St Benildus College, Kilmacud Rd Upper, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin


Names are just sounds,
A string of syllables grouped together to identify each other,
They can hold more though,
Hope, love, confidence, there are no bounds.

But behind all that friendly mist and delusion
Are the sharp daggers that pierce where no physical object can reach,
Running down the hall I felt like an ant,
Everywhere I go the sounds of jeers suffocating me
No matter where I went, where I hid, they’d catch up to me,
There is no escape.

After surviving those cruel hours in hell I’d be home, safe and sound
But how wrong I was, you cannot escape them, they will always find you.
Lingering like the smoke from a fire,
In the back of my mind

You can build the biggest wall, have the largest army, be the strongest man,
But they will just move right through, like nothing,
Any defence you throw in their way is insignificant,
Almost as insignificant as you.

Names are the strongest weapon.
Words. Kind of ironic really.
You can prepare any defence, adapt to any challenge,
To become victorious in the heat of battle,
But your true weak point, is in your mind.

Behind the mask I show,
Behind all the achievements I brag about,
Is a small scared boy who is just told to “Grow Up”
When he is his darkest hour.
Names, hurt.


Le Blanc

The banker of snow outside my window pane
Reminds me fondly of a lost lover.
The longing of may pain still remains.
Conflicts of sexuality and religion causes us to offer.
We both shared many interests and moments.
But now we have nothing
But the remains of everlasting pain
All I ask is for our generations to be awoken.
As a day we all can love who we want
Can be true
My love will no longer be blue.


As I Walk

As I walk across this bridge, It’s easy walking across
I enjoy this new personal experience as I admire the view
But it starts to rock, it starts to shake
This one personal experience doesn’t seem worth it anymore
But as much as you want to turn back and run and go back to before the bridge…
You can’t, you can only keep on walking forward
As you keep on walking on the bridge you were told it would be a good time,
You realise there’s another option instead of walking ahead and it lies below the bridge


Wake Up

Wake up, go to school
Teachers make me feel a fool.
So called class “mates”
Show how much the world hates.
Come home, asked how my day was
Tell them fine without delay or pause.
Go to my room, my sanctuary
Away from all the things that scare me.
Hello pen my one true friend
Stay with me to the very end.
Sit down, write the night away
In the one place I’m not afraid to stay.


Face to Face

Face to face reflection
Two and only two
Treated as one
Because two is too big
Shadows push us down
With two left and two gone
Two is all I need as
Two is what there is
We’ve been apart forever
Just never have been seen

Sam McMahon


It started on the first day
A slag and a curse
Took my innocence away
This was no longer a playground
Where we all felt protected
It was now a prison
Where you either hid or got injected
I chose to hide and keep my head down low
Played my videogames
Dreams of going pro
And then she found me
An angel of light
Taught me I was perfect
Everything I did was right
So I raised my head
And stood above the crowd
No longer hiding
But standing out proud
Yes, I don’t drink
Yes, I don’t do drugs
But now I have a future
Unlike all you thugs
I have high hopes for life
Started studying real hard
And all of this possible
Because she gave me
A get out of jail free card

Matthew Naughton

Stop being so Soft

Stop being so soft
Don’t be so gay
All lads get told this
By mates everyday
I have to keep quiet
And remain low
Cause absolutely no one
Ever needs to know



I cheated
Drunk, dizzy, dazed
Results night with lights flashing
Eyes unfocused with music drowning out all thoughts
Memory of her love forgotten
Temptation attacking senses
Hope lost
Trust broken
I cheated



Dark walls arching
Painted face upon them
They create it
Society accepts it
Feelings scrape and tear against it
But are locked inside
‘You must be strong’
‘You must not feel’
And when you look in the mirror
Your left asking
Who are you?



6am: Off goes the alarm,
Out the door in half an hour,
Into the office, turning on the fake charm,
Without a feeling of grace or power.

Why is it this way?
A feeling of dread,
Washes over his head
As he begins another boring day.

Primary, Secondary,
College, Uni
Only thought on his minds – money.
So much more to life – sport, love, family.
I don’t understand this dog-eat-dog world,
Where so few are happy.

