St. Joseph’s Community College Charlestown, Co. Mayo

I Sit and Find

I sit and find,
The peace overcomes my body,
She left without one more goodbye.
The new man, flash and gaudy.

The existential playlist,
Used in extreme circumstances,
She was the one I wanted to assist,
My love I gave in great masses

Absorbing the new-wave songs about love,
My life is a mess,
The meaning has dissolved,
In my sorrow,
I forfeit.

Gerald Higgins

Give Thanks

We come to remember those who we love,
And give thanks and praise to heaven above.
As we kneel and pray,
We begin to miss you more and more each day.
Lighting candles to remember the fun we had.
Every little thing reminds me and makes me sad.
Hopes and dreams wishing you could stay,
But some day we’ve all got to go away.

Emma Morley

We Stand

We stand,
In our moments of pain,
Grief, sadness and sorrow,
Because we have nowhere else to go,
And accept that this will always be so.
We stop running and start speaking out,
And if they don’t listen we will shout.
We grab our lives by the neck,
And tell them where to go,
And escape from this minstrel show.

Ruairi Redmond


The bomb explodes in the whispering dark,
Shouting, screaming, dogs beginning to bark.
Heavy aircraft overhead
Children surround me, blood begins to shed!
Mothers screaming for loved ones,
It’s just too late, men have lost their sons.
This is war right in front of our eyes
One simple step, can ruin many lives

Nathan Devine

The Turk

The Turk do be buying fags
For all the young fellas about the town
Turkey be down Tesco.
Turkey go from the field to the oven
He goes in my belly and me sandwiches
Turkey is a good man he supplies
The goods.