St Josephs Secondary School, Doon Rd, Doon West, Ballybunion, Co. Kerry

Beautiful Dreams

Beautiful dreams are made developed and crushed
Your delightful endeavours, silenced and hushed
The hot sun burns, the rain pours all night
Heart break happens like a blinding light
Memories, hopes, ideas and golden dreams
Grow in the dirt from impossible magic beans
Tears, sweat, and blood are painfully shed
And your dreams fall apart at the fabric of the thread

Terhas Gleeson

A Conversation Between F and K

Please note, this poem can be read together, or with just F or just K.

F: I can forget reality, and be who I truly am.
I can let everything go, and be free of this sham

K: hatred fills the putrid air, permeating the very soul of the place
Ten thousand tears plastered across every pitiful face

F: the rest of your life finds its beginning.
From this point on, every moment, you’re winning

K: you feel them suffer, hear their cries, and join them in their pain
if you stay here long enough, be assured you’ll go insane

F: my past self ends, and my new self begins.
Absolved of every past deed, forgiven for my ‘sins’

K: the bloodshed started, to relieve their pitiful sorrow.
The cries you hear today, will all be silent tomorrow

F: I find my purpose, and then completely ignore it to choose my own fate.
Free from the shackles of others, now I can be truly great

K: all their unfortunate childhoods ended in slaughter.
Impalement for every son, beheading for every daughter

F: my true self is revealed, where it all comes to a head.
I wash my pain away, and completely burn my dread

K: I cry alone, facing my inevitable end at the hands of fate.
You want to help, do you? Well, sorry, it’s too late.

Francis Woodcock and Kacper Bielecki

No Regrets

My strange, odd and wonderfully weird adventure begins,
When I came in with nerves from my head to my shins.
I know I’m on my own, my place to be myself alone,
Without pressure and stress of the life I’ve been sewn.
I believe in laughter, and my sense of humour is born,
It’ll grow, but for now, it’s a new-born fawn.
My dreams have to change to accommodate for the truth and reality,
But I will never let it change my positive mentality.
My rollercoaster of an adventure will end, a place of no regret,
But I’m not ready to leave right now, not just yet.

Louise Godson

The Sun Shines

The sun shines in shadow and dust
You can hear the birds singing in trees
The baby lamb bleats and farm dog barks
You can smell the summer on the breeze
And the world seems to fit your hand like a glove
When you spend your time with those you love
When you have your fun and you have no worries
And you take your time cos you’re not in a hurry
Anything is possible even the improbable
When the sun shines on your curly hair
Feel the warm ocean breeze cool against your knees
And dance around the world without a care

Rachel Houlihan

This is Where

This is where the friendships end, and new one now begins.
This is where you reach the end, and the pain you must transcend.
This is where changes are impending, and the place of chaotic endings.
This is where the ages whinge, and exotic hypnotic narcotic neurotic memories have been.


Brought to Life

I was brought to life
Where the spring lambs bleat
And the song birds sing
On a bright new day
Where the farm hand milks
And he spreads the seeds
Over arable fields
And the rain water gathers
In the animal feeds

Adam O’Mahony

My Stomach Flutters

My stomach flutters with butterflies of joy.
The Subaru impresa does rings around the road in the rain.
Cheers of happiness and cries of sadness.
Everything is calm but can change so quickly.
Someone you love so much can be lost so easily without ever finding out why.
The wind howls and the rain pounds against the windows.
All the walls you’ve built up can be torn down so easily.

Ciara Hennessy and Sandra Enright

Tick-Tock Clockwork

Can you hear the “Tick-Tock Clockwork” whirring in our headspace?
Loose gears, grinding, spitting burning sparks into others
‘Till it lights a burning flame inside a bleeding heart.
One to light a torch and guide the way, to a white-padded safe space.
Locked up and tucked away for we can’t run in their race.
Were too slow and too fast, no swagger, no class.
How could we understand them, they’re perfect machines,
Ticking on time to a lie they whine every time we ask for a helping hand.
All we want is to walk this land to your rhythm, your beat.
To finally understand and see but one of our efforts not end in defeat.
Every day we’re told the time is right to fight and to try,
So we try and we fight and we fail and we cry,
Day in and day out and all of this effort just to please you.
Yet you step into the ring a heavyweight, knockout punch, one two.
Perhaps in the coma you’ve induced, we might realise we’ve not been reduced,
We’re machines built a little different, and your destructive solutions are only a hindrance.
We’re digital to your analogue, a ripped page from your catalogue.
But to toss us would be a waste, we’ve desires,
Ambitions to sate, we’ll build and burn brighter than your bleeding heart.
Build a platform for us to start our fight and take flight to the sky
And endeavour to try and change your mind.
Because while “Tick-Tock Clockwork” might be the phrase in which our failings lurk,
It won’t prevent us from changing our hurt into motivation
To find our validation and create a place where we’ll win your race.

