St Ciarans Community School, Kells , Co Meath.


In this world there are three things everyone will experience birth, death and pain
If there is love pain follows soon after
To make world peace is to start wars and suffering
Where there is a victor there are certainly losers
With every birth there is death.
There are those who must suffer to create happiness
For those who he may not like
Where there is wealth there are those who are less fortunate who starve and suffer
Despite all this it’s always the same never a glimmer of change.


I try and try to get the words down
But I can’t think of anything and that causes me to frown
I want to express everything I feel but I just can’t
I’m not profoundly happy nor sad just existing
And what I’m writing now is truly just a rant
About how we are forced to do menial meaningless tasks to stop us from resisting
A way of life that’s just wakes us feel like we’re only existing

A Spark

The world is dark and everything’s so dim
But there’s a spark of hope that shines from within
The pressure at 16 to be who you’re meant to be
Lifestyles going through my head


The pitch like a battle grounds where we fight for every ball
The defender trying to hammer you and stop you from leading your team to victory
The flood lights shining down lighting up the pitch.
But when that ball comes to you,
You could be in Kells or Croke park
To you it’s all the same
You just have to get that ball over the bar


The Navan paradise where time flies
Everyone in Nike techs
What a bloody flex
Colombian pond weed is more than just a seed
In a place where how much you bleed is defined by your greed
In a place where failure to pay can leave you in a bag
Leaving tears on your mothers cheeks
All because of brand new Nike cleats
In a place where you can only survive when your at the top
And end up in an alley when you start to flop
In a place where law should be
People start to flee

Mothers Boy

Growing up is sad
As your childhood slips away
The world seems grey
The things you love bring no joy
And your no longer your mothers boy


To space we go though a black hole
To a new universe to explore a new galaxy
To find relays to go to new systems
Find new planets and species that live on that planet
And learn the culture of there people


Look up
Look down,
Look all around,
Every where you go he is there
He follows you everywhere
He’s with your soul
Lee Cattermole
The end.