St Jospeh’s, Tulla, Co. Clare

So Many

A silent song without lyrics,
For the apathetic crowd without feelings,
They eyes will laugh at you and glisten,
So many hear, but never listen.

For them you’re as clear as a window,
Forgotten, resting in the limbo,
You’re doomed forever, human being,
You’re doomed to look without seeing.

Chained together with one chain,
One per cage and one per frame,
We’re not living, we’re just existing,
We only think that we are thinking.


I never told him how I felt,
Cause I always knew what he would say
He’d get annoyed and say “man up and go away”.
Little did he know that when he walked out that door,
All I did was cry in pain and lay on the floor.
After a while he slowly came back,
I was happy, yet felt like I was going through an emotional attack.
As I sat in his two room apartment and listened to him on the phone,
In my head again, my thoughts were torn.
As he moved to cheap apartments around the town,
My pain slowly grew and I knew that my mental state would be going down.
I stayed at home with my mother and my siblings,
Alone, yet we had the support of family.
Soon my mother started to see my pain,
She sent me to a therapist in hopes that I’d be good again.
As I grew older, we moved house a lot,
Saying goodbye to friends and memories.
No matter where we lived,
We would visit him most weekends.
Every weekend was a different thing,
A new memory or a new pain.
Soon he fell in love,
Decided to get married,
I was happy for him.
When he told me, he was going away,
I felt my heart stop as all the past pain and memories came back again.
Little did he know that when I got home,
Every night for over two weeks, I cried myself to sleep.
“When he said his last goodbye,
I died a little bit inside.”
Now that he’s gone I start to reflect on what he’s given me,
Pain, memories, false hope and experiences on life.
I’ve never shared all this with anyone,
In hopes that I will be judged and seen as weak,
Yet I share it now as I know that this is what makes me strong,
Members of my family hate him for what he’s done,
Yet I can’t, cause he’ll always be my father.

Teenage Years

Two-faced girls and mean lads,
I like your dress says once face,
But the one behind your back doesn’t agree.
Take a joke, it’s just some fun,
Yet your words are hurting,
You will never understand,
I’m not a lad, I don’t see the funny side to hurting someone.
What happened to honest, nice people?
I hate all the faces, I hate the fake-ness,
I hate all these people….
Yet I’m one of them,
I’ve learned my skills from the best,
I want to unlearn them.
I want everyone to be honest and kind to each other again.
Nothing but a bunch of fake friends.

Dad and Mom

Dad and Mom it is not possible,
To count the things that you have done,
I may not always mention the love I have for you
Or how I appreciate the thoughtful things you do.
But you are loved much more the words can say
All that you have given me could never be repaid.


Sometimes there do be times, petty crimes, constant show time during the daytime.
It isn’t fair the competition, the constant auditions, jostling for position,
In a shoal, where the goal is to manipulate, dictate, abdicate that one.

The competition, the mission, the feeling of submission,
Appears through the day, through the night,
Your mother, your father, your uncle, your aunt, your brother, your sister, your true allies
Illuminate, heal, save then rejuvenate.

Strict Parents

Always having to convince my parents.
Never allowed out,
They thought id chase the clout.
This doesn’t make them unfit parents,
Without taking a risk parents.
Protecting their daughter,
Not trusting her slogger.
She finally rebels,
After the school bells.
They wonder why she became as high as the sky,
If only they had ever asked themselves why,
Why they always would deny her the chance to fly.


I feel tired all the time,
I want to cry more than id like,
I’m tired of doing the same things everyday,
Sometimes I feel like I need to get away,
People expect certain things from me
And for once I wish I could just be me,
Sometimes I’m sad but that’s alright
Because I know with the right people,
Happiness is in sight.


Pounding the road is where I want to be,
Ambulance, bus, truck I don’t care
I want to be free seeing the world be itself,

I want to see the way people live their lives,
I want to make an impact on peoples lives,
And maybe in some way change their lives for the better,

I want to be known for the good deeds
Rather than for bad things like drugs alcohol etc.
This is my dream like it or hate it.

