St.Louis Community School, Kltimagh, Co. Mayo


You feel it, springing from
The depths of your mind.
A concept, an idea quickly
Becoming an unstoppable force.
The scene absorbs our mind,
It emblazons your thoughts
You fight it, to try to defeat
Its’ encompassing effect
But it’s far too late.
An odyssey has begun,
To find the song,
The music within these words.
And then, you allow this writhing mass of
Fleeting thoughts top envelope you.
They contort and battle and contract, until
Finally condensing into a drop of purity most precious.
The nectar of the Gods,
The oasis of the damned,
The sweetness of existence;

Kyle Mulderrig

Ode to Dreams

There is a dream I have at night
Of a starless sky and streets of light,
Of cafes and of corner shops,
And rivers by a forest copse.

And in this dream I’m not alone,
These people have my heart on loan.
I trust them not to break in two
The little thing I gave to you.

And while I yearn for seas of green,
I know I’d never live this dream,
I couldn’t stand to leave behind
The people who have been so kind

But thank you all, if I ever go
You made this life feel not-so-low
But there’s this thing that once was said –
Seize the day before you’re dead

Francisca Jones

Our Generation

Why is our generation so messed up?
Why is there such thing as an expected body image?
Why are people shamed about their skin colour or for being who they want to be?
Why do people shout racist or homophobic slurs?
Why do people hide behind a screen and think its ok to bully others?

This is our generation. There needs to be a change.


Hell is Empty

Hell is empty and her halls quiet,
For demons roam our land of sin.

Wolfen wanderers who stalk and cause riot,
Safe for now, clothed in sheepskin.

They whisper in every shadow, meddle in all matters,
And yet we will not see through their fog.

They tried to warn us with their clangs and clatters,
But we were taken and led to war like a dog.

Hell is empty for it was never full,
The evil was within us all but now that means null.

Kyle Mulderrig


Music can help us escape reality,
The lyrics take us to a happier place,
This form of art is a collection of sounds
That can make us cry, laugh and think,
That has always been there and always will be.
How can we describe these songs?
How can we put the melodies and lyrics that define us into words?



I went to school
I did not like it
I still go to school
It’s not epic

Matthew McDonagh

High Hopes

They have high hopes,
I have none
They think I’m a failure
But to me I’m progressing


“The Devil in Me”

When I’m gone,
Don’t follow me,
Cause I’m the devil in mind,
The devil in heart,
The devil is me…
Many people don’t believe my words
Or they’re just misheard.
I don’t really know,
Maybe it’s just for show,
But I feel lonely at home,
Lonely in mind,
Lonely in heart
In such kinda way
Making me say this words,
Which aren’t believed or just misheard.
Some people try to change my mind every time,
But that’s just a little shine in dark time.

Franziska Waellisch

Stay Strong

Do not be oppressed and be the way you are. Be yourself.
Let all the hate and envy roll off
(Shut it out and talk to someone).
Stay strong for yourself.


I Fear

I fear the day I wont exist
The day this planet goes to shit
17 months is all we have left
After that we won’t draw breath
You may think its deep, I don’t care
We can’t just ignore it, say you don’t care
You can pretend you aren’t aware but
In a few months, you will be the one who is scared

Sarah Walsh

One Day

One day,
Woke up late,
Rushed downstairs,
Ate some pears.

Ran out the door,
Fought a boar,
Got on my bike,
Sold a trike.

Harry Allsopp


My name is Tara
I know a girl called Lara
I’m bad at writing
This isn’t very exciting



Life is hard and some people care
Others laugh when you say you’re in despair
You put on a brave face and power through
Somewhere there is people you can talk to
Friends, teachers, family ,strangers
There is always someone that can help you.



I have ginger hair
Yes, people do like to stare
My eyebrows are really fair
I have to fill them in everyday,
Only then, you can go out and play

Being ginger isnt all that bad
Old ladies come up to me and they are very glad
They tell me not to cut off my hair
This makes me happy and not so sad

Eva McNicholas


There once was a girl called Lily
Who had a brother called Billy
They sat at the table
And ate chocolate with a bagel

Molly Conway


It is Halloween soon
The decorations are coming out
Pumpkins are in the shops
Fancy dresses is ready
All the ghosts and witches are ready



Football is fun, catching the high balls,
Kicking the goals and nailing everyone you see,
Trying your best to pop it from the 45 yard line,
Shouting at everyone to get back and to mark your man,
Trying your best not to get sent off and help your team to win,
Getting the big talk at halftime,
And running non stop at training,
These are the joys of GAA.

Jack Mahon

I Opened

I opened a can of beans
To eat the my daily greens
I ate them with a spoon
By no means did I have a clue

Tiernan Raftery

Not Cool

I don’t fancy school
It’s not that cool
When I went home jumped in the pool
And I found a mule
It wasn’t cool.

