St. Angela’s College, St Patrick’s Hill, Shandon, Co. Cork


Equality, they told us, is here.
Equality, they told us, has now appeared.
Equality, they told us, is why you all live in a world where everyone has the same opportunities.
Equality, they told us, is the reason you all live in a loving community.
Here we sit in our “equal world”, blessed to live in this generation.
Here we sit in our “equal world”, where 1 in 7 people are suffering from starvation.
Here we sit, in our “equal world”, where women are paid less than men.
Here we sit in our “equal world”, where marginalisation happens again and again.
Here we sit in our “equal world”, where 100,000,000 children are homeless.
Here we sit in our “equal world”, where everyone has to try hard just to be noticed.

Equality, they told us, is here.



We are teens, forced to behave like adults but treated like kids
Forced to learn equations
For a good occupation.
But why?
Suffering through teenage years, told its the best years of our lives
Were judged on our weight, height and appearances
And forced to show the world a perfect appearance
How is it supposed to be the best time of our lives?
When we are judged and forced to be someone were not



I can be anything I want to be
You tell me
I am young, bright, curious, talented, fierce, independent, inspired
Am I?
It has been you who has told me this, who has made me these things.
You have poured your hearts and souls and time and money into raising me to be the future.
One better than yours.
And what have I done I done in return?
Complained, too tired, no time, leave me alone, I want to go to bed, skip this week, day off please.
Am I lazy?
Have I taken your efforts for granted?
Is it my fault?
Can there be an excuse for this?
“She’s a teenager, she’s in a rough patch, she’ll get there eventually”
You know me as relaxed, put together, chilled out, cool as a cucumber but
Am I?
Try new things. Be an adventure.
What do I want to do today, tomorrow, next time, whenever, forever? What.
What person am I? Want to be.
You have given me everything
But even still I have found a way to mess it up
You have given me so many opportunities, pathways, which one do I take?
I don’t want regrets.
I’m confused
I’m worried
I’m upset
I should be happy.
Who knows? Tomorrow I might be

Fiadh Kelleher

I Will Never Forget You

This is love. Maybe. I’m not sure, if it’s love.
Love is for every person different.
Love means to like somebody and miss somebody.
Missing could also have a different meaning to every person.
It depends on the person.
On the character of the person and on the way how he is thinking.
I’m missing you. I now know what missing and love is for me.
I can feel the meaning on my life point. On my heart.
Now I would love to be with you.
Staying with you and talking about the older times
And I want to listen attentive to your stories.
I love it, if you are talking about your life and if you share your life with me.
I will share my life with you every time. You mean a lot to me.
I hope you know this. You don’t often say “I love you”,
But this does not stop me to say “I love you.”
I know that you won’t always be there, but it feels like it.
You don’t now, what I would do to never lose you.
If you go our memories are staying.
You will always have a place in my heart.
I will never forget you.



We are all humans,
Trying our best
All our feelings are oppressed
We are like numbers in the yellow pages
We cant see inside their heads
But often enough they’re filled with dread

Caitriona Sheehy

To Fate I Resign

Her lips brush against mine,
I back away and laugh
Afraid I’ve misunderstood a sign

It’s messy and I balk
I don’t know what I’m doing,
I fear she’s going to walk
My heart in my throat,
She leans in and I fall,
A Bird craps on my coat.

Her lips brush against mine,
I laugh but don’t leave,
To fate I resign.

Rachel Hurley Roche

When I’m Loving You

I am a piano singing and humming,
Broken chords and rests whistling through the night.
I am a box of many sides,
Some that are shown and those kept inside.
There’s people who say things, who misunderstand,
How it feels when I’m near her, when I hold her hand
They is not right,
That is ugly and untrue,
But how is it not right,
When I’m loving you.
To say I am broken, to say I am blind,
To say that I left those who hurt me behind,
Though there are people who tore me apart,
I know that she loves me with all of her heart.
So I’ll say this, to that girl that was blue,
What is so wrong with me loving you?


When the World Falls Down

When the world falls down,
There’s nothing to be done.

The gaping hole takes away the light.
It sucks up your hope, and drains away your fight.
Emptiness. You can feel the gap, deep inside,
You put up a face, you try to hide.

But nothing.

You sense it, as you go to share
A joke, or a story. But they aren’t there.
They’ve left you, and taken your heart,
There’s everything to end, and nothing to start.

They’re gone.

