St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Rochfortbridge, Co. Westmeath.

Art by Solus Street Art


Parents to strangers
They can’t seem weak, or not in control,
Instead they take away as much as they can and shout even louder
Because it makes them feel powerful and in charge
They don’t realize that their false gestures of self assuredness
That they take out on the ones they see as less than them are see through
Children grow older.
The pedestal you are on is crumbling
They won’t forever see you as perfect your flaws are going to begin to show through
Let go of your pride or lose yourself.

Where I’m From

I come from where right is wrong and wrong is right
Where frustrations fly and expectations are high
Where you can never truly be yourself without denying feeling sorry for yourself
I come from where every single move I make is being watched like I’m starring on Ellen
And when I finally gather up the courage to do something that’s usually discouraged
I change my mind and hide away with all my might


The Loudest are always the most quiet alone
To you I am confident to me I feel alone
The feeling of digging yourself deeper into a hole which never come out of
To the feeling of that cycle that can not be broken alone
But unwillingness to get help so you will stay alone

A Place

I come from a place where the grass is green
I come from a place where a farm is the scene
I come from a place where you must work hard
Yet I love every second of these sleepless nights
I come from a place where the grass is green
I come from a place where I’m working for my dream
I come from a place where animals rule
Yet I’m living the life that people like.
I come from a place where we fight for the prize,
I come from a place where you work every night
I come from a place where you get hurt a lot
Yet it’s worth every second with memories you make


Girls are expected to wear long skirts below our knees
Just so we don’t have to listen to ‘your a slut’
From the ones that do nothing but hurt our feelings
Because they are to scared to admit their feelings.
Girls are expected to sit and play with their hair
While acting dumb because they are too scared
To give their opinion to the people
Who think they are the dominant gender.

My Heart

I’ll protect my heart till the day I die
Never open my wings and prepare to fly
Cast myself away
Never to see the light of day
Can’t be emotional must stay on top
Keep pushing forward not allowed to stop
Because if a bird can not fly or my heart skips a beat
I’ll wind up dead in a coffin put down six feet

Late Night Questions

I sit in the evenings,
when the world goes dark
and the whirling begins.
I quiz my mum on life,
About anything and everything
Racking her brains.
One night my mum said to me
“i don’t think your brain ever stops,
me and you are so different
query upon question upon theory
it never stops.”
Sometimes I ask myself why that is,
why am i so disconnected from the world around me,
that i question everything about it,
As if I’m not living in it,
not part of it
Am i part of it


The weight of school
Heavier than firsts years bags
Weights down the students
Weights down there dreams and hopes
Education has failed most students
Failed there dreams and hopes

Mixed Signals

Sending mixed signals
What am I to you?
A lover, a friend ?
Like will you choose
I’m sick of feeling second best
There’s only so much I can digest
You smile for just awhile
But long enough for me to see
Who do you want me to be?
I’ve tried my best
I’ve tried to walk
You keep me coming back to you
It sickens me

My school life disaster

These days which should be my brightest are truly my darkest,
with all the light I would like to share in one day always cut short
I gather the spare in hope to let it shine another day.
My only ray that stays consistent is what I play always after my school life disaster,
and the time I have there is getting faster and faster,
shorter and shorter which each passing day
towards the rest of my life after my school life disaster.
I hope one day to get away from where I am both physically and mentally
but until I can I will just float by in my ever increasing pool of apathy
while my emotional values slip away without my school life disaster


Well what am I ?
I wonder that day to day,
I’d rather not choose if I may?
I like to stay in between,
I don’t even know what I mean
I am not my gender I am myself,
And I don’t ever want to be anyone else.
If I choose to be a woman or man,
That won’t stop me for who I am.


Every day is the same
Wake up, get dressed,
Go to school, learn stuff
That barely makes sense
Monday morning in math’s when I should still be in bed
Eight hours a day isn’t good for your head
It gets repetitive, it gets tough,
After one day I’ve had more than enough
But I’ve no choice, my smile hides my frown,
My grades go up while I’m spiraling down
“It’s not all bad!” most people will say,
“Just pass all your classes and be on your way”.
But it’s not that easy, they always want more
Their expectations growing bigger with every test score.
I just wish I could get a chance to relax
Without stressing about school or upcoming exams
Just once, instead of “have you studied?” or “is your homework done?”, I’d like
To hear someone say,
“Well done”.


Growing up with this tainted love
Was the hardest thing a person could do
But what do i know
I’m just a child
I don’t know the difference
I’ve never experienced life
But what life?
A hardship you give as a mother to her child?


When I fear the world closing in on me
And I have nowhere to run
Just haunting thoughts and angry tears with me
I flee, I lock my phone in the drawer
And sit in the garden
With the one I cherish and neglect the most
My soul, they welcome me home
My lust for knowledge surpasses
Material greed and preening eyes of the world
And yet, I am the cause
The one who forces the most pain onto myself
By allowing the world to tear me apart
My soul tells me to be gentle with myself
Forgive my mistakes
And not take things to heart

Loosing it

Proving us right
School isn’t no vibe
Destroying our light
Stress on our lives
Life is hard, we get it right
“Happiest days of our lives”
Pure banter like
Sitting here thinking can I get out
Sick of it, listening
Look, what are we missing ?
Got no choices
We are loosing our voices

My Cat

My cat is lazy and sleeps all day
She annoys the family, that’s what we all say
I complain that i like my dog much more
And that my cat is such a bore
I take ugly pictures of my cat
From ugly angles she looks like a rat
But i think of how it will be when she’s gone
And i realise my thinking was all wrong
Those ugly photos make me laugh when I’m down
And i couldn’t manage when she’s not around

On the Pitch

I strolled on the pitch ,
I ate early so i couldn’t get a stitch,
I met my marker
As he looked as if he met his maker
This boy was flimsy
As i let him-see
As i rip the ball from out his grasp
He tried to chase but he hit the grass
He started to yell as he heard the full time bell
Just as i buried the ball

Big Rush

I take the bus to school and
It’s pretty cruel
The length that it takes
You think you’d be late
Break feels like it’s two minutes long then you gotta be gone
When I hear the last bell ring that’s when everyone grins
And then we go out to the bus
It’s all one big rush


Messi plays like magic is real
But what if magic is real
There has never been a sight quite like Leo Messi on a champions league night
The day Messi retires is the day normality returns
Messi or Ronaldo who is the best player world is the real question.
I would say Ronaldo,
Messi is from another school planet.

Two Years

Two years to go,
And this gigs gone
Two years from now,
I’ll make them question how
In this two year run,
I hope to have them gone
Before these two years don’t know how,
But I’m bringing it back from town


When I score I am big
When I miss I am small
It’s better off if I didn’t play at all
I can whip it over the bar
With a cheeky injured wrist
I look at the crowd and blow all the women a kiss
When I win it all I am class
And to be fair if u don’t like it u can kiss my

Beautiful Mess

It’s true, I’m a Rubik’s, a beautiful mess
At times juvenile, yes, I goof and I jest
A flawed human, I guess.


I didn’t take that helpful pill
How could i have forgotten it
I absolutely cannot sit still
God periods are so not a hit

Chance To Play

Sport is the chance to get away
Get away from all troubles get away from all pain
Play just play and forget ,
Forget everything on your mind


I love to eat custard
When I eat it I go yum yum
But then I get sad at the fast growing rate of my tum tum