St. Brendan’s College, Belmullet, Co. Mayo

A Dark Hall

You’re facing down a dark hall
Voices echoing like a quiet mall
Thoughts racing in the deserts of my mind,
The rapid beat of the drum hammering
In your ears, “you’re the only kind”
Fingers pointing, guns shooting,
Medication is my only vacation,
One word could break me,
It’s not anxiety, dusk drops
And so does my sanity
Crumpling like a paper ball
You’re facing down a dark hall



Most people picture bravery,
Of a hero saving the day,
But I picture bravery in a much different way.
When someone mentions bravery,
What I begin to picture,
Is an image of my brave
And amazing sister.
My sister can’t speak and
Struggles every day,
But despite all his
Her day’s never grey.
She’s fought through
Illness, insults and stares,
And every night she’s mentioned
In my prayers.
So when I think of bravery,
It’s very hard for me
To not picture my sister,
A hero’s fantasy.



How much more can I stick
Constantly trying not to freak
Always looking like a geek
Leaving me with black eyes
And punched in teeth
The days go by, I wanna die
I stay strong cause
I know they’re wrong!

Katie Monaghan and Katie Carey

They Fight

They fight and call you names
But when you finally break they say no one’s to blame
They say well that’s just life
But it feels like being stabbed with a knife.
They say it’ll be fine
But add “your pain’s not as bad as mine”
What’s there to gain for causing others pain.


Since I was Little

Since I was little, I’ve always loved the night,
And the street lamps, and the city lights,
Because when most people think it’s dark
To me, it’s bright.

Amy Coyle

I Am

I’m not a poet,
I’m not a genius,
But I’ll give it a go,
There ya go,
That’s why I’m not a poet.



Why is the sky blue
Why are the clouds grey

Why do birds sing
Why do farmers bale hay

Why can’t I go out
Why can’t I have my phone

Why are you so stout
Why do you speak to me in that tone

When will I fly
When will I die

The question is why


A Day in the Life of Cian

Wake up I get a call from my dad
Ciannnn! he shouts the day starts
With me falling outta bed
Gasping for a drink my mouth like the
Burning man festival was held in my mouth

Cian Togher


Happiness is an amazing mood
It happens to me when I eat food
I listen to music to make me smile
I end up listening for a while
I meet my friends
And we have some fun
We normally end up eating a bun
I always have a happy head
Especially when I go to bed


A Poem

A poem about my mind-set in this workshop
I can’t think of anything to say
Or at least something to write
I have a lot to say
But can’t articulate
I’m struggling to find something
Meaningful, smart, wise
But I found this, enjoy


Far, Far Away

Far, far away place,
Somewhere I am not,
You have managed to
Break my heart and miss you a lot

Even without a voice,
You left me with no choice
But to love you endlessly
Just a little hug and you were there
Now I am left and all I
Can do is stare
They say human loss is
The worst, but say that
To someone whose lost a dog


My Home

This is a poem
About my home
It is quite crap
But sometimes lit
It’s sometimes loud
When my nephew’s around
When I go to school
I just skip and go to the pool
I don’t want to deal with the breaks
Because there is a lot of snakes!
That’s my life
That’s like a kite.
The End



I love to sleep
Every day and night
My bed is my life
And I watch TV
F.R.I.E.N.D.S makes me laugh
And Chandler is my favourite.



Hit hard they say
Nothing feels better than that day
When you’re holding that cup
You just want to scream skyupp!
Holding that ball
Or being in a maul
Or even when you fall
It’s worth it all.
So don’t give up
And keep your heads up.

Leah Sweeney

A Hen

I have a hen
Her name is Jen
She lives in a coop
Where she poops
She had baby chicks
There were six
They eat pellets every day, no fuss
And leave chicken fillets for us



There once was a man
Who drank during the day
Once he decided to drink into night
Stumbled home his body in pain
He couldn’t make it stop
He reached for the bed
Bang to the head
He was stone cold dead

Katie Carey