St. Joseph’s C.B.S., Summerhill, Nenagh North, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

The Sun doesn’t Shine Here

The sun don’t shine here,
Dark and misty places,
Explorers’ dreams are torn apart,
These are the words, facts and faces.
The future and dreams of our younger generation,
Off our children,
Will experience the worst devastation.
We stand still in a ghostly mood,
Look back,
The damage that we have done,
To our lonely planet, it has won.
We can’t fix,
Or repair the scars that we created,
No hope, no hope,
We need to start action today,
Or these will be the last words we will say.

Jason Quigley

Your Last Breath

The second I saw you I knew we’d be friends,
From the rich cities of France to the Wicklow glens.
I hold your hand as you say your last word.
Tear drops trickle down, my voice becomes slurred.
I still hold your hand until your pain releases.
How could you go, you left me in pieces.
You were a grandaunt but more than that.
I knew it was special right from our first chat.
Sneaking a fiver into my shirt pocket.
Off I went smiling as fast as a rocket.
I look at the sky knowing you are there.
Every day I go out you’re in my prayer.

Conor Mckelvey

The Voices

Most of the screams cannot be heard
While they hurt each other only using one word
All the voices come out to play
And look for ways to make you pay
Most people escape to but in it I’m in fear
The voices in my head that I can hardly hear
My biggest fears and most wanted dreams combine
They turn into creatures that keep me awake all night
Every second seems like a battlefield
Because in it I hear people screech

Jorie Mauricas

How I Feel

I feel completely relaxed and content,
Living with my parents, don’t need to pay rent.
Scientists, athletes, teachers will be made
As the foundations to future success are laid.
I develop my work ethic and personality;
The days fly by in this world of fantasy!
I can openly express just how I feel –
For me this is somewhat of a big deal.
The whole family gather as one…
All here together, all having fun!

Daire Hogan


I feel I can do anything,
At first I talk, but then I sing.
I know we have great lives,
If we try our best, we’ll strive.
People go beyond the lines,
Some push too far and ignore the signs.
We know we have a beautiful planet,
But some don’t care and just destroy it.
We know we’re not here for very long,
But, you have to accept, sometimes you’re wrong.

Jack Weinmann

The Ground

People young and old come to watch their favourite sport,
And this is the ground we all call our fort.
Children as young as 4 start their journey to potential fame,
And all around the country children are doing the same.
People come to train to be the best there ever was,
People ask them why the effort? They say just because.
The start of a friendship occurs and is maintained for life,
And even some day they will be your wife.
People laugh and cry about the sport they love,
And when they win they think about the ones above.

Kevin Hayden

The Search

99 men die, 1 hero survives,
People running around like headless chickens,
As if they were bees in a hive.
Hearts are broken, buried 6-feet under,
Reading books, working hard, trying not to blunder.
People and family feel warm and safe in their homes,
Green grass, blue water and a garden they don’t own.
People go to make happiness and peace,
They search for contentment, they search for release.

Cillian Smith


I relax and enjoy my time,
Sipping out of my lemon and lime,
I was born and raised,
Where my parents give me praise,
I meet my friends and have the craic,
Thinking of the brain cells I lack,
I love to go every day,
Lying down in a stack of hay,
I come to rest and close my eyes,
And in the morning I shall rise.

Cormac McAuliffe


I am safe both physically and mentally as everyone there is treated gently
Words become stronger than actions when there are no distractions
People disappear like the wind blowing what’s worse is people not knowing
People change the world and people’s opinions are curled
We become better people if we show kindness for no reason

Ruairi Moylan

The Sleeping Pig

It is easy to love a pig in a nightgown.
See how he sleeps, white flannel
Straining his neck at the neck hole.
His body swells and then deflates.
The gown is nothing to be ashamed of, only
The white clay of moonlight smeared
Over his hulk, original clothing, the milk
Of his loneliness. The flickering candle
Of a dream moves his warty eyelids.
All sleeping things are children.