In their wake, you’re left unstable,
You try to hold on, but you’re unable.
They have taken your soul, they have taken your hope,
All you can do, is try to cope.

You can’t.

When all is said and done, they made you whole,
They left you not by choice, but by something they can’t control.
They took a leap, and fell
Thus dragging you into this hell.

When you have lost your entire world,
Your soul, your heart, your reason for living.
Why are you expected to hold on?
When you can fall too.

With shaking hands, and unsteady feet,
You take a step, and hope to meet.
You close your eyes, and count to ten,
Then jump.

When the world falls down,
There’s nothing to be done.
Except to fall with them.

Aobha Wall

Just Keep Dreaming

I spend my life dreaming,
Images and thoughts sparkle in my mind,
Of beautiful Music,
Of wonderful encounters,
Or of me being who I truly am,
I never question my dreams,
They serve as another world for me,
I world that I can go to and bring my dreams alive,
Always act on your dreams,
Never be afraid.
Imagine if you knew you could never fail.
And dive into your dreams like a swimming pool of happiness,
They will come true.

Helen Rutledge


The drive over is exciting.
Anticipation has been building for days.
Hearing people on the radio, fighting
Over who will take the crown.
As you see the city appear, your hands begin to cramp.
Out of the car, different colours surround you.
You are unused to this kingdom.
It is unfamiliar.
The walk to the castle is unnerving;
Unknown alleys are foreboding, people you don’t know pass you by.
You reach the palace gates and people pass you by,
Grinning, painted faces surround you.
The whites of their eyes stand out,
They seem almost inhuman.
You stand, in a line, ticket in hand,
A queue behind you is forming.
Pushing and pulling to get ahead, people jostle your back.
You fight for your position there,
Desperate to get in, desperate to show your love for the fight.
You finally enter and the entrance is filled with an array of bodies,
Friend and foe, but it always seems like foe overcomes you.
You are directed to your place and you wait
For what seems like an age.
You speak with peers, nervously,
Hands sweating, fear building
As the knights walk into the arena.
A siren roars and you take a deep breath.
It has begun.


Move On

I am the clock ticking away,
Counting down the minutes until they can move on.
I am the bell that rings every 40 minutes,
Telling everyone it’s time to move on.
I am the big heavy grey door,
Opening and closing as students and teachers move on.
I am the small round window,
Looking in at everyone leaving class and moving on.
I am the room bright colourful room down the hall,
Welcoming all the students and teachers in,
As they begin to start it all again.

Niamh McHugh


Bloodied wrist
And frenzied thoughts
That always insist
On ending it all with simple knots

Telling them they’re worthless,
That society has no place for them
Feeling hopeless
And like an absolute scum

“Please don’t do it”
“Don’t leave them”
These words that seem to fit,
Repeated by those who won’t succumb
To the plague

Zoe Wong


Everyone will die no matter how they live their lives
Whether you live your life full of boredom
Whether you get yourself into the worst trouble you can
Whether you exercise and eat the healthiest of healthy food
Whether you abuse your body with drugs and alcohol
Whether you take that risk and express your feelings
Whether you keep everything boxed up in your head not letting anyone in
Whether you travel the world far and wide
Whether you stay in the same spot your whole life
Whether you get an education or not
Whether you live a life of poverty or wealth
People live their lives differently
These are all just ingredients
That you have to choose when making yours

Julie Wiseman


You contemplate.
Always reasoning what it all means.
See most of the world crumbling before you
So many sycophants clawing at each other
Only to determine who is truly the lowest
Much of this planet in a measured decay
Sad isn’t it how little influence we really have
In everyday we see how much and how little each of us is worth.
“Everything happens for a reason.”



You have no idea what is going on in someone’s head
Pain, anxiety, a wish to be dead
But all that is masked by a broken smile
By someone that thinks they’re not worthwhile
They sit in class, laugh with their friends
But deep down they want it all to end
They go home and fall asleep
With an aching heart and tear stained cheeks

Doireann Hayden

Junior Cert

I am sitting,
Wobbly desk, cold chair
Scrawled notes and diagrams overflow in my mind
I stare absent minded out the window, the scorching sun beating my face
You could hear a pin drop except for the thud of the invigilator’s feet
As she walks up the rows of pupils handing out the papers
The urgent recollection of what I have learned in the last three years
Panic sets in as the exam starts
I scribble down essay after essay, drawing diagram after diagram
Trying to remember what was said when I was half asleep in class
A wave of relief when she says ‘pens down, your time is up’
The rush of students out of the hall discussing the answers
I leave knowing that I will never do a Junior Cert exam again…



Her hand is warm,
Her eyes are soft,
I think I’m ready for the oncoming storm.

