Sligo Grammar School, The Mall, Rathquarter, Co. Sligo

Touch of Light

The shadows whisper
For the delicate touch of light
So that the demons hearts will quiver
And the righteousness will take its might
Fear overcome by the valiant
And the impure made to run
But even with the light of the brightest sun
The shadows shall still rest in everyone

Oisin Lawley


What does the gun want?
Is it the strong grip of a soldier
Or a trembling 13 year old boy
What does the gun want?
Comfort and care
Or death and despair
What does the gun want?
Unity or brutality
That choice is up to you entirely

Omar Al-Mawaly


These walls remember nervous energy pounding through them
First-comers biting their nails and pulling their hair
These walls remember the quiet calm of correct pronouns
Being used for the first time in a long while
These walls remember breakdowns of “it’s not fair” and all eyes on you
But eyes that carry no judgement
Because they too have learned the hard way that no
It’s not fair
These walls remember silence
As we painted our faces with rainbows
And took a vow to be silent this day
To honour those before us that were silenced
So that we could be heard

Ailish Sullivan

These Walls

These walls remember,
Students first days,
Old English essays,
Graffitied hallways.
These walls remember,
New first years’ dismay,
Teachers making their latte,
Pupils longing for a holiday,
These walls remember.

Cormac O’Hara

El Primer

El primer recuerdo de las paredes
Es cuando se construían solas ,
Ya que tendían poderes
Lo hacían a todas horas

A medida que fue pasando el tiempo
Se fueron construyendo cosas con ellas ,
Usándolas en todo momento
Viéndose desde las estrellas

Las paredes de acuerdan de la gente
Porque las tratan como amigas ,
No les echan detergente
Ni tampoco migas

Las paredes se pintan de colores
También las decoran
Y se le ponen flores
Todos las tenemos en el cora


Don’t be Fooled by the Naked Eye

When you see a friendly person
Don’t be fooled by the naked eye
What dwells inside is unknown
Everyone has something to hide
A life of pain a life
A Life of grief
A broken family
A broken heart
Hidden behind the mask of social standards
Don’t be fooled by the naked eye

Euan Campbell

The Screams

What does the gun wants is to hear
The screams of the scared people
What the gun wants is to see that
The people are suffering and crying
Because of the death of the people
They know and love
What does the gun wants is to hear
The silence

Marc Sanchez

What Does the Gun Want?

A rhetorical question or not,
Whom our ancestors know,
With the wars they have fought,
Some dealing the killing blow.

In times of pain and suffering,
Us drawn to its efficiency,
Out the final shots may ring,
With the death of empathy.

Future adults one thing I ask,
Rise against the lethal tool,
Stand with me without mask,
We’ll see who will look the fool.

What do we want?



The gun laid in a soldiers hands
Starring down at the wounded men
The guns eye dead with intention
With a single touch of a trigger
A shot is heard
The gun got what it wants
The future of man
For the gun does not forgive

Euan Campbell


The blood, sweat and tears of someone
Who thought differently than others
These walls have witnessed the pure
Evil that’s within people
Since the beginning of man walls were
Meant to protect us from everything
That scared us but somehow our
Fears and nightmares seem to creep


These Ocean

These Ocean’s Dream,
Are those of the dead,
The drowned and dismembered,
On the ocean bed,
The lives of those,
Yet to be lived,
These ocean’s dreams,
Of loved ones missed.



The shadows dream to be free from what they live on
And want to exist during day and night.
The shadows dream of them gaining their bodies to live like other creatures.
However, they realize that they can only live by being other creatures
Darkness and retreat during night.


Silky Shores

What does the ocean dream,
To be free and fresh as a cool summers day,
To thrive among its dwellers,
To crash among the silky shores,
The ocean dreams,
As it sits upon beds of poison,
It crashes among the plastic entwined sands,
Carrying the corpses who have been consumed by plastic.


