St Catherine’s Vocational School, Killybegs, Donegal

The Book of Me

There my rage,
My sadness,
My hope,
Everything I’ve ever kept inside,
Is written,
The hundred-paged notebooks nobody’s ever seen but me,
The only place I’m certain I won’t be judged
Because paper doesn’t think
Or whisper
Or glare
It’s just there,
Waiting for someone
To cover it in colour and ink.


I Come From

I come from a place where being smart is being a lick-ass,
Where being liked is better than being happy,
I come from a place where being stupid is cool,
Where being cool, is being the class clown.

I come from a time, where being a feminest is being lesbien,
Where having an opinion is being a snob,
I come from a time where being gay is ok,
But no one really is ever ok.

I come from a country where no one stands out,
Where being different is weird,
I come from a country that by being here I want to flee,
But I’m just a girl with big ideas if I ever told anyone.

I come from a world where girls are objects,
But having fun is being a slut,
I come from a world where girls are told to look a certin way,
But what if I don’t want to look a certin way,

What if I like the way I look,
Because I come form a place where
I’m supposed to be the person everyone else wants me to be,
But what if I just want to be myself.


The Sea

The sea that goes for miles and miles is like my head with
never ending thoughts, getting deeper and deeper
as I try to stay afloat with all my different emotions
running through my head,
not knowing what to do.
Falling under water, is like failing with my actions,
getting things wrong or failing to do
what makes others happy.


The Ridge

As a young white teen boy, i’ve been given a privilege,
But no one knows I live on my mental stability ridge,
I have to hide the stuff I face in my head,
I lay down face in my bed,
Sometimes I wish I’d rather be dead,
Just because I was gifted at birth,
Doesn’t mean I can’t be young and end up in a hearse.

Stereotyping me as a young white man,
Doesn’t prevent me from ending up not part of god’s plan,
Saying that because, I’m white, a male and have a stable amount of money
Means that I’m gonna end up with a privileged life,
Telling me that just appears a bit funny,
I just want to make sure my kids have a good life and I have a caring wife.

I don’t mean any pain I don’t wanna any harm,
But in my head all I hear is an alarm,
People insulting me for my looks or the way I act,
Saying I’m gonna live well because I’m in the white man’s pact,
But telling me your the least racist in saying that doesn’t matter,
Because the least racist is still racist,
Equality is a right it doesn’t deserve credit.

I’ve seen my family fall apart,
Feels like a dagger being stabbed through my heart,
I miss my sister,
And there’s nothing for christmas I wish i could do more than list her,
She meant more to me than the sun means to us,
I wish one more time i could go down to you on the bus,
I don’t want to cause a fuss but for people like me who know whats it’s like,
They’ll know I never want to hold a mic and stand up in front of my class,
They’ll know every night I want to look up at the stars from my grass.

But when closing this off I must admit,
I love my family and all of my friends,
And I hope one day the pain in my heart ends.


The Power of Love

Ever since I was little, I loved superheroes.
I’ll always remember reading my first comic,
seeing these people wielding such incredible powers,
using them to save people from burning buildings
and fighting injustice where ever they went.
I would see these great people having great adventures, and I would just think to myself
“Yeah. I’m gonna do that when I grow up”.
But as the years went by, I got older, I got smarter,
and I began to see that no one could ever be brave like them, strong like them.
I realised that there would never ever be any superheros.
But I was wrong, because as I know now,
I was raised by the greatest superheros in the world.
They weren’t faster than a speeding bullet,
they weren’t more powerful than a locomotive,
but they did have they the greatest power of all:
They had hearts of steel.
They taught that love is the brightest light in the worst darkness,
that there is always hope where ever you go,
and that the greatest power is the power we all share,
the power of love.


I love my life

Ty is great fun
its all so chill
and no work to be done

5th years coming though
and i couldnt dread it more
so much homework
and work im not fit to do

After school ill probely go to collage
i dont want to at all
leaving all my friends
just doesnt sound fun

ill be fine after while
ill get on with it fine
just dont like the thought
of how fast we grew up


Groundhog Day

The alarm goes off and still in a dream state I wonder
what is that noise blaring like thunder
my eyes open I realise it’s morning again
it’s time to get up
get dressed
and start the vicious cycle again
I set off for school still barely awake
passing the same houses same trees and paths I take
when suddenly I stop
there it is on the corner
the bus stop, my answer to my inevitable day or boredom
without thinking twice i run
its time to have fun and break the system
my time living a groundhog day is done