Augustin Castravet

The Game

From the first match at the start of the year,
To the North Final day that we dreamed we’d be there.
We trained, we fought, we laughed, we cried,
To wearing the jersey with all of our pride.
We got a few injuries, we thought that it was over,
But we got the last score, we knew we drove her.
That we dreamed of was nearly upon us,
We trained even harder and didn’t make a fuss.
When the day came we started to stutter,
From all of them butterflies that flutter.
For them 60 minutes, we went to war,
To fight for the parish, that was what this was for.
We pulled, we swung, we struck, we scored,
And we used that hurl like we would use a sword.
We were almost there, we were just over the line,
And then we relaxed, we thought we were fine.
They came back at us, they rattled the net,
And at that moment we knew we were bet.
The ref blew the whistle, we fell to the ground,
And we watched as the other team lifted the cup and were crowned.
All of that work, it was a waste of time,
We couldn’t win, even when we were in our prime.
But after all this, we knew we’d be back,
To win that game, to lift that plaque.

Kevin Hayden


This is where I sleep, eat, live, and talk about my day
Until I leave for a while and greet new people with ‘hey’
This is where I think of when I am sad and tired
Then I out with friends, they sometimes get wired

Louis Storan

Another Mother

Every Saturday, I went up with my mother,
Into the capital to see my grandmother.
She’d remember my name,
And then we’d all play a game.
She was always funny, all full of laughs,
Everywhere you looked there were old photographs.
She was amazing, put everyone else first,
But then all of a sudden, things took a turn for the worst.
She was about to go, when she said,
I love you all, and I’ll keep you safe even if I’m dead.
Even though I can’t see her anymore,
I know that she’ll help me when I hit the floor.

Jack Weinmann


Sins are confessed, prayers are said and people forgiven.
Where lies are told, lives destroyed and madness is driven
Bodies are buried, flowers are placed and people say their good byes.
Those who enter are filled with terrible sadness, even the strongest of all men cry
‘Education’ is taught, rumours are spread, imagination destroyed.
Leaving all who enter with a pointless, empty void
Hurley’s clash, hearts are broken of fragile Irish lives.
The weak are slaughtered for here only the strongest survives
Life is born, souls are saved but some swiftly taken.
And families wait in the dark for their loved ones to awaken.

Shane Keating

The Basketball Game

The basketball game
It`s just a game for someone
But it is a war for me
When I have the ball in my hands
I am entering the battlefield,
Of being the target for the enemies
I am a defender so I am the last,
And the strongest barrier for the opponents
And as a defender the fear does not exist
The fear of blocking a 2M giant
Will bring to my team hope
And nerves to the opponent.

Augustin Castravet

This is Where

This is where…
You sit by the fire on a cold frosty night with a cup of tea beside my night light.
This is where…
I fight for money like the poor fight for justice
And between us all they will never trust us.
This is where…
I fall in love like my parents did many years ago
And I want to so bad as it will boost all of my ego.
This is where…
I live in my house like a king in his castle
And I wonder to think how people live in hassle.
This is where…
I play games on the Xbox like a puppy playing ball
And I think too wonder how some children don’t play at all.

Darragh Murray

Shall I?

This is where the world ends and begins
The bell rings for the final day
This is where your future is no longer your choice
We’re just like mice in the wheel of life
This is where I was born and raised
Shall I just graze on by like my life is not a lie?
This is where talent comes to die
Shall I just lie down and cry?
This is where farming becomes more important
As the future of the world is enormous

Ethan O Meara

Ever Chance Counts

Every chance counts, it could be the difference between a win or a loss.
Teams attacking, the game could even be won by a cross.
Players collide, a heated exchange of words before the ref is called in to calm the nerve.
The players are booked, they are thick but it’s exactly what they deserve.
The crowd is a friend or an enemy, chanting your fame or abusing your name.
If you’re not strong and shut it out it may affect your fragile game.
The battle begins, the battle goes on through wind, rain or snow,
What the result will be in the end no will know.
The game is won, dreams destroyed, winners lift the cup.
On the podium, cheered by their fans, the victor’s hold the cup, all pumped up.

Adam Guilfoyle


The magic happens and the girls are dancing
Everyone screams but no one can sing
This is where everyone is dolled up and wearing expensive clothes,
Dancing with all the bro’s
This is where teenagers go mental to a remix of come out ye black and tans
But you won’t get in if you’ve had a naggin or a couple of cans
You get your first shift and first rejection
Everyone is looking for a bit of attention
Fake tan dripping off them
Jeans are too tight
Lads in the corner looking for a fight

Darragh Ryan


Life is full of ups and downs
And sometimes you might feel that you could drown
If only we could make a deal
To always be happy in the way that we feel
Life would be so great
If we didn’t have to wait
For great days to come
And to never feel glum

Ruairi Moylan

Soccer – A Team’s Struggle

As I stroll out onto the battlefield,
The scent of nearby tea that appealed.
To me, with my teammates and I preparing for conflict
Against a side made up of ex-convicts.
The struggle began, and the struggle was real,
When their striker scored early with a back-heel.
Our coach roared at us, telling us that we were crap,
As match descended into an almighty scrap,
But we didn’t throw the towel in.
My last-minute strike flew into the top bin
To rescue us a draw. In many ways
It resembled my life – days and days
Of struggle, but I believed in myself.
Through my team-mates, I found help.
And at the end of the day, when the game is done,
I’ll know that I’m not the only one.

