St Benildus College, Kilmacud Rd Upper, Kilmacud West, Dublin


You know when you work hard, we all do.
It’s when someone mocks something passionate to you.
Something close to your heart, you know it’s true.
You try your absolute best but it’s to no avail.
And people think you can do nothing but fail.
Its like they almost want to make you shrivel up and cry.
Show no sympathy for your emotions and make you feel like you should to die.
But the truth, they’re just jealous of you.
They put you down and treat you like your dirt.
Even though you put your heart and soul into all of your work.
No matter what your parents say,
No matter what your friends say,
No matter what your teachers say,
I say screw them.
Do what makes you happy.
Not what makes other people happy.

Robert Pluck


Society, a cesspit of greed and self-indulgence
The lack of self-respect and acceptance is the cognizance
Of a people who come from just peace and effluence
Knowing only superiority, no tolerance.
In a world of a majority it can be hard to fit in
As an outcast, at the precipice of a new generation,
But those who still remain are powered by the conservation
Of anger and cruelty to those who are different,
They must be left to go through attrition and starvation.

Tony Fox

A Never-Ending Battle

A never-ending battle,
A constant fight every waking day,
To slip under the radar,
Keep your head down, avoid attention.
Standing out, being different,
All the things we try to shun.
We try to mimic everyone else,
And in the process lose ourselves.
This genocide of personality,
How many sparks have been extinguished?
How many lights put out?
One of humanity’s greatest losses
But we just call it “school”



Why are they looking at me?
Why wont they stop?
Are they talking about me?
What did I do?
Now they’re laughing
Feels like Deja vu
Being nervous is bleak,
Being too afraid to speak


Live your Life

There’s no such thing as normal
We can’t just live our lives a certain way
Just because someone else told us to
We can’t just conform to the image others set
Just because it’s considered the norm or some unwritten rule
That we all need to walk or talk a certain way
Or else well be ostracized for not fitting in
Well I’m gonna tell you something
The only thing that is really true in the universe
Is that eventually we all die
So why live your life by others standards
Live your best life
Live how you want
Not by how others tell you
Make your mark on the world
And don’t let anyone else take you down
If you want something go get it
Don’t let anybody stop you.

William Menton


Expectations always set so high
From acting hard to looking fly
From school rules we must abide by
Everyone is so bottled up its hard to find allies
Even though no one wants to be on their own
No one is willing to let that be known
In a world where lives are controlled by the phone
People need to let their feelings be shown.

Eimhin Lowney


I’ve been doubting myself a lot lately
The things that I love seem to be falling apart
I know I cannot give up because the people I want to make proud
They wouldn’t be
I’ve always told myself I want to do something great with my life
But to give up now would ruin everything
I know that good things will happen and everything will change
I just need to be patient


Shipped Away

We were all shipped away, we had no say,
To fight in a war, something I’ve never done before,
I packed my bags, i was all set to go,
Not knowing if I’ll ever return home,
I arrived on the battlefield,
Not knowing where to go,
I longed for the feeling of home.

Darragh O’Sullivan

Tears Rolled

The tears strolled down her face,
She feels like the biggest waste of space,
The people who laugh and smile,
Are in denial.

They don’t know what was happening,
Until it was too late,
She fell from the tree,
It was all over now.

Her mother bursts into the school,
Demanded to see the fools,
They fell to the floor,
At least they won’t bother her anymore.



Dyslexia is an unnoticed gift
Don’t be thinking you’re dumb
If you have it

You should be thinking
Positive if you have it
Most dyslexics turn out

Work hard and be smart

Stephen Smyth

Tossed and Turned

I tossed and turned, refusing to give up.
I couldn’t bear to deal with the horrors, not again.
It would be a death sentence, I wouldn’t survive.
You hear them all, “make the most of life while you can.”
Is it true? Is it false? Who gets to decide that?
Why do I not decide my fate, why am I bound by these chains.
Yet slowly, slowly, I come to the same shallow realization I do every day.
“This is just how it is, there is no miracle that can ever change that simple fact.”
And with that, I took off the covers, and got out of bed.