Dermot Cawley


Farewell, Farewell, well see you again
Some other time, but I dont know when
I hope you happy and I hope your well
But its sad that your gone, and how you’re not at home
But sure Conor its sound, ill ring you on the phone
But time will fly and soon you’ll be back,
When we’re playing UFC
Having the craic

Liam O’Reilly


I dont like school
It can be fairly cruel
I feel like ghoul
Just from following these rules
The name calling can be crap
It’ll feel like a fair auld bite
I feel like having some sprite
And it will be alright

Liam and Robert


This is a poem or maybe a song where
I just want to say that your life will be okay
Today just might not be your day.
Today could be bad and tomorrow even worse
But I am letting you know that someday you will be okay
As the world works in such a mysterious way that
Some days are good and some days are bad
But I want you to know
That the scales will always balance back


My Passions

Football, hurling and music are my passions.
I live for these hobbies.
I play these hobbies because I am talented at them.
My music is difficult to play but only I can play it the way I like it.
My sports a physically hard and I like them that way to build my toughness up.
I am grateful to be able to play these hobbies thanks to my supporting parents.
They bring me everywhere to be able to play my hobbies I love.

Thank you to my parents.

Padraig Mooney

My Little Dog

She is my father’s pride and joy
5 years ago, she had a litter of puppies
Only one puppy survived and we call her lucky
Whenever we went on a walk we’d bring her
She’d be tired after a couple of meters and rest
We ended up having to carry her
She loved to run around but never had the energy
5 years on she’s a beautiful dog and loves her walk
She’s full of energy, full of emotion and loves to play
Now she’s slightly larger than her mum
Thinking back to when she was smaller
It makes me sad for a few months ago
She bit me when fighting her mum
And for the rest of my life I will bear a scar
From the dog I saw give birth
And carried for miles down bog road

John Wallace


Why where
When why
Who was
Where when
What who
Was why
Why when

Luke Conlon

Always There

They’re always there in your time of need
With food and jokes to cheer you up
They make you laugh there’s no boundaries there
Each with their own goofiness
Through fallouts and anger we still find a way
Back to these people at the end of the day
Who are these people you ask?
My gurlos

Joanne Devaney


Mayor que oro es la amistad
Un hombro en donde llorar
Unos oidos que saben escuchar
y una boca para aconsejar

Mayor que oro es la amistad
Pues eso nadie la puede comprar
Siempre te sera leal
SI has recogido el trigo del buen trigal

Los enfados siempre estan
Pero solo para reforzar
Lo que es mayor que oro
Que es la amistad

Tambien es verdad
Cierto como una catedral
Que pasajero puede pasar
SI no lo cuidamos como lo hay que cuidar

Mayor que oro sI es verdad
Nada se le puede comparar
Una buena amistad
En la salud y en la enfermedad


All Worth It

It usually starts in the cold months of January and leads into the warm summer months
Every training when your soaked to the skin and can barely breathe
Is all worth it when you’re giving it your all in the championship
Every broken finger, bust nose is all worth it when that cup is in your hands
Every argument with your manger or players
Is all worth it when you’re celebrating at the final whistle with the full team
Every game you lose
Is worth it when you learn from your mistakes and improve

Jamie Cullinane

She’s Crowned

I know a footballer
And no one can stop her
She’s as fast as a robber
And she’s as good as O’Connor

She puts it over the bar
And it goes so far that
The crowd go bizarre
So she’s crowned a superstar

Clara Lavelle

Real Men

My life began on January 4th 2004,
I was born in Castlebar hospitable at 12:06 pm
I was born into a middle class with good parents,
So I thought I had no worries but later on in life
At 14, I found that I was always trying my hardest to impress others
And trying my hardest to fit in to the group.
While all my friends would be drinking and smoking,
I would sit there on my phone while they called me names and say be a man.
They would say this as I wouldn’t do the things they did.
I found out later in life they aren’t my friends if anything there bullies.
You don’t need to impress others or try and fit in with others who say things like this.
Be who you want to be and fit in with the people who like you for who you are,
They will see your true personality.
Don’t be afraid to do things that others think is “gay”,
Be the one who steps out of your comfort zone
The people who do this and do things they believe in are the real men


Skips a Beat

A man was walking down the street.
When suddenly his heart skips a beat.
She was stunning like an actor running like an athlete.
She was married to a doctor I instantly liked her.
She was married to a doctor only because she trying to save her daughter.
I knew I had to help so I talked to her father he told me she was struggling.
He told me the doctor is a beater and a cheater.
I know I was better as I was a keeper, lover and richer.
I talked to her, gave her the information,
She wasn’t happy as she was proud mother.
I hired a hitman to kill the doctor, as he didn’t deserve her.

Markas Sinaurovas


When I am old
I don’t wanna be bold
Get a new car
To drive very far
And stay away
Until I get good pay
I come from a town
Where no one has a frown
We go out all day
And I have no more to say

Hazel Finn


I am sitting in class
I am so bored I might just cry
But luckily enough its nearly home time
I cant wait to go home and eat
And sleep and Repeat
I have to write 8 lines
But I’m struggling to find time
I wouldn’t like to be at this all the time
Because I can’t rhyme

Amy Shannon


Brought home by guards parents aren’t glad
Brother finds it funny sister is embarrassed
Girlfriend isn’t impressed
Next morning I was very depressed
My parents are stressed
Now my life is a mess

Thomas McNicholas

Every Day

I wake up every day and do the same thing,
It’s useless,
School has no meaning,
A repetitive insult,
What do we get out of it?
A piece of paper and a result.

Lucy Brennan