Sligo Grammar School, The Mall, Rathquarter, Co. Sligo

Quick Glances

Quick glances
Send messages of confusion
Dancing around the room
Like wisps of grey smoke
Whispers spread heat
Rising upward to the ceiling
Becoming trapped
As they suffocate all within
Closing in on those stuck in the circle
Damping the noises so they couldn’t hear clearly
The unspoken words

Emma Gallagher

An Earth like Feeling

It burns. My heady, it’s screaming.
I can comprehend the vicious torment of my thoughts,
As I clutch my anxious stomach it begs to gag.
My hands, oh my hands are furiously shacking, petrified it will never end.
And exhausted stinging lungs wraps it all into an interpretable nightmare.
My breath is of out of control, rising and crashing without my consent.
With no signs of stopping I feel powerless. Mind and body against me.
Then I can no longer stand and collapse on a hard wood flood.
Propping myself up with all my might, I wither into the feeling,
And with that dissolve into tears.


Whenever you’re Ready

Old by years but still socialite,
Never sang the same song twice,
And a strong gra for the bog,
Every summer hacking away.

Triumph, Royalendfield,
Every vintage bike he had,
28 still waiting safely
In the garage, still waiting on his return.

I hear them weeping softly through their roar.
He was the life of Easkey, but now no more.
All I can do is wait till I join him,
Until then.

Genevieve Cox


I’m different, bleached hair, pierced nose
I didn’t bleach my hair or pierce my nose because I’m different.
I did it to be different.
I spent years struggling to be the same as everyone so I could fit in.
I bought the brands, hair short on the sides, long on the top.
I struggled and struggled for years,
Until I finally came to the realisation that I was becoming someone I don’t like,
To try to fit in with people I don’t like.
So I pierced my nose and bleached my hair,
Dirty looks and judgy stares,
After years I finally learned not to care.



I love what others hate.
School. Because without it,
I can spend days on end,
Just in my bed watching Netflix.
To hear others speak,
Those elderly ads are true,
Loneliness is a killer.
At school I talk more in a day
Than I would at home in a week.
I can be me with only some judgement.
Some look at my weird laugh,
But I forget about them,
When I’m with my friends.


German Refugees

You know why they come?
Cause they’re people like you,
Who hates them and
Who makes their life a sheer hell,
They try to get rid of them,
But then see them fail.
For the helping hand
They dream of reaching
The other side of the sea.
Turns out to be spoiled
By people like you.
Who push ‘em back into the water,
Who hates them and
Who for no reason at all
Are making them fall.

Rosie Writght


When you’re 4’11 and in 4th Year,
You’ll get a lot of crap, you’ll want to disappear.

You fear the time when you meet someone new
And they ask the question “What age are you?”



Heartbroken, tough, my history is past
You don’t know me, you will know me last
I’m an outsider, I have friends
Please god, Give me a second chance
A new start, one year, warm heart
To mess up, break it, tear myself apart
I fit in, I have never been a part.


I Want to Break Free

I want to go and fly
To go high and high and high

I want to let go
To change everything I know

The rules that I’m bound by
That tells me a sweet lie.

I want to break the chains
That is giving me so much pain

No matter how hard I try
I stop and let out a sigh.

Cause that day won’t come soon
It feels further than the moon

I want to break free
But it keeps on controlling me

I wanna escape now
But I really don’t know how

I strayed from everything I know
I wish I could finally let go.


Too Much to Confess

I have too much to confess,
As my life is such a mess.
Struggling to sleep or
Fight to stay awake.
I feel like I’m stuck,
And cannot escape.
But I can’t say everything will be OK,
As tomorrow will be the exact same day.


We Are

We are the soldiers of the school
We are the boulders of the school
From 1st Year to 6th Year
Hear their cheers
Our opponents are in fear
When we are near
We are the senior cup team of 2018
We hear you scream

Mark McGlynn


There is a new game called Fortnite
It’s a shame that I’m crap at it!
I play the game for the thrill.
Although I can never get a single kill.

When you’re playing Fortnite but you can’t win.
You feel like throwing your controller in the bin.
People always tell me to go out and play in the sun.
Playing Fortnite for me is the only way to have fun.

Uzair Samad


Taking a big step from my house with a sigh.
From the steep darkness to the bright light
Just blankly look at the sky, up high.
Told myself to enjoy. I answered “I might”.
Navy jumper. White shirt. And a long tie.
I could see these all day long.
Every morning and night,
When the day finishes my parents ask me if I want pie.
I smile back to them and say, “tomorrow I might.”

YeJi Kim

Caught in my Thoughts

Staring at the grey moulting ceiling,
2:34am hundreds of images and echoes chase me
Its every night I get caught in my thoughts
Staring at nothing in front of me
8:02am, piercing pain rages inside
However I don’t want to be free
Staring at the bones in front of the mirror
5:09pm there all gone to eat
Shaking off the fear hoping it will be clearer


Falling Apart

Feelings like everything has fallen apart.
Everyone has something on someone.
You wonder why I’m not funny nor shy or not clever
Seems like I’m forever being asked to move to ordinary level.
Talking to me I’m just so boring but what can I do?
Except try and push through to make myself better
But not completely change.
To open up and try new things
And not have so much fear
And maybe even spread my wings



My name is Berry I am a cherry
I’m always merry
Because I’m active everyday
Which makes me healthy
Fitness is key
If you want to be cherry
Like me and never be depressed
Or isolated like a lonely cherry