St. Colman’s Community College, Youghal Rd, Park South, Midleton, Co. Cork

A Flight through a Lonely Life

When you feel alone and it’s like the world is against you
It’s like you have nothing better to do but sit in the corner of the room.

Your hood is up and you stare out the window
As the classroom sound drifts to white noise.

You drink your water while everyone drinks blue crap
And you do your work watching everyone else slack.

You feel enclosed to let loose and feel free
When everyone else is out having a few drinks.

You have nobody; you barely have your family on your side
Until you realize you don’t need those friends that hurt your feelings to make you cry.

You don’t have to be like everyone else
Even though it can be choice.

Just wait through the build up like years of your life
And love will trickle by, have a safe flight.

Jade Makepeace


Not part of any team, clique or group per say,
Just me on my own for the rest of my days.
Not memorable not special you don’t really stand out,
Is what they say everyday just because I’m not loud.
Too afraid to just stand up and shout
Cause I know they’re just gonna come tear me down.
But I’m not just what you see,
There’s a whole other side of me.
But you’re never gonna ever know,
Cause you know I just won’t let it show

Sam Desmond

What School Should Be

In school, you are told to learn,
To read, to write, to spell,
Your strengths disappear and your weaknesses show,
You go from scoring high to scoring low,
But school should show your creativity,
Your mind-set should be open,
Students being tested is not fair,
If they have nothing to show.

Ben Walsh


I have a long way to go but why am I running in place?
I scream out of frustration but the empty air echoes back to me
I hope tomorrow will be different from today
I wish for that one thing
Follow your dreams
Even if it breaks down
Don’t ever run backwards
Because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest
Always remember to never forget the you of right now
Wherever you are right now, whatever you’re doing,
You’re just taking a small break
Don’t give up
Don’t get too far away, tomorrow

Alex Deady

Let’s Talk

Let’s talk about depression
Like its some sort of transgression
Against this oppression
Just use expression

You can dance sing talk
You can write poetry
Or go for a walk
Take a long look at society

This culture is failing us
Fat, ugly, poor, stupid
We bring each other down because we were taught to
By school, parents, family and strangers on social media.

Social media; a place where hate thrives
Like sadness in our minds
We were taught by people to hate ourselves
By people who hate themselves

Lets try to love us for being us
Lets love each other for being alive
Because being alive and present is an accomplishment in itself
This discussion is open and loving and now it’s your turn to spread love in oneself

Nicole Leeson McCarthy


The belt to the head
To being locked in the shed
Too scared to know what was up ahead

It’s like being stuck on a thread and not being able
To move
Like what do I have to prove
Showing that I’m good enough

To even show my feelings without being
Judged is torture because you don’t if they are going to accept you
For who you are.

It’s scary knowing that people will push you and shove you until you reach your
Limit where you just want to stop
The culture in this school is manipulative
People try to coerce you into sadness

Caitlin Gubbins

Teenage Years

Teenage years,
Too many tears,
Underage beers,
And unnecessary fears.

Morgan Kenneally

My Problems

My problems I have none
This has probably been done
I now behold
My emotion controlled

My anger contained
And rearranged

Read this and be wise
Don’t spread via fraternize

Brandon Barrett


When you are lonely you start to think
The dangerous thing that brings you to the brink
But what is the brink? You’re not quite sure
It just ends with you feeling poor

Metal against flesh, words against the ear
It wont make a difference once you’re done my dear
The pain that you hold is something not to admit
You know you feel it down in the pit

The things that have happened
The things that you hear
It all ends with you my dear

Cathal Riordan


School can be a horrible place
But when you have your friends it’s great
They can help you with problems that’s the case
They help with stress which helps with your fate

When they’re not there it’s the worst
You feel like you might just burst

Kyle Cullinane

The Workers

The people revolt, the leaders are sly
They force us to to work and force us to think
We do what they want but as hard as they try
They cannot control us we won’t even blink
They’ll try to tell what we should feel
The workers won’t work, they will fight for their meal.
We’ll shoot to kill and we’ll shoot to fight
They can never stop us as hard as they might
They’ll call us reckless they’ll call us extreme
But deep down the workers just know there a meme
So it’s time to revolt we need a new order
So chase them and get them away from our border
The workers will lead but always beware
Never let down be strong like a mare.

