Coláiste Treasa, Kanturk, Co. Cork




Is it waking up to the melodies of the doves outside my window

Or the clinking of spoons as my father makes his morning coffee

Is it the feeling of content while reading a book

Or perhaps the sorrow of a character dying

Could it be

A plant sprouting a new leaf

Or your dog lying in front of the fire

The crackling of the wood

The heat touching your face

Sometimes life feels like

We are all robots

Each day a repetition of events

These moments are what remind me

What it is to be living




Well, the evening was over

And the crowds were all leaving and she held back the tears

That threatened to spill, as she waved goodbye

Several weeks and several months had passed

She thought things had changed she thought they had too.


But it was the beginning of an end

The car went round the bend and disappeared into the night

Maybe she should call

But this time would be different

Maybe things didn’t have to break, fall apart

But maybe they did

Maybe it was for the best

Maybe, maybe, maybe






In March we were all suddenly in a box

Our own individual box

Our boxes were solitary

We had to adapt to life in the box

Some people’s boxes were colourful and peaceful

Some were full of life and art

Many people opened the lid quickly

And were shouting over to their friends boxes, happily

But some people’s boxes had the lid on shut

They were dark

There was no music

No communication

They didn’t know how to open the lid

But all it takes is for someone to open the lid for you

Some people already knew how the box works

Because we were always in the box

It just took a pandemic to notice it


Why Me? Why Anyone?


This pain like the waves of a hungry ocean consuming everything in its path

Like a firework, like a bomb, ticking about to explode in my chest any minute now

I’m lost in my own body but this isn’t my fault

This isn’t fair but nothing is fair is it?

Why me?




When I look in the mirror, I don’t like what I see,

I see stretch marks, cellulite, acne and more.

I cover up with baggy clothes and walk away.

But no.

This does not define me.

I am pretty, beautiful all in my own way




We as a nation,

In this dire situation,

Must watch as the news arrives,

Of a decreasing population,


We watch from our homes,

With little control,

And think of the ones,

That are living alone.


We’ll Hug Again


We sit here staring at a screen

Where school was once a boring scene,

Has now become a farfetched dream

The dream of seeing friends again


Masks all keeping diseases out

But holding happy smiles within

Soon enough we’ll hug again

When normal wont be normal

But a win


The Final Time


I gaze upon the stars for the final time,

Oh love, I’ll see you soon,

The night owl howls as

it flies across the full moon.

As I hit the ground,

The sirens sound,

And cries and yells are all around.

As I see her face for the final time,

I begin to wonder how a crime

So small, so naive

Can be the cause of one to leave.


Until Then


From a time where everything was fine and normal

To when social distancing and masks became the new normal,

With people having to self isolate

And learning new ways to communicate,

I miss the days of having a massive get together

But I’m sure one day everything will be better,

I can’t wait for the day to say remember when

But it might be a while until then.




In other times, this is where we go

To socialise, to grow

To have routine and get away

A haven a place to stay, if even only for a while


Now here we are stuck in a cycle

Staring at screens trying to find means

To this situation, to this way of living

Until we find our new beginning


Growing Up


Growing up I never expected to live in a society

Where nothing was perfect,

You try your best but nothing is ever worth it,

You style your hair, put on makeup

But nothing makes you feel enough,

You go on your phone and see all these women

Who make you feel so worthless,

The beauty standard is higher than it’s ever been before,

Eating disorders becoming the new normal, what for?

All to look like the girl with the perfect face, body and more.

Why can’t we all just accept people for

Who they are from their core.


Day by Day


Even though this pandemic seems

Endless right now, I am trying to take it

Day by day and I’m trying to focus

On things that make every day easier

To manage




We were born into an age of technology

Where all of our emotions were belittled on a screen

Where we are told ” have a slim waist and big hips ”

Or “no man will want you looking like that ”

But then there are people dying from eating disorders and being “too skinny”

Yet we still push the narrative that we all have to look like Barbie dolls or Instagram models

And” try these diet pills to get a slim waist”

But why? For what?

How much longer are we going to keep pretending that this is normal?


