St Marys C.B.S. Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

The Shadows

Whisper forgotten dreams.
Lost hope filled with tears,
Endless sadness drenched in fear.
The step not taken the lies that left you tainted.
A porcelain heart broken, Shattered.
The words that broke you,
The despair that haunts you.
A dying wish of a child, who smiled,
Now his cries when you close your eyes.

Alexandre Aguas

We Rise

We rise early with hunger
We have confidence from belief,
But deep down there is vulnerability
A key goes missing and we fall to our knees
Things that didn’t hurt before eat away at our minds
It all unravels
We lose our hunger
We overcome weakness and pain. But not alone.

Oisin Cooney

Eternal Night

They want eternal night
The dark is murdered by the light
Rise above and rage against
Eat the rich kill the one percent
What? The land of the free?
Whoever told you that is your enemy
Death to the system
I was born to rage against them

Niall O’Brien


My generation is stereotyped
Judged for what some people do but not all
Told that back then everything was done better
If we don’t pass our exams we will fail in life
If we don’t go to college we will fail in life
If we don’t get a good job we will fail in life

Ian Rigley

My Generation

My generation is slowly killing the world we live in.
The cars that helped us so much turned into our downfall,
Millions of animals killed and left with no habitats
By our own doing and all for what.

Dillon Nolan

For Her

Your abandoned hope,
Your broken dreams,
On this slope.
Your tired eyes,
Show what you’ve seen
And the things you try to hide beneath.
Your friends they worry
But you don’t care
For her,
You’d go anywhere

Evan Kenny O’Brien

End Game

Our generation is damned
We are the last generation who can save our world
The last generation messed it all up
Our generation is gone soft
We can’t say or do anything without offending someone
Not many will do hard labour anymore
Unlike the men who have worked hard to build this nation
We have to save our planet for future generations
So aren’t the last ones to live on this wonderful planet

Fionn Doyle

The Ocean

A world without pollution,
Of a world with smog free skies,
Of a world without corruption,
Of a world in complete harmony,
Of a world without borders,
Of a world without fighting,
Of a world run with renewable,
Of a world without prejudice.

RuairI Lacey

My Generation

My generation is the future
My generation are the lads
My generation are the saviors
My generation are the foundation
My generation are geniuses
My generation will save the world
My generation will undo what’s been done
My generation will create better technology

Nicholas Howe


This is where they lie after
Battle blood guts and rotted corpse
This life of war where men dream of beginning heroes
But the only thing they get is a closed coffin being lowered down into graves
Where fathers bury sons this is where they all lie together in graves together

Conor Dawson


The weak wither,
Where the corrupt slither,
The war is close,
We gather arms,
Blood and smoke
Does not matter,
This is War.

Alan Harszczyk

Secrets in the Shadows

The darkness tells us what the brightness doesn’t dare,
Secrets that no man dare speak of,
Secrets that will forever stay in this dark,
Until the light pierces through this darkness,
Casting rays of truth,
Revealing what the shadows have hidden for so long,
For the whole world to see.

Andrew Fitzhenry

The Walls

The soldiers who died
And the mothers who cried
The generation ahead don’t know of the blood they bled
But blame them for the world ahead

Conor Rodgers

The Long Night

The wars that happened so long ago
The men, women and children that died
The soldiers that fought and died
The blood flowing through the narrow streets
The cry’s and screams that were heard from afar
The battles seemed to last an eternity
The wars that were won
And the wars that were lost

Killian Murphy


The amount of realisation I had that night
The only thing I can see what the dark wants me to see
Where anything I can see and experience anything I think of
I can think about any situation and be open minded of it
I can play call of duty without getting mad
I can talk to anyone for hours and not be bored
I can suffer through hours of boss fights just for the joy of completing it
Just because of that night


Hall of Mirrors

All the people think and wonder.
Some say that what they seek and what they ask
Is to see the memories, the ones that hurt and haunt,
The thoughts that shouldn’t be said and not even thought.
They know the insecurities that will rock and shake you and taunt,
How you run, scatter and even hide if you can.
The way you bottle it all up, trying never to show yourself.



The prison he was trapped in,
The person who got trapped,
The time of loneliness,
The suffering there was,
The dull atmosphere that there was,
The walls that spat him out,
Then chewed him up when the day was done.



