St. Anne’s Secondary School, Rosanna Rd, Tipperary Town, Co. Tipperary

How Are You?


How are you?

How am I?


I am.

Materialised claustrophobia suffocating in silence,

Materialised acrophobia falling from the heavens,

Materialised hydrophobia drowning in the murky, watery depths,

Materialised arachnophobia tangled in an inescapable, wicked web of lies,

Materialised hemophobia dripping in scarlet coloured liquid,


But I’ll fearlessly reply,

Stating my assured sanity,

Hopelessly trying to convince myself of the lie,

To escape the truth and subsequent calamity,

That I am fine,

Even when I’m not at all,

When I last was,

I can’t even recall.



“The R Word”


I was 15 when I found out.

“15 years too late” is what

My mother said when we

Received that all-important

Letter of diagnosis.


You could argue that a

Diagnosis isn’t that important

Since it gives you a label and

“Labels are just for clothes”.

But it’s important to me, because

Now I finally know why I get anxious

When I make eye-contact or

Why I get overwhelmed when

There’s too many people talking around me.


Now I know why kids would call

Me slurs in the primary school

Playground when I

Couldn’t understand the game rules.


I am disabled.

I am someone who has

“Special Abilities” and needs

“Extra supports”.


But I’m still human.

You can call me the

R-Word all you want.

You can make fun of me

For stimming and for

Hating certain textures

All you want.

But at the end of the day,

I am human.




Sometimes in life

We go through strife

We stumble

We fall

But it’s important to know

You’ll get through it all

You’ll overcome fear

And begin to grow


When Can I?


‘Boys will be boys’ our elders say

They can pull your hair and call you names but you can’t retaliate



They say


But when do I get to act like a fool

Act like a ‘boy’

Act like my age instead of an old woman


When can I walk at night without keys as a weapon

Or be able to have respect in a room full of deep voices?

When can I act like a boy?


The Sun will Shine


Once this pandemic is over,

I will live the life I am told about,

The good and bad things,

Each new experience is an adventure,

The sun will shine, the birds will sing,

Life will be normal and we can resume things.




I feel happy alone but alive with friends

I feel sad when my favourite character dies but sadder some of the time

I feel at home with family with also with a book

I feel pride when I create something nice but shame when I remember moments in time

But most of all I feel content for the rest of my life is yet…


When will Our Teenage Years be Back


One day back in March, our lives changed.

Masks everywhere schools shut Netflix obsessions TikTok trends going viral online school

What is going on here we all thought.

We could hear the birds singing animals mooing with less cars on the road.

We stay inside to help people on the frontline and support each other through this tough time.

Thinking of when things will get back to normal is all we do.

Thinking of summer the sun the fun we will have, football matches, beaches, friends and no school.

Its been a whirlwind of year but we can do this we just need to have hope.


I Want


I work hard

I am determined

And I definitely do not quit

But what about if this is not enough

I want to grow up having done something

I want to walk into a room without introduction and have everybody know my name

I don’t want to live my life by just existing

I want to have done something great

I don’t want fame

I just want people to know my name


The Little Things


From staying up all night

To sleeping in all day

From watching the same movies over and over

To blasting the same songs over and over

From warm summer nights to brisk winter mornings

From spinning my vinyl to listening to Billy Idol

From the warm sand beneath my toes to finally getting new clothes

Enjoy the little things


Online Learning


Online learning is a bust.

It is terribly hard to adjust.

Days spent all day in my bedroom.

I’d rather be with my friends in a classroom.

Juggling an amount of work in our hands.

Because it is in such demand.

Oh I can’t wait till this lockdown is done.

Hopefully when we go back there is nice sun.


Daily Chores


I eat my porridge that looks like gruel

Knowing I’m going to miss the school bus

Because it comes so early which is just cruel

I sneak through the school halls with my head down

Only to slip on a bag and now looking like a clown

I prop myself up with the help of my hand

To stop me from falling asleep in this boring class I don’t understand

Once the bell rings I’m gone out the door

But never satisfied knowing I’ve to go home and do my chores