I Tell Myself


I tell myself that I have a good life

Food on the table and a room to myself

My family loves me and my parents don’t fight

But I still ask myself is it alright

If my life is so easy why do I cry

When my teachers decides I need more work tonight

Im starting to feel like I’m in the wrong

For feeling so lost is such a good life

have I forgotten what it was like

To feel all alone like I did before

It’s seemed I had finally made some real friends

But lockdown has taken them away again

I don’t know what’s right and I don’t know what’s wrong

Because I’d rather cry when my favourite character dies

Than When I loose someone who I’ve looked in the eyes

Why do I cry over trivial things

But fail to find tears when I’m really in need




Front line workers putting in the time

For the coronavirus crime

The world has never been the same

Since the coronavirus came

People are getting diagnosed

While schools, pubs, and shops are all closed

Never thought I’d want to go back

To school so soon


Demonization Eats


The lying cheat

Free of benevolence but strident

I watched you pleat

In mere deceit

When I confronted you all was silent


So come here, no fear

Just be cohere

I’ll listen and will try to ajar

But watch I steer

My fist right near

Your phoney face and spar




Time goes by,

Taking more lives with it.

Some days lack spirit.

But we will stick with it.


The world is upside down,

Digesting sadness and hurt.

The biggest shocker of the century.

The Global Pandemic.




In the light of troubles we have today

There’s a few things I think people our age would like to say

Although we are tired and the days feel long

Together as a country we stand extremely strong

Wear your mask and don’t be a fool

Someday we will get back to school


All Over Someday


As the days grew longer and the nights got colder

Little by little I was growing much older

I didn’t take much notice of the impact it had

But this global pandemic made life really bad

Anxiousness grew more and more each day

Waiting for someone to say it’s all over someday


The Light is Fading


The light is fading, day after day, night after night,

Gets duller and duller, and going from bad to worse,

Lockdown sucks; it’s no delight, but life after lockdown,

Is hopefully bright.


As I Sit Here


As I sit here and look out the window,

The clouds look like a giant pillow,

The wind slowly shakes the trees,

In the light February breeze.


The birds chirp in a high pitched squeak,

With their long pointy obvious beak,

No traffic on the road,

Everything seems slowed.


Life all of sudden seems so still,

Until there’s a smell of burgers on the grill,

Back in the reality of life at a busy rushing pace,

Oh when did we forget that life is here to embrace.


Be Who You Are


Smile, laugh, give for what

Yo can give some people everything and one mistake and that’s all they see,

The one mistake over all the good, the laughs, the time spent together

No one is perfect but everyone wishes they could be, so they wouldn’t be judged so mentally

They don’t know your background or who you are,

So don’t give a damn about them just be who you are


Dark Times


In these dark times

We need a walk or even a run

Just look forward to the day

This is all over and we can meet up again



I Miss


I miss being busy, being occupied

Now nothing left in my mind.

Only thoughts most I don’t like




Everyday is the same,

I’m about to go insane.

Days are spent inside

I dream of visiting the seaside.


I text my friends and family on my phone

but I still feel alone.

Seeing everyone on a screen

Friends and teachers I haven’t seen.


The eating is none stop

Everyday is nearly spent at the shop.

The weather is getting good at least

At the end of all this I’d say we are all due a feast.


I actually miss school,

Saying this I feel like a fool!




When this lockdown is over, this crazy time,

Everything will be normal, and be full of joy,

Go out with my friends, we will laugh and we’ll cry,

And stay out till the sun is saying goodbye.




Here I am stuck in lockdown

A sunny morning in spring

Stuck inside with nothing to do

All I want is to get back to school

I miss my friends

And I miss my sports

Oh I cant wait

For this to be done


Take my Hand


Always send that daily text, take time to talk, take time to care

Just show family and friends that you are there,

Breathe in breathe out all the toxic air and check in on the happy friend, they could feel bare,

I’m always amazed that you can stand so tall,

I’ve seen you trip but you never fall,

Take my hand we’ll find the light its always shining its just never bright,

It may take long but its road to smiles,

A few kilometres may feel like miles.