I’m Fine

I wake up and think oh no
Not this again
I’m so done but I can’t be done
I paint on a happy face and go to school
Hoping no one can see the darkness inside
I laugh and joke
This is fine
Or at least I pretend it is
I go to class and act all happy and energetic
When all I want is to be in bed
Where no one can hurt me
Where I’m safe
I come home eventually
I smile at mam and say, ”I’m fine”
She says you know we can always talk
And then continues to tell me that I should go for a walk
She doesn’t understand though I know she tries
The pain that hides behind my eyes


Best form of torture,
People say words don’t hurt
But they’re the best form of torture.
‘It’s just a joke’ they say as they blurt out insults at force.
Your mind is the darkest place you can be,
No one hates you like yourself
The insults cutting deeper into your brain
As they throw them at you like rain.
Boys don’t understand like girls
They go on and on until you can’t take it anymore
Until their jokes spin in your head, a constant roar
They go on and on until you can’t take it anymore
On and on until you’re dead.

We’re Growing Back

For the dying world –
An endless war.
Forgotten word,
A healed scar,
Passage of light,
Our last hope,
The sun is bright,
But isn’t warm.
So many problems
Won’t be solved.
So many stories
Won’t be told.

We kill the humans in ourselves
To fit the roles that we were given.
The freedom calls
The unforgiven.
And, in this circus,
Where we were found,
They asked us to leave our seats,
They killed us, covered us with ground,
But didn’t know we were the seeds.

Decisions and Choices

Decisions and choices have to be made nobody knows it but most are afraid,
Afraid of being judged on the choices you made sometimes, without any aid.
Afraid of being declined and left behind.
Taking the test but afraid you won’t do your best.
Worrying about living up to expectations, succeeding just like all your relations.
It can be harder than you think but every now and then we’ll go out for a drink.
To take our mind off things like a little get away,
It’s impossible to handle stress every single day.
We all push through until the results are due, we look back at how the time flew.
We are glad school life is over and ready for the next life turnover.


First away game of the season,
I run out onto the field
eyes glaring down on me I feel like I need a shield
I get tackled at from every direction,
But somehow I manage to get in an interception
A few minutes later she gets a red card
And shouts at the ref ‘Hey it wasn’t that hard’
She storms off the pitch with a rage on her face
I wonder now how I will get out of this place

Growing Up

When you are young life is so easy
When lullabies are sung
And kisses would heal your boo boos
It feels as life could go on forever

I remember playing with my toys
And never thought about boys
All those childhood memories that stood
I will never forget then even though I should


There once was a deer.
Who lived his life in fear

For out in the woods
Their was nothing good

The beast was on the prowl
All night it would howl

From dusk till dawn
And it scared our fawn

For its large paws
And its sharpened claws

Would leave marks on the trees
And its coat was covered in fleas

And it hunted its prey
All night and day

Until winter came
And the cold reclaimed

All the grass and trees
The shrubs and leaves

But our deer was alive
He ate enough to survive.

And over time
He began to thrive

For the beast was gone
And the fawn had moved on

For now, he was free
To go where he pleased

Yet chose to stay
And live out the rest of his days

In that little clearing
In the snow covered woods

The Looks and Stares

The looks and stares,
The judging everywhere,
No one knows how to act,
Cause they just don’t care.
Its toxic and its wrong,
Its a stupid swan song,
Can we please all be quiet,
And just get along.


We just want someone to talk to.
You said that we should talk to you,
About how we feel, our deepest darkest secrets.
If only you knew,
But you don’t listen when we try and talk,
‘Get over it. Calm down. It’s just a phase’
We are told this and that makes the feeling worse
You don’t truly understand how we feel,
You don’t try to understand that we feel this way.
That we just want to be able to talk about it
But we can’t talk to you out of fear, embarrassment, rejection.
And after a while we soon believe that it’s just in our head,
That we are just being dramatic,
Just overthinking it.
So we just try and bury the thought, just forget it.
Don’t bring it up again.
But it isn’t that easy. The thought stays,
And we just want someone to talk to.

The Old Guitarist

An old man sat down and played
He sat down and played all day

He paused and rehearsed
The first and fourth verse

Experienced some difficulty
With quenching his thirst

For he was inspired
And also quite tired

Of being alone
In his empty home

With no-one to talk
Or go on a walk (with)

Until one faithful day as he sat and played
And old friend knocked on his door one day

He was no longer alone
In his ancient home

So they relaxed at last
And spoke of their past

And the two men began to sing.


I find school so boring, listening to teachers roaring
Everything I do is judged.
The day goes so long, hopefully in the end ill prove ’em all wrong.
I want my family to be proud of me, but that I cannot guarantee.
I’ve realized school is not my favourite place,
But it’s something I will just have to embrace,
Working towards a final grade,
Hopefully my hard work will be portrayed.