Is the most important thing not to be happy?
Ah sure, maybe that’s just me.

Daniel Cleary

People Say

People say the world is grand.
People say the world is hell.
Friends who help you in your world.
Bullies, cruel to you, but keep the deep emotions in their shell.
People need a helping hand.
With problems that they need to make right.
Sometimes the world can be hell.
But people need help to feel alright.


“I’m Fine”

I’m fine,
I’ve said it multiple times
You can’t force me to tell a lie,
But it doesn’t matter what I say
You know what’s going through
This messed up brain of mine,
Because you know that I’m not fine,
You can see through my lies
You know my pain,
But how can I be fine if you’re not fine,
How can I be fine
If you feel this pain of mine,
How can I be fine if you lie.
How can you be fine if you say,
“I’m fine”

Guy Thamasarot


I lay in bed and let my mind explore all of today’s events,
I think about all the bad things and think about all the comments,
Those comments I receive really and truly make me believe
That I don’t belong,
Those long hours make me feel I don’t belong and make me feel like
I’m in the wrong,
That I shouldn’t have emotions and that I shouldn’t fight back,
I shouldn’t change how I feel.



I live in a council estate with bare broke families,
Stuck in the muck with their bare low salaries,
Saying you love your life is a fallacy,
Youths doing anything for a bag of weed,
My mum she did the best she can,
To raise a young man,
And I can say is thanks,
Cos now I have a plan,
And I’m gonna make us banks,
And all I gotta say is thanks.


I Don’t Know how to Write Poems

Poems can be wonderful things.
It could be a way to show who you really are on the inside.
Great for some, not for me.
I’d like to see myself as a person who wears their true self on their sleeve.
I don’t really bother with hiding who I am cause I honestly think it’s silly
Especially when being me is way more fun than being anything else.
No one really got anywhere being normal and I doubt anyone’s gonna deny that.
If people call me weird I honestly wouldn’t care because realistically they’re right.
Honestly if they don’t like it then they don’t like it
I’m not gonna bother changing their mind,
especially when I have better things to do.
I’ve had struggles in life like anxiety and panic attacks,
Growing up not knowing I had autism,
But they’re long lost remnants of pretty much a completely different person and besides,
I’d never be able to make it sound interesting or romantic like most poets would.
Honestly, life’s been treating me well so far this time which is a bit of a first.
But yeah moral of the story:
I’m cool and pretending to be someone you’re not is for suckers.

Joe Rudden

Bad Day

Bad day at school
Oh don’t be a fool
Learn some facts
Get some snacks
Go home and do it again
Do some more
I’m not sure
This school thing isn’t for me anymore


Nothing is Wrong

Nothing is wrong, it’s what I tell myself
But somehow it just doesn’t help,

My mind worries and my stomach turns,
Nothing is wrong, and it still burns

I have a nice life, my family is good
Nothing is wrong, my heart feels like it’s made of wood,

It doesnt make sense, anxious for nothing
Nothing is wrong, nothing.



We get told the best year are our teens
Yet everything good has or been
I’ve gotten broken
Told I should be out drinking and smoking
You can’t risk or take
Cause you’re afraid of a mistake
I’m 16 yet I feel it’s all over
Everyone wants to be young
Yet I can’t wait to be older



I had a fish
He was cool
He was great at swimming
In the pool

One day I lost him
I was sad
But I got over it
He was a good lad



Once upon a time I go to bed
On my pillow I rest my head
I dream a dream so divine
It really makes the whole world shine
I am awake and very aware of all the things
That I can do when I am king
End world hunger is what I would do
Bring peace which is long overdue
Put an end to all who hurt
And educate people to be alert
Of the problems that our world faces
Such as global warming which affects all places

Joey Hand

War Zone

War zone, fighting for the thrown,
We see a rival, shoot him no chance of survival,
Another kill, we all still get the thrill.
We all feel manly, not thinking about his family.
But he’s a brother a son and a dad,
With them he should have lived the rest of his life that he had,
To the armies he’s just a number that has gone down,
But they forget about the horrible news going back to his hometown.


