St Kieran’s College , Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny.

A Mask

An object that makes you appear as something else
We all wear masks in one way or another
Some of us wear masks so long we can’t tell if we’re still wearing them
A mask is a mis-direction
Something to make people think something else about you or to take their attention away from you
A fake smile is a mask
The fake smile puts the idea in people’s head that you’re ok
Sure you’re smiling what could be wrong with you
But people don’t see what’s behind the mask
Behind the smile
Behind the smile,the confidence and the character people play is normally a child
Desperate for something or someone
A child sitting in the corner of someones mind
Holding a bear and knowing that nothing they can do
Can make that dark retreat
So we wear masks and act out as a character to hide our true selves whether we know who that person is or not


That day I found the crack,
Big enough to see inside it was deep, black,
What caused it? Was it me or you?
I look inside to get a clue,
I get a peek of what’s within and shout,
I realise I’m not looking in, but out.
The one that was looking in was him.


I wrote this poem
It contains some rhymes
I wrote it in 5 minutes
For the sake of times

I don’t know if it’s good
And that is why
I sent it to professionals
And they let out a sigh

They told me give up
I said that’s just fine
Since I wrote this poem
That barely rhymes

So know I’m in school
At my table
Submitting a poem
And my brain is disabled

Now I’m ending this poem
So it’s an early goodbye
I need one more line
To make this poem die

Championship Heartbreak

I was injured all through Championship
Broke 2 fingers and it took out a chip
Young players stepped up to take my place
He was playing well and kept up with the pace
The whole team fought with grace
Beating Muckalee in a 1 point race
Being in the dugout for the semi final broke my heart
Watching the team play was like a work of art
The lads played well and fought till the end
But after it all it came to a bitter stall
Drunk ould lads in the pub from near and far
while we all sat there eating a numbing Fredo bar.

The Fields

Phone set. Headphones blast the soft tones of nomadic sounds

Music I adore. My dog jumps and I aplore.

For him to move far to the right. For me to lead on as if a light.

We walk for miles to no avail. But to turn back on the same track.

County Final

A county final in Nowlan park
That’s the goal for the team
Even if you fall short of the mark
In the end it’s what you mean
If you leave it all out on the pitch
And play your very best
No one will have to ditch
And disappear into the mist


Art is a drug that blinds people
Artists, Entertainers and Celebrities like to tell people.
To fight against the machine,

To point out what’s wrong with the world

To spread awareness about problems that everyone knows about

But are doing nothing.
They describe what horrible things are going to happen and that’s it.

No matter how many people know about climate change the ice caps will melt anyway


I see a lot of men let their jealousy creep in
Fighting demons
Walking round creeping
Looking for their next victim or a meaning,
To life what their searching for is love
To find love you need to get past the street life
To do that u need to get a real life
Get a job and work with a bit of strive that’s the only way to find the meaning of life

Yet to Be

Danesfort win once again
By just 2 pucks with the winning goal what a goal

It was to send them through to the county final

Dunnamagin yet will it be too easy for Dunnamagin

Who knows some say Ballycallan

We’re robbed a lot

Yet to be unfolded


Fingers fried. Feet stuck to the floor.

All to do but slink and slither as the cold sets I fret.

the start of the class is amongst the mist that closes my mind.

To the crowd of kids and other lads.

All becomes numb


Danesfort playing Rionn B
Nobody gave us a chance
One of our best players who’s he
We bet Ballycallan and then we had a dance
County final here we come
We play Dunamaggin
We’re in a final we’re not dumb
Hopefully we win
So the whole year isn’t thrown in the bin

I love hurling it makes me feel complete
When I play it I can let go
Every worry you have goes out of your mind
The only thing that matters is performing
I never feel any pressure playing hurling
Unlike normal life I don’t have to be the best
My ma and da won’t give out if I lose a match
Unlike exams I don’t have to match unrealistic standards


Six is the time. The time has come.

For me to get up all in glum.

The same day day to day nothing changes only for the whisk of tea.

I sit and rest for the time to arrive.

For me to depart as though to fly. High above the clouds I soar

Only to realize I’ve hit the floor.

Back in school I am again.

This dreaded place when will it end.

No Ability

We go fast like turbo Timo
Miss goals like I’m Firmino
My boys finish like Drogba
Play through balls like Pogba

Scam my team like Trent
He’s lucky to pay his rent
No ability,

FIFA I Choose

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Big J asked me how I was ,
And I said good, how are you,
After school I had a glass of apple juice,
Then I turned on my favourite movie Footloose,
I walk downstairs to watch Arsenal vs The Blues,
Then I doze off for a snooze,
I wake up to play PlayStation,
And it’s Fifa I chose.


There never has been a more beautiful
Than Leo Messi on a Champions
League night.
Against English teams a true sensation,
Scored more versus them than any
other nation.
Twenty goals and six assists,
Exquisite touch, turns and twists.
So rise, applaud, adore, take note,
Leo Messi – the one true GOAT

The Danesford Goat

Some call Ronaldo the goat
But he can’t gloat
When compared with the Danesfort goat
With the strike of a ball Ballycallan fall

The Match

Danesfort beating Ballycallan in the semi. Next battle mow Dunamagan.

Can the big players step up again.

Will star players preform and get more goals.

Best of luck Danesfort though

I think an easy Dunamagan win.


Bruno Bruno Bruno,
He’s a Portuguese like Ronaldo
He goes left he goes right
His diving is not light
But he bottled it in the euros

They Dissapear

Mayo for Sam
So they say,
The last man can only pray .
They are there every year
In the final they disappear


Arsenal FC how the great have fallen
Every Tuesday night we used to be balling
With Wenger at the wheel
And Koscienly made of steel


We bag goals like Harry
Ballycallan were looking shabby
Couldn’t score form the 21
Bout to go beat Dunamaggun

Gonna Lose

Danesfort are gonna lose
They can’t choose
Their faith is set
Because their talent will be met


He is so strong
His arms are so big
He lifts so many weights
His brother loves him in many ways


United in the mud
United in the mud
Na na na na na na na
Ole out ole out
Pen merchant overrated
Ronaldo is too old and slow
Even Pogba can’t put on a show
United in the mud

Him & Her & Her

A women so beautiful her eyes light up the room
Her friend makes all us boys stare at her beauty and magnificence
A man who’s arm are so strong they can lift his brother

Cook Book

I go to school
It’s like being in a pool
Never stop going in
It’s like being in a book
By a cook

Modern Game

Trent Alexander Arnold
Best youngster in the league
Better than James and tripper
Score and assists right and left
Best passer in the league
Who has changed the shape
Of the modern game