Strangers stare,
Her hand burns in mine,
But Her, she just laughs as though it’s fair

The centre of attention,
Her jaw decidedly set,
I feel the tension.

Her hand is cold.
Her eyes are hard.
I fear she’s no longer mine to hold.

Rachel Hurley Roche


I left my house to find a new world be understood and guess what?
I understood that my place was the one I have just left.
I understood that my life was perfect or at least it made me happy.
Happiness. What is that? Do you think you’re not happy?
You’re wrong, you may not found the right persons,
Or you’re not in your place, the place where you are free to express yourself.
So travel. Go away. Discover the world and you’ll see you will discover yourself.
My family, my friends, they love me for who I really am and now I love me too.
I love myself in my warts and all and this is the key for the mental health.
Yes, that’s the one the teacher always told you at school.
Just do what you like and don’t think you’re worse than others,
Believe in yourself and nothing will be impossible.

Angelica Coviello

For Her

Watching her draw
I hear the life on the page,
Oh for Her,
The wars I would wage.

Rachel Hurley Roche

Here we Are

Here we are,
Sitting in a school, learning things that we will never use in everyday life.
Expected to get enough vitamin d by the department of whatever,
When all we do is come into school when its dark and coming out when its dark.
Expected to do at least an hour of exercise
When teachers give us unrealistic amounts of study and homework.
Expected to get enough sleep but how can we sleep
Knowing we have to repeat this relentless cycle four more times
Until we reach that glorious thing called “the weekend”.
The leaving certificate will never prepare us for the outside world
But the government refuse to think for a minute that they could wrong.
We must end this before it ends us.



People overthink what you say, and use it to slowly bite chunks of your words out of context.
People are careless about your feelings if they can be collected into a quick joke.
People care about themselves so much it just never feels like you get a thought from anybody.
People like funny people and happy people
And people who shine, and sometimes you feel like
You are just going to have to be a shadow forever.


People are soft when you haven’t met in weeks
And they go for a hug right away and they smell like home.
People can make the worst, craziest things so funny your cheeks hurt from smiling for hours.
People will text you so randomly, just before you realise you missed them.
People are bright and worth loving.


Who am I?

I am the silence huddled in a corner.
I am the sheep patiently following the shepherd.
I am maths, a complex problem.
I am the computer, precise and logical.

But, I am also the helpful friend, the informer.
I can be music, with sound and a record.
I am a rock, steady and solemn.
I am only human, and am ideological.

But who am I really?
I am the poet, whose voice you use to read this poem.

Isobel Phelan-Healy


There is moment you need him the most,
He disappoints you because the magic is lost,
You need a new heart and a new boy,
You can’t stop think about him and you don’t know where to go….
The hours pass and you keep looking at your phone,
Waiting if the answer will be yes or no…
You think this is over but it didn’t even start,
You can’t live without him,
You love him to the moon and back.
Your friends are trying to change your mind,
But whatever happened you will never change that.
He was your fist love, he made you feel the great,
That’s why what is hurting you we call it heartbreak

Rebeca Peris Noguera

3 years

For 3 years I let you knock me down,
For 3 years I let your words get to me,
For 3 years you found a way to break my confidence
And make me feel like I was the one in the wrong,
For 3 years you made me feel insecure,
Made whatever friends I had turn against me,
For 3 years you tore me up inside.

3 years later that insecurity is still there,
Your words still ring out in my head,
Like knives piercing through my heart,
Your actions still vivid in my eyes.

But 3 years on I’ve made a new life,
New friends,
Ones that are caring and kind,
I’ve had more opportunities,
Ones that will last with me forever,

3 years later I have a future,
And nothing you say,
No words, or actions,
Will ever change that,
3 years later,
I finally have a life.

Teresa-Maria O Shea

Our Society

Our society,
Is like a comedy.
We bully others for their differences,
And judge them based on their images.
We are all human,
We need to save ourselves from oblivion.
Our generation needs more diversity,
And inequality should not be normality.

Ava and Aoife


I was sitting at a computer waiting for the tutor,
Its way to early, it’s all so blurry,
It is so cruel how we have to go to school,
It is hell when I hear the bell,
They want us to learn but we just burn,
So much on our plate this why we hate,
I cry and ask why.