Daire Hogan

The Times are a Changing

World poverty ends and the world becomes a more educated place
While we continue to change the earth’s face
The pen and paper become the most powerful weapons known to man
They will tear us apart or make us utilitarian
Farming will become the most important job
As the struggle to feed gets greater every day
And they will carry on no matter the pay.
The humble chicken fillet combines with the majestic roll
To form the legend of the chicken fillet roll
It will keep me going until I get some casserole
My life will carry on as I strive to become my best self
And I will drive on until I am stored on a shelf

Enda Shanahan

The Team

It starts off when you’re four foot tall.
In the garden tussling for the ball.
Dreams and hopes soar through your veins.
Blood sweat and tears are the only pains.
Only games like these keep your dream.
To win the long awaited cup for your team.

The weather is no obstacle.
Everything is possible.
The crowd abuses and cheers.
Ball comes down from the heavens the back clears.
As the net rattles home and an almighty scream.
I knew I did everything for the team.

Conor Mckelvey

A Place

A place I’m able to relax
To stop rest and have the craic
To sit on my chair and rest my back
My home is neatly sat
The place I can hang up my hat
And watch them play, the dog and cat
The place my thoughts are lying
In my mind, some are dying
Let them out and see them flying
Yes my life carries on from here
To go and face what I fear

Dan Quigley

Soccer Pitch

Everyone comes together sharing the same passion,
Good or bad weather we come out even when it’s lashing.
We train to perfect our skill and ability,
Strength, speed, accuracy and agility.
Here is where we win and lose,
Scarfs and flags held by the supporters,
We’ll put on a show to thrill and amuse.
Dreams and trophies are won,
Nerves and adrenaline, heartbreak for the fun.
This is where my youth was spent,
Places travelled, new faces,
This is where I feel most content.

Anthony O’ Donovan


I was born and raised,
It’s where I’ll stay,
I’ll stay there every month week and day.
I met most of my friends here,
Sometimes good,
Sometimes a tear.
I’ve witnessed breath-taking views,
If I grew up somewhere else id very much lose.
I partake in all my life passions,
From hurling to feeding cattle rations.

Damien Moloney

The Clash of the Ash

The clash of the ash
The smell of the timber
I hit a lad a wallop
He goes by Finbar
From lads on the go
To high balls in low
From the hustle and bustle
To blocking and hooking
Into the refs book
As he throws out a booking
From the bad January slog
To the green peaty bog
From the high balls I do be snapping
In the local derby
Tears will be shed
I can’t leave at halftime
The heifers will never be fed
The manager and coaches do
Give me an order
I get it in my laimh and by god do I lord her
Into the big fella
On the edge of the square
He might pull hard but
By god he pulls fair
He gets it in his hand
And goes round his man
He toddles to the pub
I had to go home
The heifers need hay
I went on home
And jumped into bed
Everything was done
The cattle were fed

Aodhan Ryan


Scared of being overweight
But I’m the opposite isn’t that just great
Eating less and less every day
My mother says I’m starting to fade away
Who am I to complain my biggest problem doesn’t lie
With my weight it lies in my head


Every Day of my Life

I live in the countryside in a small house,
I like it but there’s always another dead mouse.
I go to a boys’ school in the centre of town,
It’s pretty annoying when you see a right clown.
My school is pretty big, with 500 students,
But also, don’t forget that there’s 400 losers.
The other 100 are pretty truthful,
The others are stupid, while in their youthful.
My parents look out for me the whole time,
I love my life a lot and every day,
I climb.