Darragh Clohessy

We Look at Our Scars

We look at our scars to find out who we are
The person who is taking us on this ride
This lost person who wants to die
This lost person you’d never lie
This lost person who can only try
Depression is a war you win or die fighting
Can this issue please get more lighting?
If this topic wasn’t so bottled up
Us lost boys wouldn’t end up locked up
But instead show us the light at the end of the tunnel
Our counsellors are our funnel to getting better
And avoiding funeral letters

Adam Clarke

Into School

Walking into that school,
Oh that hell of a school,
No control of what you can or can’t do
They say like a man is how they’re trying to treat you.

No escape, the teachers wear capes,
Like superheroes, but its you who is creating their mixtape,
Of how good they are, but its your work that’s getting them so far,

They say it’s your future in the making, but it’s your belief that they’re breaking,
Your mind that they’re crushing, but on the stage at graduation, it’s them blushing,
“All the work that they have done” but it’s them who make you wanna run,

Run away, trying to see the light of day, trying to catch a single ray,
Of sunshine, while you struggle to prepare for the day
That could make or break your future,
But for now, you go through torture

School is something that nearly everyone hates,
But yet the start of the rest of your life that it creates.

Cian Larkin

In a Box

People like to put me in a box
Act as if I haven’t seen its locks
I look out when you peek in
See the world outside
But in the end
The one within
When I’m alone
Feels like I’m truly at home

You slag
Call me a fag
Cause you feel everything
Needs a name tag
But when you see
What I want to be
You are silent

When we’re done
You’ve had your fun
And we’re all alone in the world
I’ll remember the hurt you gave me
Back in the days by the class.

Andrew Donaldson


I grew up loving football since day one
Playing it or watching it until the day was done
Going over to England to watch all the games
Seeing all of my idols covered in fame.
Going into the stadium to hear the noise of the crowd
To be a fan of this club I was eternally proud
From playing games home or away
I’d do anything to wear their jersey one day

Conor Dawson


It was horrible
The bodies dropping
Like flies, out on
The treacherous battlefield
Soldiers without shields

On the farmland bullets
Flew and nobody had
A clue, as the days go by
More and more men
Continue to die

Glen Hannigan


Forced to fight for your homeland
Pick up a rifle in your hand
Aim the gun and kill men
Fight a war in your own back garden.

Sitting, aiming down sight
No choice but to fight.
Surrounded by barbed wire
Ready, Aim, Fire!

All of a sudden, it is not a drill
You are required to kill.
Feeling like zero
Yet welcomed a hero.

Cal Rohan

Stuck in School

Stuck in school all day
Waiting for the last bell to go
On an boring Friday
Learning stuff I don’t think I need to know

Thinking about how I will spend my holidays
Going out with my friends
Or sleeping for days
Before I go back to school again to wait until it ends

Eoin O’Connell


School is difficult
Maybe because I can’t hear
But I am here
I do not cheer
Because the teacher is here.
How can I know if Im typing on google chrome
At home alone, sitting in my throne
Because school is not my home

Alen Sebastian

Fighting Demons

Friends, family, what are they to you,
If they can’t understand the stuff that you’re getting yourself into,
The things in my head that I’d love to undo,
A night with some sleep, something I can’t quite do.

I just need someone else to cling on to,
Just to understand the things that I’m going through,
Cause depression’s a killer, someone I managed to run into,
He doesn’t let me do the things I want to pursue.

Its gonna be another dark night, I’m telling you,
But when the morning comes I will break through,
Those demons inside of me, I’ll send them home with their faces blue,
And start my life from scratch, fresh and new.

