St Joseph’s Mercy Secondary School, Navan, Meath


The hand-print covered mirrors,
Dirty windows,
Surface glistening with rain
The rippling lakes surface,
Unsettled by the wind.
Everyday catching a single glimpse
Of the person she should know best
But avoid staring at her too long.
Melancholy sadness fills her up,
As she’s hit with the realisation,
She doesn’t recognise the person,
Staring intently back at her.
She just stands and stares
For what feels sempiternal
16 years,
And she has no recognition
Drooping eyes, consumed by pensive thoughts
Long tangled hair,
Laying neatly against her shoulders
Feeling she should have the ability
To distinguish each, individual strand.
She’s brushes that hair everyday.
Looking back at her eyes
The wheels spinning just underneath,
A wandering mind.
Consumed by emotions, opinions and thoughts
None of which are her own.
Influenced by others around her everyday
Different parts of others, penetrating every part of her.
She stares back at the girl, forgetting
The person she should know and love most in this world
Doesn’t know who she is.


Balaclava Clad Dreams

I want more out of life,
I want to explore,
I want to knock on some random persons door,
I want want to lie out under the stars and talk about ailens living on Mars.

I want to break out of our education system and scream
“I`m not being brainwashed” even if no one will listen,
I want society to know that they are disgusting
and there is more to people than the way they are looking.
i want to fall hopelessly in love and write a song,
and dance in the arms of my lover where I belong.

I want more out of life, and i will keep looking, i am not scared of death I`m scared of just existing


Beating Anxiety

if you really be quiet
just “shh”
It’s not quitting, you’re not giving up.
you’re not defeated by meaningless questions
from your brain hurling forward a hundred miles a hour
It’s not oversimplified
It just is.
Just “shh”.


The Big Night Out

The night is here
we’ve waited weeks
the tan, the hair, the outfit complete
we get our ticket and walk through the door
the smell of lynx and tan
makes you want to hit the floor
there’s boys and girls left and right
kissing and arguing all through the night


The Shape of Me

I am more than you think,
More than a girl,
More than a body,
I have got dreams,
I have got passions,
I have also got fears,
And thoughts that scare me,
But these things drive me,
They push me,
They shape who I am,
So before you pass a remark on my being,
Understand that you and I are more than we think,
We are more than what society tells us,
We are ourselves and nobody can change us,
We are human and that entails differences,
But different makes us special,
And that’s what makes us more than we think.



Boys will be Boys they said, if he’s mean to you it means he likes you,
If he cat calls you, makes inappropriate comments about you,
Boys will be Boys they said,
He sexualises everything you do,
Boys will be Boys they said,
Be aware walking at night, be aware going anywhere alone,
Boys will be Boys they can’t control themselves,
Don’t be a tempteress, cover your self, what did you expect to happen,
Boys will be Boys,
Instead of excusesing Boys actions with “Boys will be Boys”
tell them to respect women that they are not objects only on this earth
for the benefit of the male gender.


A Lighthouse

Some days I feel tired.
Some days I feel scared.
Some nights I stay up overthinking.
Does anybody care?

Some days I feel nervous.
Some days I feel stressed.
Am I really good enough?
I’m just trying my best.

I know my best is good enough.
I know that people care.
Whenever I may need some help,
Help is always there.



All i wanted was to be loved
but all i got was shoved
Everyday was the same old crap
everyday was a decent slap

Being trapped in here
all i could think about was the fear
Another 3 months with pain
Im going to go insane


Cold Winter

I miss your breath on my cheek
Like a cool summer breeze
Every time you speak Junes warmth brushes against me
But its winter now and its cold
My cheeks are not rosy, and my cheeks don’t blush
The airs gotten old
Your I love yous got stale and your forever’s were only temporary
My skins gone pale as we move into February.


Spinning Wheel

It sucks i cant speak without overthinking,
it sucks i cant do things without stupid thoughts overfilling my brain, telling me to shut up and they all think im strange,
it sucks im not pretty in everyone’s eyes but it sucks even more in not pretty in mine,
it sucks to have to do this and think this way,
but it sucks ive accepted it and feel its okay,
it sucks not wanting to get up out of bed,
it sucks not being able to get out of my head,
so yeah it sucks, but what can ya do, i have a decent life,
i guess ill pull through.