Grace Healy


She was at the sesh
Showing some flesh
A strange man
Handed her a can
Can’t remember what happened next
But she knows from the wrapper from a durex
What ever happened wasn’t good
It was the end of her childhood

She went to the shades the next day
They were quick to turn her away
Because of her bad reputation
This strayed her into frustration
This just proves that our nation
Is stuck in a state of fixation

All so quick to blame the victim
Were too afraid to contradict them
Blame the girl it’s so easy
Just go ahead and called me sleazy

Next time she show some skin
Her chances of survival are thin
Something has to be done
Cause the lads think it’s all a bit of fun
Their mother’s should be ashamed of their son
The way that they have become
But they aren’t because its accepted
The problem is being neglected

So the next time you cry rape
Make sure you have it on video tape
Because they don’t believe the evidence
It’s just a matter of irrelevance.

Sophie Callinan and Hannah O’Mahony


The scream from her throat,
The screech from the brakes,
Within seconds my body begins to shake.
The impact from her body hitting the car,
Is stuck in my mind,
An everlasting scar.
It all happened so quickly,
They say there’s no one to blame,
But here I am,
Black dress, black tights,
Standing in the rain.
I could’ve stopped her,
But I froze instead.
The hardest goodbyes
Are the ones that don’t get to be said.

Anna Lucey

I’m Unique

I’m not good at being creative
I like Maths, Geography, and Science
I don’t like Music or Art or English
I’m good at school
I’m good at remembering
I’m good at understanding concepts
But I’m unique
As is everyone else
I’m lucky because school caters for people like me
My friends hate school
They are creative and sociable
They love sport sand hate tests

Gemma O Sullivan

Love and Hate

I come from a world full of love and hate
As I’m typing this I sit next to my mate

My school here tells me that I do not try
I smile, nod, and try not to cry

I do not know how to spell a single word
To be honest my family is quite absurd

I play sport, its actually my life
There’s only one person who supports me and that’s my dad’s wife

I am a broken sculpture
My life has no structure

I hope my close ones don’t leave me
They need to be there as I try to blossom like a fruit tree

Olwyn Ryan-Bovey


They teach you work
Like English Irish, Maths, to pass exam
And then that’s that
You go to college and learn some more
Soon after that
You’re kicked out the door

Your next chapter begins
Excited to strive
Soon after this you’re hurt inside
Anxiety and pain
Your life’s not going right
You don’t know what to do
Because the school system is crap

Alanna O’Connor

Glaring at the Ceiling

Glaring at the ceiling, whilst laying on my bed,
Trying to drown out the thoughts running in my head.
From music to screams, to attempting to smile,
As I walk the path of judgement, as if on trial.
The one thing that brings me true joy,
Consuming my every being.
I try to act coy.
I pretend like everything is ok,
Stopping people from seeing…
That all I do is try
And all I do is fail.

Isabel Janssen Cahill

She Walks

She walks with such swagger
And then throws a quick dagger
She always flicks her hair
When she has gossip to declare
She constantly brags
About the time she smoked fags
She is sooo vain
She is a dragon that needs to be slain
She is soo fake nice
But eventually she will pay the price
Shes always causing drama
I hope she gets hit with karma
Well that’s all I have to say
Far away from her I will stay
She gets on my nerves
And she better get what she deserves

Kiara Cannon Lynch


South America inside out
The paintball splat that screams and shouts
Your muscular physique all so strong is a symbol of our special bond

You let me place a saddle on your back
A sacred place that makes me free
Just how a dog barks and a duck quakes
To forever be with you is the one thing I lack

Laura Murphy


Her name is Miranda,
She’s a giant panda,
She’s friends with Amanda,
Along with Alexandra

She sits on her ass, eating the grass
She lives on a throne, made of limestone,
She never moves and some disapprove

She lives with her child whose running wild,
In the jungle she’ll climb till the end,
Along with her mom who will defend


Each Day

Each day I look at the boring school textbooks
Which supposedly help in the future with chequebooks,
I think about the future and all the places to go
From BalI to New York and even Glasgow,
I wish the future could be this way
But something tells me I’ll be feeling dismay,
I’d love to travel and see all the food and culture
Of all the places I have heard from my friends and one another,
I know I am still young and there are so many places to see
But there is so much excitement and anticipation inside of me

Jessica Stokes

Child of Gold

At the age of five,
Into the world you dive,
On your first day of school,
You think you’re pretty cool,
Quite amazing in fact,
But how long will that stay intact?