Alen Sebastian

Every Year

Every year, every time you hear if someone’s dead or alive
For how did they survive
As is it that they haven’t arrived

For why am I alive
A question for the time
As you have to that in your mind

Life is a beauty no one understands
But that is for you to find out

Brion Cullinan


It’s still half a year away, a long time away,
But summer is my favourite time of year,
With all the boys on the beer.

I’m sick of the cold weather already,
What’s to like about flues,
I’d rather be in canoes.

Although I enjoy the Christmas holidays,
Sometimes it’s a bummer,
Because I’d rather the Summer.

Billy Hendley

Nerves were High

Nerves were high,
Everything at stake,
No room for mistake,
War awaits.

Right now was drill o’clock,
The battle begun with a crunching tackle,
Then a brave block,
But the second shot couldn’t be stopped,

Goal heads dropped,
The end of the war loomed,
But we couldn’t be stopped,
Shots boomed

The goals finally came,
We were in the lead,
The whistle blew,
We had won.

Charlie Gallagher


It is the end of my life
I am looking at the knife
But I can’t stop thinking about my wife
I am going to cut my wrist
I’m thinking about the first night we kissed
I want to hang myself by a rope
But maybe there is still hope

John Hudson

The Championship

The parish and the pride
The colours and the ride
Through matches and championship
Respect and sportsmanship

When the whistle blows
And the ball is thrown up
We run for the ball
The aim to win the cup

Scores throughout rise the tension
Goals and points flying in
A tense finale ends the battle
And thankfully we were the ones who secured the win.

Tom O’Dwyer


Hypothetically slapping myself in the face
Trying to make this rhyme
All I’m doing is wasting time.

I need to write this faster
But cant with a flustered mind.
I have no inspiration so
I’m writing what I think of.

Dylan Donnelly

Just Cause

Just cause I’m from a different country I’m not allowed,
“Go back where you came from” I say “alright sound”,
I’ve been here 11 years, 3/4 of my life,
Making me feel like my best friend is a knife,
No matter how well I do in sport,
First league in just 3 years,
I thought this is it; I’ll finally be respected now,
But all they did was complain,
And told me to get out,
But what I learned from my Dad was to never give up,
Don’t let peoples words get into your head,
Just remember what your goal is instead,
And he was right, 4 years and I’m here,
A Polish kid playing in the best League in Ireland,
Scouts from England all coming to watch,
And that’s my life so far, still a long way to go,
Couldn’t be happier, might even go pro,
Just goes to prove nothing is impossible,
Now people compliment me, it feels great,
But what feels better is being unstoppable.

Tomasz Sadowy

Bring Out

Bring out my so called wap
Ski du du I always double tap
Leave my man in 2018
Jakes on my back like tom on jerry
Im very lucky to have my bros
My man way too dodgey for these neeks,
Unlucky for them he was very plucky to pull it
That thing is always full
Do my 18 bop in my kenzo top
How many times have i snaped being on the ops block


More than a Hobby

It’s more than a hobby,
But wish it was my job.
Once I make it home,
My heart starts to throb.

It’s oh so hard,
But it feels very soft.
When we’re apart,
I feel completely lost.

Some call it ‘strange’,
I call it love.
I love all my LEGO,
More than my mum.

Adam Crowe

A Ship Sailed

A ship sailed south across the sea
In stormy winds and shaky grounds
The pirate roared to keep on sail to claim the treasure

That lies within a small cave
The crew begin for the worst to come
They begin to cower and hide in the deck

While the pirate continues to seek ahead
He sees an island and decides to rest
Dreaming for the endless treasure

Michael Ferents

The Victims

And so the day began,
Unlike most we didn’t walk away from it we ran.
We all went to school,
A place where we tried to act cool.

As we brushed away the cobwebs,
A switch flipped in our heads.
Our public personas left their beds,
And our private personas fled.

Life was rough,
As a teenage boy you’re meant to be tough,
But those who were not.
We’re targeted on the spot.

Their bullets made of slags,
Were no match for our white flags.
They ripped through our skin,
As we wished that we hadn’t gone in.