A Fantasy World

When passion shines so sweetly,
Thats the fantasy that happens,
For fantastical mysterious beasts or scary monsters roaming in your territory,
Watching you from the corner of your eye,
They dont crawl in your nightmares but inspire your dreams, as if in a three dimensional cube waiting and guiding you.
Slay them beasts with skill and power, hunt them down,
for lies are here to haunt us instead.
Fight.. Fight over and over as if life depends on it as if stars no longer shine in the empty space we call the universe,
Till the war is over, there wont be rest, the rocks will colide crashing! Destroying your life into shards of glass, an unfinished puzzle.
While your face is in cover, finish the puzzle thats larger than the ocean.
Be like a pheonix and roam that ocean searching for the path.
Like a dragon destroy whats in your way,
Eliminate your enemies without drawing a weapon, while wearing a mask to hide the pain,
With a smile so bright, its an escape from reality.
As if all that isnt enough beware of the beasts that lurk in the shadows. Waiting to strike. The big horns, blood shot red eyes and a creepy sadistic smile. Theres only one way to defeat it

Fight for what you believe in. Fight for your dreams. Because no one can take that away from you.


Dear Society 

Dear Society ….
Why do you constantly lie to me ,
You say it’s ok to look this way
Yet your expectations they change every single day ,
We can’t continue to go on this way.

Why must you always demand perfection ,
Every part of me seems to be up for constant inspection ,
We can’t keep going in this direction .

You expect perfect teeth , perfect hair , a perfect face .
Why do you care so much about our race ?
Why can’t we learn to embrace ?
To embrace all bodies, Of all shapes and sizes .
Stop seeing the smallest ones as the prizes.

Dear Society….
You need to change ,
Oh your beauty standards , why must they have such little range.


Do You Think She Remembers?

The hurl was raised above her head,
The entire team looked on in dread,
yet not a single word was said.
They watched on, as she mocked and gloated,
and my stomach became more and more bloated,
As every word she said, my brain noted.

I wonder if she remembers, sometimes,
If her words were as poignant to hers as to mine,
Does she lie awake at night – remembering the fear?
Does she recall the downward curve of her sneer?
I hope she doesn’t, for it was not worth,
All of the nights I spent writhing in hurt.
For I pretend to not remember,
And so does she,
and perhaps, one day, she’ll have her own catastrophe.


Being vulnerable is not about being brave or weak,
It’s being open, strong, not afraid to speak.
Its not something to be embarrassed about,
Its being honest, not afraid to run your mouth.
Telling the truth when it hurts,
Even when you know it might make things worse.
Being the change we want to see,
Yes this involves vulnerability.


The Tightening

You don’t know how I feel
I can’t describe my urge to squeal
The never-ending thoughts racing through my head,
You don’t know how I feel.
You don’t know how hard it is,
To come across so calm,
I seem so happy, so chirpy, so bright,
Yet constantly my chest feels tight.
I go about my day
As if nothing’s wrong.
I have so much I want to say,
But I have to stay strong.



I was ready to go out the door
But I could feel myself dropping to the floor
For all my worries were here to stay
I wished they would just go away
Thousands of shakes going through my body
All I ever wanted was to see everybody
The hospital was plain
I was in pain
The dripping was non stop
oh how annoying the sound got every second.


Silence Rusts

Coming from a loud home where silence is a virtue
Distracted by the noise as the silence it burns you
With so many thoughts and so much to say
The defending silence causes you so sway
Drowning in thoughts and a river of emotions
Wanting nothing more than love or a show of devotion
As the silence grows louder you beg for some noise
But the silence takes you as just another one it’s toys.


Reach Out

This week, this month, this year
filled with sadness, joy and tears.
We need to stop, take a look and see,
those whose faces are filled with ‘glee’.
Their eyes will tell you a lot,
their stomach is tied in knots
Don’t know who to trust, who to call,
if there’s even anyone at all
Reach out your hand,
its worth more than a hundred grand.
Even a simple glance could really give them a chance.
Let them open up and let it out,
it could be their on last little shout
It could fill their lungs with air,
just show them that you really care.


