St. Joseph’s C.B.S. Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Written on the Walls


I see is the title

Written on all the walls,

Are all the words of my philosophy:

Do your best, try your best,

But it doesn’t seem to me

That anyone is trying,

To do anything worthwhile,

While I see all problems around me

All of the trials.

I see the inequality;

Not only of the colour,

But of the amount of money

One has over another.

I see the words that we are called,

Yes, all of my community.

The words that we all know,

That take our opportunities,

But what I see although,

Is crystal clear to me,

Hides behind the politics

Of our society.


The Problem


Sorrow faces hidden by masks

Make for a lonely town

Everyday the same story,

“How you getting on”

“I’m alright ”

But deep down you know something isint right

But that never gets said so you sit at night

Why you feel so down

Mental health awareness all over the place

Its hitting you in the face

But you still feel you’re coming last in this race of life

Who is on top? Who’s winning?

Eventually people find they aren’t really living

Going through life with no ambition

Everyone goes through that transition

There is no cure

The problem is people aren’t pure




As I look out the window,

Waves wash over the wet salty shores.

Trees waving in the spring winds,

Everything so peaceful.

The land so calm.

Silence all around,

Not a person in sight

The peaceful side of the pandemic.


A War


In this valley, there is a war

A war not on land but instead a river

These men on the starting blocks

Knowing there is results they must deliver


The anticipation the nerves and excitement

Six boats waiting for the starters call

Each other sitting with incitement

Knowing that all but one shall fall


Like gunfire the starter’s blast goes off

Eight men in the boat all take action

Pushing themselves forward as the boat takes off

Desperate to get this win for their faction


Two boats push towards the line

The water rushing along the rims of their vessels

One of these crews about to be on cloud nine

They both push together intertwined in a wrestle


In the end one crew will fall

And the other will rule over them all




I have overcome again and again

Everything was harder back then

At the end of the tunnel there has always been a light

I have never gave up without a fight

Most of my setbacks are in the past

But there is one that has not passed

There are times that it seems impossible

But I can only hope that my setbacks will make it possible


The Starting Line


As I edge closer to the starting line

My heart begins to pump

Every thought rushing through my mind

Will I survive?

What if I blow up

What If I’m not ready

As the starter calls you to the line

Everything slows down

The track goes silent

Theres no backing out now

On your marks he yells

I stare at the ground hopeing it opens up and swallows me up



Off we go racing down the track

All the thoughts are gone.

Adrenaline in rushing

My mind is racing

Stay pushing, not to long to go

I want to give up but I can’t

What If I can’t finish

What If I am too slow

Why did I do this

I am never doing this again


As I pass over the line

All the pain is gone

And maybe I will run it again another time.




Imagine a world

With Meaning.

Where you get up in the morning and think,

“Thank God I’m alive”.

“Thank the Lord that I am here,

To do what I was born to do”.

But if you lived in a world

Where the point of the world was obvious,

Wouldn’t be much of a world then, would it?

Shame. Would be nice.


The Pandemic


During the pandemic we had to wear a mask

And for people with less brain cells it was quite a big task

Being at home, doing the same thing over and over

It’s hard not to fall into a state of boredom

Sitting down on the PlayStation with friends

Hoping the pandemic will come to an end

Living during the pandemic has been quite hard

But we got good news because west ham just signed Jesse Lingard




There was no hope at first

No hope we’d get back

Everywhere we looked news was black

We trained away

Made sure we kept fit

In the dire hope of a championship

We dreamed of green fields

Of fresh painted lines

Of picking off points from the 65

And then the announcement

Have your games

But no supporters

Ould lads, young lads celebrated

Everyone went on the porter

Some won

Some lost

Some went out in the first round

There was drama over goals disallowed

But who cares

We got our games

Iomanaiocht survives

A release of pain


From The


From the countryside in port,

To the concrete fields in town

The friendly chat at home,

To teachers full of monotone

The quiet time alone,

But the school is where I roam.


Place to Escape


Head outside,

Hurl and ball,

Thinking about everything,

Puking against a wall.


A place to go,

A place to escape,

Stuck with my thoughts

Wishing them away


Its what I do,

When sad or frustrated,

Not wanting to talk…

But rather puck away



The battle


I’m an athlete, the track is my battle place

When I reach the start, line I’m gifted a chance I can’t waste

Looking at my other lads their fear, i can taste

Gunshots ring out, it started, a battle, a race


A brief silence, then all hell breaks out

There is no stopping me people inside my head i shout

I’ve put too much into this sweat, suffering and pain

Winning is the only option, these people will know my name


These Days


People say these days are the best,

But what about the rest?

What about the days when we are young,

Those are the days when we had fun.

In the school playground,

We would spend our hours running around.

What about the days when we are old,

Will those days really be so cold?

These days seem to be the worst,

Staying inside seeing who can place first.

Playing online trying to socialise,

But parents don’t see the world through our eyes.

So are these days really the best?

Lets make the most and put them to the test.


That Goal


The night sky was red

Like the city of Mersey

The players were passionate

To wear the famous jersey

The fans were all singing

Players with belief

Sat alone in the stands

Supporters filled with grief

But along came a corner

And the reds were 3 up

They needed one more

But would barca trip up

Fans all around the world were praying

Some from as far as Chile

But all that was left to say

Was , corner taken quickly Origi!!


