St Gerald’s College DLS, Castlebar, Mayo

The Loneliness of the Times


The loneliness of the times,

Cannot be written through lines or rhymes

Formatted cleanly in a verse,

With bodies in excess,

Of the capacity of the hursts

That form traffic in the street,

Families of the dead unable to meet;

Their belovedly devoted,

Buried by covid


Secondary School


Secondary School as a teenager its the best years of your life

Where in actual fact it’s where your personality comes to die

Art and drawing, music and singing, it all just has to go

For here you must cool or weird is how you will be known

Take down all the posters, burn all of the books

And head down to the boxing club and practice those right hooks

For people only want to see these boys all tough and brawn

That’s what a person just might think but they really don’t care at all

So do not think for one damn second that being cool is worth

Throwing years of skill practice back into the earth


What is Life?


Sometimes you have to cut it open with a knife

Success, fame, getting the hammer of Thor

Have you ever wondered what’s it all for


At the end of the day, we’re all gonna die

So just ask yourself why?

It’s all a waste of time

Money, Success, Titles and Crime


Life, it’s a big mystery

No one could figure it out if even if you went back in history

Should we give up, let it aside

Or should we put in our blood, sweat and tears while we kiss the bride


All this for nothing

Or maybe, it goes towards something

What is life?




I felt a different way every time I text her

With two different options I thought that I could best them

Picked her friend instead I should’ve done a tester

Regrets in my head when I move onto the next one

Regrets in my heart when we sat on that tree and I heard her voice

Six months later I still regret my choice

And I know it’ll kill me to see her with another boy


Nine to Five


The endless nine to five.

The lie that we have been told from youth,

That this is the life that will bear all the fruit,

That may say that the odds of great success are one in a million

And this endless cycle has no escape,

If Elon Musk had the same mind-set,

He’d still be attracted to the same magnetic tape,

Associated with this great lie,

That freedom from the age of sixty-five,

Is worth working for, for all of our lives.


The Star


Have you ever seen a star shining so bright

You forgot all the other night skies

It learned to shine brighter than the others

Learned to illuminate the blue sky

Proving that nature is unpredictable

Yet so beautiful

I reminisce about the star that shone so brightly that night

When no one else ever recalled it.




This is the day the passion calls,

From bloodied shorts to pumped up balls,


Distant shouts drive the engine,

Metal-studded boots stand to attention,


Thousands of hours training together,

All for a chance to prove who is better,


A blow of the whistle, up goes the ball,

The pride of the parish comes above all.


Achieving Dreams


I learned a lot in this past year,

That it is hard to choose your career.

It’s hard to communicate,

But I know it’s not too late.

To achieve in anything and become great.

Golf and snooker are the sports I love,

And I can help dreaming of,

Being great at something

Or it will never end up happening,

But I know it’s always possible,

To become efficient and very capable.

To achieve my dream and goal.


A Pinch of Salt


COVID 19 is very bad

And kills lots of people being made in a lab

In China

It’s mostly their fault

Take everything said with a pinch of salt

Cause people spread lies

And the media is false

Rumours are believed and rumours are taught

Gen z is destined the worst generation

Electing the people to ruin a nation


A Land


I come from a land filled with turmoil

A land with violence and savagery

And war and peace

And right and wrong

I come from a land where man turns against each other

A land where everyone has a different opinion

A land where no one gets along

And where everyone hates one another

Why can’t we live in a world where there is no savagery and violence

And chaos and war and corruption

Why can’t we live in a place where everyone loves each other

And there is no fighting and inequality

Where everyone is fair and kind and strong hearted

Why can’t we change the world?


Help Out


Covid 19 has been mentally depressing,

But all we can do is start progressing,

Help out others if they are in need,

Everyone should be able to feed,

Life can be shit but we must stay strong,

We need to be kind and admit that were wrong,

Two long months we have to await,

Until this is all hopefully over and we get to celebrate.


Locked In


Locked in by the bars of my house

How I miss the car rides to the club house.

