St Brendan’s Community School, Birr, Co. Offaly

We Try

We try to create the perfect image
And begin to grow a community that is just so vintage,
How are we meant to have girl supporting girls,
When girls just wear pearls and do twirls to be better than the next,
Following a certain stereotype which just makes us wipe,
Wipe the hidden tears away,
Just hiding our fears just to try seem like the best
And better than the rest.

Danielle Loughnane and Elaine Hanlon


Racism is becoming
A form of futurism
Poverty is becoming
A mockery and it bothers me
War is causing more of an uproar
Disease is gradually
Spreading over seas
All these problems cannot be solved
Unless the human race evolves

Ciarán Kinahan, Emmet Rigney, and David Murray

The Halls of Hell

As I walk through the halls
My confidence falls
Eyes all around
My head falls to the ground
But then I see that ray of positivity
Which blurs all negativity
I’m happy now, no longer afraid
The halls of hell now begin to fade

Bríd Connors


I overthink things
I don’t know why
Are you ok?
Ya… Why??
Sometimes all I want to do is cry
But once again…I don’t know why
”Whats wrong? What’s wrong? It’s all I hear”
All I want to hear is the ones I hold dear!

Kelly O’Brien and Cian Long

Sitting in Class

Sitting in the class with tears in my eyes
I just want to run out and cry
Because me and you used to be sitting there
Biting our pencils, twirling our hair.
Sitting in the halls, you were so quiet
While the rest of us were causing a riot
I should have went over, I should have asked why
But I didn’t so now I’ll just sit here and cry
You saved my life, you told the teacher I was sad
At first, I was a little mad
But i’m so grateful you saw the pain in my eyes
That’s why this horrible news took me by surprise.
I don’t know why you decided to move
But I hope you never forget I will always love you
I hope all goes well in your new school
And just remember I will always miss you

Ciara and Hannah


Walking through the halls,
My confidence falls,
I can feel the eyes on me,
Not in a good way I can guarantee,
I look down making sure I don’t make eye contact,
I want to be at home and that is a fact,
Walking through the halls,
My confidence falls.

Caoilinn Digan

The Definition of Isolation

To be placed apart alone from others
Segregation, separation, seclusion
Off the beaten track
Denial of being with others
An obligatory promise to be by ones-self

Claire Murphy


You were dry but also fly
Year of dossing, abroad in rome
By the first day teachers wanted home
Many laughs were had, no sesh in sight,
Summer will give our livers a fright
This September we will hopefully remember
The wonderful summer of

Mia Byrne

To be a Girl

To be a girl isn’t all that it seems,
You have to deal with all the extremes,
Bitchiness, fakeness, two-faced and all,
There’s never a night where a girl doesn’t bawl,
It’s impossible to meet the expectations,
Not every girl is a lads perfect creation.

If a girl doesn’t have a flawless figure,
All the lads will reconsider,
If your not up to do what they say,
You will be called gay,
To be a girl isn’t all that it seems,
Why can’t we all just be on the same team.

Chloe Robinson and Aideen Cooper


We live in a world full of stereotypes,
Where men are strong and women are weak.
Where woman are too emotional and men can’t speak
About letting their emotions peek,
We live in a world full of stereotypes.

We live in a world full of stereotypes,
That feminine lads are gay
And masculine women are lesbians
Isn’t this sad that this is the way.
We live in a world full of stereotypes.

We live in a world full of stereotypes,
Where you are valued by your appearance,
Where your personality is over viewed by your looks,
There needs to be an interference,
We live in a world full of stereotypes.

We live in a world full of stereotypes,
This is something that i want to change,
Why should we live our lives this way,
Our mindsets needs to rearrange.
Why should we live in a world full of stereotypes?

Sinead Hoctor, Ciara Dermody, and Meadhbh Robhinson

I Wonder

I wonder if girls were equal,
I wonder what it would be like
I wonder if we played sport the same as lads
Would the cheers be alike
If we could use the Faithful Fields
Would we have more pride
I wonder if we had the same facilities
Could this finally be our guide
We can only hope someone listens
Until then we’ll carry on
And stay playing our sport

Niamh Ryan and Hannah Landy


Unarmed, unharmed I think not
You screwed up
Don’t come to me
When you get chewed up
I may forgive, will never forget
I can’t overcome
The things you’ve done
I’ll always remember
The day you spun

Anna Dickson


At the age of 6, we played with bricks,
At the age of 11, we question heaven,
At the age of 16, we discover nicotine,
And when did this all go wrong? The day we all played along,
We followed the ringleader, which made us see clearer,
That nothing is ever as it seems, until you’ve reached your teens,
And when your there, you must watch what you wear,
You’re insecure, so you shut the door
They ask if you’re okay, you lie and say you’ve had a good day
You bottle it up, and you let it all pile up,
Until there is nothing left of you, because you’ve seen the worlds view.