At the end of every day we would lick our wounds,
Fearing the firefight we’d face again soon.
And every night we’d crawl into our beds,
To pray and pray that we’d wake up, dead.

Jack MacDonald


Why bother work when you can sit and slack
And do your homework when you can just take the whack
Of a Saturday morning missing the match
Only because your grades were not up to scratch
Instead of kicking the ball into the back of then net
And celebrating cause you just won a bet
10 goals in a season but beyond any actual reason
You’re with a teacher you despise more than any creature
Writing on sheets that will get thrown in the bin
Only to get under your skin
Why bother to work hard
Cause everyone else is working harder to beat you
So they can defeat you unseat you in all you’ve done
And they try tell me fun

Ronan O’Connor


Young men sent out to attack,
Just following their idols words,
“Send them home, blue and black”.
Some tried to impress their birds,
But one wanted something different,
Just have some fun
Not listen to all the gibberish.
Before the slagging even begun, he just wanted to run,
Instead of being slated for being overrun
In a one-on-one by a lad a foot and a half taller than him.
School tomorrow would be grim,
Being known by a pseudonym.
It becomes bedim,
Why try to begin,
If all he gets is abuse.

Colin Dyer

Every Morning

I dread every day because I have to wake up early
After staying up late because I can’t sleep
My sleep cycle is screwed from staying in class all day
Wasting the time away
Hoping that one day i’ll spend my time doing something useful
I feel imprisoned
I hate school
It makes me sad
But my dad says it’s “the best years of your life”
I don’t believe him
I don’t like school life.



In primary school I was small and fat.
It was only when I was fourteen,
I decided to start going to the gym and lift weights.
It was hard as a young teenager to compete with the others.
To get under the bar to try lift,
It takes balls especially if you’ve never lifted before
Or to set a new personal record.
You need to take yourself to a deep dark place in your head
And think murderous thoughts to get that bar from your chest back up to the top.
But the feeling when you complete the lift is glorious.

Ben Tobin Sheridan


Life at 16
From teachers and parents on my ass
To the lads with the coloured jackets
I think I have anxiety but too scared to admit it
Scared people are always talking about me
Scared of parents threatening me about drinking and smoking
Scared I’ll never find the one I want to marry
Scared I’ll screw up my education and end up in the street
But all I want to do is stay in bed

Joshua Vaughan

Ups and Down

Turns and bumps
Ups and downs
Stab to the back
And punch to the stomach
Crashes and hard stops
All amount to who you are.



The pitch was wet
I was breakin a sweat
Sitting on the bench
Among all the french as nerves started to kick in
Head was in a spin
Nearing the end of the game as the coach shouted my name
Five minutes to go
Ready to put on a show
Running down the right
Like a medieval knight
One on one I took the shot
We won the game
So I bought a yacht


It’s not Easy

It’s not easy having nowhere where you belong
Music being the only thing bringing you back
To the place once called home that now considers you an outcast
Not knowing that’s how you feel yourself
Remaining in constant limbo not knowing what to think or where to go
But realising you are powerless as of right now.



When I get home I take off my hiking boots,
I put them in the porch.
I tell anyone who will listen to how the hike or camp went,
I don’t tell them everything that happened
Only the stuff that would interest them,
Not the stuff I enjoyed most.
I don’t talk about the late night conversations,
Or how I felt about certain moments or people.
The view is the best part,
The interactment creates the memories.
“The view was incredible”,
But talking to him or her trumps all.
When I get home I take off my hiking boots

Karl McDonnell


Go to school, get good grades,
Get a college degree.
Its the only way to make it,
That’s what they say to me.

Work hard all your life,
40 hours a week,
You just live for the weekends,
That’s what they say to me.

Drink to make it better,
For the pain smoke some weed,
The good life aint for us,
Yeah that’s what they say to me.

That’s just the way life is,
No one is carefree,
Life is just for working,
That’s what they say to me

Life is made for living,
Thats where we disagree.
You work cause you feel you have to,
At least thats what you say to me.