The Box

You seek love from those who don’t care enough about you,
And push aside those who long for you,
Over and over
You hide in your box,
Far from home where there’s love.
Those who long for your attention,
And are confused by your rejection,
the aching hearts you leave behind.
Trust me I know your kind!
Dad, the only person whom you hide from is yourself
That box you live in; Come out of it
There’s nothing your afraid of except yourself!


Life Will be Fair

‘Have your work in by this time’ they say,
‘Just get on with it’ they say
‘Grow up and cop on’ they say,
‘Do it how I want it, not how you do’ they say
‘Don’t wear that’ they say,
‘No excuses’ they say
But what they don’t say, is what needs to be heard,
Not everyone is the same with the same abilities
And the quicker that is realised,
Life will be fair.


Cruel Mirror

I come from a place where the mirror is your enemy,
It makes you think, that all your worth
is the shape of your body or the colour of your hair,
Don’t trust a mirror,
What you see doesn’t show who you are,
Your reflection doesn’t define you, it only shows your skin,
Never be afraid to look within to find the real you.


Taming the Rogue


Why do you never give the nice boys a chance?

Why is it always the ones to break your heart and treat you like trash?

I’ll tell you why the nice boy has no chance

As there is no challenge or effort needed

Neither of us wanted each other in the start or thought it would go this far

Yes he did break my heart

But I broke his too

But he gave me a challenge

In which I won the challenge but ended up losing the prize

And in my heart, that boy will always lie



I’m meant to go to school each day
I’m meant to learn about stuff i dont care about
I’m meant to obey rules I dont agree with
I’m meant to find a passion and make it into a career
I’m meant to go to college to get a job
I’m meant to spend my life working just so i can have a roof over my head
I’m meant to have money to be able to do things that make me happy
I’m meant to live my life the way others want me to.



I live in a world where likes mean more than acts of affection,
where people like me stay at home and watch the world from our screens,
only the special ones taste “true happiness” but does happiness really mean?

I live in a world where seas are rising and animals are dying yet,
the only news we hear tells us about jeffree Starr and Kanye,
What happened to real connection and soulmates,
when finding love wasn’t about social heirarchy and numbers,

I live in a world where greed and money and power outweighs the basic morals of life itself,

I live in a world where I feel I don’t belong.


Self Contained

Out of the people in the world
I may not be the prettiest
Out of the people in the world
I may not be the funniest
Out of the people in the world
I may not be the tallest
Out of the people in the world
My voice may be one of the smallest
But out of the people in the world
I am the only me
And that’s all I need to be



The flames pour out comforting me
I come from the heat of the fire
They calm my mind and bring me joy
Other people, they wont understand
But I know im in a good place, a place of peace
I know these flames will set my heart alight
Less than you might, but it will do
It will do until I feel it
I come from the cracks in my fire filled heart
I come from my longing to feel your warmth instead of these flames
Unlike this, my feelings for you will never extinguish
I come from my love for you.


What People Don’t See 

I am me and you are you
You don’t know what goes on for me and trust me you don’t want to
I sit in my room in the dark alone
I get no messages on my phone
I know your out because your with your boo
You are popular so I know you get messages don’t you
People think that you have it all
But they have never seen you fall
Your life is not as perfect as it may it appear
Because people don’t see you crying in the mirror.


Light Moon

I look out my window every night,
I think about what if I get a fright,
I do not care as the stars shine brightly,
This makes me smile lightly,
The moon shines down on my face,
As I wonder all about space,
I soon get tired and go to sleep,
Now I will not make a peep.



Vulnerability is not about being brave or weak,
It’s being, open, strong, not afraid to speak.
Standing up for what we believe in,
Giving a voice to those who are slowly sinkin.
Making a better world for all,
Making everyone feel tall.
Being the change we want to see,
Yes this involves vulnerability.


What Matters

What matters most is not the win or lose
What matters most is the friends that fuse
The thrill of the game
Outshines the pain
The time spent on the field
Is worth all the time it takes to heal
The first second is completely stressful but
Is nothing compared the successful ending
The extending support received by all
Reminds us of why we played the ball.


TV Man-Eater

I stare at the TV,
At the man on the screen,
Who preaches his words of false hope.
In five years, he will be dead,
Lying on his death bed,
As in the north ice melts,
And we fasten our seatbelts,
Drive away from our homes on the shore,
Begin humanity’s encore,
Inland, afraid,
because of the mistakes he chose to make.


