff I play with when I get bored.

I’d show you the feeling of get a hug from nana

Or jumping in the freezing pool

Or even the victory royal with my gaming friends when I should be asleep for school

I’d show you the cuddles with my dogs

Or me lying in bed

And the journeys I go on in my head.

All of these things are important to me

But these are the things only I’ll ever see.




His hair was a bright shade of auburn

So bright in the sun with blonde highlights

Reflecting through only one could imagine how someone could look like this

And I was seeing it in person

We started to talk and went for a walk

Going down the stream felt like a dream

He was strong and helped me when I couldn’t reach things

Only made me and it made me cling and I wanted to be with him

The sky became dim and I felt as if time was running out

And I started to doubt whether I should go ahead with what I was going to do

But everything felt so right but I stood onto a rock

Just his height absolutely in fright gave him a kiss it was absolute bliss


I Like


I like watching Netflix until my pupils become squares,

I like complaining about how school is just unfair.

I like playing video games and screaming with my brothers,

I like midnight chats and morning coffee with my mother.

I like reading novels until the birds chirp in the morning,

I like surprises and pranks that heed no warning.

I like imagining that I could travel through portals,

I like dreaming about the day the world goes back to normal.

I like going for strolls and my favourite colour is blue.

But that’s enough about me, what about you?




I went to my last disco this time last year,

I never knew it would’ve been my last.

Schools were shut down for 6 months, a month after that.

If you had told me all this would happen back in 2019, I probably would’ve laughed.

“That’s ridiculous.” I would’ve said. “You’re going mad.”

But now, nearly one year into this new world,

And I forget what life used to be like,

When we all would go out in big groups, not a mask or a look of fear in sight.

It’s unfortunate that wearing masks, not being able to see friends and family,

Attending school online has become the new “norm”



But it’s just the way it is, I guess.

Covid is the new “norm”




I can only imagine summer,

Everyone’s by the river dancing with their friends,

Not one person fighting in sight,

Because Covid is gone everyone’s made amends.


The music is so loud we can’t even hear,

All we can feel is water droplets cause someone jumped in the river,

Now all our hunger is setting in,

So I just called Kentucky to see if they deliver.


Humming and Hawing


Humming and hawing,

Everyday is the same.

School work overloaded,

Life feels so lame.


Repeat and repeat,

Till we can take it no more.

Sitting and waiting,

Almost feels like a chore.


I want to get out,

See friends, have fun.

But all I can do,

Is stay put and hum.