The Dogs Bark

The dogs bark as the ringing sounds
Screams no longer as the hush descends
Like fog in the dewy forest the unknown beckons
The tapping intimidates
The licking and handing scary
The sound rings again
The pens begin

Daniel Gilsenan


Unyielding load
Upon a single kick
The opposition goad
Grass rustling
Crowd silent
Streets no longer bustling
A battle of wills
The keeper vs the striker
Knees shaking, a deep breath
Time to perform
Or it’s back to the dorm



Not quietness,
Just a stillness
Dark and empty
Holds nothing
But at the same time everything
Where hopes go to die
Where fires are extinguished
A one way ticket
To nothing


Destiny Finally

Looking Up, looking down
No frowns around here
With no tears of rain
But the sweat sound of waves that
Would bring a smile to me

I lie in the sun facing
Up in the air looking at the skyscrapers
Wriggle their toes in the warm Pacific
While sleeping at last knowing I have
Reached paradise

Conor Morton

Go Home

I wanna go home
And sit on my own
Away from everyone’s groans and moans
And then chill on my couch independent
Without anyone attendant

Then I can do my own thing
And treat myself like a king

Jack McGovern


It’s like if you don’t drink
Or smoke or get in trouble in school,
You’re just a nerd or weird
But definitely not cool
It’s like if you don’t go out with girls
Or go out on the session you’re just
A weirdo or you probably have depression
But the truth is that if you don’t do
Any of this stuff you’re just the same
As all the “lads” and your just as tough

Elliot Doyle


The most dangerous people are not the dangerous people.
They are the people that prove that they dont care they endanger us.
They are the people that come from the good families but are ashamed.
People who portray that they are someone to be reckon with.
As we think, we think for a second about why they do this.

Thomas Hanratty

My Mom

My mom makes all the food,
Cleans up all my clothes,
And when she goes away,
I feel so cold,
She’s always there for me,
Helps me all the time,
And that’s why I’m forever grateful,
To the wonderful mom of mine.

Harry Leonard


I come into school when I feel like crap
I should’ve called sick to have a nap
I forgot my work and why should she believe me
I have no special quirk
I’d go on head high
I just want lay down and die

Eric Mcmahon


Today my body ached
The ache was made
By the words they said and
The faces they made
It had a sense of nostalgia
It felt the same as the day my hands bled red
On the hospital bed and
My world flip around upside-down
The pain is the same as the day I lost my brain

Jakub Krajewski

How Many

How many times
Have I got to say
To leave me alone
For the rest of the day
You claim we’re best mates
But you always chat crap
Now stop following me around
Before you get hit

Ben Gouldson

The Society

This society is dumb and expectations are too high
Too scared to show their true selves they sit in and be shy
6 packs , a skinny waist and your GuccI shoes
Sitting around , acting tough and drinking cheap booze
“Schools a doss , the teachers annoying” what they all say
Your just trying to fit in all day everyday
You just want to be yourself but in this age you won’t survive
So be yourself, do what you want while you’re still alive

Jack Kelly


When I pick up a controller I feel the
Power I turn on my console
And see the game come
On the screen I can feel the buzz
Coming as the loading screen
And I hop on a game where
I know I will be here for hours
Of unconditional fun.

Aaron Mulvey


Woke up for the final
Ready to play my rival
Hopping to play class
First time I got the ball and I fell on my ass
I was really nervous
But I knew I’d play good
I played the main role
When we won
Me and my team had great fun

Carl Mcdonnell

Let me Down

Why do you always let me down
Consistency with you I’ve never found
I’ve stayed loyal through thick and thin
Leaving my emotions in the bin
I remember when we were on top
We spent the nights partying non-stop
But I wait for the return of the glory days
When the sadness and the pain goes away



I don’t know you long
But I feel like I’ve known you my whole life
You make me smile make me laugh and I feel on top of the world when
I’m with you
We didn’t really talk before but when we did finally did it was amazing
I never laughed so much as I did when I was with you
I love spending time with you
You’re probably my favourite person
I don’t even know if you even consider me this good a friend
But I know that I will cherish our memories until the end
You’ll always have a very special place within my heart
I really truly hope that we never drift apart
You make me smile make me laugh and all the rest indeed
I will always smile when I see your smile
Miss you so much right not don’t know what to do
Been thinking a while and maybe I might love you

Max Horan


I woke up for school
Thinking it was going to be cool
But I went in and made myself look like a fool
Because I ended up braking all the rules
Ended in the office getting in trouble went home and done the double.