Eoin Murphy


I do not feel pain anymore,
I see it but all I can know is numb,
My grip on reality lessens,
No matter what happens,
I can only see it,
Even then, I feel blind to all the world,
Except for what lies in my head,
The only thing I seem to know now is endless adrenaline,
All I want to do is be around the people I hold dear,
Without feeling that numb,
I only seem to push away or not engage,
The illusion of control slips away more and more,
And along with it a grasp on what is real.
I barely seem to dream anymore,
And yet it is all I can do.
I do not worry though,
We always change,
The future can only be bright,
Maybe it is madness,
But I feel fine.

Ted Date


He was young lad
And was always very bad
He always used to act cool
But everyone thought of him as a fool
Been suspended 7 times
Mocking all of them with his rhymes
All the cattys thought of him as a freak
And all the lads thought he was weak
Used to hang out with the wrong gang
Always talking with their daily slang
Used to steal all the shit in town
All the folks always brought him down
After spending some time with the feds
He will spend some time in his bed
Reflecting on all the things his done
Thinking that it was fun
Bought he knew deep down
That he was acting like the towns clown
He swore to his parents that he will change his ways
So he could stay out of jail and live his days

Shadrach Ogbaini


Look through yourself,
Who you really are.
They say your-
But take it as lies.
A lie flies around ,
Somewhere in your head,
This is how some people are fed,

Get some respect,
Don’t make em’ dead,
A dead is not here,
But ‘us’ are in the world.

‘We’ need to become
And know who we are,
Don’t allow the people,
Place you a bar.

A bar that is so big,
The one you need to overcome.
But its to high,
infinite by infinite,

What you need to do,
Dig into yourself,
Under the bar,
Get rid of
The place where you are.

Sucks bad,
Kick it away,
Definition of away being far,
So far that life will not reach,
Dig yourself under that bar,

This is what life will teach,
Be the one who you know,
You are yourself
Don’t allow anyone overcome.

Arkadiusz Andrzejewski


I hate you,
I hate you for being not as angry as me,
I hate you for being subservient,
I’m jealous of your blissful ignorance that allows you to be happy,
I’m jealous because my thoughts are permanent.
So much rage pent up that I have to rely on it,
Without it I’m useless pathetic and worthless.
We are in the time where humans can die birthless.

Alex Cullen


Confidence is the key
To show me
The real me
Don’t be acting shadey,
Thinking you can play me,
We all like mash and gravy,
But why you thinking you can slay me.

Shwika schwika slim shadey,
Acting all cool,
But really you look like a fool,
Playing pool,
But you don’t know the rules.

Confidence is the key,
So show me,
The real me.

Nikola and Cecelia


My household is lame
Now it’s not the same
And I’m feeling the shame
Of not being able to explain.

The secrets I hold
Should never be told,
The reactions will not be controlled
So I should withhold
And my emotions will remain untold.

Nikita Balynskij


My backgrounds lame
But schools the same
People ask “what’s your name”
But I dont care about fame

I have secrets I hold
But I won’t let them be sold
By words I’ve been scold
But I’ll never be toad

Some people say it’s a like math
That everyone walks a different path
But I simply say “live your life and that’s “that

Gabriel Matejko

I Want

I want something
I dont know what I want
But I want something
Something that’s gives me
The life I wanted

Kevin Adenopo

The Supreme Gentleman

Never judges
Example to all
Assists everybody

Conor Cooney and Ciaran Stack


Life can be really crap
But sometimes it’s nice and pretty
I just want to stay in bed
Place the pillow over my head
I never want to get out
If I’m asked to I scream and shout
If I’m asleep I’m away from the world
And none of my cries can be heard

Lorna McCarthy

Boys in Green

The boys in green
48,000 fans took their seat
As amhrán na bhfiann took the beat
That historical night
Gave the Germans a mighty fright
It was Darren with the ball
And it was shane with the call
Who scored that famous goal
And put us all on the dole
As we headed to France
Where we would party and dance
Robbie with the header
Wes with the belter
Euro 2016
Was Ireland’s dream

John Manning

Education System

Our education system is not all that pretty,
We are expected to fit this perfect mould,
Do everything it is we are told,
But not one of us thinks alike,
We all have different things we may like,
We all have different thoughts,
We all have different dreams,
But they don’t really care about any of them,
Just as long as their money gets to them.

