St. Dominic’s College, Ballyfermot, Co. Dublin

Straight through the Door

Straight through the door
The arguments begin
A decease to the family
Living in this kip
Doing fuck all with my life
Letting it go by
Acting as if the world owes you something
Acting like yer fine
But the words they still hit home
Even if it’s that place is hard to fine
Write those words on pages
And they would fall from your eyes
Fightin with the world
Screaming yer feelings
Because trying to stroll back
Isn’t the same as never leaving

Kim Tyrrell

The Delicate Leaf

The delicate leaf
Falls down from the tree
And grins at himself
With such high glee

Now he knows that he is free
To go
Out of this town
Out of the state
Out of the country

But the poor leafs life came to an end
It didn’t even have time to comprehend
The old women looking down at it with bore
Or the thick red high heel planted in its core

If only that women realized
If only she could see
She took the leafs life
And all of its opportunities

Emily Daniel

The Pill

Walks down the corridor,
16, 8 month relationship.
In her head all she hears is ‘whore’
Because her boyfriend held her by the hip
‘The Pill’

She done the dirty at the age 16
All eye on her, that’s what her head says
She doesn’t feel clean
She missed her reds
‘The Pill’

She took a test
Waits a minute
Walking around her bedroom not able to rest
She couldn’t look at it, wanted to bin it
‘The Pill’

Negative, not positive
Relief rushed over her body
She wasn’t worried she was the opposite
She say in class scribbling on her copy
‘The Pill’

At doctor scared cause she’s late
Listening to the words that go in one ear and out the other
It’s been weeks, eight
To calm her nerves she thinks of otters
‘The Pill’

She took her first tablet today
She feels like a slut
At least there will be no baby in May
With her thought she keeps them out
But has a sickly feeling in her gut
‘The Pill’


Try to Heal

I know that I don’t own you
And perhaps I never will
So my anger when your with her
I shouldn’t feel
All the times when you don’t call
I know I’ve no right to feel
But it doesn’t mean I don’t
I will try to heal

Ana-Maria Laslau

I Love to Bake

I love to bake it sets me free
It helps me relax and feel at ease
When I bake I feel so much joy
I can be me and without a lie
I also cook and it’s so much fun
I make meals that are yum
I love the way I can take my time
And it let me have some peace at mind
Cos when life is getting me down
I go back to what I love and it helps me out



Ballyers a pie hole
All the Owlones collecting the dole
All the scumbags on the corner sitting on their hole
Sparking a few spliffs
Into the corner shop go half on a bag of crisps
Begging Samantha for a single
While I’m paying for me box of Pringle’s
Junkies sitting outside the base out of there face
Struggling to tie their lace
Driving up Cherry Orchard on the lookout for bolo
All kushy in me polo

Ballyfermots breathing but no one’s living.

Chantelle Ellis

Irish Dancing

I do Irish dancing for a living
But if I still wanna do Irish dancing
I’ve to wear those uncomfortable shoes
There called Poms
They’re so uncomfortable
They should make soft ones
Ones u don’t have to break in
Don’t even get me started on them hard shoes
The thickness of the shoes is unreal,
Breaking them in gives you so many blisters
You can’t even walk

Abi Lennon