St. Brendan’s College, Belmullet, Co. Mayo

Prove them Wrong


I come from the bog,

Where I work for a living.

People look down on me because I’m a woman,

But yet I think I’m stronger and more willing.

They try to make me cry,

But I hold my head up high.

I’ll keep living life just to prove them wrong,

Because I’ve been doing it all along.




Masks are annoying

They are not cool

But we have to wear them

Everyday to school

I’d like to be back

To normal life

When we could laugh and mess about

We cannot move

Out of our seats

For at least another 100 weeks

But when we can

Masks will be banned

And everything will go to plan.




School was cool, when you could breathe

Now we are stuck inside, windows open and freezing,

I want to go back to when we could sit together and enjoy life

Instead of having to worry about spreading a disease.

Something now not only affecting workers on the front line,

But every man, woman and child pretending to be fine.


My Life


I was born to a poor family

where we were trapped like a bird in a cage

I moved away and I was set free

I was full of anger and rage

But now I can live the way I want to be

No more hurt or disappointment

The way my life is pointed

It will be an accomplishment


A Place


I come from the place by the sea where the blue skies turn grey.

The place where you can smell the banks like it’s just outside the dirt,

They’re only down the field though.

I come from the place where the dogs go mental if anyone comes to or passes the door.

I come from the place where going to the big is near the most important thing in the world,

Where if it’s not done the house is in bad form.

I come from the place where dad stays home to watch the cows when they’re sick, ready to calf. Nothing is more important.

I come from the place where the love between us is stronger

Than all the oceans in the world combined, stronger than all the tigers in Dublin zoo.

The place where we know everyone’s business, but no one knows ours.

I come from the place where winters are homely, loving and special.

And summers are fun and memorable. The place where I call home.




I do be in da hood do


Yo bro

DJ spin that

Big man on the track

Shout out to Walsh’s from Emlicass

Meenaghans from Derrynameel

Toghers from Tallaght

Cusacks from the one and only Doohoma

Maloney and sisters from Gorthbrack North