St Joseph’s School, Spanish Point, Clare

I can’t sleep.

The clock doesn’t tick, it scratches against it’s glass.
The wrinkles in my sheets feel like daggers in my back.
The fly in my room has been buzzing for minutes-hours-days.
I want it to die, I can’t sleep.
When I turn off my brain, I think about death, I can’t drown it out.
I want to sleep.

The Roar

That familiar voice, roaring and shouting from the line,
As I’m on the field thinking I’m fine,
but little do I know as I enter his presence that smile will disappear,
As I listen to what he has to say in fear,
As the drops fall from my eyes like tears.

As I grew older I became cleverer and developed my brain to help me,
And I found who I needed to be,
And that’s all that I could see.

I am different

I am different in so many ways,
I have tried to cover it in some sort of glaze,
I don’t play football like so many people do,
Something holding me back like some sort of glue,
I would rather be making some sort of thing,
Than smoking outside and all the other bling,
I am different in so many ways,
I just don’t fit in to the normal craze.

Sticks and Stones

They say “sticks and stones may break my bones
but words will never hurt me”
I try my best but it never ends,
the “work harders” the “this isn’t enoughs”.
That’s wrong

Whatever you do is enough, it makes sense to you,
who cares about the rest, even if it isn’t the best,
you are you they are them

It is from this problems stem.
Creating insecurities in those who least need them.
Time goes on, it will be there, it will stay there.

By the Sea

I come from a place where the sea breeze fills the air
and the cows lay in the green fields and just stare.
Where the sound of tractors and machinery is reality
and birds chirping loudly is our normality.
I come from a place where sport is our life
we will do everything we can to put up a fight.
I come from a place where happiness is key
I guess that’s evident as we live by the sea!


Big Blue Gate

There was a big tall man,
Standing in the middle of the field ,
Surrounded by tall trees,
He lay there not knowing what was happening,

He saw a big blue gate,
Glancing at him in the distance,
The way out he thought but,
He thought wrong.



Sport is definitely my biggest passion
From football to soccer or swimming you name it
That feeling of victory or even a loss,
Words can’t describe the emotion of that

Day after day, hail, rain or snow
My life, my love, my world is sport
It honestly brings communities together
Like I’ve never ever seen before.

Dark nights

In February and running in the rain
Just to be told ye tried ye’re best as you lose a challenge game
The seasons done in April we’ve nothing for the summer
Maybey we’ll win next year but God thats such a bummer
Six months on my own staying fit amd healthy
All of this for a career that’ll never get me wealthy
But in the end we do it for the passion
And to give all our rival a fairly good trashing.

I am dyslexic.

I hate myself for being dyslexic
It’s the number one thing I hate about myself.
I feel slow,
stupid and dum
can’t spell well
can’t do maths like my class
my test scores are horrible
I’m ashamed to be in school most days
because I know
I won’t be able to do most things that well
I wish to wake up one day for it to be gone.
But I relize I shouldn’t be ashamed
I should be glad because I’m different
I just have to work harder then my class
help people who are dyslexic
to not be scared of it
because everyone is the same
and everyone is special


I come from the beautiful land of Mullagh,
Where all that matters is the size of your bullocks,
Everyone around mixes work and play,
But the boys in Mullagh have sessions for days
The men drink pints and the girls drink wine,
And when the pubs reopen the queue will be fine,
Mullagh is like a kingdom, a place where royalty goes,
Is there anywhere better than Mullagh,
Only God knows


The Pitch

From the football pitch,
To the people that snitch,
Behind your back, you must always look,
Just Incase you are caught reading a book,
Doing anything and everything to look cool,
While the people who really know you think you’re acting the fool,
Always wondering what’s going on in others head,
Spending all your time worrying about what people have said.


I come from a place

The fields are long
Music and sport is loved
The weather is cold
But the sea is colder
The sea breeze fills the air
But there’s no town
Like this town

Football is hard

It is tough, there is disappointment
There are injuries and long roads home
But to see that final kick soar,
into the sky and the crowd goes quiet
then the white flag is raised
and the atmosphere is electric
To hear the final whistle go
For the moment it hits you
You’ve won
That’s when you know it
It was all worth it

Knocked Down

I hate the way this world is so Judgy,
Seems like you can’t do anything
without someone having an opinion,
it makes me feel sick how people can be so mean,
People really just don’t give a shit anymore,
Everytime I say my life’s going good
something always knocks me down



I come from a place called Clohaninchy.
I live on a farm next to the sea.
I like to play football.I play for Kilmurry.
I like to go swimming.Its really handy for me.
Because I basically live in the sea.
And after i’ll go drink some tea