St. Declan’s College, Nephin Rd, Northside, Co. Dublin

When I was a Kid

When I was a kid I saw everything through a warped perspective
The daily news saying this and that, what’s right and wrong
The pure debacle of what system works best
But honestly growing up in this warped perspective
Views change, comprehensive thought begins to train
Everything seems more surreal
Talking about things that’ll affect me in my adulthood
The apparent voice of my generation
Being hypocritical in all she says
Why should we put our faith in her
A 16-year-old Swedish girl that knows nothing of what she says
People too blind to see she is incompetent in all she says
Trying to bring back a system that completely failed
Not having faith in the system that brought them the things they love
Biting the hands that feed
All in the name of creating a utopia society, that suits themselves
You deny all that because it doesn’t seem fair to everyone?
You deny our basic human nature to do the best anyone could do
And be rewarded with something
That stupidity will kill us all
Believe in the Nation, take pride in your people
We can all be united under a flag that we take pride in
That’s when you’ll see our beautiful system work
Don’t believe the Antifas, The ones who have no faith in our society
Sure, we have our problems but that’s life
No system will be perfect but the one we presently has benefited the world
Protect your nation

Calum Poole


I talked to everyone, was never disliked by anyone
But all them people had a group, I never had one.
I felt divided between where I would fit in
I thought to myself that this must be a sin.
Although I wasn’t hated, but didn’t know where to belong.
I definitely convinced myself that something must be wrong.
After many years passed of constant self-doubt and loneliness
I found a group of people filled with understanding and kindness.
Now I feel welcomed and more confident in myself
I still talk to all them people still, but I believe I found my true self.


Ruthless Injustice

The ruthless injustice of life
The toxicity of people and the society they’re in
Gave up trying to care or push through
The darkness is becoming true
And more and more are falling
Its almost as if there’s nothing else to lose
But there’s always something
And you always have to hold on


The First Day

The motionless laughter of the boys,
The boisterous sound of the noise,
The willingness of all to learn,
Everyone trying to remain stern,
The noise of pen to paper,
We will all be thankful for it later,
Everyone getting to know each other,
As if, they could talk to them
With the same confidence
As they do with their mother.

Ryan Henderson

Hidden Box with No Key

Sounds of screams
Echo and shout
Nothing ever good
Only bad
Crying for help
Screams shatter
Splintered hearts
Roars of anger
Shouts for freedom
Torn apart


The Shadows Prayer

Maybe it needs a lamp
Or maybe it is night
Maybe it can’t afford
That’s why it’s dark and damp
Maybe it needs to be colourful
It could do with a splash of paint
Then it will feel wonderful
Then it will all be great

Matthew McAllorum


The change begins,
The days drag by,
You meet new people,
Do up your tie
Pack your bag,
Talking to everyone
Walking away,
From stress of exams
The drag of the day
The struggle for freedom
The lack of rest,
When really school
Is just a test,
All I want is to be older,
Smarter, braver,
Cooler bolder
Spread my wings
Become myself
Take these past years off my shoulders.

Robert Flynn

Lost at Sea

The quiet sounds of the waves
Whispers of starlight
Crystal clear surf
Magical marine life
These sights and sounds will be silenced
Plastic is swallowing our oceans
Now the ocean dreams no more
Of a cleaner self
It dreams just of life
And for yourself
To please think twice

Ben Callaly

Cracked Teeth

When people pass by in the street
Not knowing what could have happened
In the shadows by their feet
They whisper stories of hard beatings
And cracked teeth
Knowledge of these hardships
Would leave them
Staggering in disbelief
But the shadows know it all
The good times and bad
Cause everywhere you go
The shadows follow your broken path

Jonathan Leonard


Darkness and the crackle of fire
Pollution is low
No chivalry, no hope
Roaming freely
Cut loose
From what people thought was right
The planet in darkness
The end of all light

Tiernan Ridgeway


Closing my eyes to the smell of new paint,
The sleepless nights and hours of dreams,
The cry of a new born and the laugh of a toddler,
The pain of telling parents, not to bother.

The white noise hum of your washer and dryer,
And the first time you almost set the kitchen on fire.
The hours spent idle and the hours of study,
The play dates, with you and your best buddy.

The tears of laughter and the tears of joy,
And the time you lost your favourite toy.
The bath overflowing, with bubbles and foam,
These walls are the place, that you call home.

Sean Keane


Life is too short
Why fight with someone and never forgive
Why fallout with family and never talk
Why do something that makes you unhappy
Just live life at your best
Who cares if people judge
Work at something you love
Prove to yourself you’re the best
Because life is too short

Killian Flanagan

Manchester United

Manchester United
The team in my heart
20 league titles
Ripped everyone apart
Sir Alex Ferguson
The greatest of all time
The year of ’99
Will never be topped
Manchester United
The team in my heart

Ben O Hara


From the scraps in the yard
To the slags that they bombard
From the teachers giving out
That fill my mind with doubt
From the bruises I acquire
After looking at someone prior
Coming into school, I dread
For the fear, I will be dead

Barry Mcckockiner


Boxing it isn’t a game
One wrong move
And you’ll never be the same
Right hand to the jaw
Left hook to the eye
It will have you hurt
And you might just die.
But in the end you will have all the glory
Live your life as a champion
And tell the others your amazing story