Jack Weinmann


Everything happens for a reason, no mistakes
It’s all faith, no spilling cornflakes
Drink is free and jobs for everyone, with equal pay
No worrying about not having extra money every day
The sun shines all day and the parties go on all night
Waking up with a sore head but still looking bright
Nightclubs are free as well as everything else
Treating the friends every day without missing out myself
The homeless have shelters and the sick have hospital beds
All priests are sound, hundreds of Father Teds

Aodhan Ryan

This is Where

This is where I live in an old Country
This is where animals are killed and slaughtered.
This is where people come to spend money.
This is where people come to eat and drink and laugh
This is where I will starve, live and die because of tourists.

Sonny Dower

Life on the Farm

Below in the paddock
The grass was blowing
And it was time for mowing
But there was no sign of the bullocks
The mower man was bullin
As the tractor that was pullin
Had a massive hole in the box
When I got home I got a call on the phone
That the bullocks had got out again
The tractor was whurrin
As the slurry was stirrin
The silage was in
And the slurry was thin
But the time had come as the work was now done
For me to return to school
Don’t worry as I’ll be back
Cause I won’t be missing the winter craic

Enda Shanahan


Where my role is buttered the way I want it to be buttered
And goes straight down the gutter.
Where you get stabbed if you mess with the wrong people
And the cliff is steeper.
Where the cattle are fed on cold frosty mornings
Without any warnings.
Where I get all the wins on Fortnite on squads
Because we are gods.

Gabby Eftimie

On the Field

To the field I look down on awaiting the war,
On a cool summers evening,
Only me, the ball and nothing more.
The boys togging out in the room,
All behind me, getting setup for the bloodbath
They will experience and nothing more,
Eleven on all,
As the ref blows the whistle like a trumpet starting a war.
I shall see my friends on the other side of victory,
Which I hope will all be there,
Each as puffed as me but more glad
That we shall drink our victory away at the bar.

Darragh Murray


Hurling is as satisfying as watching a ball curling.
When the timber and weather is warm you should be on form.
When the wind is breezy hurling is not as easy.
When there is muck it is hard to puck.
If you do not score a goal you might as well go on the dole.

Josh Keller

My Tractor

I start up me tractor
She’s a Ford Three Six
I’ve got the chainsaw in the back
I’m going cutting sticks
I’m driving down the lane tipping along
And a big John Deere comes along
So i drop her gear
I’m flying down along the road
When i look back there’s a flashing blue light
It’s the bloody law
Did you ever see a tractor getting caught for speeding?

Tommy Ryan


I knock out Brock Lesnar in his own backyard and then I tick of his name on my knock out card.
Trump launches a bomb on Korea and then snaps his sister Leah.
Moneygall win the North A Championship because they had a very good friendship.
Moyross boys fight the Southend boys and after they go home to play with their toys.

Josh Keller


I feel most comfortable snapping high balls
Shout out going to my man biggie smalls
Anyone can supposedly get an education through boring teachers
The Gardaí show up to baton down the preachers
The tea is drank and the scones are eaten
The boiis in Alabama being beaten
The sauce is stirred and the meat is sizziling
I do it on a cold wet windy night in stoke
All the athletic runners and records broke
This is where the boiis are dropping
The heat of the stove it’s popping

Robbie Creamer

My Life

I live in my house like a king in his castle
Where they bring me anything I want
I climb the hills finding something new every time
Someday I hope to find a dime
The animals are looked after every day
I have to love it I would I say
I watch the day go by
And if starts to rain I will sigh

Tommy Ryan

Every Friday Night

The damn mats are drenched in pints after every Friday night
After sky’s big fight
Ash snaps in two as hurls go through wood and bone
Once summer comes we all get into hurling mode
Dreams are shattered as a whistle seems like a death notice
Winning is sometimes just a bonus
Books break your back.
Whilst teachers spit out facts that may never as well be known.
Which ends up in a loud groan
We all go after our final breath
You don’t have to like it but you’re getting closer to death

James Meagher

Life or Death

Moneygall FC soccer pitch
Where legends of the game
Kick around on a Wednesday and Saturday on the greenest grass
on the pitch overlooking the mountains of Templeferry, Ballinahinch
Haunted hills, where the 5 people who land there
Battle to the death to pick up the grey pistol
That has spawned in some way
They all connect with a special bond
Hurling field, where for 70 minutes of a man or woman’s life
They fight for every ball to decide their fate
They show the courage of 5 points up 5 points down
They never drop the work rate
Battlefield, where people fight for life and death
As a poet once said pro patria amori the old lie
The aftermath of war, where the countries who fought
Reflect on what everything cost
When they don’t realise all the innocent people and families they lost

Billy Moran