Kate O’Meara and Jade O’Meara

The Waterfall

The flowers burst the trees bloom
The mountains quake
The clap of the water bellows
The grass glistens
The bird whistles
The sun shimmers
On the waterfall

Emer McCarthy


Drive up in my whip
With a big bag of curry chip,
See the lads with a bag of cans
Telling me they have big plans,
Get a call from me ma
All I can hear is blah blah blah,
Have to get out of school
Hahaha April fool!

Ben and Tom


A dilapidated version of a martyr in disguise,
”Three legged dog” she screamed from the playground slide.
Blooming into adolescence, not a care in the world,
”You’re weird, you’re different, don’t say a word”.

Society tries to tell you who to be,
To land on a spectrum from A to B,
When really the villains who pick up the debris,
Are the ones who society despised at 16.

I’m not disabled, I’m perfectly fine as I am,
I’m emotional and sensitive, I’ll never wear their crown,
So be weird, be different, be whatever you want,
For society is a child who was insecure at heart.

Lauran Murphy


Drugs are bad, making your life mad
If you were a drug, I would take you everyday
Wasting my money away
Just so, I can waste myself away
I held your weight when you had no mate
When you were wishing your life away
I kept you going the right way.

Drugs are bad the will make your life mad

Sarah Gorman and Megan Deegan


You’re out inhaling snowflakes,
Increasing your alcohol intake,
Fighting an internal battle,
People say you’re violent, people say we should kick you out
But the truth is, I’m always afraid that today,
You’ll come home more drunk,
Today you might overdose,
I will be here to pick up the pieces
You say the reason you drink is to hide your pain
But you’re throwing your life down the drain
Is this in our genes?
Will I be the next one to cause a scene?
What about the child that cries for you?
What are you going to do?

Aoife Morris

He Is

He is voiceless
He is imprisoned
He is crying
He is trapped
He is in pain
He is masked
He is a victim

Lyn Hehir


Best days of your lives, Lies.
We’re told to enjoy them, live them to the fullest. Why?
Whats the point? What’s it worth?
Programmed to fit the social norms.
”You need to act like this, hang out with these people” I say no.
Who made up these rules?
Why should we follow them when we’ve been told different.
Boys will be boys, but I beg to differ.
Girls will be girls, but this is not heard the same way.
Best days of our lives.

Darragh Cleary and Ava Molloy

Do you Have It?

Something we are told we should have,
But something most of us long to hold.
They say – be strong. Be confident. But, do not be arrogant.
They don’t say – don’t worry if you aren’t confident.
Work on it. Everyone struggles sometimes.
I say – don’t compare yourself. Be you.
Do not be afraid of loving yourself too much,
For, the most lovable people are the ones
Who have learnt to love themselves first.
Something we are told we should have,
But something most of us long to hold.
So, do you have it?

Sarah Brophy

Passion and Fight

When you step across that white line,
Its like stepping onto the battlefield,
You feel a tingle down your spine,
The defence are like a shield.

The passion and fight,
For your brothers in arms,
Battling with all our might
While we show off our firearms.

Niall Lyons and Conor Hanamy


Promote the unbelievable
Imagine the unimaginable
Achieve the undesirable
Be the most eradicable
Create the wantable
You, Are able!

Maria Horan

Match Day

On a warm day in the month of may.
We’re hurling away, training everyday
Today is the day
Match day
The ball is thrown in
The clash of the ash
The crowd roars
As our team scores
And we’re off to a good start
Every hurler playing their part

Joe Boyd, Sean Hynes, and Owen Connolly


I’m not creative,
My rhymes are badly rated,
I just don’t know where to start.
Yes! you’ve got it.
This poem’s ironic.
Maybe I should just restart.

James Corrigan and Tommy Byrne


In Mcaulay where most people are scared to go
With quads revving and people are yelling
Where most drugs are sold
People think I’m rough and that’s just tough
I can’t say where I’m from or I think I will be judged
But I’ll be okay.

Christopher Kellly


How can one feel alone in a crowded school
Full of teachers and people who rule
Teenagers sobbing, trying and crying
Teachers sighing and denying.

Teachers encourage talking
Yet when we do its shocking
There is no one listening
Our Teenagers are crippling

Teachers are mumbling
While we are struggling
Teachers are unaware
Teenagers are in despair

Aoife Moloney

A Mood

I am tired of always being tired,
Sick of fake people
Like be quiet

Such a funny little word
Like gibberish hahah

This isn’t poem
What even is poetry?
A song?
A story?