Build a business, write a book,
Invest money to earn passively,
No one is taught that in school,
But that’s how you become free.

David Langley


I grew up learning
Exploring what I could’ve been
I’d always dream it
But never achieve it
Slagged for not looking good
Attacked for being smart
No clear direction
If everything is just objection
But I still have friends
Who don’t offend
Show me what is right
And keep me dreaming
Day and night.

Alex Norkus

A Kid

There once was a kid who liked to play
Instruments, piano, every day,
To escape from his life
Of torment and strife
But now he’s finally happy today.

Sam Duignan


The fool claimed the bumblebee couldn’t fly,
They said “it lacks the wing beats per minute or the necessary size”.

But the creature went ahead and proved them all wrong,
He knew that he could do it ’cause he had flown all along.

And now imagine if he listened to that man he would have stopped,
Dropped his head tucked his wings, but he put ’em in shock.

And now you know that your life is just for you and remember,
Just because its proven doesn’t mean its true.

Paul Kennedy


Going to war
The other team is hungry
Don’t care about the other army
Just want to live another day
An opportunity arises we can taste blood
2 points up they’re left in the dust

Victory finally we’ve felt defeat before
Finally, we feel like Thor.

Robert Callanan


From practicing in my garden
To playing on the pitch
Running around
With the ball at my feet
Chased by 4 players
The joy of scoring a goal
Makes me feel like i’m on top of the world.

Luke Cullen

Baby Brother

When I was 8 years old my mum was going to have a baby boy
I was gonna be a big brother I was overjoyed
I went with my parents to the 12 week scan.
I was so young I didn’t understand.
I got sent out of the room,
There was a problem
My parents got the bad news
My baby brother wasn’t going to survive
This sent my mum into a nosedive
Forced to go to England with dad
The 8th ammendment is clearly bad

7 years later and it’s finally over
My brother is my four-leafed clover
Constantly campaigning our hardwork paid off
The 8th amendment is finally gone
Just like my baby brother.

Ben O’Donovan


Walking through the park, the gravel path dark.
Questions running through my head I am the reason they’re…
I lost control, I heard them scream,
My livelihood fell apart at the seam

Kieran Maguire

My Dad

We start my life at the age of 3
My dad was seein me and we,
Skip, to the age of 5,
I didn’t know why I was alive.

Jump 5 years and I’m in fourth class,
Me mams in court with da
I must have been smoking grass
Cause I got my hopes were way too high

I really thought that he’d come back,
I wrote a letter to the judge,
But the judge just ignored it,
He didn’t know how I felt.

I put my heart and soul into tha letter,
I said how much I missed my dad.
He didn’t have to see me always,
Only a couple of days.

He said he didn’t love me
And that he had no son,
That hit deep
Shot right through me like it was from a gun.

I’ve never been the same.
Living with constant pain.
Its crazy how much power one man can have.
But you know what, after all that

I still miss me dad

Jack MacDonald

A Young Boy

Just a young boy trying to get employed
Every Saturday he’s into the Joy
Listens to rap he thinks he’s a young thug
Always smoking green with all them
Who are really smug
Getting 5 spots on lay every single day
While all those boys getting ounces of haze
When his dad calls from inside
He promises to him he will hide from crime
He is street smart and well respected
That’s why hanging with him offers them protection
With all his connections



Got caught on my phone,
They sent me to the office,
Told me I stuck two fingers up to the school,
That my attitude will get me nowhere,
Apparently I had no remorse for what I did,
And that I was wasting their time
And now I had to sit in silence for three hours,
On a Saturday of all days

The teachers ask everyone what they did on the Saturday,
Disrupting the class said one,
Hit another student said another,
And then she came to me,
“I just wanted to change my music” is what I told her,
But I’m the one getting nowhere.