It wants YOU.
It wants the advantage over it’s rival, the light.
It feeds on your sadness and your thoughts
To grow up and live in your head.
It has the confidence to try and control you.
But just because someone wants something,
You should not them take it.
Do not let the darkness take your light.
You have the advantage

Liam Doyle


The airstrike hit, the gas cans exploding
And the screams of burning Russian mercs
As the Americans smirk while walking through the flames.
This did not last,
As their smirks vanished at the sight of speznas uniforms repelling from a chopper.
The storm of speznas troops arrived to secure any surviving chemical canisters.
Leaving just on American left to die amidst the bodies of his comrades

Jason Carolan


Where six year olds
Go around
With iPhone and makeup,
Where Donald Trump and Boris Johnson
Are two twins of the same lump
Where jager bombs are more fun
Than plastic pistols

Shane Cullen

What We Want to Hear

What we want to hear.
The shadows wont tell truths,
The shadows only tell us what we wish to believe.
It lies, it fibs, it cheats.
They follow us everywhere,
Know all our secrets,
All our lies,
We can only escape them in darkness.
The shadows wont whisper,
They’ll scream through our brains,
Over and over again.
If we all whispered there would be no secrets left to tell…

Eoin Dolan


The screams and tears
You and I crying all day
And night
Hearing the footsteps
Living in fear
We have no cheer
In this house
Walking on eggshells
Every single day
All I wanna do is just run away.



Lives are lost
At what cost
Hope is lost
War is hatched
Boys turn into men
Men cry
Peace is born from blood

Nathan Murphy


The feel of my
Ice cold showers
The heat of my
Radiator at night
The hurling balls I hurled
That whistle through the air
The fresh coat of paint



Making memes about World War 3
Setting Australia on fire
Ruining the world for the next generation
Selling drugs at this age
Forgetting about the outdoors
Getting drafted for the war
Addicted to Tik Tok.
Waiting for the next score

Nickey Dempsey

Those Walls

They remember
The wet cold dew falling for years
All the dark nights

The fighting in the late nights
The drunks lying up again the walls hopping off a bag of chips
Rough times

Those walls have seen everything
Over the long hard years
If only they could talk.

Eoin Farrell

Dark Ivy

The clocks ticking
People talking.
All those nights

Stressing about exams.
The shadows whisper
You will not succeed.

We come here everyday of our lives
We come to learn how to bleed.

Arthur Mizans

Rotten Fruit

The bodies hanging, Rotting Flesh,
Maggots eating with no rest,
The black crows flying picking there feast,
Children crying, not knowing release,
The tree is weighted by bodies of damned,
The mothers are saddened as the bodies sway,
All of the dead this is where they stay,
There bones crack as though they play,
Seventeen years and the bodies still sway.

David Strikaitis

First Day of School

My first day of school
I thought it would be very cool
When I walked in I heard the bell
Oh boy I thought this would be hell
Then there he was the class bully
He thought he was very funny
He gave me a black eye
I really wanted to cry
I was in the corner I was all alone
But thank god it was time to go home

Craig Evans

The Farm

This farm
The cow calves
Where the hay is bailed
Where the silage is drew in
Were Masseys are driven
Where barley is cut
Where the land is worked
Where the beef is chopped
Where years and years of hard work
A broken back all means nothing now
This is the farm
This is a way of life

Fionn Doyle

My Generation

My generation is one of the worst generations
Because of the racism that still goes on
There’s wars still going on
And our generation is hyped about a new war
That might happen that could kill millions of civilians and soldiers

Michael Ivers

The Walls

The wars that happened so long ago
The men, women and children that died
The soldiers that fought and died so bravely
The blood flowing through the narrow streets
The cries and screams were heard from afar
The battles seemed to last an eternity
The wars that were won and the wars that were lost

Killian Murphy

It Wants

It wants you to give in
For you to stop looking for the light
For you to wave the white flag
For your light to fade

It wants your light to fade
For you to think you’re in this darkness alone
For you to turn away from the light
For you to make yourself alone

Daniel Cairney

These Walls

Remember all the fights,
All the arguments,
All the students,
All the teachers,
All the exams,
All the early mornings,
All the dark nights,
All the memories.

Corey Canavan

My Generation

My generation is absolutely screwed,
Staying up all night getting anxiety,
And all sorts of other stuff, which leads to suicide,
The most screwed are the “hard lads”
Smoking fags, getting drunk and talking bout women,
Ruining their lives trying out new stuff,
Which leads to addiction and anxiety,
Then it loops back to the start of the second line.

Bartosz Urban


Life is sad
It has its ups and downs
It has people hiding their depression
It has people having the craic with their loyal friends
It has evertything

Tommy Mcveigh


Life, a changed place,
Where dogs don’t bark,
Cars don’t screech,
Shops always have cameras,
But there’s always food to eat,
The trees will die young,
But in their place grows,
Legal sativa stores.

Kamil Gajewicz

My Generation

My generation is all about technology
My generation is less sociable
My generation is becoming more related
My generation is less considerable
My generation is fully of bully’s
My generation extremely different

Alan O’Neill

Right Through

You see right through me
I hate that you could
Yet you can’t read
My lips or my mind
And you tell me
It will be all right
When you can clearly see
I will never be.

