St. Josephs College, Lucan, Co. Dublin

Russian Doll


You remind me of the Russian doll my dad handed me as a gift,

Apologising for his prolonged absence.

Except you possessed more layers than I could imagine.

Your outer layer being a willing young boy with an open heart.

Although as time goes by and more layers have been exposed,

You’re different to any of my initial thoughts.


That kindness turned to anger, you turned jealous and stubborn.

However your core, the minuscule layer, was sadness.

I tried to put you back together after inspecting your layers but it was a failure.

You were stubborn, sad, angry, jealous and overall cruel.

So I left you alone, hoping another could come and fix you.


But like my Russian doll, you’ve become a memory.


Live your Life


Why try

Why lie that we want to survive

“Live your life till you thrive”

Till eventual demise

Too big

Too fat

Lose weight

Stay on track

I see your bones

Religion or stoned

Be pure be fun

Get a hobby love to run

Get bullied buy a gun

Forgive and forget

Don’t live your life in regret

Make memories be you

Tell me you love me even if it’s not true

Don’t live just to die

There’s always a reason to try

Live life till you thrive

Your life is yours same as my life is mine


I Believe


I believe in equality

Where life is full of quality

Where speaking up is not a sin

When standing up always wins

When gas lighting means

Not allowing fighting


Start to Listen


They see all your flaws, mistakes

But never open their eyes to what’s beneath the surface

They don’t know, but each night she breaks down,

Her tears showing the pain she can’t explain.

Every day she hides behind her smile, but deep down she’s lost herself.

They call you selfish, looking for attention, there are bigger problems in the world.

Her mind is dying in a body that is fighting to survive, stuck in this position.

Only when she’s dead, will people start to listen.


The Love


The love is addictive, terrifying and deep,

But she has promises to keep,

Until then she shall not sleep.

She lies in bed with ducts that weep.


She rises from her bitter bed,

With thoughts of sadness in her head,

She idolises being dead.

Facing the day with never ending dread.


The Endless Infinite


The endless infinite of onyx above us hangs heavy from the million shards of broken glass.

The debris of hearts turned into ice and shattered to smithereens

From our infinite of darkness from within our souls.

Bodies left as mere vessels with absence of hearts,

A soul is nothing without a heart to anchor it a body.


Love Will


Love will break you down,

Love will make u drown

– In a sea of feelings,

Help me, my heart needs healing,

Love is the reason I have cried,

Love is the reason many have died,

Love is why my tongue is tied,

Love is why I have lied…




I can think of

A hundred ways to die

And a hundred ways to do it

But I can’t think of

A hundred ways to live

Or a hundred ways to do it.

So I lock myself away

For hundreds of hours

And hundreds of days

And try not to think at all.




We’re all born equal is what we are told

But some not treated like people in this unfair world

Men against women turn women against women

Somehow men still come out on top

We all know this needs to stop

Women hold the power to unite

And fight

And take back our rights


I Come From


I come from a mind full of fiction

I come from a mind of imagination

I come from my yearn to explore

I come from a childhood of dystopian novels and alternative realities

I come from a world where I’m told it’s not real, it’s just fiction… It’s all in your head


Let it Take Over


Love will consume you

Let it over take, love will drown you


Yes, love can be the best

But can also be the worst


Love can be a medicine

A cure

Love can also be a poison

A killer


Love can be the first slice of cake

But can also be like the last


Let it take over

That’s not love


Take my Time


Take my time and steal it,

Somewhere you can keep it,

If I can’t spend it with you,

I don’t wanna feel it


Talk it through,

I’d stay with you,

When my face turns blue,

No matter I’ll pursue.


One Sentence


I come from a happy life, with a whole family, friends, sunshine,

I felt like I could be who I was and be loved and understood

But with one sentence it was all gone, I felt lost and used and moved,

I felt no one knew me or only knew me for my accent,

No friends no happiness, and a broken family.

One sentence can change a life.


The Modern World


Why do we buy and buy and buy

We all know that one day we are going to die

Everything you purchase from t shirts to dresses to phones cases

Will all these things will last longer than the human race?

What’s the point living paycheque to paycheque?

When the world is slowly becoming a wreck

We idolise celebrities and what did they do for us,

They go on late night shows and their dating lives are made a fuss

If we all stopped focusing on the fake and the unnecessary

Where could we be by 2030?




We’re brought into the world and told to fix the problems left to us from other generations,

To be kind and polite when we are left with desperation.

We have to learn to succeed until we are left out tired and to bleed.

We have to try our best until the day we are left to lay in a coffin and rest.


What If


What if I was yellow or green

Or maybe all blue

What if i was another colour

Would I be any different to you




Everyone can be two-faced,

You can easily be replaced.

No matter how much you think you know a person,

Do not be surprised if they end up committing arson.


Even your best friend might not be real,

But one day their true selves, you shall reveal.

Soon you will kick them to the curb,

And now they no longer can disturb.


Moral of the poem:

Two faced people do not belong in your life





I hate all men.

Men make you feel objectified.

The cat calls. The beeping. The whistles.

I hate all men.

Men make you feel uncomfortable.

The stares. The glares. And the hairs.

I hate all men.

Men are anti-feminism.

They call us crazy ladies. And say we’re bitches. And snitches.

I hate all men.

“It’s not all men”

But it’s most men.

I hate most men.


I Hate You


I hate you I hate you I hate you

Countries are burning

Children are dying, people are dying

People’s rights are being stripped away

Day after day, the poor are being stolen from

People are losing those that they love

And yet after all this you still sit in your chair

Counting the money you have, thousands and thousands

Stealing from your workers who don’t even get enough to live off let alone their whole family

And you acting like you’re helping by only once donating 100th of what you’d earn in a day

You think you’re all that but the world would be better without you

I hate you




Ty has been great

Thanks to Ms Butler

The options and activities

And Gary the juggler

Rafting and a farm

Team works and biking

What a shame we didn’t get to go hiking




Love is gooey like a brownie

But is fluffy like a cupcake


Love can be as deep as a chocolate cake

But as shallow as a biscuit


Love can be as sweet as sugar

But as sour as a fizzy haribo


I Like


I like

I like poetry it’s so cool.

I am glad that I learned it in school.