St. Fintans High School, Burrow, Sutton, Co. Dublin

I Am


I am what you are

I try what you do

Because all that you do

Is ever so cool


I breathe what you breathe

I copy your moves

I try to relate

To everything too


Whenever I feel some laughter or pain

I mask it, unless you are feeling the same

I try to stay with you throughout the day

Because when I’m alone all I’m left with is shame


The shame comes in fast

I wish there was help

For being someone else

And not being yourself


But can you blame me

I mean is it a sin

To want so desperately

To try and fit in


For you it was easy

You laugh, you smile

You tell a few jokes

They stay for awhile


For me it was hard

I never had a shot

What if life gave you lemons

But you didn’t have a pot


What if life gave you sails

But you didn’t have a breeze

What if life gave you fishing rods

But you didn’t have the seas


Well life gave me nothing

Now I’m stuck here with me

So what’s wrong with trying to be someone

That life brought much glee


I am what you are

I try what you do

Why be myself

When I can be cool




Lockdown has been rough,

My sister doesn’t leave her room,

Because something happened that was so so cruel,

I lost my aunty last year due to a stupid tumour;

She was the greatest and best person I’d ever met,

My da and my brother could not keep it together,

So I had to stand strong like a 250 pound bodybuilder.

When actually, I was broken as much as my family

Because I miss her more than anything

And yes this is my reality.


“Figured Out”


Everybody thinks they have me “figured out”

That they know me and everything there is to know about

But there’s something about me

Hidden in the deepest parts that nobody will ever see

The time has come that I let it all go

And show the world that maybe they don’t know

Many people have shared their unwanted thoughts

“Pick a side” and “You’re so selfish”,

Not knowing who they could hurt getting their point across

I can’t hide it anymore and I don’t listen to those lies

And I’m proud to say that I love girls and guys.


My Message


I may have had a good few tough years in secondary school

I know it definitely does not change who you are.

I have shown strength, resilience, confidence throughout my time.

I know myself that times have been challenging.

I am now looking to brighter days in the near future.

I can pass on my message to other people who are in the same position.


A Voice


Have a voice

A platform

(I guess)

But nothing to say


Upper middle class



Good primary

Good secondary

On track for uni


“Join the conversation”