Cian Simpson


When it’s others I go out to see,
All I can think is “do they hate me?”
The anxiety is so overwhelming,
The voices inside always tell me,
“Don’t be yourself” and “Make then like you”
And I listen, though I’m not supposed to,
The social aspect of life, I hate,
My whole life, destined to never date
And so I face my permanent fate,



I don’t know you long
But I feel like I’ve known you my whole life
You make me smile make me laugh
And I feel on top of the world when I’m with you
We didn’t really talk before but when we did finally did it was amazing
I never laughed so much as I did when I was with you
I love spending time with you
You’re probably my favourite person
I don’t even know if you even consider me this good a friend
But I know that I will cherish our memories until the end
You’ll always have a very special place within my heart
I really truly hope that we never drift apart
You make me smile make me laugh and all the rest indeed
I will always smile when I see your smile
Miss you so much right not don’t know what to do
Been thinking a while and maybe I might love you

Max Horan

The Hopeful and Hopeless

Love, hate, joy, sadness
Trying to keep myself from madness

Trying to get the most out of life
My only fear is I’ll get stabbed with the knife

And when my story is finished and done
All I want is to be the proud son

But one can only hope and pray
And end up happy at the end of the day

Chris Noblett

The Feeling

Few will ever know the feeling.

That feeling of a crackling amp,
As you turn on that distortion
As you pluck that string
To hear a booming sound plunge into the room.

That feeling when you write a riff,
As it flies off your fingers
The strings still buzzing,
The power as you control what a person feels.

Music is something strong.
Learning a song,
Playing the song
And shocking whoever’s listening.

That feeling is unique.

Luke Mullen


I love big cats
And hate smelly bats
My cats fat
The cat always pees on the mat
My cats name’s Pat
He always steals my hat
My mate Sam lives in the flats
Pat is always at the rats

Ben Looney

One Day

One day somebody said, ‘do it!’
So I did it.
One day somebody said, stop.
But nobody stop.
Because it is too hard to stop.



I grew up fine; parents were loving and fought rarely,
Most of my time was spent on sports training, matches, gym.
I am not the smartest just enough to get by.
My neighbourhood at the moment is fine,
No drybys but my old one that’s not the same,
The hoods and doors of a car were stabbed and shot at then drove into a field.
A drug dealer was the victim of a murder attempt,
Lit his Volkswagen on fire and shot a whole clip at him,
I saw the gun a black glock.



Pro clubs,
Feels like a nightclub,
Everyone should,
Join the brotherhood,
You make the dude,
No need for food,
Everyone strives,
Be careful you mightn’t survive,


The Game Begins

6v6 the game begins
Insults about my mother start to fly in
I respond with something just as bad
Hoping to make this stranger sad
My teams shit were losing
Some chap is at the back of the map just snoozing
A squeaky kid starts screaming through the mic
I just wanted to kill him like
Nothing can compare to the toxicity
This maybe warrants bad publicity

Ronan Kellegher

All the Messages

If you just ignore
All my messages.
My brain is at war
With my intelligence,
And if you never want
To see me again.
I will not flaunt
That I am in pain.

Finn Coughlan


Walking in the room not making a sound.
Trying not to look at my nightmare just look at the ground,
My hands going numb from the palm that is wrapped around, it.
Feeling so dumbfounded by the power of love she emits, even after the cancer had hit.
Years after, I didn’t know these thoughts could make me want to commit.
Through laughter and craic, the self hatred had leaked through bit by bit.
So without any help of friends who don’t understand this crap
I had to learn to give myself this mother wit, not alone physically.
But mentally to get by sometimes you have to act cynically
And forget about what other think about you and your history



The first match I played I was filled with happiness
And thought that I final belonged
Even though I lost, it was still all joy
Even though I lost and hit me like a block
The shuttlecock will never heart me
For now I’m sure that this sport
Has evoked the real winner inside me



The chicken fillet roll,
The staple diet of this shithole,
From farm to counter,
The chickens we don’t encounter,
For this is our food,
The food of the youth,
Bit of taco and then straight in the mouth.