Alien Generation

They tell us to grow up, to act our age and be mature
but when we do they tell us not to grow up too fast
as our teenage years are the best years of our lives
Our parents tell us we can trust them, that we can talk to them about anything
But when your child comes out to you, you tell dismiss it
“You’re confused”
“You’re too young”
“Are you copying somebody?”
And then they’re angry because you told your friends first
“Don’t you trust me”
You internalise the urge to scream back through the hypocrisy
You shut yourself off
You feel like you’re about to explode, not from anger, from the pride that you push down, deep into your heart and soul until you can barely feel the one thing that now makes sense to you
The defining feature that made the fog lift
Instead you do as you are told, you tell nobody, keep it close to your chest and burn at the jokes and comments that you can’t speak out against for fear of, well, anything at this point
That’s the thing though isn’t it?
Adults, your parents, the entire previous generation tell us that we can be open, truthful and can speak openly
But when we do, the answer with the same old,
“It could be worse”
“When I was your age-”
“It doesn’t matter, others have it worse than you”
Again, you internalise the urge to scream back through the hypocrisy
But such is this.
We do our best to find our outlets, our escapes
Video games, reading book, writing stories from inside our own minds!
We can either be praised, or shut down
I have had the misfortune of an awkward coming out and have found my own outlets in life.
There’s always the exception of happy, accepting and encouraging parents, that my own have been for so long
They are the proof that points of view can change
So why can’t everyone be like that?
So I internalise the urge to scream back through the hypocrisy,
Of the generations past



Sometimes things are tough,
My teenage years are rough,
not enough people showin me enough love.
Sometimes I can’t cope,
feel like I’m hangin’ by a rope,
friends asking me to come out I feel like saying nope.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me,
I’ll never be what I wanna be,
everything crashing down on me feeling like debris.


Teenage years

The best years of your life? That’s something I don’t buy.
They fly by and really I try to deny the feeling of wasted time.
Is this as good as it gets? All downhill from here?
The severe fear that my peers think I’m two faced,
copy pasted, a waste of space.
I’m must be missing the answer that will enhance me.
Should these years be savored?
What’s wrong with my behavior?
Who will be my saviour?


Bubbly Child

This where i began
The big bubbly child
Who loved to smile and laugh

I wish i could go back back to them days
Where i had no care in the world
But finally waking up from my childhood
And realizing i wished my life away far to fast

Growing up is scary
The emptiness and pain you feel inside
Never goes away you just put a smile one
The outside.



Her mother died when she was two,
Maybe that is the age of you.
She only had her brother,
At least from the same mother, she thought,
As she gazed down in the front row at Michael who gave her a nod,
\as she said her vows to never leave. Tommy.
A couple years later, a couple more drinks,
She sat at her window, now a widow but no death,
As michael got a taxi, his daughter cried
as she knew daddy wasn’t coming home.
She also was only two,
But from then on mum was the only parent that she knew.


The Next Ball

My year hasn’t been the best like all the rest
since covid 19 ruined all our plans and holidays
we had to stay at home couldn’t see anybody not even our family
we all thought we would be out with a cheer
or even young ones celebrating opening a can of beer
maybe when this all over loads of people will be hungover
thank you to my family for being there for me through this all
can’t wait to have a ball


The Game

This is where it all began
12 years ago with a ball in my hand
Messing around out in the green
Listening to mum give out about not staying clean
Dreading the voice of being called inside
Reacting with emotion if someone had just died
Back in my childhood days football was more than a just a hobby
It was life and death


I feel like

I feel like my head is mess
In the back of my mind I worry about my next test
If I don’t do good my mammy is going to kill me
Society is toxic, teenagers are saw as good for nothing
I work my hardest and try me best
But I feel like my best is not the best
I try and make my family proud
I study, I try and I obey their rules
While at school I’m called a try hard
It is a cycle
I try and I hope succeed
I try my best
And that’s good for me.


From Bogside Love

I come from a Scotsman and a bogside girl,with his charm and his chat he had her head in a swirl.
A house in the suburbs they settled down quick,confused where to go next,a child did the trick.
Then came the second,soon followed by the dog,but the little young woman still longed for her bog.

Two high paid jobs,money coming fast,looking from the outside ,the furture was vast
the family was growing and life was a jog,but the little woman still longed for her bog.

The two had retired with both slowing down,but the love still exploding, not a day with a frown
Her love was now flying,amongst the moon and the stars,he may not be beside her but his heart was not far
The time had arrived for the little old woman,sle slumped in her seat and closed her eyes,She walked to light where the sun met the fog,now the little old woman was back,in her bog.


The Struggle

I think we can agree this year has been a struggle,
and sometimes all i need is a cuddle,
all day long i sit in my room,
it all seems so doom and gloom,
all i want is a night out with my year,
i just need a bit of cheer,
i’m sick of sitting with the fam,
i need to get out, sounds like a plan,
i hope soon this will all end,
so i can go on a huge bend.