Luc Galvin


My childhood memories began…
I’m pale as a ghost I need fake tan
My peroxide hair caught on fire…
Ended up in a tangle of burnt barbed wire
I went on a holiday, our hotel had a buffet,
My mother cursed me when I went out
I woke up exhausted was it the voice of my teacher?
My mother had started to shout…
She sounds like a stubborn old haggardly priest
Of all the things I need now her voice is the least
My first day of Secondary School had started…
Each day I wake with a smile that’s half-hearted


Cielo Azul

Cielo azul entre campos soleados,
Desde Jaén a Córdoba la Llana.
Una lírica gracia sevillana y un bálsamo de olivos plateados.
Carabelas y afanes preparados al alborear en Huelva la mañana,
De la gloriosa gesta americana de marinos por Dios iluminados.
Cádiz, napoleónica e isleña.
Gloria mediterránea malagueña.
Y un mar de fandanguillo en Almería.
España admira, absorta y asombrada,
La infinita belleza de Granada.
¡Belleza sin igual de Andalucía!

Teo Vargas

Stand Up

Drowning in the sea
Waves like hells doors
Saving like an angel
Rockets like the German wall
No escape no escape
The sun is dark
The water is dark
Everything is dark
The cold like a weight on your feet
You are still strong and you stand up
Again and again

Kilian Xaver Maria Schmidtscheck


I just look on in horror,
As you ruin my big day,
I always knew you were jealous,
But this is just insane!

My dog lies splattered on the floor,
Not a pleasant sight,
And Granny’s got a concussion,
And Mum’s ready to start a fight.

I glance around the room,
Half in shock and half in awe,
And let me just describe to you,
Exactly what I saw.

There’s people standing up in rage,
The room’s full of confusion,
The pews have been tipped over,
I pray it’s just an illusion.

But, nope, it seems to be quite real,
And now there’s only one thing to do,
You’ve managed to ruin my wedding day,
So I’ll hand-deliver my payback to you.

I’ll tie you by the ankles,
To a chair or to the ceiling,
Until your legs go quite numb,
And lose all sense and feeling.

Or maybe I’ll just place a bounty,
On your own jealous head,
And then I’ll just sit and knit at home,
Until you wind up dead.

I guess I could just call the police,
Report you and so it could end,
But that doesn’t sound like much fun,
So instead I’ll plan my revenge.

Louise Godson


Trying to choose what to do after school
Picking subjects that decide your future
Pressure for exams for things that won’t help you in life
Like algebra or how do you say that in Irish
Pressure to win pressure to lose
The future is yours to do whatever you choose

Bernard O Callaghan


Everything was perfect and everything was clean,
It quickly turned into the worst sight I think I’ve ever seen,
All was going smoothly, nothing was astray,
When in she walked, guns blazing, and ruined my big day.

She walked in full of fury, everyone turned to stare,
How had she gotten in, and what was in her hair?
She vaulted up the aisle and threw a punch into the air,

And collided with my granny, who tumbled off her chair.
She leaped onto the alter, and threw my husband under spell,
He stumbled down the steps and, stunned, down the priest fell.
I thought the worst was over, I thought that she had had her fun,
When out of her pocket she pulled a massive, silver gun.

Caoimhe Moloney

The Rain Pours Down

The rain pours down, it never ever stops
And it’s always grey and cloudy

I love sound it makes and the baby is always smiling
Though sometime things round here can get rowdy

I am bored out of my skull, I want to go home and sleep,
I don’t want to be here, at school.

Cos the sun doesn’t shine and it’s never bright enough
And there’s always far too many rule

For the sea doesn’t go deep enough the birds don’t fly high
And the rain keeps on pouring from the sky

Happiness runs out and there is nothing we have left.
Because this is where love has come to die.

Sarah Moriarty and Katie Mcauliffe


I play, I run, I fall, I cry
I may not have the perfect alibi
I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m angry
Rhyming makes me hungry
It rains, it’s sunny, it’s cold, it’s warm
Life can be like a huge storm
I talk to all the people I know
The stuff they say makes me think whoa
I found who I am meant to be
When I’m older, I might sail the sea