Being an Arsenal Fan


For years, being an Arsenal fan was brilliant

Because the team was so resilient

And the football and players were exhilarant

Nowadays, being an Arsenal fan is torture

Because the team is not in order

The players are good

But are not playing as well as they should

Still we won the FA cup

Its more than spurs have won in 12 years so shut up


The Untouchable


I feel as normality is out of reach

Will it ever be normal again

From face masks to can’t train

In April there was sun but in January there is rain.




I come from under the hills

Where the water flows

I come from endless fields

And endless opportunities

I come from hurling people

With a pressure to perform

I come from a place where broken hurls

Are worse than broken bones


90 Minutes


Of The royal blue vs the evil red

90 minutes.

Of edge of your seat, nail biting action

90 minutes.

Of joy ecstasy hatred and anger

90 minutes

Of a city divided

90 minutes

Of win or lose do or die

90 minutes

To crumble under pressure or go down as a hero forever

90 minutes

Of headers kicks fouls goals and everything in between

What do these 90 minutes mean to you?

These 90 minutes are the Merseyside derby




They say video games are stupid

They say they are a waste of time

They tell you to quit and study

But little do they know

That they teach us

They help us in ways they never know

Until they try

There are games made with passion

That get you emotional

And never forget


Sport is Poetic


It’s actually quite easy to make up a rhyme

If you put in some effort, passion and time

I honestly don’t like poetry and it’s a bit of a shame

To me it’s like watching a boring football game

I’d rather play FIFA or go for a walk

Or listen to Gary Neville and Roy Keane have an interesting talk

It’s time to end the poem I’ve said what I have to say

Go on be kind and have a nice day


Lockdown Again


Lockdown again, bit better than last one.

Lessons of a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Tough but got my head down till I’ve done enough.

When all is done I go have my fun.

Down at the farm I can come to no harm.

Started springing, now cows calving.

Back on track, wait a week and we’re having the craic.

Milk pumping, calves sucking, silage mixing.

Down at the farm is the place to be.




The best goalkeeper in the league, Leno

Kieran Tierney wears t-shirts in the snow

David Luiz is sideshow bob turned maldini

Rob Doldings hairline is screaming “can you see me?”

Bellerin can’t defend and he can’t even take a throw in

Xhaka sees two broken legs and his eyes they both start glowing

Thomas came in from Madrid, when he plays it’s a Partey

Pepe costing 70 mil owes the fans a “sorry”

Saka is the best young player in the premier league

Smith Rowe is the next Zidane the heart of the Arsenal team

When auba missed in Greece to knock us out it really hurt

A solid team but best of all they have more trophies than spurs




The London stadium is a bowl

It looks like a hole

Should of never left the boylen

Kevin Nolan

Is class

Mark Noble

Is some man

Up the hammers

Thanks for today my guy




Stuck in the house,

Mask on my face,

I can hardly breath,

And the death tolls a disgrace,

When is the end of this epidemic?

“You think that’s bad,

I went to school through a pandemic.”




The London stadium is a bowl

It looks like a hole

Should never of left the boylen

Kevin Nolan

Is some player

Mark noble

Is a noble man

United are crap

Am I right


In This Life the Next


Everywhere I look, I see a different way of life. Outside my window is field after field, green shades of grass underlining skies of blue and clouds of white. My family built the house from the ground up with no farming background in sight. In fact, my mother was a nurse caring for patients but when it came to me she never had an ounce of patients. It came to me questioning the proper way of life, I ended up looking down the road from drugs to extortion, teenage girls contemplating abortion. In my favourite songs life’s about lounging in paradise totting guns and rolling dice. Personally I confuse myself about mine, at the moment going to heaven with the goodie goodies doesn’t sound quite fun. I don’t know where to aim it but I might play with guns. I know my mama care for me and wants me to live for free but with her away all the time I have no mother other than Mary so I should get down and pray on my knees. This time to myself makes me reflect on my own way of life, my problems may not be as big as the next person so I need to make it suffice. Out my windows aren’t brighter days only angry crows hawking. Alright I’m done talking.


Shaking with Life


The stadium was shaking with life

As a special moment sparks into light

Momentum turns quicker than the night

As commentators shout;

Corner taken quickly…

And Origi is chanted by the overjoyed fans while others groan sickly

And now the night is etched in history forever


Lockdown Part 2


Will this lockdown ever end?

Masks and distancing is the new trend.

Online school is very cruel and difficult.

Will this lockdown ever end?

I want to play soccer with my friends.

Our mental health is taking a toll

And it’s hard to get off our…




Spuds are nice.

They can be chips, hashbrowns, or mash.

Nobody gets mad at a spud for being a wedge.

Nobody beats up potato cubes for being square.

If wish I was a spud

People would be nicer.

Some would like me, some would not,

But at least I wouldn’t get hate crimed

For the way I’m cooked.


My Childhood


I come from Nintendo’s playing Mario with my sibling

I come from the wii making people hitting home runs

I come from the Xbox 360 scoring goals and hitting no scopes

This was my childhood


I Love


I love hurling and farming

Both of them are my hobbies

Hurling is a simple game

I enjoy farming and helping my father out.

When I succeed in hurling I am at my happiest .