Vampire Weekend

There once man
That during the week he was a normal human being,
He sat by the creek all through the week,
On the weekend he wasn’t a man,
He was a vampire,
He sat by the spire,
He targeted geeks,
He was a fat neek,
He fought and he stole he fell in a hole,
He got locked up,
And he went on parole,


Three Marks

What if I’m scared.
What if I’m right.
What if I’m not.
What if I’m falling.
What if I’m not going anywhere.
What if I’m sad.
But I’m not!
What if I leave.
Leave tonight, tomorrow, next week, year.
What if I’m staying right here.
What if I’m scared.
What if I’m not?



I come home
Late at night
My mum stays up
And turns on the light
I always tell her
She should go to sleep
But she doesn’t
She waits for me

Jake Walsh

The Clock is Moving

The clock is movin,
Time to go,
But it’s at this point
That time moves slow.
You see, sometimes it’s these moments
That show us who we really are,
It’s the last minute of the game,
I better kick it over the bar.
The final whistle blows,
The game is over.
But it’s not my team who are rejoicing
They probably want to drink poison.
No, I missed the kick,
And now, I don’t blame my teammates
For treating me like crap.

Charlie Boyle


Sarcasm is the worst
It’s the lowest of the low
Charlie does it all the time
It makes my temper grow
It’s worse than punching
It’s worse than slagging
That’s cool and all but
I don’t remember asking

Max Hennessy

The Ball Dropped

The ball dropped the cheer went
The big fella said I was bent
Went for the ball but I got hit
That’s what you get for wearing that kit
Dead arm and embarrassment
I knew I needed to prove myself
Lifted the head and put the match to bed
No matter how big the man the harder he will fall
That’s what happens when your team call

Oisin McHugh

Shut Up

I don’t know
What I should write.
At least that means
My life ain’t crap.
I like sport
But I’m not that great.
I’m a bit of a nerd
And my social life’s a state.

At the weekend
I might not be up ’til three;
But hell if I care,
That’s fine by me.

So stop telling me to change
“Git gud,” “Get out more.”
I’ll be in my room,
So close the damn door.
I might not be perfect
But at least I’m at ease.
So don’t tell me ’bout comfort zones,
Just shut up. Please.

Eoin Kenny

Terrible Internet

Had a bad day at school. It was super lame.
To cheer up, I decided to play some videogames.
As I got a killstreak, I heard the door creak.
There I saw my dad’s head looking at me like a freak.
He said “the internet is down”.
And in my tears I started to drown.
In anger, I threw my controller and broke the TV.
€150 for a new one, and it’s all because of me.



Tis night again
And I writhe in bed
For I require
Something to clear my head
That glorious powder
So pristine and white
It truly is a wondrous sight
It really is something I need
For if, I don’t get it I think I will bleed
I slink downstairs as quiet as a mouse
And then proceed to search the house
For what I search for
This supreme malt
Is the one and only
Table salt


Super Mario BalotellI Poem

As the time is edging closer, I am praying I can afford
And with all the packs you get I hope I’ll pack a board.
With super Mario in the team and weekend league approaching,
He will work wonders with the right player coaching.
Him and Jamie Vardy up top there’s bound to be a party.
With only 57 balance he feels a bit clunky but
Hopefully I’ll get gold 3 if I’m lucky!

Aaron Doolan


I love beans, they make me glad
Everyone likes them, even my Dad
There are so many kinds, of different beans
Bean cake, bean sock, bean vaseline

I eat beans daily, they bring joy to my life
I like beans so much, I divorced my wife
She didn’t like beans, and I felt disrespected
So I called up the police and had her arrested

Luke Kelly


I like food
Delicious nutritious rood in the morning
Without no warning at night
I’d get a fright
Sweets and deserts
Dinners and lunches
Pizza and pie
Go together like the sky ice cream and custard
Like ketchup and mustard