My life is fine



I’m fine with me


Wish I could say I wasn’t


Not passionate

Not angry

Not pissed

Not sad

Or depressed




Not a rant

Really could not care less

Just wish

Just once

I could say something



Of substance


Stand Out


7.30 I get up and I’m finally awake

New day

Running late

But I’m feeling okay

At least that’s what I say

To the people who surround me

My friends and family

I Head to my classroom

Where I have no room

To be myself

Because the school doesn’t care

How we differ or compare

They just treat us the same

No matter who is to blame

So I sit down pipe down

And say my name for attendance

And try and blend in

Even though I want to be me

I just want to be free to express myself

And shout everything you don’t know about

But I cant because it’s better to fit in

Then to stand out


Reach Out


I’m still just a kid

You may think I don’t know pain

Cause the fact is I’ve got a lot more life to live

Yet I got something to say


I’m still just a kid

Yet I’ve felt love with all my heart

And cos I thought she was the one

That tore me apart


It sent down a dark path

Spiraling outta control

Falling deeper and deeper

Left me feeling alone


I’m left thinking, no one knows

No one understands

No one can ease my pain

And worst of all I was left thinking

That no one feels the same


But people do know

And do understand

And people do feel the same

And I got lucky

I found a way out

So what I’m trying say

Is that heartbreak is tough

It can drive you insane

I’m only young

You may be too

But age knows no limit to pain


But no matter what your feeling

All that pain inside

That thing that can leave you feeling

I’m just worthless

That’s a lie


Because you are meaningful

As are we all

And although you’re feeling low

Reach out friends

Reach out parents

Just please never let go


Just hold and I can promise you

Things will improve

Just talk to people

Search yourself

And rediscover what it means to be you


Cause I know that when you lose someone

And that the love you thought would stay

Because yes I may still be a kid

But I’m no stranger to the pain


My Teens


As I’m late into my teens just turned 16

Being a teenager is not really as it seems

Getting dragged into school trying to fit in

And having to make sure my work is handed in

Meeting new people and playing sports

There’s really no better feeling of course

But then with the good comes the bad

Heartbreak and failure makes us so sad

But with the right people by your side

You’ll surely get through this emotional ride

And in the end it will all be clear

That it’s ok to not always cheer




Schools been hard

And so has life

With Covid around we’ve had to think twice

About where we go and who we see

And where our life is soon to be

Our morals our tested

And so is our time

We all hope it will turn out fine


Lost In Words


Lost in words without meaning,

The things you said scar my mind,

They say there’s light at the end of the tunnel,

But it’s that something I cannot find,

I’m stuck in my room without motivation,

Two different minds in the same location,

Feel like I’m staring down into an abyss.

Im not depressed, but I shouldn’t feel like this.

And now I’m drowning in obsession

Finish the drink in succession,

Now I’m lost in words without significance,

Look at the bigger picture that I’m insignificant.


Leaving The House (without Glasses)


Why the did I wear ASICS outside the house?

That person in that car over there is looking at me,

They can see I haven’t plucked my eyebrows, I lost the tweezers though, I wish

I could explain that to them.


Every face has ill intent, it seems,

Why does everyone keep looking at me?

They know, don’t they?


I hope there’s no one around this corner, no one must see me,

How do people do this all the time so nonchalant?

Why did I even bother? this walk isn’t therapeutic, I should have

just stayed inside, it’s nicer there, I know the people there.


Oh my god, twelve o’clock, two teenagers, just walking there… menacingly.

I’m gonna have to walk past them, do something, look at your phone, look in your pocket for something. I wonder if they know?

I know, I’ll cross the road.


There’s nothing across the road why would I be crossing it?!

I’ll just go by them, it’s normal to just walk past someone.


I’m edging closer, the figures become clear,

What? It’s 2 auld ones, nothing to fear.


This wasn’t like this 3 years ago,

I can’t believe I was so nervous,

Two Grannies out on a stroll.

I should turn back now.


What an Odyssey


Dejavu Lockdown


Dejavu lockdown is all we can see

The foreseeable future looks suitable for me

With face masks and sanitizer

You might think its alot

but still with this lockdown

The time still goes tik tok tik tok

With endless TV and occasional snacking

These small little things keep me from snapping

With 5k runs and fitness calls

To video games and unseasonable snow fall

From takeouts to late nights

To house chores and ans tea

The end of this lockdown

Is clearer to see




Out of the blue puberty hits,

Unwanted hair starts to grow in the pits,

Your phone becomes your best friend,

And your childhood comes to an end.


Locked away all alone in your room,

These teenage years bringing you total gloom,

School, drama and girls,

All making my mind do twirls.


Those are just part and parcel of the teenage years,

I can’t wait for it all to disappear.


Why Don’t People get This?


I’m writing this poem

While sitting at home


In the middle of a lockdown

Stuck in my hometown


What happened?

I thought the curve was flattened


Why don’t people get this?

It’s not the government making a joke


People are denying

While others are dying


Calling it a scam

While I missed my exams


Why don’t people get this?

Why don’t people get this?




I may not be the most exceptional

Not the best nor the worst

Not the one with all the answers

Or the one with none at all

This may seem very boring

To someone looking in

But at least I’m being myself

Not pretending to be anyone

As someone who is pretending,

Is not a real person at all


I See a Family Member with an Addiction


He acts like he is in a world of fiction

As he recognises me

He snaps out of it

“How are ya son?”

“How’s the sports?”

“Are you as valuable as quarts?”