Libby McPhee


The school education is far from great,
You are scalded for being only one minute late,
The teachers give out when you’re not able,
I just want to lay my head down on the table,
They treat us the same even when we’re all not,
Afraid to voice our opinion because we’ll be caught
For being cheeky and then told to stop,
So much pressure, so much stress,
The work we get we need much less
Lying in bed not wanting to get out ,
But if you’re late you’ll have to listen to them shout.

Abigail Hennessy


Sport is more than just a game
It is a form of art that we call a game.
We can fight all day
Over a wrong decision from the referee
But at the end of the day
It’s just one of those matches
We should have won.
Should have?
We should have done this
We should have done that?
Who gives a flying fudge
Cant we just have fun?



I hate strict teachers
They remind me of preachers
Waste our education by
Giving detention

Thomas O Brien


You take tests and exams throughout school,
Expected to do well, otherwise you’re a tool
But this way of life is just cruel.
If I can’t do maths am I a fool?

That’s how we are brought up,
Thinking that way, only first never runner up,
This is just wrong we need to mix it up,
Otherwise kids brains will blowup.

Einstein once said if you judge a fish,
By it’s ability to climb a tree,
It will spend the rest of it’s life believing it’s dumb.

We are not taught about life, so unprepared,
Yet I know that a squared is equal to b squared plus c squared.
Whether you pass or fail,
It will be grand,
You will reach your dreamland.



In a school full of boys
We are treated like toys
Sometimes I wonder
Would a girl’s school be better
But then I realise that would be a lot more pressure
Having to look your best
Even when all you want is to rest
Having no fun
Because in class you must get all your work done
But in a school with lads
Each one of them adds
To the excitement and suspense
Because no classroom is intense
They make every class fun
And it only takes one
To make everyone smile
With his own unique style
Of making jokes or acting stupid
They make everyone feel included
So I am thankful for where I am
Because even though I’m surrounded by boys
I am comfortable and happy.



You can’t go anywhere without getting judged,
Everyday your confidence gets smudged,
Until there’s nothing left but a mental breakdown,
Words do more to people than just a frown.

Conor Wall


Sport is easy to play,
But some people think its grey,
The truth is other people slay,
Friends are forever made,
Its not just about getting laid.
Sport is like a war,
Which is pretty hardcore,
Furthermore, it cannot be ignored
So listen, try the sport.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a dork.
Cause it will be always be just sport.

Evan O’Keeffe

Side by Side

Side by side
Bar to bar
Sweat and tears
Blood and money
Sunshine and rain
Broken bones and hospitals
Questions waiting to be answered
For the quest to be called

Johnny Podonyi


The dash its digi
The schedule busy
My head in a hoodie
My shawty a goodie
My cousins are crazy my cousins like boogie
Life is amazing it is what it should be
Been here for 10 but I feel like a rookie
I tell look up cuz its snowing in tootsies
Booked for three years man u can’t even book me
It’s me and lil baby this shit going crazy
Wheezy produced it and wheezy f made it
She held it down so she got a Mercedes
Young money records the army the navy
Ran me 10 thousand I threw it like brady
The foreign is yellow like tracey and kd
I trusted my brothers they never betrayed me

Scott, Rhys and Kevin

From the Brink

The team walk onto the pitch through the tunnel under the shed
And all they hear above their head is scream shouts
The passionate roars of the fans
Who picked the club up from the ground
And dragged it back from the brink of destruction

Cian Maguire