Alternate Reality

Some people only know this reality
Some people wake up and seem to live the same day over and over,
Some people call this routine
Some call it a trap
Some people live believing that there is nothing beyond this world.
Some people live believing this is it, this is life.
However there is a select few who this does not apply to .
Some people can switch off
And leave this world and dive into something deeper.
Some people can do this by page
Or by the big screen
So weather you live in a castle in the clouds
Or in a shire full of adventures
You will always have a place to welcome you home.


Abi x Darcy (fight)

Have you ever been accused of something
by another human being?

She didn’t listen to my side,
and made me want to hide.

I’m scared to loose my friend,
I thought I’d have her ’til the end.

Instead she asks for an apology,
Without considering;

Maybe it wasn’t me.


Abi x Darcy Minecraft fight

I can Forgive you once, but i wont forgive u twice
Instead u killed a part of me multiple times
I left you in charge with trust in my heart,
But when i returned you proved i should never do that
Red, orange, white and blue,
They were the ones left of the few
Don’t tell me otherwise i knew it was you
They weren’t just some animals
they loved you too.

My rainbow sheep
rest in peace



I’m a 16 year old girl
Today is a bad day
Yesterday was another.
I wipe away my tears
And smile as if everything is going to be okay
But is all a blur
Today may be bad and tomorrow might be too
But doesn’t mean it will last forever.


On a Wednesday Morning

We were called to get up for the poetry slam workshop.
We were all wrecked and didn’t know what to expect.
When we joined we were greeted with smiles and open minds.
We met Stephen and didn’t know what to believe in.
We listened and learned as our eyes glistened with concentration
as we sit in isolation.
Our minds ran wild
we learnt a new style
and finished with a smile.


No Perfect ‘Round Here

I come from a family that’s not perfect at all,
we shout, we fight and that’s not all.
Every family has issues to deal with in life,
be them big ones or small ones that could change your life.
No matter how hard life gets please do not give up,
’cause no family is perfect,
just normal and enough.


The Race Running By

Some people laugh and some people cry,
But life keeps on going, the race running by.
I’m too scared to join them, but so sad to stay,
My thoughts and my heart , in knots night and day.
In my mind, your hand grips mine,
But i stand alone, the race running by.

Some people hurt, some people heal,
but i don’t think i even feel.
While life keeps going, the race running by,
my heart stars to crumble, and i start to cry.
I yearn for your arms, the protection they give,
but i stay alone, the race running by.

Some people love and some people hate,
And i lost my Heart in a cruel twist of fate.
So i stand at the window and watch as i cry.
as life keeps on going.
the race running by


The Moment

That one girl you want to beat in a race
and all you have to do is stay with her
and 100 meters before the line sprint
and going through your mind
is standing on a podium with a lovely shiny gold medal.
The momemt the line comes
and you have crossed it you realise
your dream has come through.


A Certain Band


She is a quiet girl who lacks confidence
But a part of her life is something with dominance
For this she has a huge affection
It is a certain band known as One Direction
They always put a smile on her face
And make her feel like she has a safe place
They taught her it’s okay to not be okay
And how to be herself in every way
They’re songs are like her ears are being blessed
Especially when she’s a little bit stressed
To many it seems like an annoying obsession
But to her they make an excellent impression


One Direction

My love for One Direction-
I love One Direction, they bring me lots of joy,
Louis, Liam, Niall, I’m in love with every boy.
There’s Harry and Zayn too, they always look amazing,
Then Zayn decided to leave, James Corden thought he was replacing.
From XFactor performances to selling out arenas,
They still act like their old young divas.
My love for One Direction is very very strong,
They will get back together, my hope is still not yet gone.


PS Junkie

Oh how you truly love that console,
More than our love whole
Every day and every night,
When I see that headset I want to fight
But I do my best not to bite because that’s a sight that would definitely give you a fright.
A game about about dinosaurs I really haven’t a clue
In my opinion it’s just a pile of poo
How do you never get bored
Is it because you think you scored?


The Game

It might be just a game
for 60 minutes of fame
but there is no feeling the same
when you play with no shame
from the first kick of the ball
to the refs last call
nothing else in the world matters at all.