Ashvin Pandey

Chair of Uncertainty

I’m always sitting in a chair of uncertainty,
I’m never sure of if there is something hanging over my head.
I wanna be adored, I think.
Mountains on screens and paper are unimaginable.
I want to be there although, but.
I’m trying to control my expectations, and stop limiting my expectations.
People are unfair and people in power are even more.
I wanna be adored, I think.
Originality isn’t something you can copy,
Daydreaming can help put things in order or mix them around.

Karl McDonnell


This is Zach
He is in secondary school
He is a skinny kid, only 5’2
He has problems with bullies
They pick on him
And the teachers don’t help him
He also has trouble at home with his dad
But no one else realises how bad
When he’s at home with his dad he gets beat on
One day Zach couldn’t take it
The bullies were too much
He went back to his house and he grabbed a gun
He didn’t know how to use it or what to do
But the only thing that he knew
Was that he was definitely through
With everything that he’s been through
He grabbed the gun and know hes done with you

Kevin Ryan

When I Race

When I race with my moto I always win cause I got that 1200cc .
Ain’t nobody better than a 16 year old Irish kid not even the American Devil.
I got the heat that some people can only dream of,
But when I upgrade there is no beating me cause I got that 1200cc.
So screw the American Devil and screw everybody who thinks they can beat me,
Because realistically they can’t because I got that 1200cc.

Alex Cross


Why is this so hard,
Like it’s only 8 lines,
A teenager should have enough stories to get 8 lines on a page,
Is it the anxiety of having my name attached to my memories,
Am I afraid that it’s going to be scarlet,
Even though almost every other person my age feels the same as I do,
Why am I afraid of singing in front of my school,
Why do people laugh at you when you speak when they’re too afraid to do the same.
Why am I so afraid?

Liam Conway


I hate when people slag others about performing music.
If it wasn’t for those people you wouldn’t have the music that you listen to at night.
The music you listen to when you’re sad
The music you listen to when you’re happy.
The music you listen to when you’re crying in your bed at night.
It’s a dream of mine that makes you happy
So shut up and listen



This is the story of Fred
His whole family wants him dead
It really started to go to his head

He keeps shit to himself
He feels like hes gona fall off the shelf
But still he keeps shit to himself

He wakes up in the dark
Its 2 am
Oh crap, its starting again
He can’t switch off the pain

With all his might
He tries to switch on the light
But he can’t



Football is like war
Your arms and legs are your guns
And the ball is your ammunition
Your club is your country
Your players are your soldiers
Managers are the commanders
You give everything for your country
Blood, sweat, tears
The injuries are all worth it
For your countries glory
For winning the war

Sam Doran

The French Teacher

She was a French teacher
The best teacher around
She was a French creature
A DJ that was incredibly sound

When her French class would begin
We’d all shout out and sing
One time she had a mighty fall
But it didn’t stop her from playing “Fuzzball”

Paris is her city but Tallaght is her home
She lives in her car but that’s all to be known

Luke Kelly

Extra Time

It was in extra time of the game
And I was mad
Then Timo Werner scored a goal
And it made me very sad
I punched the floor and a door
And then who walks in, my dad
Then he says
“Don’t punch the floor because you are very bad”
I stood up to my dad and said “No, No, No”
“Please just leave the room now before I make you Go, Go, Go”
Then I sat down and finished the game I lost 3-2
I give up on this game I hope you all do too.

Sean Gent


Top of the pot anyway
Yeeee what u gonna say
We will be here next weak
And the weak after
After we meet I’ll be dying with laughter
You will come in head to the ground
You will try give me a pound
I’m gonna laugh in your face

Jamie Byrne

Take a Trip

Its time to take a trip
Get away from all this
To see the bigger world
Before it all begins.
I want to see it all
France, Spain and Berlin
And then I’ll get working
Having enjoyed all of it.

