St Angela’s Ursuline Secondary School, Ballytruckle Rd, Co. Waterford

Cold Burns

I’ve read a story once, of a boy with a piece of the night sky inside,

with a hunger that would never be gone,

Even when he drank a part of the sun.
I’ve read about the seven types of love the Greeks believed in,

Of how love was more than one thing in our existence.
I have the space for all these types of love

I think, and as the boy with a piece of the night sky,

There’s no end in sight.
I’ve been told this type of love is unconventional,

That certain types belong to certain genders, that

I overstep my boundaries, that I should be quiet and love who I’m told to love.
I don’t think this is right, but I’m told to be quiet.

I’m told to go in search of the sun,

Fill up this space, and love only one
The night sky sounds nicer, a cold drink on a warm night,

A cold breeze to cool a sunburnt body,

A cold hand on a feverish forehead.
I’ve always preferred the cold,

So I’ll stick with a never-ending part of me.
They say this makes me selfish, but I don’t agree.

Bright Lights

I float in solidarity,

With only the company of my beating heart,

Disconnected from reality,

Me and my peers are worlds apart.

For a long time I floated in the same place,

Stuck alone in a galaxy beyond

I often find myself stuck here in outer space,

And when I call for help, no one responds.

But as I look into the horizon

I see a bright light,

And with bright lights come hope,

And as I float farther towards the light

Someone passes me a rope

All I Wish

The wise words that fell from your jaw,

Always left me thinking in awe.

The strongest fiercest man that I knew,

Inside was all but blue.

I wish I knew the weight of your pain,

The last time I saw you walk down that lane.

There’s no words left for me to say to you,

All I wish was I said I loved you.

What I’ve Learned

What I’ve learned throughout the years is

You may even drift from people you love the most

People mature, grow up, move on,

Fall out of love, whatever the situation

You will always have space reserved in my heart and my mind

What hurts the most, I’m not sure if you care anymore,

But you text me every once in a while to keep me attached.

Maybe I’m just a sensitive girl, who needs a bit of reassurance and love

Just from you though.

I need to move on, like you did

I’m not ready to say goodbye to all the memories just yet.

Hug me one more time and tell me everything will be alright.

I feel safe, safe in your arms, feels like home.

The Bright Spark

The light was lost,

When you left the world,

You left a gaping hole in our hearts,

Your joy,

Your laughter,

Your bubbly smile

Your memory will live on.

I feel enraged,

I feel enraged,

Enraged that you were taken so young

Doing something you loved so dear

My world feels so empty,

Without your glowing light,

I will hold your memory tight,

I will bring it with me through my life

An Unbroken Love through Time

Love is like a blooming rose,

It grows and grows

Till it can’t grow no more.

The undying love,

Between a girl and her dog,

Is like none to compare.

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey,

My first true love,

By my side,

Through every storm,

From nought to 12

From 12 to 24

Always by my side.

When I felt myself slipping into sleep at night,

I knew you were safe by my side.

The World I used to Know

I saw trees, I saw bees

Heard the rain on my window pane,

I saw white clouds, blue skies, green grass and mountains,

Saw rivers and seas so vast and so thin.

I saw clean air, ice caps, polar bears and all of that,

Saw forests and sunny weather, saw people happy and sad-never.

Now I see the rain so dark, clouds are grey,

No light in the sky,

Hurricanes, storms, heatwaves and flooding,

Ice caps melting, the polar bears running.

Forest fires, heat so burning and prolonged,

The world I used to know is slowly gone.

Love is Love

Love is missing someone close to you

Even when they constantly make you feel blue.

It’s that person who never leaves your head

But is sleeping next to you in your bed.

Love is hurt and hatred as well as joy and jolly.

It’s loving someone too much you just can’t believe your luck.

They say love is more trouble than it’s worth but that’s just people’s opinion on earth.

Love is love.

Teenage Years

I’m part of a broken generation

I can’t tell left from right

Or love from lust

Everything is fake

Every direction is wrong

I haven’t gotten to live yet

In the best years of my life

Time’s Ticking

You only get seven teen years,

From the age of thirteen to nineteen,

And we have spent almost three of them in lockdown.

We haven’t gotten to do the fun things

that people do when they are teenagers,

We haven’t been able to go out

Meet new people or travel.

We haven’t been able to go to parties and discos and everything that is fun.

We’ve been stuck behind a screen learning things that we don’t need,

Preparing ourselves for an exam we never had,

And now we’ve got three years left to live our teenage lives. Time’s ticking.

The System

The systems system on the justice of black lives

Is screwed up

Movies on racism have Caucasian directors, producers and cast

Ironic right?

But still no change

I always that it was funny how they show the happy ending for black people

But that’s never the case the ending for most of us is a white man with a gun in our face


Love is like a drug,

Once you have it you don’t want to let it go.

When it’s gone, you get withdrawals.


I think I see myself differently

Than my family, friends and strangers do,

There’s something special

About sitting and thinking alone,

It’s not because I don’t like talking

Or being around people,

It’s the fact that when I talk

I still feel all on my own.