Gabriel Genov

Hard Work

Kick the ball
Score a goal
Block the shot
Look like a boss
From the highs of being the hero on the back page
To the lows of being the weekend’s laughing stock on the front page
From being told “You’re not good enough, we won’t play you”
To getting man of the match on your international debut
But always remember when all the doubts come at night
Hard work beats talent and that’s always been right

Adam Festus


From HaitI to Dominica
Kyrgyzstan to India
From Canada to Germany
On this world there are many
All the places on the Earth
This is where we are all given birth

From Mt Everest to the Nile so long
This is where we all belong
From places hot and cold
Places high and low
You can discover them you know

Dylan Kenny


School is the time when it
Can be depressing and boring and would make you
Hate school for you,
And it’s only why you hate school
Because of the subjects you’re good and bad
And it’s just because it make it feel like it your own fault
Because it makes you feels miserable

Marice lungu


Sometimes I feel like no one understands
To be around so many but still feel alone
Sometimes you feel swallowed like in quick sand
Head always down always on my phone
They want to help but I deny their helping hand
Maybe I’m missing a few chromosomes
Running gets me out of that place
Where I feel like I’m alone inside a dome
It gives me something to chase
Not being bored doing nothing at home
For me that’s just the case
Running gets my head away
Not letting my depression roam


Growing up in School

From being slouched and small
To being proud and tall
Afraid to ask questions
But now answering them all

Dennis Mc Sweeney


Drowning in 3rd year
Calm day to go out swimming,
Floating in the water without a care in the world
Just lining the moment listening to the sound of nature
Suddenly you notice something wrong,
The next moment you’re being pulled into the water
Your trying your best to escape,
For a split second you realize you are gonna die,
So you give up trying,
Until someone pulls you up,
They help you out from what is pulling you down,
And you finally make it out,
And its calm again.

Ashwin Anil


School is useless,
Twelve years of learning,
About anything but everyday life.


Family is Everything

This school is bad
I always feel alone
I’m always mad
They won’t leave me by my own
They make me feel worthless
They think it’s a joke
But it kills me inside
The only thing that keeps me going
Is my amazing family


Crocodile Receptionist

The boys on the town,
Stuff is about to go down.
We gonna head to Nando’s,
Round the corner from the bando.
Waiter asks me what I want
Gimme those chips with no grease
And while you’re at it
Get me the chicken leg piece.

Jamie Carrick

Saturday Night

On the 39A on a Saturday Night
Gotta recollect on the lads adventures
Chilling in the Jervis just having a laugh
Boys on the roof, throwing bottles for craic
Security guards having none of our stuff
All we’re even doing is getting pics of the squad

Hitting up Dealz buying cans of Monster
1.50 a can, but I could go four for a fiver
Going Apache, don’t care about food poisoning
Restaurants a kip but we’re not caring
Anchovies and Pineapple on my student deal
The lads are sniffing peppers just for the laugh

Playin’ the tunes over the speakers
Bit of the Smiths and maybe the Doors
When we’re starving, gotta go to Macari
Battered Sausages for 3 euro and maybe a single
Weekends are class because of these moments
Can’t ever forget them, yup the lads.


One Man Army

Heading into battle not knowing what I faced,
Yet had I discovered it was tainted and disgraced.
Innocent of harrowing traditions of war,
Little did I know the honour had been torn.
From the first cannon fired, the truth was shown,
I stood my ground but I was left alone.
Under constant fire, I withstood the assaults,
Believing the brothers I had lost was my fault,
As I was left facing down the army of evil men,
I swore if I survived I’d never break again.

Cian O’Sullivan


Life is a war
It may seem like a mess
You should never be alone
Or even feel oppressed
Some days will be good
Some will also be bad
You should always be happy
And try not to be sad


When Bells Ring

When bells ring to a close.
The boys are on ten toes.
We sprint, we run.
All to get the whole year asking for some.
The sprinting causes pain in my calf.
The lady at the till would not cut my roll in half.
They ask for mayonnaise or butter.
But that tastes like scutter.
I’m not a big fan of the cost.
But the thing that intrigues me is the taco sauce.
When I unwrap the roll all my words are at a loss.
Now am I allowed to doss?

Denis Boyko


We find ourselves in noise and words
That people don’t seem to get
The swirling sounds of synths and chimes
The distorted guitars flying overhead

Long coats and boots and jumpers
We wear out to the places that we frequent
Apache, The Lighthouse and sometimes The R.A.G.E
With moments that are funny
And some we’d like to forget

And all along these moments is music with the lads
Killiney with The Stone Roses
Results night with The Smiths
Brighter summer days
Listening to The Misfits

Don’t know what we’d do without these tunes
Or without our love of communism
Laughing with the lads


The Gatherin’

The boys gather,
Nowhere I’d prefer to be,
Out by the sea,
The boats sale by,
Was trying to just get fly
But I was too shy,
Office blocks, moving clocks,
All for what I thought was rock,
I’m growing up now
Everything I need,
Friends, family,
And everything in-between,
I say with pride I’m happy in myself
Especially when I look at my trophy shelf.

Aaron Duff

New Skin Fade

I was made in these city streets
In the brotherhood of all me mates
With a fresh new skin fade
Self-conscious behind torn curtain drapes
In reality, I was shadow shy
Everyone thought I mad
Don’t know why
At least I’m not
The darkest shade of city sad

Conor McDonnell