St. Jarlaths, Bishop St, Townparks Tuam, Co. Galway

Life is Good

Its everywhere you can’t escape it violent crimes and poisoned lies
Climate change the planets drying, bees are dying wasps are thriving
The west has ran its course, but look around and you will see that this may be our reality
But life is good the skies will clear for fear itself destroys all fears
Crime is gaming’s biggest craze and honestly that’s ok
For violence far from the real world is a world we’re gonna be in
And lies are not so hard to bury as truth can come from any place
With information on a platter, people can save the earth as one
The west may fall but its good game, as competition will remain
From others proving that just by doing you can change everything
So life is good, we will remain on this blue ball spinning in the cosmos
And fear itself will push us far hopefully we’ll reach mars



Blocks are the foundation in this virtual universe
The nostalgia entering the world
From breaking wood
To defeating an intergalactic dragon
This is where boys became men
Mining to gain gear
Farming to eat
And befriending creatures to support you in your journey
This is the game Minecraft,
A game of fear, adventure and imagination


Baby Girl

Baby girl I’m sorry for your pain
I’m the only one to blame
Ever since you left me
Nothing aint been the same
I hate the man I became
And I’m sorry for playing games
And I hate the man I became



It’s so boring
I would prefer to be scoring
Against my friends
And spend the day doing nothing
Instead I’m in a hot classroom
Which might as well be my tomb
I wish I could be in bed all day
It’s better than my life being this grey