We play every match on a pitch, but it seems like it’s just a ditch,

We play and play and play, but camogie just gets put to stray,

Just because we are girls, and hold hurls,

We just aren’t as important as boys, we don’t get as much noise.

It’s just so unfair girls get put into mid-air.

It’s time to put this to and end and stop the stupid trend.


You abandoned me

You, what are you talking about?

All night, you barely even danced with me

Don’t make me laugh, I’ve been trying all night

You’ve been shaking your ass for like half of the heights

Real nice

You barely gave me a chance all evening


Do I get another dance?

I’m leaving


Smooth like butter

Like a criminal under cover

Gonna pop like trouble breaking into heart

Like that cool shade stunner ye owe it all to my mother

Hot like summer ye I’m making you sweat like that

School Days

Snarky glares and intense stares, coming from each classroom.

Walking into school each day, wondering what will happen.

The unbuttoned shirts and rolled up skirts, a slip might be given.

Everyone feels something different but one thing’s certain,

This school is like a dungeon.

People act Posh

People act posh, but really there lost.

They’ve forgot who they are, whilst driving their 212 car.

Money means nothing, when your children are hurting.

You wanted to get away, but what away from “I dunno” you said, RUN, RUN, RUN.

My overlook on society is don’t do everything quietly

Hand in Hand

I woke up mid-July

Surrounded by red white and blue on every wall up in the sky

Ulster flags union jack

You’re in Ulster now the unions back

God’s people’s in God’s land

We’re all equal

Hand in hand

What to Write

I don’t know what to write

I’m not that good at it

But I’m writing this to spite

Myself a little bit

So I’m writing this to me

To prove I can do anything

If I try and I’m good you’ll see

It will be a pretty little thing


R4 is red
R2 is blue
If I was

the force

then I’d be

with you.


The lingering stench
after the 3 o clock tick
Eyes shoot open knowing what’s next
Counting the steps, one, two, three, four
Eyes fixated on the lock of the door
My fingers sink into the pillow as a brace
The house shakes, hearing the silence break
Breathing focused
I’m the hair on the loose trigger


I’m tired of lying.
I’m tired of being sad.
I’m tired of crying on the inside. I’m tired of being depressed.
I’m tired of not saying words that I used to say
That would scare everyone away.
I’m tired of food tasting the same.
I’m tired of music not sounding how it once was.
I’m tired of not feeling anything.
So you know what, yeah.
Call me depressed.

I’m tired.

My Last War

Let’s start a new life
from the darkness
Until the light
reveals the end
Sinister faces,
growing curses
This is my last war.


We’re told how to dress, how to speak, how to act.
When we question it we get an ambiguous response.
We rebel against it we’re judged.
We are shaped to fit ‘the perfect mould’
to hide our individuality.
We learn to mask our feelings, to fit in with the crowd…..
When we are made to stand out.


Some feelings are shallow, 

Some feelings are deep.
Some make us smile, some make us weep.
Some we love, some we don’t.
Some we’ll savor, some we won’t.
No matter what feelings I’m feeling today,
I know tomorrow is only a day away.

A Woman Scorned

I hope his pillow is warm on both sides
I hope his charger breaks so it only works at certain angles

So when he wakes up in the morning his phone is on 1%
I hope he steps in water with socks on
I hope he shows up to school in uniform on a no uniform day
I hope he walks into a glass door and everyone sees
I hope whenever he tries to make toast

It’s either undercooked or overcooked

So he’ll never have the perfect piece of toast
I hope someone mistakes him for a homeless person

Tries to give him spare change
I hope when he makes a joke no one laughs and there’s an awkward silence
That little tramp stole my chocolate
I hope he chokes on it

Move On

People say move on
“He’s just a boy”
But he’s more than that
He’s the reason I wake up in the morning
Kind and charming
Makes my heart smile
I just wanted him to stay awhile 

Yippee Yay

I am me
You are you
That’s what we are meant to do
Fun all day
Let go play
Love this day
Yippee yay

Poopy-di scoop

Whoopity-scoop, whoop-poop
Poop-diddy, whoop-scoop
Poop, poop

Jakku Queen

There once was a girl on Jakku
Who denied what she already knew
Along came a droid
Which she couldn’t avoid
And now she stand on Ahch-to

The game I play each day

Where there is always some foul play
We try our best to obey the crest
A point over the bar,
Can make you an all star
A goal in the back of the net,
Will make the other team sweat
We do it for our team

And to make our coach’s beam

Dawn Sun

She walked through the familiar corridor, lowly lit by the dewy dawn sun
Another day of wanting nothing more but to have someone
Inhaling a blow of cold morning air, if you gave her a spare second she’d run
For her, each day’s a new challenge, in her dreams school was meant to be fun
The sniggers the laughs the whispers the darting eyes
She was known as the girl who never acts, never talks but they never hear her cries



A flower blooms and glow
As the day seems to grow
The children are laughing playing
Sun is shining


Why sit and listen and act like you care?
Why sit and give me advice and pretend that you relate?
Why give me a shoulder to cry on when nobody else was there?
Why swear to secrecy that you’ll keep my problems to yourself?
Because I trusted you to do so because I had no one else.
My trust in you is now lost because you couldn’t stick to your promise.