You stepped inside,
Taking everything in your stride,
As the years went on,
This thought was withdrawn,

Ten years old,
Things start to take a turn,
That child of gold,
Develops concern,
She questions herself,
Is she good enough?

Fifteen years now,
Will things ever get better?
She cant see how,
That cruel letter.

Black skirt,
Black dress,
Standing in the rain,
She’s gone,
All that’s left is pain.

That child of gold,
Believed what she was told.

Sinead and Lia


We don’t need feminism they said,
As my primary school teacher asked for 3 strong boys to help lift a table
We don’t need feminism they said,
As two lads followed me in a car while I was just trying to walk my dog
We don’t need feminism they said,
As my friend got paid less than her co-worker
We don’t need feminism they said,
As a 17 year old girls underwear was being held up in court
With the defence saying she was ‘asking for it’
We don’t need feminism they said,
As someone became pregnant by their rapist
We don’t need feminism they said,
As millions of girls around the world are being sold for sex

Laiah Amann

What’s the Point?

In school
Wishing I was in Istanbul
Dreaming of the life
While I’m here learning how
To become a housewife
Why do we get this education?
Why do we spend so long here?
Why do we need all this pointless information?
While I’m stuck here being discriminated by the nation


Our Big Crisis

Global Warming is serious
It’s not mysterious.
The world is dying
And it’s terrifying.
We aren’t caring and
The sun is glaring.
Change needs to happen
Before the earth becomes misshapen.
The sky’s turning grey
Due to foul play.
Our forests are becoming bare
With cloudy air.
Our seas are warming up
And our clouds are storming.
The ozone layer is disappearing
And it isn’t endearing.
Our planets not at it’s prime
And time is running out.

Help our planet to improve
Before we are inevitably removed.

Emma Barry

Bus Music

My biggest fear isn’t of death,
Of that I can look straight in the eye,
It is of something far more terrifying,
Something extremely wild,

It beings on the bus,
Cramped with no dignity,
Squished against strangers,
Surrounded by smells.

I look for hope,
A light in this darkness,
A way to escape the pain,
Anything to distract me.

I play my music on my phone,
Rap, pop, jazz, it all tells a story,
Personal to me,
And only me.

But then,
Horrors upon horrors,
It dawns on me,
I’m being watched.

My music, my space,
The whole bus can hear.
My story, my expressions,
Free no more.

Monica Holohan

The Curtain

The curtain goes up and I take a deep breath
The curtain goes up and I’m filled with butterflies trying to remember each step
The curtain goes up and my sea of thoughts drains away to a trickle
The curtain goes up and and the thunderstorm of anxiety halts to a drizzle
The curtain goes up and I change who I am
The curtain goes up and I open up like the shells of a clam
The curtain goes up and I take a deep breath
The curtain goes up and I take the first step

Ella Burke

Society of Injustice

I am a teenage girl stuck in a society of injustice.
Everywhere I turn there is wrong doing.
From cat calling to sexual assault,
Mild loneliness to severe depression.
People discriminated against for being different and being themselves
For not fitting into societies boxes and matching up to societal standards
And astonishingly being judged for doing what they want to do
And completing what they want to achieve.
It is time for change.

Ria Whyte

We are Women

We are women.
“Supposed to be in the kitchen”?
You’re wrong, we’re driven.
We have a mission,
So give it a listen:
Stop the competition,
Because we’re here with ambition.
Making inequality part of the demolition,
And we will not be overwritten.

Aisling Casey


When we go home
Straight perfect hair is thrown into a messy bun.
Make up comes off fluffy socks go on.
The fake smile vanishes into how we really feel.
Manky green suits turn into the best old jumper you can find,
Oversized but it’s mine.
When we go home, I’m really me.

Ella Collins

Sit Slouched

Sit slouched in a chair
Learning stuff I don’t care
In the same old seat
With certain times to eat

Not allowed my own opinion
I am just a teacher’s minion.
Being tested and graded
This is all so outdated

Students rather die than attend
As they sit with fake friends
Judged for not being the same
It all seems like a game

And to win you must reach 625
Because without it you’ll never thrive,
But once you leave, you’ll wish you were back
Cause life will make you want Prozac.