Odd Times


Lockdown has started,

Odd times have begun,

Children have homeschooling,

Parents have none,

Hard times for them to provide for their families,

Mental health problems is on an all-time high.

Restrictions are there just make sure to comply

And hopefully this will be over by July.


The Greatest Moment


The greatest moment

That will be known to me

Is the day the WHO say

“The world is officially Covid free”

On that spectacular day

We will laugh, hug and

Give a lot of love

To those we’ve missed so dearly




We are stuck in lockdown

For months on end,

In this dull gloomy weather

I can’t even see my best friend.

I miss the summer days

Going outside

Having fun laughs and plays

I just want to go back to school


The Kennedy Park


55 kilometres away,

53 minute drive.

A Windy Wednesday,

Sky shined in a gorgeous grey.


Parked at the side of road,

My face glowed,

When I saw the great green park.

The Kennedy Park.


As I came out of the car,

I see him from afar.

There he was standing,

Smiling and glancing.




2020 was just really bad

Everyone since March has been really sad

When I heard there was going to be no GAA I got really mad

I feel like 2021 is going to be a shocker

But hopefully 2022 will be a rocker

Hopefully by the time it’s Christmas,

We will all be gathered around stuffing our faces

Thinking that 2022 will be full of aces


The Green Grass


The grass grows green

Sometimes the weather can be that mean

However not in winter do

With the sun lying in the sky low


It gets better now it’s summer

It’s growing like a runner

I hope it keeps going

Like the wind softly blowing


My Powers


My powers turned on

Starting right now

I’ll be strong

I’ll play me fight song


Lockdown Sadness


It was a sunny day in March when I heard the bad news

The country was going into lockdown for a month or two

Everyone was going mad

And some people were even getting sad

Everyday was such a drag

All people wanted was one good night about the town

But the government wouldn’t let us out




I’d rather have loyalty than love

‘Cause love really don’t mean jack

See love is just a feeling

You love somebody and still stab them in the back


It don’t take much to love

You could love somebody just by being attached

See loyalty is an action

You can love or hate me and still have my back




Lockdown 3.0 some call it,

We can’t go out because we will transmit

All this home schooling has my head wrecked

We won’t be in school anytime soon I suspect




The day that the pandemic is over,

It will feel like I found a four-leafed clover.

I will appreciate any chance I get to hug my Nan,

And not have to worry about any further bans.




Lockdown life is hard

Sat in bed

Staring out at the world

Wanting it all to be back to normal


How I long to be sat on the beach with my friends

Staying up til midnight

Talking about life

Our hopes and dreams

Longing for a Covid free life


Days and Days


Days and days,

Stuck inside

From COVID we must all hide

In our houses we must all stay

Will this ever go away

We must all keep our hands clean

When can I get this stupid vaccine?




My minds gone to mush,

I keep falling behind in everything

In the middle of a Pandemic still trying stay academic,

Losing motivation,

I’m so desperate for creation of new memories

Out with friends and enjoying the weekends.

In the end there’s always hope,

Hope that this will end and hopefully its right around the bend


Another Balloon that Popped


From my window I now look

At the place that donkey once took

His place in the field empty and bare

I look to the drain it seems he is still there

A world wrapped in darkness a never ending rain

Little did we know would be the cause of one donkeys pain

A balloon who could no longer fly

What horrible way to die

But now in the sky

At least now we are aware

Of the power of the rain

I will never forget the day the donkey slipped in the drain




We are in lockdown

It is tough

We can’t see our friends and socialise

I just try pass the day best I can


I miss GAA

And playing on a summers day

I miss attending matches

And also getting them high catches




Lockdown is so boring

There’s nothing to do

So much school work

So easy to get distracted

So lonesome on your own

Never thought I’d want to go

Back to school before lockdown.




Lockdowns here, life is boring

We’ve got nowhere to be going

We used to hate school

Now it’s home school,

Never mind no training

It always seems to be raining

I liked lockdown in the summer

But nOw it’s such a bummer


The Framer


The grass was cut

The crop was down

On he comes

The man with the baling crown


The cows had their calves

The farmer had win

21 calves

4 were twins


The rain was coming

The famer said crap

He was stone mad

He almost shot a duck