Enjoy You

Sometimes i think i have a happy normal life,
but when i stop and think that’s not quite right
drinking and discos,
school and laughs,
it’s all fun and games,
until it all stops.
nothing lasts forever, enjoy it while it is,
enjoy it, enjoy you.


Covid Klopp

Words cannnot express
just how much
I  hate covid

I hate it so much
It makes me want to cry
Quarantine is so bad
To do it all again, I would rather die

I also hate Liverpool
I hate them scouse scum
Jurgen Klopp and his gang
His head I want to bang

There is one thing above all
Which i truly despise
It’s name is death
I hope it dies


Hopeful Beats

Born in Limerick, raised in Cornwall,
Richard D. James does it all,
creating soundscapes that destroy the walls of reality,
tearing down the boundaries of dimension,
forming hypnotising rhythms and haunting hymns
for which some would donate their limbs to create,
hopeful beats, nerve-racking noise, spine-tingling ambience,
music for decrepit, desolate forgotten dormitories of the world
and soundtracks to transcend the listener’s sense of space and time,
transporting them to a happy place
where they are able to be at peace with themselves and their perception of the world.
Born in Limerick, raised in Cornwall, Richard D. James really does it all.


The Stranger

This is where i went to talk for quite some time.
Every saturday morning i would travel
to talk to someone i just met,
about how i felt about myself
and about my thoughts in my head.
I used to think talking about my feelings made me unmanly
or how stupid my problems would sound
when i talked to my friend and my mum
they were horrified to see how sad and how awful i felt about myself
so then i decided to met this stranger
and now i feel happy for the first time in years.



Games are great
Games are fun
Games will ruin your life according to some
Games help anxiety
Games help depression
Games will get you killed according to some
Games are dangerous
Games are horrible
Games will hurt me according to some
I dont like games
They ruined me
Now I am cured according to some.



Racism is a problem,
That’s been spreading throughout the Earth.
It’s an awful quality that’s developed,
Not inherited at birth.

Discrimination is what’s making,
This world that we know divide.
While racial acts continue,
Before our very eyes.

There should be no toxicity,
Regardless of each other’s ethnicity.
Because all of us are the same inside,
So let us push racism aside.


Skin Tone

Slavery was abolished they printed that in the news
But the headlines I’m reading show that is far from the truth,
Because people are still being descriminated against because the colour of their skin,
People of colour are hurting within,
People can’t choose the colour of their skin
We aren’t born racists we are taught from the begin,
This needs to change because we are all the same,
You only have yourself to blame.



When my sister came into this world
My heart filled with joy when they said “she’s a girl”
I was six at the time
and was doing fine
But the thought of a sibling was divine
Someone to talk to,someone to listen
Someone to look out for as my mission
If someone asked “Is that your sister?”
I would proudly reply “Yes she’s mine.


Blood Red

I would say I’m a nice guy,
I’m not seen as angry to anyone other than my closest,
associates are fueling me up with things I despise,
like unnecessary lies, stupid questions, eyes
staring at me while I eat, go away, let me feast.
My hair looks soft, does that mean you can touch it, no,
I didn’t say so.
If I don’t want to go don’t ask me again,
let me calm my mind, the pain in my head that you cause
has me seeing red, blood red.



Time can go fast
or very slow
Time controls everything
And we don’t even know

Its something we always know
And we always keep it in mind
Always looking for it
It always keeps us aligned

Thanks for reading this poem
And giving me your time
If you couldn’t tell
I tried my best to rhyme


This is where my heart belongs
For even more than an hour long
I would sing to my favourite songs
Even if it may be wrong
Singing in the shower
Gives me all my power
Shawn Mendes who ?
That’s what I’m gonna do


I am irish
They say
I am a leprechaun
I am small
I am ginger
Irish are the best
Little bit of a mess
Bless! We love a sesh
Since a young age
We have so much rage!
All of them make me irish
Everyone the same parish
So this is me and,



This is where I grew up
This is the small town at the top of the country where I live
Where I formed my friendships and relationships
Where I learned to play Gaelic and guitar
Where I learned that if you can dream it you can do it
Where I learned that sometimes
it’s not that easy and that where I am
in the world makes dreams seem farther away
I learned every verb in the French language and how to solve for x
But I don’t learn how to truly follow what I believe in
and achieve my dreams, but I can try.


Life of Sport

I come from a life of sport,
From the soccer that I play so oftenly,
To the karate that train for every Wednesday,
And then there’s the swimming that I do in the sea.

What I love about sports is the activity,
Seeing my friends and enjoying the positivity,
This is my joy,
This is my glee.


This is Where

This is where the balls are kicked
This is where the goals go in and the points go over.
This is where we play our friends, our classmates, our rivals.
This is where we win and rejoice.
This is where we lose and feel destroyed.
This is where our community is.
This is where our family is.
This is where we support each other whatever the weather.
This is where we stand together.