Orna Moore

The City Buzzes

This city buzzes with love and joy
The spirit of the people the rain comes to destroy
It screams sale prices and bus cancellations
It is stories with misheard narrations
The culture, the nightlife and the chasing of passions
Long past the days of poverty and rations
The city is history, the new and the hopeful
The city is strong and truly global

Ella Horgan


Welcome to the world
Of waking up late
Being disorientated
And forgetting the date
Get into a habit of
Having lots of fun
Not being answerable
To a single person

Yasmin Murphy


Chestnuts roasting
Holidays hosting
Reindeer bolting
Ice skaters skating
Santa slating
Tinwhistle playing
Muisc blaring
Advent calander tearing
Special gifts are sharing

Niamh Cronin


My undying love for chocolate.
I really like chocolate,
Yes I do,
It picks me up when I feel blue.
It lifts me up,
In my darkest times,
And it primes me for the day ahead,
Even when I cannot get out of bed.
It holds me close and it holds me tight,
Even when I know, things aren’t quite right.
I love chocolate,
Yes I do,
And I’m sure chocolate loves me too.

Pia Cronin


Never the sporty girl, she couldn’t kick a ball,
Never the musical geek, she didn’t sing in the halls,
Never the brain box, math’s wasn’t really her thing,
Never the social butterfly, she didn’t like talking.

For her life was a combination,
Of feeling just average in her nation,
And only feeling free,
In her mind where she could be,

Someone different to the rest,
A place she was finally her best,
Where good conquered all,
And the bad would fall.

Monica Holohan

My Cat

When you see my cat
You will think he’s a snack
He may bite or lick you
But he won’t kill you like he used to

As years go by, he started to shrink
Just like my grandma,
He disappeared in just a blink.



Barcelona is magic
Barcelona is a city where everyone can be themselves
Barcelona is where thousands of people come from around the world
Barcelona is every narrow street with art and history in every wall
Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia, the Pedrera and the Casa Batllo
Barcelona is a mix of different cultures that makes it unique
Barcelona is the good sunny weather that everyone would like to have
Barcelona is the beutiful beach full of tourists burned
Barcelona is love, respect and diversity
Barcelona is the city in my heart where I want to live the rest of my life

Elena Polls


Hockey is a not just a game to some it’s like a passion
It has become the newest fashion
More people are playing sport than before
There’s no other greatest feeling in the world is when you score.
If you lose it’s OK because your part of a team
Because once you have a team you can all dream
Once you’re wining
You’ll all be singing

Sheyla Whittaker


The greatest gift of all,
Imagine if I had one at all.
Instead, here I sit looking up words to rhyme simply,
Running out of time.
Keyboard clicking, Misophonia tics.
I can’t even write my own poem.

Amy Gannon

The Perfect Man

The perfect man doesn’t exist
If he did, he would be hard to resist
But this is a lie
Because I know a guy
He’s short, bald and fat
But somehow I like that
A man without out an ego
This is Danny Devito

Liz Twomey

Gat in the Hat

He replied saying lets meet
I said where
And he said Paul Street

The sesh was at six
He wasnt there yet
I was crapping bricks

I hoped I wouldnt have to go fishing
Would he just come
I kept on wishing

I wanted my cans
Tenner in my hands
Maybe I should steal my mams

My mac williams white and pink
There I was
Waiting for my drink

He finally came I was glad
But turns out
It was my dad

Sadhbh Roche


Hannah eats a banana
Asks Santa for an orange Fanta.
While she is eating the fruit,
Her mum gets electrocute.
Hannah went to the funeral
And she was so cute.
Her dad gives her a hug
And Hannah answers with a slap


My Poem

Roses are red
My names Dave
This poem makes no sense

Yasmin Murphy


I want a cake
Because it is great,
It makes me fat
But so what,
A drink too
Would also be cool,
Maybe a coke
With the folk.

Alice Downey


I hate school
School is not cool
It is so cruel
And smells like drool
I want to swim in a pool
And be a fool

Emily Holland

Shawn Mendes

I love Shawn Mendes
Il est tellement chaud
I love Shawn Mendes
Il est a la mode
I love Shawn Mendes
Il est talenteux
I love Shawn Mendes
Il est ambitieux


Boost Me

Boost me over the fence
And the sesh shall commence
Mix up the gatt
Where is matt
Get in the clé
To celebrate the big birthday
Crack open a few cans
Hope I don’t spill some on me vans
Me friends face is split
Meet my feen
The perfect sweet sixteen



I like chocolate
Every time I eat it
Except at Easter
I’m not passionate about anything
Except fork correct spelling
In which case I am livid
Not sure what livid means
I’m not allowed curse in this poem
What is with that?
I guess I can’t finish what I have to say