St Mary’s C.B.S. , Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.

Art by Pat Byrne:


All these lads not thinking about consequences,
Saying stuff, having my mind running races,
Making the place that’s supposed to be safe feel like hell
Sitting here just waiting for the bell,
Wanting to go home
To get on my phone
And forget the world around me

White Walls

These white walls are my prison
The navy uniforms making us all one
How can some say these are our best years
When we are all made run the gauntlet that we call school
Made to act like adults and still treated like kids.
This cycle of unknown cues and never ending double meanings and hypocrites


Right and Fun
Making a decision,
Girls, Drink and what my da will think,
My brain hasn’t the precision,
My brain doesn’t care what he’s going to think.
The difference between right and wrong is the fun,
No one wants me to have fun,
Doing what I want doesn’t matter,
As long as I don’t have fun

Head Held High

Walking With My Head Held High is hard when you feel like you’re outlined,
When your taste is different and something more refined.
Being observant and honest is key,
If you want to turn out anything like me.
Your silence is calming, your stride is strong,
In a world full of rights you feel like a wrong
Feeling happy in a place, to make your own song,
Thats how you can feel, in the world of john.

Place To Learn

School, what’s school, is it a place learn to yearn or a place to drool.
The power of knowledge to sit and stare, to not teach about what to do out there.
Piling with work expecting the best, leaves the mind with no time to rest,
To think about things that really matter, is just swept away and into the bin from the platter.
So for the time we spend on a chair for six hours,
In the place we’re taught is to be a place filled with flowers.

Run For Miles

When I get home i don’t feel my own
When I have a ball at my feet it’s feels like a treat
That’s when I’m at my happiest
Not a worry in my soul when I shoot into that goal
That’s what keeps the smile and what makes me run for miles

Straight Answer

If you asked me to describe myself I couldn’t give you a straight answer
I’m confused with more things I can count
I don’t understand how others know who they are
Where did I go wrong
So I fake it act like I’m me
Like I know who that is but I don’t


Everyday i see my mates
I can’t go without it
It is really great
It makes the day worth it