End of the War

The ocean dreams of the end of the war
It dreams of peace and serenity with the land
The ocean dreams or peace and more
But constantly fights at tides hand
War wages on and dreams are left behind
The oceans dreams crushed between wave and stone
The ocean dreams of it’s treasures to find
For it just wants to be on the world, alone



What do the Oceans Dream?
Of a clean life,
Without plastic!
Of a clean atmosphere,
Without plastic!
Of clean water,
Without plastic!
Of normal life in the water,
Without Death because of plastic!

Nicodemus Milsch

Never be the Same

What do the shadows whisper?
The souls of the undead
Rising up and calling out the man
Who turned his back on them.
They ask why but they get no response
Not the ones that they were looking for?
Things will never be the same!
Things will never be the same!

Ethan Johnston

El Océano Sueña

El océano sueña con un mundo mejor,
en el que no halla basura en su interior.
Sueña en que los peces vivan agusto,
porque es lo más justo.
Pobre de el océano, no para de llorar
Y el nivel del mar sube cada vez más.
Si nosotros, los humanos, queremos disfrutar de este maravilloso mar,
Tendremos que cuidarlo y parar d ensuciarlo.


What Do

What do the shadows whisper.
Shadows whisper day and night
They keep secrets and hide from sight
They’re always on the run down every street
Known to speak evil, be sly and discrete
But a shadow on it’s own is never bad
They chase the own who runs before them
They only have one wicked wish
That they and the runner would cease to exist



The ocean doesn’t dream
It’s only water and salt
It can form an entire country
But not a single thought
The creatures inside do though
They dream of happiness and love
So all their dreams are the ocean’s
And they give the ocean life

Robyn Scott


These walls remember
The rough hands that were laid upon them
To build them higher
Making them feel as strong as lions,
Towering over everything.
But the labouring men left,
And in came the family
Which these walls would protect
Like a mother hen for her chicks.

Hannah Sherlock

In its Centre

These walls always remember
From January to December
Every single member
To enter in its centre

These walls never forget
Like the alphabet
I’m writing rhymes like offset
I cannot be beaten

Lorca Brannigan

The Moss

The walls remember the darkness of the night, the shine of the day,
They remember the evil and the pure,
Those who passed through their door,
The walls remember those who are now deep down,
Below the flowers crown,
The walls that are old, remember the most,
The wars, the fights, and the untold,
The moss that is old, is the moss that knows.


Trees Dance Briskly

What does the ocean dream when the world is in a slumber
When the trees dance briskly in the winters sun
The leaves become like hands clapping joyfully while the wind whistles
The birds chirp and sing their chorus
I paused upon the morning breeze
What does the gloomy shadows whisper in the piercing winter
And what does the ocean dream
While the world is in a slumber

Abigail Valentino

Every Laugh and Every Tear

These walls remember the first days of school
These walls remember the school trips to the pool
These walls remember the long rainy days
These walls remember the few mistakes children made
These walls remember the stress of exams
These walls remember the fun that was had
These walls remember great summer cheer
These walls remember every laugh and every tear

Sarah Clarke

Grown Old

These walls remember
Young children grown old
Games being played
Story’s being told,
Children running,
Screaming with joy
The school bells ringing
The fun is over
For today

Tynan Maxwell


These walls remember
Last September
And November
And December
And every member
That ever walked by
And smiled
And said goodbye

Roseanna and Stanley

Falling Apart

What the ocean dreams
So far away it seems
Like a broken heart
Left falling apart
With each day
It has even less to say
Wish it could go back
Its soul almost black

These walls remember
Watching him walk
Seeing his back as he left
Straining to get a final gawk
These wall remember
His face as he turned
Without a trace of sorrow
He would never come back
So I learned

Sophie Harkin


These walls remember,
The man and his action
It wasn’t his plan,
That something like this happened.
He goes to the house of a friend
Which is not so intelligent,
Than he was stolen

Max Borer


These walls remember
When the world forgets your name
How you screamed and cried
In the dark cage of punishment
Until you were broken
Silent, remorseful
Until the reaper came
And the cycle begins anew

Sam Kelly

Lost Place

These walls remember a house
Where two guys were murdered
A wedding
An empty lost place
An WW2 war
An old school
An theatre
A tsunami


A Soldier’s Cry

We scream inside, our woeful wail,
As we continue to suffer in silence,
As friends die day after day without fail,
All because of man’s need for violence.

