St. Declan’s Community College, Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford

Teenage Years


Teenage Years are lonely years

No one knows your fear

No help, no one to talk to

Everything would be fine if only they knew

All you got is your friends

If they weren’t here it would end

This is all so confusing

Their all out there cruising

Not a single worry

Not in a hurry

To help

No one to help




The sunlight is gone,

But that’s life moving on,

I still remember that night,

As I remember what’s gone,

We grew up too fast,

I’m stuck in the past,

Those days are now gone,

But I’m still holding on.


The fire in your eyes,

The pain in your heart,

It gets too hard,

And we had to part,

But the sun will rise again,

And we’ll sing our song,

But for now it’s dark,

And the sunlight is gone.


The Battleground


As I enter the battleground on the most important day of my life,

My mind is filled with pride, passion, nerves and strife.

With my gallant friends which I have always known,

We prepare mind and body to do battle for our home.

Old men wish us well and our talent to them we owe,

Nurturing us through our youth in sunshine, rain or snow.

This day we have longed for and it has finally come,

Fight until you can no more and fight until you’ve won.


Stress, Anxiety


Walls creeping up on me, suffocating me.

Deadly Corona virus trying to divide us.

Building up our defences. I don’t know where my mental health is.

Crying in the corner is, not while life should be about

I wanna shout, to scream my insecurities out.

It’s on the tip of my tongue, pulling at my heart that has been strung.

Ending society, what has this life done to me.


No One Understands


She’s happy but not for long

No one understands what’s going on

The voice in her head is keeping her

From going to bed at night


Look the Same


This top doesn’t fit like it did before

My body feels too big but my mind feels too small.

Everybody on Instagram looking so perfect,

When in reality I just want to be okay.

They say everyone is unique,

But why does everyone looks the same.

Seeing girls on the street

Praying they are going to beat everyone else!


I Used to Be


I used to be a regular, I used to be fine

But I was forced into a world of crime

Thought I was great for a couple years,

But then started seeing my tears and fears,

It wasn’t long before I reached breaking point.

Now I really wish I said no to that joint,

My anxiety creeps inside of me,

Looking back on the person I used to be,

These drugs have hurt and tortured me ,

Haunting the person I used to be,

Now I’m sitting here in an institution,

Thinking bout my life’s resolution.


The Wastelands


Laying in the wastelands

The fences lay flat

The crowd stay sat

Ball hits the net

Crowd throws a bet

Crowd sings

The war is over

Driving home was an eventful evening




I sit in bleak walls of grey,

The light shines but I cannot see,

By day follows day,

Night follows me.


You see clouds passing by,

Figures down the avenue,

And you stare and wonder why

They don’t see you.


But all in all and throughout,

I find your smile right ahead,

And when I shout,

Your smile smiles widespread,

And light finds me like it found you



Social Media


As much as the social media is great n all,

It can do so much for ya always having a ball,

But that’s not really what its like there’s more bad than good,

Meant to show how cool ya are “as we should”.

Instagram makes me feel shook,

It’s all about the likes and showing off how you look.

Vsco makes me feel really really bad,

Looking at everyone else’s happy, perfect lives, it just makes me feel sad.

Wish I was born 100 year ago, wouldn’t care about how I look, I wouldn’t feel anyway low.




As I look upon the horizon

All I see is a life I’m ought to live

Filled with so much wonder

But I still ponder about a lot of little things




Love will hit you like a truck, it will leave you love-struck,

No matter how many times you ice out your watch you will never be able to freeze time,

Where I come from people are healthy, wealthy and stealthy,

This heartbreak caused a stillness, it created a mental illness,

But with a little determination and concentration

I came up with an innovation to get rid of my temptation.


Locked Away


Wearing masks,

Online school tasks,

Covid has got us locked away,

Dreaming of a summer’s day,

Can’t wait to eat ice cream on the sand,

And go to concerts to see my favourite band


Working Hard


Trudging through the snow across mountains of Iceland

I’m struggling. Why? Am I not able to withstand?

I trained for months for this

I was chosen for this yet I am falling behind


My strength, it’s boosted

I look around, what do I see?

People like me

Lifting each other up, thinking we were wrong

But instead together we are strong




Always there for you,

You can always rely on them,

Sometimes come and go,

Some stay forever


The Prize


I used to be training 4 nights of the week

Trying to keep up our winning streak

Bet after the beep test and covered in sweat

Panting and puffing like we can’t catch our breath

Now we’re in lockdown doing home exercise

And I’m starting to wonder will I ever get to the prize


Trapped Inside


It’s a big disease

We’re trapped inside

Coving our mouths

I’ve just cried


Our teen lives are ruined

A year gone to waste

No concerts, parties or seeing friends

I just want it to be erased




We live in an age,

Where almost anyone is on stage

Getting judged it just makes me rage,

Getting judged for looks and people having different opinions,

For people not in the same page,

People acting like minions,

Following tiktok trends,

Getting mad Snapchat when nothing sends.


Same Old, Same Old


I get up every day,

Same old same old,

Wake up, school, PlayStation,


It is very depressing and

Doesn’t seem like it will ever end


Groundhog Day


Days pass feels like Groundhog Day,

On repeat same things happen with no say,

So much school it’s getting on my wick,

I just wanna break my phone with a stick,

Online class finished another awaits,

When will the day come where we can be left out

Carefree no masks no sanitizer just carefree.