St Mary’s C.B.S. Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

This Life


I never thought of anything about this life,

Before I came alive.

I thought I was on a plane,

Suffering from pain.

After it crashed down,

On that tiny small town.

From the skies above,

Where it flew like a dove.

It came down to earth,

Where it was buried with dirt.

The surroundings were very still,

Like it was their first kill.

And before they arrived,

They saw that some did survive.


My Darling


Your words still ring in my ears.

Your cold unforgiving eyes seen right through me.

Your tender hands soon turned into claws.

Your smile turned into a sinister scowl.

Your body leans into mine with no hesitance.

Your lips intertwined with mine sucking the life from me.

You flash a grin as the words ”My Darling” leak from your lips




You look down on me and call me weak,

Making fun of me until I weep,


You always do it to keep impressing,

And tell the teacher you’re only messing,


For I know your life is not that great,

For how can I be filled with hate,

When I know you’re dealing with so much weight,

I just want you to know that I can relate.




We were so in love,

Even in the heavens above.

Love is a thing I miss,

Even when you give me a kiss.




For those of you the spread all hate

You will never see somebody’s mental state

You are the bully in a one bourse race

This racist man does not have on case

The battle of those privileged and not is fate

But shall I have my day it’s a disgrace




Unable to see, unable to breath, dark blue is all that surrounds me.

Grip into nothing just to fall deeper,

lens flares beam through the surface taunting me that I can’t reach it.

Soft floor beneath me ensures my faith.

God help me at heaven’s gate.




Just a quiet boy, from an average home,

And when they least expected it he came into his own.


Never the centre of attention, sometimes left behind,

A bigger mistake they never did make they soon were about to find,


Heads were turned when I said a word, wherever I did go,

The look of surprise beneath their eyes soon began to show,


Just a quiet boy, from an average home,

And when they least expect it he comes into his own.




I used to know this girl in my school, wonderful person,

She was going to get somewhere in life that was certain,

But she was often by herself,

No-one to tag along with,

And she was passionate about gymnastics I know she loved it.

She was great inside the classroom.

No-one was on her level.

Would’ve been a path none of us could endeavour.

You could never find her spacing out, out-working everybody else was her specialty.

For me, I was trying to be like her especially

To be honest. I wanted to be her.

I was impressed, of how our teacher barely had to teach her.

When I left primary school, I didn’t see her a lot.

Although I talked to her ever opportunity I got.

Believe it or not.

She inspired me entirely.

Because I knew she was better than I ever could be

I got the news, as I, came back from a party.

Got into the car my mam was awkwardly staring at me.

She asked “Y’know the girl named **** Bishop?”,

I said “Of course the one from the class below me.”

My moms next statement would fill me to the brim with sorrow.

“**** Bishops in a coma she’ll be dead my tomorrow.”

Now, I know the world’s an unfair ace im not a stranger to it,

But when it comes to death I didn’t think she’d beat me to it.

I never thought the place she’d get to in “life” was up to heaven.


In My Heart


You would give out to us for doing wrong,

But that was right.


You would on allow us to have your favourite chocolate bar,

So long as it was only a bite.


Playing golf in the next door field,

But our distance far apart.


You need to know until the end you will always…

Be In My Heart.




Life is Dull,

Void and Null,

The times have brought,

Sadness and distraught,

Upon people like myself

And everyone else.




What defines me?

People ask that question every day.

But the answer is I don’t know.

Sometimes I feel lost, happy, sad, annoyed and pissed off.

But then feelings don’t define me.

They are just emotions.

Who am I?

I am lost and confused.

I am a teenage boy whose life is completely screwed by these times.

I don’t care about school or homework.

I just want to go out and have fun, be reckless, have a few cans.

And that’s what I would be defined as “normal”

But definitions change.




As my pen hits my page

Time begins to slow,

Groundhog Day seems more

Than just a show,


Spending days alone takes a toll on the mind,

Especially when the roads begin to wind,

People show more sour than sweet,

As more and more often I get called a freak,


Thinking about a girl has made me stressed,

So much so I can feel the beat in my chest.


I Am


I am weak, I am fake

But at this point there is no real me

I am trapped behind a mirror through which no one else can see

I put more effort into my mask than the work

I am so much worse than what you think you know of me

Less funny, less smart, less nice



Those Memories


I’m always thinking about those memories,

And it’s always when you’re telling me stories.