Rían Moore

I Have To

My favourite thing is staying at home, playing games.
Mostly that’s because I’m crap at going out.
I’ll always decide not to call people,
Or to forget about the whole thing.
That’s because I can’t talk to people.
I can’t look in their eyes,
And i can’t hold a conversation for more than 2 minutes.
Conversation always just devolves into awkward silence.
Then I say something I think is funny only not to get a laugh.
That’s how it always goes.
So I just stay at home.
I play games and watch TV,
And in a way that’s enough.
I’m enough.
For me.
Someday I won’t be.
But i’ll figure it out.
I have to.



I love going to football games
From the goals to the fans to when your best player picks up a next match ban
To the pitches lines to the steak and kidney pies
I love going to football games
From scoring a last minute winner to running home for dinner
When you miss a chance and you know it was your last
I love going to football games



House of noise, sound of murder
One step inside and you change forever
Here you forget, as your life passes
Outside another person.
Finding ways to fight, deal or cope
Another step into the house
Another part broken away
People seeing right through me
Like I’m a shadow
Another step
And the world forgets
There I go to a better place.



My dogs a warrior, he is a courier around the park where he loves to bark,
He is cute and tubby, grubby for a munch,
Where he loves to eat from breakfast to lunch
He was broken and lonely abandoned into the cold sea
Like a broken dead bee
He’s nervous and scared frightened and shy
Now grown up like a professional spy
Still boat ready to live like a goat.

Ronan Cullen


Confidence brain and brawn a hollow shell
A future bright or a common hell
Of admiration and expectation
Constant looming treat of stagnation
Hopes of money fame and joy
Alas I’m still a boy
It feels so far to fall
Yet I have achieved nothing at all
To be a doctor or CEO
That is the status quo
To be be less than the best, a failure

My dream my hopes my expectations will be my saviour
Tar away this false mask
In my glory my fame i will bask
A hollow shell
Fillled with burning fire
From the pits of hell
To be my own god I aspire
When they made me
I broke the mold

Eric Betts

Hit or Miss

Hit or miss, its muffin time
You have to realize that schools a waste of time
Ok I’ll be Genji
Not all people in life are friendly
But while I was busy thinking bout boys
Girls be playing with them hearts like they’re toys
But if my lover boy still doesn’t answer I simply say
Do whatever you want any time or day.

Seán Jordan


Go on about reputation,
Couldn’t care less about education,
“Wear that jacket” they say,
Tryna make us look ‘okay’,
They don’t care about self-expression,
This societal obsession,
With getting us straight into a profession,
They keep up this masquerade,
Of caring ’bout what we have to say,
All they really want is our grades,
I don’t care about this charade,
I’m only here for the final accolade.

Matthew Mulcahy

The Nerves

The nerves come before the serves
The handshake as the earth quakes beneath your feet
The long walk and the small talk
The ball starts to spin and I know if I’ll win
The awkward volleys or the glorious rallies
‘You ready’ they say…now the mind games are at play
Inside I’m agitated outside I’m exhilarated
‘Yes I’m ready’ now I’m steady
Now the nerves are no more and I start to serve



Football is war
It’s like knocking on the door
Of the devils gate
It gets you stitches
Its sort of like a blind date
Don’t know what to expect
All of a sudden you’re getting checked
By the dirty fullback
You’re always open to get decked
But the feeling of scoring
Is much too quality
Especially when you get roaring
In the face of the fullback
To show him how much you’re soaring
In the heat of the moment
Is when its best
Showing everyone your better
Better than the rest


Best Years of your Life

Best years of your life
I cannot believe this
What next,
So much expectation I need to be bliss
I can’t cope I falling into abyss
Next thing
I have to drink so much I am constantly drunk

I have to decide about my future
That’s just not right
I am always in turmoil
But I can’t give up the fight

I need to get a job, I need to study
Trying to work so hard I’m bloody
All this crap has me confused
I cannot cope my brain is bruised

Ciaran Brennan

Wake Up

Wake-up to the noise of the buzz
Take a shower, why? because
Get ready to cycle to school
Don’t wear a helmet trying to be cool
Trying to fit in
Where do I begin?