Sat behind a screen being given work deadlines

Sick of reading dead tolls in news headlines.

Lots more late night gaming sessions

Future champs losses giving me maniac depression.


The Game


It’s going to war

Fighting From the core

Rising up to catch the ball

Makes you feel 10 foot tall

Long cold winter nights

Will pay off in the bright lights

In the gym building muscle

It’s all about the hustle

Long sessions drive you round the bend

You know it will be all worth it in the end


The Pandemic


We are in the third lockdown this year,

Covid got people turning to beer,


Up at 9 o’clock every morning,

Same stuff different day it’s boring,


All you hear about is Covid-19,

At least now we have vaccine,


Everything is closed, we’re in isolation,

Covid gave the economy constipation,


Can’t even go meet a friend,

When will covid come to an end.


Age 16


Age 16, age of opportunity,

Age of freedom, age of unity,

No one expected a change of scene,

Yet no one goes out and no one is seen.


I wanted a job I wanted money,

I wanted a girl I wanted a honey,

Age of 16 so much to do,

But why is god being so cruel.




It’s soaking wet in the thundering rain

But it won’t be as bad as the pain

If we lose this final we worked so hard for

All we is just one more score


The ball comes low, fast and quick

I give my defender a quick nick

We no hesitation I think to shoot

And just like that the ball flies off of my boot



Why Are You? Why Aren’t You?


Why aren’t you 6’0? Why Aren’t you funny?

Why aren’t you rich? Why have you no money?

Why aren’t you big? Why aren’t you strong?

Why aren’t you any of the things I’ve mentioned at all?


In the middle of a pandemic, with no fun to be had,

No nights out, and no craic with the lads,

When I see the inside of a party or club again in my life,

Why are you, why aren’t you will be nothing I’ll hear from a future wife.


The Gloss is Gone


The gloss is gone

What an earth is going on

They say stay in

They say the bother we’re in

As I try to stay sane

I wait patiently for the chains

To be ripped from my brain


Life of Lockdown


12 months ago we heard about a virus

Then we were told how we will be getting 2 months off school

Everyone filled up with glee

12 months later, 3 lockdowns later

We are still in the same situation

We were in this day a year ago

What a two weeks this has been


Wasting time


We’re being told video games are useless

So why study things that don’t bring us careers

Why play sports if we don’t go pro

Why do we waste time gallivanting with our peers

Why listen to people who only know one way

Can we not be trusted to bring our own success

We are different, let us learn differently




Walk into the home gym, each day with a new reason,

When you’re happy, sad, angry this work carry on each season,

When you walk in, no one judging, just you v you,

At the beginning, skinny with a 60lbs max squat,

Then you’re there, a year later lifting 180 with no need for a spot,

You look at yourself, all lean in that mirror,

Your dream physique, with each rep edging nearer,

I personally am still at the beginning,

But I can see myself putting in the work and seeing myself winning.




Schools don’t teach us about life

But At least they showed us how to read and write

If they taught us more about the real world

We won’t end up all hurled

Jobs and school are very different

If they taught us that it would be magnificent

Learning more about the real world is important

Schools should make this a priority




Traipsing into school the bitter winter air hits your face as you step off the bus

Wishing you were anywhere but here into a damp cold classroom

To listen to a teacher that doesn’t want to be there either

Get to break, time soggy sandwiches for lunch

Everyone half-asleep, we then drag ourselves into our next class

For another lecture we couldn’t care about

Finally, we get to go home

Everyone finally fully awake and happy


On a Summer Day


On a summer day in June

We headed on a bus to Longford for a disco

I arrived in Longford that looked like San Francisco

It then got dark in a massive park around 2,000 teenagers there

Most of them looked like ragers!

Fights to my left and right

Thinking I’m gonna get hit

Which would be such a fright




Nothing annoys me more than Lazio fans,

Screaming Immobile’s name from the stands.

Actually thinking they are the best,

Wants me to get a few words off my chest.