Nazi Germany 1939
A young Jewish boy is on his way to school,
Happy and content, everything is fine.

Suddenly, a man in uniform appears.
He halts him at the school gate,
He is ordered to adhere.

The boy is frogmarched to a local barracks,
Fear is mounting, fear is building.
He falls into hysterics.

The boy, innocent, harmless, pure,
Is locked up, beaten and starved,
All this he has to endure,

Because of his religion and beliefs
The boy is 14 years old,
His uncle and cousin already deceased

From this barbaric persecution, genocide, mass murder.
The boy is captured and transported by train
As if the driver was a cattle herder.

The boy nods off,
And some time later,
He is greeted by a gate and the loud coughs,

Of the prisoners of Auschwitz,
Their blood-stained hands destroyed from work,
Work that is delegated by obnoxious,

Nazi soldiers that are cruel to them,
Simply because of their faith
And who they are,
And from where they come.

My Dog

His nose is short and stubby,
His ears hang rather high,
He doesn’t get spanked often,
For when he’s bold,
Like lying on my bed and eating up shoes,
He never stops going,
So hyperactive,
Oh doggy I love you so.

To Sink or Swim

Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to swim,
But I’m wearing lead armour,
That I have welded to my body myself,
Unable to be vulnerable,
And slowly I sink,
Under a wave of pressure,
Smiling still,
At my Floating Friends
And Foes,
And I long to know,
Do they feel the same pressure,
The inevitable wave,
To live, love, act and think,
The Same.
I hope one day I will shed my armour,
And kick my legs with new strength,
Forget my fear,
Push to the surface.
And I will be Me.

Take my Heart

Take my heart out of my chest and then throw it away
Then just throw it in the dirt and come back another day
What should I say to you?
How can I look at you the same
Is this just part of your game cause I feel your shame

You said that you wanted to be friends
You said that you wanted to be civil
Somehow I knew it would end
But I didn’t know that you were evil
But now I know.


2003 was the year for me,
Born into this beautiful family tree,
Not only myself, but my twin brother too,
The start of our lives that had begun to breakthrough.
The childhood of love, laughter and light I had luckily received,
My parents who were full of love, support and kindness had always believed
In who I was, what I did and who I turned out to become,
All because of my amazing family and the home I came from.
Our lives full of joy, happiness, laughter and positivity,
Until one day our lives was suddenly struck with the saddest reality.
The loss, the tears, the mourning of one of our own.
No one knew that that day we would all be so alone.
Forever he lives on in all of our hearts and is remembered,
My Dad is my hero and will always be treasured.

My Heart

It is pain seeing your face every day,
Knowing you don’t feel the same way
As I do about you.

I wish I never loved you,
You caused me such heartbreak.
My heart still aches.

I was stupid to think we would last
After all it was only a teen romance
But part of me wishes I was still with you.

But I can’t hold on to you,
I need to let you go,
You are better off without me anyways.

Music is my Passion

I play music because I do not like sports
I tried to fit in and I can’t
We don’t fit in
And I don’t want to try
So me and my friends play music
And make pop music cry

The Thankless Child

The thankless child,
He’s so wild,
He drinks and smokes and has fun for a while,
But when he comes home his smile disappears,
And he falls back into his fears.

People say he’s cold to the touch,
But it’s at home where he learned as much,
Don’t show emotion,
Don’t show your face,
You’re the source of the family disgrace.

Take the Midnight Train

But there was a fair my father at home my mother wasn’t there,
Stuck on a cross walk 2 choices my father’s home or a foster home,
My father almost broken though committed no falter a looming divorce and a family altered.
A court date, awkward, two sides of a broken coin, we knew why we where there.
Depression becomes family tension stuck on a cycle of my mother’s oppression.
Myself, believing I have no future, my father reminding me to be a trooper,
My life looking grim, but I found hope.
A wallet hindering my college prosperity,
A future I have to build for me cause I don’t give up a degree,
My idea psychology is help those exactly like me,
This is my future built by me.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday everyday is poem day
I like to rhyme nearly every day
I talk about poems most days
Poems are my everyday
I enjoy listening to raw poems
These poems become addictive
My favourite poems are non-restrictive
Poems are poems


I got dyslexia
Not anorexia
Wait till get started
I’m sick of bending over to prove it its hurting my spine
Give me my chance and ill prove I smarter then Einstein

I’m Sixteen

I’m sixteen years old and I’m a light figurine
I’m in a family of nine and the numbers are
Starting to decline as they leave home for