I’m always comfy in my bed,

Waiting for my death.




A page filled with opportunity

A page filled with doubt


A page that could mend

A page that could deteriorate


A page used for expression

A page used for remedy


A page full of hatred

A page full of love


A page that could be rich in life,

But ceased by comparison.


The World


The world is dull,

Void and Null,

The World has brought sadness and distraught,

Upon us all,

But we must find strength in unity,

By being apart,

Or our grandchildren won’t live to see another day,

Not because they will perish,

But because their predecessors will.


The Summer Game


The newly painted white lines and fresh summer air.

A fight until the end will bring utter joy or pure despair.

We fight not for recognition for credit nor fame.

We fight for one another our teammates and friends.

We fight not until we can fight no more but until the end.


This game is our passion our purpose and place.

We do not care our opponents we will fight them face to face.

We are all leaders fighting our man on man battles.

While fighting our individual battles we fight for each other.

All of us thinking, “how else could I spend my summer”.


We cover every blade of grass our legs are almost gone.

We do this in hope of singing a victory song.

The highs are highs but the lows oh how low.

When we cross that white line, we change.

We battle to the end for our clubs name.


When the whistle is blown and the end has come.

We will shake our opponents hand and say “well done”

When it is all finished we rejoice with our teammates

Or look at each other with sadness and silence.

There’s no other way I would spend my summer.

My first love is hurling and i will never be another.




I don’t know how to write a poem,

I’ve never done it in the past.

I’ve never thought of writing a poem,

This could be my first and last.


I always thought that someone

Who writes poems was a little sad,

But now as I finish writing this,

I see that it’s not that bad.


The Days


Did you never miss that feeling?

Even though I’m not telling the truth,

Being what I am,

And seeing what has happened,

I still remember those days,

The days when you made me smile.


The Dusty Road


Walking down the dusty road

Can’t keep up with the heavy work load

Teachers sitting back and relaxin’

While these books make my whole world cave in


Im sick and tired of working hard, not getting time to myself

Its just an applause from my teachers

I feel like Santa’s elf

People making fun of me calling me a teachers… Pet


Have no one to talk to

Got no one to help me

But its ok, i’ve got homework to do

Thats all they think about, all they see in me too


I wish i had friends to talk to

Friends to be with

But ive got no one

My life is useless


A Fighting Chance


Damn, gotta pee. Again.


Raising my hand, I plead…

A curt nod is all I need,

To give me a fighting chance.


There, stuck to the wall in front of me,

Was not one, not two, not even three.

But 7 of them, all in line,

Dastardly wasting my precious time.


The foreboding cause of my life-long

Anguish, nestled deep within my soul,

The alpha male I think I am? Ha.

Cant even fend off a mole –


A mole who harms not a single seed,

And wakes for battle when most in need.

A battle that need not be fought,

Beginning only when a vulnerable thought,

Slips between my ears and into the subconscious undergrowth of my mind.


Exposing my meat yet one more time,

To rid myself of the fiery river,

That threatens to burst my fluid shrine,

And instead of coming out this time,


Chooses to halt its tracks, seal the main gates,

The battle has begun. And you know why?

Because my mind noticed I was poised,

Poised next to another form of life – a human guy.


Fret not on the detail,

Nor on what form of life

need be situated next to me,

Know this, and this only,

For some  reason, I just can’t pee.




I always thought of my death,

Being my last breath.

Watching the light glow,

Before I can go.

To the world above,

Where I can show them my love.

Or maybe down below,

Where they can put out on a show.

But in the middle of all,

I would take a great fall,

Before I would go,

I would take a great blow.


Whole Life Ahead of Me


Fifteen years young

Whole life ahead of me

Got my problems solved

And still got enemies

Going to prove them wrong

With my goals and my destiny


To Fly Away


I looked out the window and seen the blue sky

All I wanted to do is go and fly

Because I am not wrong, but I am strong

To get away from all this mess I really hope everyone says less.


What I Remember


This is what I remember,

Even if I have a temper.

I am always upset,

Even if I win the bet.


This Pandemic


This pandemic is bad,

It makes me sad,

Everyday I’m mad,

Every hour,

The apple gets more sour,

But a apple a day gives you more power,

Now i’m as tall as a tower,

While taking a shower.