We all need a bit
In our lives

Live life
Be crazy
Have fun

Ella Feenane


Walking into the dressing room, butterflies in my stomach,
Patiently waiting for the whistle, judgement day is coming.
Helmets on, hurls in hand, green and red fills the room.
Run onto the pitch our pride is showing
Today’s the today you can assume.
Referee throws in the ball
Now the battle begins
Our pain, our suffering, our sacrifice
All comes down to this…

Rhodan Dempsey


She told me put my heart in the bag (In the bag)
And nobody gets hurt (No hurt)
Now I’m running from her love, I’m not fast (Fast)
So I’m making it worse (Making it worse)
Now I’m digging up a grave, from my past
I’m a whole different person (I’m a whole different person)
It’s a gift and a curse (It’s a gift and a curse)
But I cannot reverse it

Aaron and Luke

The Final

It was the day of the county final
The day that we won the title
Went out with the lads for a couple of drinks
All in skinny jeans and plastered in Lynx
From taking shots over the bar at five
To shots behind the bar, we felt alive
We felt as if no one was better
Because all of a sudden there was no pressure
And all of this is was because we won
Because at half past six, the job was done

Cathal Errity

People Talk

People talk, don’t know what they saying
Cut me off, attention I’m not paying
Bad girl by my side yeah I know right
Bad girl by my side keep her tight

People change, don’t know what they thinking
Switching lanes, I’m the one who’s winning
Got clout, that doesn’t make a difference
I’m tired of all these fricken fake friends.

David Tooher

But to Me

Confident is what he tells his friends,
But to me not so much,
Happiness is what he portrays to all,
But to me not so much,
His head is up, but his heart is down,
Everyone knows him around town,
He’s happy, he’s funny, he’s the class clown,
But to me, not so much.

E and L

At Least

My Ma might have depression,
But at least I’m allowed on the session.
I might be on the dole,
But at least I’m not on a pole.
I may be autistic,
But let’s be optimistic.
We’re all a bit screwed up,
But at least we have our heads up.

Lisa and Catriona

Junior B

Play Sport and watch it
Play Hurling and Gaelic
Watch Soccer and NBA
Hope one day that I will be good enough to play
Alongside Phil Jones
Break a few bones
Win the World Cup
Make everyone shout Yup
Then take a step back and play Junior B
For my county

Marc Reedy


Going to the soccer
Watch Real Madrid playing
That is as emotion to see
They score you shout because you are exited
The see that the match is like you want
Another goal
More emotion that you have
All the fans are exited
And your team is wining
All that is an emotion
That the soccer do

Matteo del Prado

Man United

Man United are useless
They wont even make the top 4 picks
They thought the new manager was so flipping class
Since getting the job, he’s kissed his own ass
3 defeats out of 4 and now looking poor
Looks like ole will be seeing the door
And now is our season we could win the league
No Premier League jokes anymore
United fans will die with the sore

Neil Nolan


Eating the KFC
Getting that 12 piece bucket meal
Dropping tilted with the squad
Clapping everybody, I’m a god
Zeus tries to stop me
Doesn’t know what he’s in for
I pull out my pump,
Hit that 200
I’m a god, no squad can stop me
Ninja crying in a corner as a dance on his body.
Getting that dub and hitting them with the dab
Buying all the skins not knowing which one to use
Winning the cash prize to pay my bill, I’m never going to lose
I’m wearing that GuccI to make the haters hate more
I’m untouchable, killing everyone I see!
Finish my chicken and get ready for bedy

Ivan Svarychevskyy and Sean McGee


You can talk about me
But you don’t even know me
How I do it
How I did it
How I won it
How I win it
But I don’t think that’s your business
You got boys
You got friends
And all you do is talk down
Your aesthetic is pathetic
All you are is a clown

Shane and Conor


Rose are red
Violets are blue
I have 5 fingers
The middle one is for you



Art is a crime for people without rhyme
Rhythm is a beat for people that dont have the heat
Music is a scheme for people that are obscene

Aaron and Luke

Summer Times

Summer times
Good Vibes
Girl band back together
We are
Living for the grand weather
Few cans
No exams
Decent tunes
Watching cartoons
Many golden hours
Our superpower
Pozzy vibes
I realise
That life is good
And I’m feeling
#blessed xx

Gráinne Nolan

The FAI and John Delaney

They are a joke they stole our money and our pride,
3 grand he needed for a house,
Every month he could not do without,
With a salary through the roof,
He denies the allegation but we have the proof,
Goodbye John Delaney we are giving you the boot.

Ronan Bergin and Conor Franks

Working in the Kremlin

I’m Russian
So no time for Stalin
Please Lenin a hand
And Putin
Your best effort