Forever in Roma’s shadow

And more irrelevant than a mikado

I really shouldn’t be getting mad,

At a team this bad.


Wu Pao-chun


I make bread like I’m a bakery

Call me Wu Pao-chun

I make rhymes like Da Vinci just for fun

My rhymes are sweet yours are unsavoury


I might just go and by a house in Colorado Springs

My muscles big look like chicken wings

If I had feathers i might just fly

Im pretty basic call me alkali


Your bread is so disgusting it looks doctored

Know so much about English I’m like Oxford

Yet I bake like I’m Taiwanese

Not drugs, I’m addicted to blue cheese


Farm Life


Covid 19 is here

But farming still continues

Turf being brought home

But there’s still a lot to go

Cows having to be fed

And then it’s off to bed

But life still goes on

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn




Life of a teenager in lockdown

I hate it so much everything about it with nothing to do all day

I am so bored and don’t know what to do with myself

All day I want to be out meeting my friends

And going to party and playing football but I can’t because if corona.

It’s gone on for so long now and I feel like my teenage years are getting wasted

When I could be out having fun and experience new things


Without this Pandemic


I just want to play Gaelic without Covid

I hate how going outside is like going into a big infectious bubble.

I hate thinking about what could have been without this pandemic.


My County’s Curse


I love Mayo

But it’s quite flawed though

We never win

even if I pray we through

But it’s okay players come and go

Including our few retirees of old

David and Chris ye did alright

But it’s time to give the youngsters some light.


What to Do


Lockdown number three

Stuck with family

Workmen can’t even tighten a screw.

Online School

All because of some fool.

Grandparents missing mass

Can’t even play a bit of football on the grass.


My Aim


My aim in life is to play games for life,

And maybe even get a wife.

I’m gunna get enough money,

To provide for my honey.

My kids will be cool,

They will do good in school.


All My Mates


My best night

We slept in a tent

But it could of been pent

Surprised we survived another breath

Woke up in a state

With all my mates


Living Life in Dubai


Living the high life in Dubai

Butterfly doors from the lambo pointing high

Ice on my wrists

I don’t think I missed

IPhone 12 in my pocket

Along with the locket

Pc on my desk

Chains around my neck

Views from my apartment

Guess it’s the opposite of what Eminem said

Because my window doesn’t cause me pain


I Hate


I hate when my teammates give up

They need a check up

It makes me want to throw up

When my teammates don’t show up

They just need to grow up


Shut Down


I’m from mayo

We’re in lockdown

All the places are shut down

No where to go

With all the lads




A game of football

We like to play hard

One little push calls the referee


The crowd goes mad

The referee has a temper

Out comes the flashing bright red card




I live in the countryside where everyone is so tight

The pandemic just isn’t right

I feel like we just aren’t as bright

We just don’t got no fight

This virus is reminding me of the potato blight

I think its time to say goodnight.




I love pizza

It’s delicious

I like it’s sticky cheese

I like it’s tangy sauce

But I hate when it goes cold

It drills a hole in my heart

The cheese goes hard

The sauce goes sour

I could eat pizza for an hour

I could even eat it in the shower

I like when it’s sprinkled in flour

When I eat it I get lots of power.


I Love


I love the way the tractor puts

The way the cow’s moo

The way the sheep scream on a summer’s day

The cleaning of the sheds to the cows calving

From the sheep lambing

To the bottle feeding the sheep




Covid is bad

Covid makes me sad

Covid is bad

It makes me sad


“I Hate”


I hate depression.

I hate how I get angry at the smallest things.

I hate my mood-swings.

I hate how tired I get from constantly pretending everything’s okay.

I hate being devoured by sorrow.

I hate breaking down every other week.

I hate the sleepless nights.

I hate the causes of my depression.

I hate trying to be happy.

I hate dreaming of brighter days.

I hate the paranoia, the anxiety and the worry.

I hate being distant from everyone.

I hate it.