Jordan Browne


This is where I play,
I play it everyday,
Everyday I try,
I try to have fun,
While I’m playing my game.

This is where we win,
This is where we lose,
We lose so we know how to win.

James Doyle


This were I played hurling all my life,
Where I learned how to pick a ball up and take a hit.
Where I learned how to loses and to win,
And how to respect my opposition.
This is where I made lifelong friends and ended them,
Where my best moments in life so far are.
This is where I belong with a hurl and ball in hand.

Ronan Kervick

This Generation

Global warming is getting worse
Children stuck to their phone
Kids are caring more and more about social media
Than the real world
More kids are doing drugs than reading books

Dapo Abidoye

Wonderful Things

Full of wonderful things
Such as new technology
And we have access to travel everywhere
We want when we want
And how we want

Gheorghe Tarau

Metal Memories

Remember, right before December
The specks of paper thrown on them during the double boring double class
Right before December break
Remember the boring statistics of Economics class
When the teacher went ballistic
On a chap for forgetting his homework
Remember the re-occurring lads
Who had a class there every morning
And the strong string-bass
That only played during music class
Remember the obscenities written on them
By the lads for the craic
Which gave the wall a strange sense of serenity
Remember the safety sound of a bell
Fellas absolutely going insane because of it


My Generation

Staying up late freaking out when you let in a last minute equalizer on FIFA.
Walking around town doing absolutely nothing.
Beating crap out of people on the streets of GTA online.
Going out getting smacked not knowing where you are.
Staying up all night and sleeping all day.
Blaring beat drops during the day
Listening to depressing songs at night.

Jamie Donnelly

Launch Pad

School is cruel
My boys from Blackpool
That’s agreed
Now they look like a centipede
Now they crying and clarifying
There getting bullied for doing a good deed
Now they all depressed and stressed after being the best
Now they pull up with a gun
Not one got out run
Then they decided to do a hit and run,
Now everyone squealing now they all kneeling its unappealing,
They feel bad but they still glad they head out on a launch pad

James Connolly

Hyper Bowl

School ain’t cool
People at the back gate
JuulingI go to bed at 4 I got no fuel.
Your arms so small you need a paddling pool…
A + b = molecule.
This things a blur,
These kids they amateur
I’m a connoisseur
I’m bout to get a transfer to your house
Welcome to the steakhouse
But you vegan
But you tweaking
But you see me seeking
But you hear me speaking
No more HIV
No more tweaking
No more drugs
Or immune systems being weakened


What We Do

The principal and students ring the bells in the morning
The lazy pigs and smelly kids that are always snoring
The boys that smoke at back gate
The lonely boys standing that are left as orphans
The girls admiring themselves in the mirror
To make the boys feel more important
The teachers hang out that kind of stink
The girls get their lines and sniff
Where the ankles were broken off me and my legs are all stiff

Billy Walsh

Generation Game

We are a new generation,
Interesting as can be.
Between hitting the books from 9 till 5
To staying up all night
Playing Pro Clubs or fortnite with the lads.
To playing a final whether it be rugby or hurling
The biggest day of your life stands before you.
Where you go out with lads ,
Try get yourself a girl, get in some scraps.
Boys will be boys
Girls will be girls
Banging out the techno tunes
Almost crying listening to Beyonce
You turn one corner and see your ex with another lad.

Sean Kelly


We sleep late in the day
Stay up all night playing pro clubs
With the same lads every night
Fortnite and GTA online
We play sports and annoy girls
Wake up the following morning
Realise the fool you are
Where we leave school early and don’t care much
About the consequences
Lie around and relax too much
Think we’re wasters
Put big time into sport and make friends
Listen to heavy techno
Sam smith at night
Looking at everyone
Eating kebab trays and cheese bacon tacos

Oisin Pepper


Lads chased by a bunch of nutters with machetes.
Roaring passed girls smoking a bag of joints
Trying to order supermacs with a golf course flag.
A rope swing above a twenty foot drop
Into five foot nettles.
The tree that fell on Jim’s head.
Accidental skinny dipping.
Where the dam burst at four am when it was being sat on.
Where the tent peg was accidently eaten.
Where the boys hiked for two hours to get a half bag
When the chipper was closed.
This is where we grew up and had the craic
Always looking forward
Never turning back

Harry Nolan

AgrI Jeans

Young lads smoke in the toilet if it’s raining outside
Everyone has to own an iphone
Underage drinking is a sport
The farmers go to the ploughing in their jeans,
Work boots and their agrI jackets on in the 22 degree heat
Fields are destroyed
For the love of the sesh and field cars
Girls plaster themselves with makeup
To make sure they get into benos
On a Saturday night.

Darragh Kehoe