Luke Croshaw

Les Mois Passent

J’y arrive pas sans toi. Comment suis je censee encaisser?
Les mois passent, les saisons
Mais je respire encore l’air des doux hivers, des chauds etes,
A tes cotes
Le ciel ne me parait plus aussi bleu sans toi
Les couleurs ne sont plus
Ouais c’est vrai ouais
Mon cevreau est comme des fils emmeles les uns des autres
Des souevnirs aui s’entremelent et s’emmelent quoi
ca rejoue en boucle des images
et Le vent me murumure encore ces promesses que tu balancais comme des voeux
Je sens encore ton souffle pres de mon oreille et ta voix me murmurant des sentiments
Et toi tu disait, de ta tendre voix, que tes emotions etaient semblables a celles du depart
Et comment je fais sans toi moi?
Allez, s’il vous plait
Sortez le moi de la tete
Et comment j’arrete au juste?
Je sais plus encaisser, mon Coeur il fonctionne meme plus
Mais alors dites moi comment ca marche au juste?
Dites moi que tout s’arrete quand j’eteinds ma cigarette
Mais j’avais tord ouais
Si l’amour qui est la peine et la joie, si l’amour c’est la vie si la vie c’est l’amour a tord et a.
Qu’est ce que je fou?
Tout s’emmelait dans ma tete
Les fils du temps se sont finalement demeles
Enfin, je crois

Luz Sasorith

The Pony

I look up into heaven and see you above,
The pony that I lost, the pony that I loved,
Mane and tail flowing, galloping through the breeze,
Not knowing where you’re going, but my mind is still at ease,
I now know you are happy and you are not in pain,
I want to say I love you and I love you every day.



Their entire way of life revolves around a pecking order,
Based on the purity of their forms.
Carbon based lifeforms are near the bottom,
Whereas light based forms control all.
They utilize the resources in their surrounding galaxies sparingly,
They live sustainable lives.
Natural selection reigns supreme here.
The mere concept of ‘entropy’ fills them with distraught.
They are unable to cope under such conditions,
They’re perfectionists.
Some might say it is how they succeeded,
Others say it will be their downfall.
They have been around since the beginning,
And will exist ‘til the end.
They will outlive the universe and eventually,
They will perish.

Kyla Enright


Born in New York, a long way from Cork.
Grew up in a village and made my memories.
I have passion for music, sport and culture.
I don’t really like agriculture.
All these things have shaped me
Into a smart young man and I strive to be the best I can.
I was reared well, as everything falls perfectly into shape as I get older.
I am not flawless but I am thoughtful and mature.
I can act like an adult if I wish, I’m honest.
I love the country I live in but I hate the way it is run.
Since the majority of Irish are twisted, there’s nothing much to be done.
They all have empty promises and none of them have faith.
Progressively losing our culture as we turn more European.
As we get bullied and robbed by Europe, we will soon have no country to be in.
According to Jimmy Deenihan, we are not Irish, we are European.

Noah Kiely


I come from a place where you can’t talk to people.
I’m up all night, please give me that sleep pill.
In my mind all day and night,
People often ask “are you alright?”
Why yes I am, I’m just thinking
Eyes wide open, not even blinking.

Chloe Conway


Exotic dancers play hurling while eating fresh grass
I hate when the local weirdos slap my ass
My dog eats loads of smelly badgers
Why is that freak giving me dirty daggers
Eminem bought apples for his pet yodeller
Last night I sang for about a kilometre
Every night I sit while playing the guitar
I looked over and saw a baby smoking a cigar
My mom fights cows for the fun
I might go to Spain to join the Bull Run

Kieran O Carroll and Anthony Kavanagh

Ed Sheeran

Oh the weekend has finally come
When i get to see you perform some
Sarah will be your Galway girl
You can give her a dance floor twirl
After you finish
Our hearts will not diminish
Gingers for evaaaaaaaaaaaah

Rachel Hanrahan


That certain word hurts my ears ‘school’
I refuse to wake up 9 months of every year
My refusal to wake up happens everyday
Except for Saturday and Sunday that’s when I party
I count the second of all the classes sometimes I think I need new glasses
My brain can’t function anymore maybe I can go swim on the shore
Just three more weeks until my misery ends
Summer is just around these awkward bends

Aoife Donegan and Elaine Keane


I bring vengeance, can’t put it all in one sentence
But if there is a hell, I can show you to the entrance


Un Dia

Un dia al mati,
Me’n vaig anar a fer pipi,
Estava tant a gust,
Com un bon arbust,
Com el del “Fortnite”,
Que no hi guanyo mai,
Despres d’estar jugant,
Em vaig anar a menjar un flam,
Tenia un sabor inesperat,
Estava caduca

Diego Garcia Pujols


You’ll never walk alone
When hit by Salah, Firmino and Mane
Away you shall be blown
You will be sent crying to your granny
To Liverpool the title shall come
Real Madrid come on and get some
Ronaldo you’ve been king long enough
It’s time to make way for the Egyptian king
You definitely fell from Heaven
Wearing number 11

Ryan O Neill