St. Joseph’s C.B.S Nenagh Summerhill, Nenagh, Co.Tipperary


You’re not allowed do what you like,
Like cycle alone, on a bike.
Men separated from the boys,
No longer playing with their toys.
The pen is mightier than the sword,
Outside is where the goals are all scored.
Worrying about how much they weigh,
The predator becomes the prey.
The class is failing like an abandoned ship.
The classroom becomes a dictatorship.
Teachers looking forward to payday,
Just another typical Wednesday.

Padraic Ferry

This is Where

This is where a whole world waits quietly,
Like children playing hide ‘n’ seek.
This is where millions of creatures,
From rocky depths lurk in darkness.
This is where man dumps its waste,
And spills it’s oil.
This is where innocent creatures suffer our wrath.
This is where many die dull and tragic deaths.
This is the ocean,
The place I wish man had not found and spoiled.

Odhran Kelly O’Driscoll


Red, red wine, goes to my head,
Makes me forget that I
Still need you so
Red, red wine, it’s up to you
All I can do, I’ve done
But memories won’t go
No, memories won’t go
I’d have thought that with time
Thoughts of you would leave my head
I was wrong, now I find
Just one thing makes me forget
Red, red wine, stay close to me
Don’t let me be alone
It’s tearing apart
My blue, blue heart


Hang in There

My bed is where I feel most at home
But yet I feel so empty.
Maybe if I was holy I wouldn’t feel so lonely.
My life feels bleak,
Maybe it’s all the darkness making me weak.
But I notice when people are polite,
It makes the day brighter and brighter.
It was shocking when I saw a girl come knocking.
I never thought I’d adore such a girl.
My life was crappy but now I am happy.


“The Climb”

On hallowed ground battles commence and wars are won,
All goalies fear a one-on-one,
Home from training, we make it our mission,
To find ourselves some quick nutrition.
Burgers sizzle over hot coals: I’m a trainee;
I play footy, getting my vitamin D,
Take a break under the cedar tree,
Practice Ronaldo skills: that’s who I wanna-be,
That’s the key.
Hope to soon become pro,
Like Neymar outta Rio de Janeiro,
Any day now it’ll be my time,
But only after the climb.

Louie O’Carroll

Harsh Lessons

He bullied
He called names
He pushed people around
Until one day he went one step too far
He bullied the wrong guy
The guy warned him
“Push me again and you’re getting a box”
The bully thought he was just messing
So he did it again
The guy snapped
And came flying in with a box
Boom the bully falling to the ground crying
Lost a tooth and split his mouth
Left on his own to ball he realized
He was doing wrong for years
Never ever did he bully again

Gergo Hicz and Cailum Cummins


You’re standing in the dressing room
Your heart starts pumping out of your chest
You step onto the pitch
There’s a big crowd heaving
You start to get anxious
The ball is kicked off
The battle begins
You get tackled straight off the start
Felt like you got hit by a bus,
You calm down and start to preform,
You get to half time the coach gives his talk,
You go back out and the rain starts to fall,
The ball gets slippy, coaches start shouting
You’re so close to the line
Just you’re arms reach out then
Disaster strikes
You feel a snap
You drop the ball
Instantly and that is that,
You hear from the doctor that it’s not good
Your arm is broken the doctor said
You relies that your chance at Munster
Was gone again

James Finn

Fifteen Warriors

Fifteen warriors on each side
Hungry, hyped and ready to fight
Nowhere to hide
On the field on battle
The clash of the ash
Fills the air
And fades away
Behind the roar of the crowd

Michael Corcoran


I don’t see football as “just a game”, for me it’s much more
It’s a way to get away from stress and get out the door
It’s a war that’s fought by 2 teams to the bitter end
And every team plays every weekend
Winning games is the best feeling of all
After spending hours playing with the ball

Jack Hassett


Tipperary are the best
There better than all the rest
Paudie Maher can catch
People said ‘that was some match’
Noel McGrath is a star
He really is better than Bonnar Maher
Jayo Forde is on the subs
Ready to go after the match to some pubs
Bubbles Dwyer is as fast as a horse
He is ready to score a few goals of course
Seamie Callanan might retire
But Thiobraid Arann will still be on fire
Ready or not we will succeed
We will not be singing God Save the Queen

Aaron Morgan

The Circle of Life

The bulging bullocks feed as they of done since birth
The less they move the better
They should eat till fit to burst
They eat unaware of their fate
For one day they will be a full course meal on my plate


The Game

To play the game you have to be clever
If in doubt hit it out is a never
The aim of the game is to score a goal
Not to run into a pole
You can’t give out to the referee
Even if you get hit in the knee
So if at the end if you want a medal
Be sure to put your foot to the pedal

Adam Ryan


The plastic toys came to life
Each one had a connection with wildlife
They all haunted the children on the street
All rapping to the beat
Each one stuffed with fur
All on team skirr

Michael Hayes

Here I lay

Here I lay, sick with flu
Breathing heavily, needing the loo
Thoughts are wild and head is fried
Thoughts of what it’s like to die
Depression and anger roam my mind
But at least I have a mother
That’s kind.

Jayden McGee


On the pitch is where the hurls shatter
The game is on a silver platter
The best team wins, the losers cry
They win the game because
They will fight till the day they die


The Game

The ball is in the game
It is on a skelping game
It is in the pot
3 red cards, 5 yellows
The game is over
All deeds done
Down to intermediate
For the following year
Hopefully a better year still to come

Cathal Greene


The pitch is set
The grass is wet
The teams are out
The ref is set
The ball is in
The game is on
Half time comes
The rain has stopped
Second half starts
The game is close
Additional time is needed
To split the sides
The game is over
The best team won

Jordan Troy


The old lads drink
And the foul farmers stink
And as the sun stops its blink
They disappear before the brink of day

Ciarán Nes