I can’t complain about my life I try gain and
Obtain friends and family relationships


Everyday matters even if you feel like crap never fall
Hold your head high and do your best you didn’t fail
Listen to others and never be afraid to speak up as no one is perfect
And don’t give a crap what anyone thinks of you because no one is perfect
As no one is perfect either are you as it is impossible to be perfect
But don’t let that stop you from trying to be perfect and blossom
You are beautiful inside and out but you mightn’t be someone’s cup of tea
But that doesn’t mean you aren’t perfect or beautiful
So one thing you need to know is that no one is perfect but they are beautiful


My Brother Sister’s friends and family
Our lives were full of joy and laughter
Buts what’s the matter because our lives were filled with chatter
Our parents were filled with hope joy and loved us till the end of the earth
And it was the four of us against the world.

Dyslexia Poem

Just because I have been diagnosed with dyslexia
Okay I may not be the best at school
Dyslexia is not a disease
To have and to be cured of but a way of thinking
And begging to learn.
I may no be an A+ student
But I’m sure as hell no dumb dumb.

Pleasing Others

Pleasing others,
Why do we bother?
For an Instagram like
This isn’t lifelike
Put on a mask
Is that too much to ask
Be like the rest
Forget that you are blessed
With skills,
All for the cheap trills
Of an Instagram like.

Judgmental Stare

School is where it started
People everywhere
They are all cold hearted
Giving you a judgmental stare

All they care about are people’s opinions
Not about enjoying your time
It happens with billions
It should be a crime

School should be for learning
Not a place to be dreaded
This atmosphere should start turning
And make school feel splendid

Highs and Lows

For the highs and lows
And moments between
From our bedroom walls
To playing in school halls

From where you are now
To where you will go
It’s in this school journey
You will learn to be strong

Mountains and rivers
And valleys and streams
You will get where you are going
Shining bright like a beam


A constant spiral of why
Why do people just die
Without the bat of an eye
Years go by
And we are still asking ourselves why
If someone just offered a hand
We would finally understand
The sun still shines
And the stars still rise

What to Do?

What to do?
That’s a question we all chew
We’re at that age
Now left alone in that cage
What to do?

No one to follow
On our own, we now borrow
From those around us who also need
Only one good person simply to lead
But that’s not realistic
None of us are artistic
Stuck in the cycle
Unable to recycle
Left wondering
What to do?


I have a good life,
But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to cry, to shout
An easy life with, no fights, no strife
Act out, fade out, drop out,
These are just some things I wanna do
But I’m a good girl,
Responsible mature and maybe I don’t want to be


As he opens the door I figure out there’s more
He beckons, “drive, I’m sick of it”
I know wholeheartedly I’ll stick to it

I press the clutch, grab the gear, I have nothing left to fear
I go through gears, fears, the chance of doing more
I know I could but not should.

His face is steely, refined and combined
He wants me to try not to just get by
But I only realize as I fly

That our fear is not to try but to fail in trying
To be beaten, broken and spoken of
Incessantly and be a part of the dark not the light
But I as a person realize that I am brighter,
Stronger but most importantly a fighter

Her Baby

As she looks at her baby
All she sees is him –
His nose, eyes, mouth
They even have the same name – Finn
All the laughter turned to anger
As he walked out the door
She sat looking at her bump
Hoping for a hug once more
And as the years go by
Baby Finn grows up
He asks “where’s my dad?”
She thinks she’s not good enough


Sometimes you’re not what you want to be,
A false face a false figure, only what people want to see.
Other people’s expectations far too high my own rules they can’t comply
you begin believing things you’re not, you’re old personality begins to rot
Living in everyone’s opinions but your own, living your life away in a torn down zone.


A family house has 8 rooms
That got ruined
By fumes
But only few and
Others actually cared
But none of them dared
To help the family
None of them manly
To do what’s right
And turn on the light.