I’ve nearly seen him dead

As he bled from the head

I see a syringe fall out his pocket

I began to see the sad life

Of and addict who’s saving is out of sight

I hope he isn’t dead soon

But the reality sinks in and it’s destined as the moon

People see someone on drugs

They walk by them like a couple of bugs


Nothing is Open, Nothing to Do


I am in my prime

Yet I’m here trying to rhyme

Wasting my time


I want to play my sports

Yet I’m here doing work of sorts

Trying to get good report


My trips are abandoned

I’m left here stranded

With my understanding demanded


Fourth year is almost gone

With minimal experiences undergone

I hope there a new dawn




I’m from the Northside

The poor side the rough side.

Where you’re cool if your hard

And we’ve to prove it on yard


If you talk like this your posh

And have to have some dosh

But if you talk like dis your rough

And don’t seem to ever have enough


Everyone has an opinion

And we’re all like little minions

And we’ve to follow the latest trends

Or we’re not gonna have any friends


Where GAA is a religion

And we all seem to have a vision

Of lifting the Sam Maguire

That image sets my heart on fire


But this is my home

A great empire like Rome

And I’ll stand by it till I die

Until I say goodbye


As I Sit


As I sit in my bed board as hell,

With thoughts going through my head but nothing to tell,

Wondering about the past and what the future has to hold,

Will it be the same old story or is there something new untold,

Netflix is getting boring and matches just aren’t the same,

The past has been uneventful and that is just a shame

As time goes on and I’m wondering how I’ll cope,

I guess the only thing we all need right now is hope.




Isolation, 14 days,

Public masses stay away,

No more church, cancelled plans,

Sport in front of empty stands,


Work from home, sick leave

Everybody on the street,

Panic buying everything,

All events postponed until another day.


The Perfect Balance


The teachers shout, the principal detects

Parents want us to do our best, whilst friends laugh when we try


Balance of our days are tiring,

You don’t want to miss out on fun, but not focusing on school,

Will lead to regret in after years


You fear hope will not bring joy itself,

But always accentuate that joy will come with

Laughter, excitement, fun and hard-work,

The perfect balance to adjust


Online school


Online school

Making me drool

Feet kicked up on the bed

Teachers wrecking my head

Mic on mute

Camera off


Building up

Causing stress

Putting me to the test




Life is bad

Sometimes it’s sad

When tears fall

I feel so small

You’re told the teenagers years are the one to remember

But really they’re the worst of all

Everyday you try harder

In order to climb the happy ladder


My Happiness


Got in with the wrong crowd

Realized too fast who my real mates are

Hoping that the real friendships would last.

Got caught out, and pushed away

The realization that I would not be mates with any of them.

Quickly recovered, found my happiness looked after my family fought through the crappiness


We Sit


We sit waiting for an answer, they tell us not yet

We follow every rule but they say we’re not

We watch them break rules that we have followed

and they say they have an excuse to break them

It gets worse as the days go on and all we can do is watch as the monkeys play

But as the days go longer we struggle to find the answers we want

When will it end


Follow the Rules


I wake up at six to go to school

I don’t mess

I follow all the rules

I’m not the smartest

I’m not the best

I do my work just like rest

When I get out of school

I do my homework just to get it done

Then I go to my games

Because that is where I have my fun


I Wake Up


I wake up to the annoying alarm

I have to do all the useless assignments

They just don’t teach you the important things in school

When I go home, I have to deal with all the pointless homework

And then the next day

Gotta repeat everything all over

But in not too long we get to the end of the week

And school is finally over


School Days


As you walk through the doors just about awake to the sound of banging lockers,

Wishing you were in bed.

You head to your room for the first class, rushing before the bell rings,

The day gets longer as the woollen jumper agitates you off your arm,

Then later the urge to get home gets worse.

Finally, the day ends as you run out to get home,

And throw yourself down to rest for another day.


The Game


I caught the ball from a box kick

Then went down the wing very quick

I sidestepped the fullback

As if he was on an ice rink


His head fell in the muck

Seven points is what I took

To the bench he went

Full of discontent




Peppa Pig is dense

My name is not Dave

This poem makes no sense