Sit in class quiet as can be
When a teacher asks a question I say bye to my glee
The fear of making a mistake
Oh it does makes my insides ache
All day long
I long to belong

When I hear the bell
I’m free from my cell
I go home to my house
Others call it the madhouse
This my life
Stop twisting the knife

You have to agree
How can’t you see?
There are lots of people just like me
Why do you disagree?
I’m just trying to be me

Ciarán Corcoran


I love it when I’m on the pitch
And my team mates are shouting switch
I feel alive when I have the ball
But like every good feeling it has to come and fall
It was like being shot when I broke my leg
And that six weeks laying in bed
Please dont be that bad I beg
But then I got up and I came back
Not playing football it felt like a smack

Frankie Kelly Corrigan

Day after Day

Same thing day after day
First class in
Another essay
All this pressure
My patience wearing thin

School finally ends
And the pressure starts again
It’s cool to drink, cool to smoke
Sure look “have blow of this yoke”

Don’t care what people think
“I don’t give a rats”
I wish that was true
I really need to re-think
If only this could all start anew


What I Want

Am I doing what I want?
Or am I only doing this course to avoid working shopfront?
To impress my parents?
Make them feel proud?
Because what i wanted to pursue
I wasn’t allowed
It doesn’t guarantee an income
Nor is it secure
These words have crushed so many dreams before mine
And I won’t be the last unless we realign
Re-evaluate our principles
This moral divide
Because what’s truly not secure
Is working a nine to five
A job that you hate
Where you feel deprived
Of anything rewarding
Just a waste of time
When you feel your mind
Beginning to decay
You’ll think to yourself
Sure, its just another day
I’ll wait for the weekend
And then i’ll feel fine
But it no longer works
I’ve begun to decline
And after twenty five years
I’ve stepped on my own landmine.


Game or War

Listen many people think hurling is a game
But it isn’t a sport, it isn’t the same
When you step on that pitch
You know you’ve gone into a ditch,
You don’t know whats going on or what you’ve got yourself into
The one thing you know is you have to get yourself through
Hurls flying left , flying right,
Sliotar’s too fast gone outta sight
Nobody wants to lose its like all out war
The opposition screaming at you ‘you no good little whore’
Ref blows his whistle,
If you win let out a scream
If you lose you want it all to be a bad dream

Peter Keane

Man’s Done

Man’s done out here (all of that all of that)
Here all this crap in me ear
Rumour glaor(kick down doors)
The opps lack (chingy)
There attack fake like the wage gap (skrrr)
Caught man on roads(lack)
Was out with the bro’s (chingy)
The opps r silly
Opps, miss lukaku
Opps on who
Opps are where
Chase after them
There scared
Out straight it’s mayhem
Drill thing like am(am)



I was once asked why don’t you kill yourself
Completely straight face not meant as an insult
Then they act shocked when I snap
When I’m one ‘get over it ‘ from going to prison
Then suddenly it turns to ‘I understand’, how?
You break my mind, then you say you get it?
No, you don’t and you won’t until I make you
And trust me that is a place you don’t want to go
And if you get here I’ll be waiting, laughing
And then, you have my permission to die.



Outside I’m poor, inside I’m rich,
You’re a two timing slag, you’re a no good bitch.
I gave you my all and u said no to my face,
Didn’t want ye anyway ye big fat disgrace.

Time has passed, people grow,
Do me a favour, you need to shave that dirty afro

I play small ball now, that’s my thing,
You don’t wanna see me cause I’ve that bling,
Don’t mean to brag but that could’ve been you
Wearing that engagement ring.

Bryan Keogh


Feds out trying to get the bros
But we still light that spliff
Chilling with the bros while the ops
Out trying to get lurky,
Out lurking for the snapchat vids
But I swear we had them dashing
I ain’t trying end up on udn
Chill on your block like you never been

Ben Fitzgibbon