A Guy

There was a guy called Sheedo
He went to buy a tuxedo
But ended with a speedo

Then came the mail
And he was sent to jail
Unfortunately for him
He couldn’t pay his bail


I met a man named Gus
I met the man on a bus
I noticed when I was looking at him he was acting kinda sus.
I asked him where he was off too he said he was meeting big man mcgooo
He said he was sick and that he had the flew
He seemed like a nice guy
The he said goodbye
We had a good conversation and off he went
Over to mcgoo the man with the flew


I fought a lad
Who smelt bad
I chopped his head
Then I put him to bed
After a while
I noticed his was looking vile
I put him in my car
And put in his head in a jar
The guards found out
I gave a shout
I panicked ran
To my nan in Pakistan


Everyday I go out and play,
Puck the ball,
Off the walls,
Try not let it fall,
All over when the mother calls


Oh farming is so charming
The tractor is the factor
Contractors drawing grass
While I’m beaten your bass
While the tractor smoke awoke the surrounding


I think school is pretty dull
it makes me want to hit my skull
None of the teachers are very fun
Some of them need a run
My friends though are good crack
But sometimes they need a smack
The best bit of the school is the hurling
If you got paid for missing class id be rolling in sterling

Big Ball of Fluff

A big ball of fluff lay a week old puppy
All energetic and bubbly
As years pass on a bond grows
But the puppy slows
This bond of love is strong
But it comes to an end
And I lost a good friend

All I Can Say

I can’t say I’ll ever understand
Why you’d ever want to eat an arm or a leg or a hand
Do they deserve to die really?
Just for “it’s yummy”
Gassed, hung up, throats slit
Yet if a human gets bit
It’s an outrage, this animal must not live
All I can say is hypocritical


From the summer nights to the winter lights
From drinking in fields to Christmas meals
I wake up on a winter morning and think oh no
I can’t wait for it to go
The cold days and short nights
Are so stupid I want them to die
I love summer more than life
The craic with the lads it brings pure delight

One Reason

I came into school for one reason only
It was to rave with the boys in the lavatory
The speaker was loud and there was a massive crowd
The teachers got mad because we were a bit bad
We sketched the scene what we left was obscene
We broke the toilet seat but we left the music on repeat
They checked the cameras to catch us out but what they don’t know is we won’t rat out


The Ty bois are men for a rave,
All we need is Big Man Dave,
We were all a slave for the craic,
Anyone trying to end it will get a smack,
When the beat drop,
Everyone began to bop,
The teachers ran in to make it stop,
We had to sketch the scene
And by God we did not leave it clean.


Dancing down stairs with the crew
The boys got caught in the loo
Mary mc said sho sho
Some got caught some did not
All it was is the lads in their spot
Dancing to the beat of the bop.
All the lads still on the move
Still dancing along with the grove.


On the 4th of October
When we were sober
We got our results
Then we joined cults
We went on the sesh
Then we joined cults
Lost our heads
We went to bed
We were hungover


There once was a man named Stalin
His reign was incredibly sad

For he fought all his life
For what he thought was right

Representing the will of the people
Yet ignoring their plight

In the eyes of the world
He led his people from the front

Yet behind closed doors
He was quite a fool

And when it came to ideology
He was incredibly strict

He threw people in prison
No matter the reason

Accused friends of lying
And citizens of treason

Abused powers of state
Yet couldn’t prevent his own fate

Yes there once a fellow named Stalin.


We sit all day
And we play away
Lost in our screens
Where have you been
If this life was a movie
Tell me the theme
This ain’t so groovy
Like nothing I’ve seen
This world is a disaster
Can’t be fixed with no plaster
We live in a society
That gives me anxiety


Discos nightclubs all n all,
Streets of Ennis pretty raw,
Slash to the cheek,
Crack to the jaw,
Whats new yee-haw,
Days go by all is good,
Lads dont forget what you’ve done
Till next time, RUN


My friend this isn’t the end we roam even though we know were home
This isn’t over till we’re sober all night till we see the light
We fight till its over, we discover who we are
We are disciples of the sesh, ye boys are the idols
The boys are shaking the realization hits
Man this is the shit we out every night
Our explanation were going to the lads house
We’re out over blame


Barcalona vs Chelsea
On came torres
Oh so wealthy
MessI tried his best
But he didn’t past the test
Again he couldn’t score
He fell to the floor
Cech won again


I once knew this man jack
He was some psycho
He lived in Puerto Rico
His father was a physio
With an office in the basement
Drooler was his replacement
Mary was his mother
She took them on one after the other

A Van

There once was a man,
He drove in a van,
Every single day.

He had a nice tan,
He was from a big clan,
And he used to play.

He had a plan,
To prove that he can,
Make um run away.

But he went to Anne,
And had a pan,
And made her run astray.


Yo was poppin’,
Its ya boi robin
Back at it again with a banger,
Spitting some true grammar
So sit back and start vibing,
While I be driving
Through the country
With the midnight munchie.