The smell, the noise, the terror,
The gunfire a rain of daggers,
The signs of hope get rarer,
The days continue to get sadder.

I sit in mud, fearing death,
Men run out, to no man’s land,
I sit still and draw a slow breath,
And feel death’s cold outstretched hand.

I long for home,
A safe, sane place,
A place I know as my own,
And feel the tears run down my face.

The whistle blows,
My time has come,
A bullet races through the air,
My life is done.

This is a soldier’s cry,
The thoughts before they die.


You and Me

These walls remember you and me;
When you used to laugh
With the biggest and shiniest smile I have ever seen.
These walls remember the best time of my life
When we didn’t worry about what people would say
But that is over now that you are not my lover
And it’s not undercover, not anymore

Victoria Baños Giménez

Behind You

They are behind you,
They are in front of you
And they whisper.
You can hear the breath
But you can’t understand
What they whisper.
It makes you feel sad
And you hope it`s just happening in your head
But you don’t know
‘WHY?’ they whisper.

Johanna Schanz

The Bullet

The Bullet’s Whisper,
The Sonnet of Death,
The Silent Assassin,
The Speeding, Shrieking Threat.

The moment it hits you,
It’s piercing pain,
Your dying moments,
As you struggle in vain.



Used for good actions
Don’t want to shoot people
Only used for deterrence
To be in the trash
To be recycled in a good thing



The oceans dreams
How important it is to be clean
Because the people now are
Putting all their trash in the beach
So the fish cannot swim
Without the worry of being
Be captured by some trash and


These Walls

These walls remember a lost soul
These walls remember four caring people
These walls remember someone at the end of the line
These walls remember a new beginning
These walls remember the return of an old friend
These walls remember a house turning into a home
These walls remember the end of an era
These walls remember the turning of a page

Patrick Conneally


What the shadows whisper
Say more than you know
Do you listen
Do you go
They keep your secrets
How could they not
They keep your secrets
Without an afterthought


Meant to Protect

The tool that was meant to protect
Us when we needed it but how
Quick can man turn good ideas into
Weapons of destruction only to attain
Power above others and show their
Dominance, it seems like every week
I hear it’s name causing harm to others
And they blame it all on any form of entertainment
When the harsh reality Is that evil comes in all shapes and sizes
And cannot be blamed on one thing only



My legs dangling sitting on the roof
Above all as I let loose
All my problems now so small
As the night slowly starts to crawl
It covers my shadows
Every light on show
That night city
My rest place
My identity

Roseena McNair

Tidal Waves

Far away on the ocean dreams,
I sailed on my memories’ boat
Camouflaged by the misty past
And came out with an anecdote.

I found myself into tidal waves
To the twisted turn from my stormy life
With a song or two to face the stroke
I sang my way out of the constant strife…



The gun wants to hear the sceams
The sounds of bodies falling.
The gun wants to hear the cries of mothers who have lost their sons.
But no one else would like to hear the sounds that are beloved by guns.
No one else would want the fate that they will bring.

Timothy Hurynovich

No Joke

From: These walls remember being taken, they’re mine see.
Dog you know I’m goated just look at me 90.
No joke you’re getting, no need to be rude .
But get back to the lobby cause honestly your trash dude.
Your some chump, you’re getting one pumped, you stumped?
You’ll get attacked with my tac, on the sticks I am cracked.

Charlie Bird

On the Run

The gun went to a house
Because there was a stiller man
So it is there to save all the family
Of that man after that the gun run to
Another part because he killed a person
The police will go after him
So he knows that he will be
Someday will be captured by the
Police but not yet