Sligo Grammar School, Sligo

Melanin Magic

Melanin magic,
The colour of my skin,
is bold and brave
fearless and loud
unabashedly so,
standing tall and proud,
letting everyone know that
this is who I am.

The colour of my skin
is iridescent, luminous,
the colour of warm coffee on a cold winter’s night,
the exact shade of milk chocolate smeared over dark hands.

The colour of my skin
is badass and brazen
powerful and resolute,
unabashedly so.

Everytime people like me are discriminated against,
made to feel inadequate because of the hue imbued in them,
it raises a great fury hidden in the depths of my soul,
because the tincture of your complexion is
incredible and beautiful
valiant and daring,
just like you.


I Used to Love

I used to love football.
It was my escape from all.
Just myself, the net and a ball.
It wouldn’t matter where or when it was.
I was out in my own world.
But then it all changed.
I don’t know how or why it did;
but it sure enough did.
Now I can’t even think about playing;
without my heart reaching up to my throat;
and making it almost impossible to breathe.
I don’t like this feeling.
I hate it.
But there is nothing I can do to change it.
I tried talking to people.
I am talking to people.
But the advice is all the same.
And so are the problems.


What it feels like

I feel like I’m dying on the inside
Him or me you gonna have to decide
I feel like I’m dying on the inside
My depression is getting really wide

I’m petrified that I’m feeling lonely
Death is coming slowly
this is the time for heaven or hell
now it’s the time to really tell

Where to start with

Dont go with the myth
i feel anxious
It’s getting dangerous
Where’s the prescription at
I feel andventerous
Life feels like, so much venemous

I feel like I’m dying on the inside
Him or me you gonna have to decide
I feel like I’m dying on the inside
My depression is getting really wide

Broken Bonds

Learn from your mistakes.
The bad opportunities you take.
Fake friends that you make.
And all those times you nearly break.

It might make your heart ache.
All the bonds that have to break.
If those people are going to flake.
You have way too much at stake.
Do it for your own sake


You know nothing about

how hard Junior Cert people who didnt peform in previous years,
You know nothing about how annoyed we are with are new TY having less trips.
This is where you close schools longer to prevent further Covid 19 cases,
This is where you let us express our feelings and voices.
When we dropped our guard down Covid 19 became a monster,
When we dropped our guard down many lives lived no longer.


This is where I was born
where dreams are made but sometimes torn
where there’s rich
where there’s poor
where there’s drugs and gang war

This is where I’m inspired and amazed
Where I spend some of my happiest days
Where its busy and loud
Where there’s always a crowd

Where there’s stressed 9 to 5ers
where there’s inspiring actors
where there’s always train strikes
and students on boris bikes

This is London

The Pretty Girl

I have never seen myself as the pretty girl,
the one that the boys’ eyes follow as she walks by,
or the one who’s instagram likes are full of pining boys and the comments full of covertly covetous girls.
I’m well aware that the insecurities I have
were created in a unrealistic cesspool of sexism and objectification,
That our capitalist society profits off these insecurities like a plentiful asset,
That love is subjective,
that “it’s what’s inside is what matters”,
and all the rest of the shit they tell you in motivational speeches and feminist posts,
that I want to digest,
but I don’t,
I skip them,
like lunch.


when the world locks down,

everywhere, everything goes eerily silent
everyone sets into a frenzy,

reaching for their nearest mask,
some people defiant

the sanitizer and toilet paper goes into short supply quickly
when the world locks down, panic sets in,
counting down the days in lockdown,
desperately hoping you don’t feel sickly.

You know nothing about

growing up on the street and
not knowing the next time you’ll eat.
I’m sitting in my room listening to the beat, scribbling down rhymes,
like Steph Curry i’m dropping them dimes.
All the kids my age out committing crimes
while i’m writing these bars like i’m in my prime.
Life can be hard but i’ll cross that bridge like i’m at Stamford,
ballin’ on that pitch like my name is Rashford.

I Don’t Know

I don’t know
Such a simple phrase
Answers any question

Wanna do this? I don’t know
What do you think of this? I don’t know
But what if you do know?

What if all you need is a little push
Like at the pool when your friend pushes you in
When you need to the courage to do something

And your friend gives you a little nudge
Maybe not even a friend
You can give yourself that push

Because after they push you
You keep going
You don’t stop swimming

So maybe next time somebody asks you something
Maybe you do know
You just need to dive deeper

Something in You

There is something in you, that makes ou different
There is something in you, that makes you spscial

Every time I see you, I get in love with you again
Every time I see you, I fall in Happines with you

There is something in you, that makes you beauty
There is something in you, that makes you so cute

Every time I see you, I need to stay near to you
Every time I see you, I wish I were with you



I come from a place that not many people know,
Where people are lonely and have no path to go,
People always seem to judge a book by its cover,
This generation constantly thinking of fitting in with each one another,
Too many people judge on the image you post online,
Then when you seek help they say “Agh you’ll be fine”
If a genie suddenly appeared and asked me for a wish,
I’d ask why do people say,
“The best time of your life is when is when your a kid”


9 months ago I thought my life was over
I drank, I smoked, I was never sober
Not once had I ever been so scared to live
Knocking myself down was all I did
When i got told i was depressed and messed
The only thing it did was make me stressed, not blessed
But now, 9 months later I’m back as me
Don’t ever let life push you to your knees.

The darkness whispers

When I go to sleep, my eyes heavy, the darkness deep
it whispers when I’m in another world, the vile ideas it gives me, the thoughts it conjures
it whispers while I try to run away, “no escape” it says, “not until your last day”
It whispers when it has me in its grasp, “I have you now, let’s play my game”
It whispers when it’s had its fun, “what a time” it says, “my job is done”
What the darkness whispers, when its finally gone, I myself, mutter its curse to my ears.


My Generation

is just a bunch of smartphones,
A whole lot of technology -phones, laptops, u name it,
All the rich youtubers filming with their fancy drones,
With some of their videos ending up in shit,
Tik tokers trending with their fancy dance moves,
But im sure there are some ones that people disapprove.


Trumpet for me is more than just an instrument.

Trumpet is a symbol my hard work and dedication.

Trumpet is the relationships I built through music.

Trumpet is the concerts I nailed and the concerts I failed.

Trumpet is that which I love and that which I hate.

Most of all, the trumpet is an extension of myself.


When the World Locked Down

my mind did too,

there was not much I could do.

everything before became obsolete,

all our problems were emphasised, magnified

there were riots in the street,

everyday more people died,

the masks where

and distance between us was normalised.


No Ideas

I have no ideas as I sit in my poetry class
I see the clock tick and I begin to worry
I begin to frantically write but to no success
All hope is lost and I have nothing
I begin to write what I think I should but n
I stop dead not knowing what to say
But then an idea springs into my head
So crazy it might work and so I begin
I have no Ide…


My Country 

In my country you can go in September to the beach and swim
In my country you can have dinner at 23:00 and go out after
In my country you can go to the street and see the people in the terraces having fun
In my country you can spend all the day with your friends without rain
In my country you can go to the beach and get tan
Those are some things that I would miss from Spain but
Here you can make new friends with a different culture
Here you can visit a city that you never been before
Here you can wear a jumper in August without getting hot
And I think it’s a great opportunity to dive in both cultures and see the beautiful things that creates them.


My generation

is picking on others for enjoyment,

It’s a curse being unique

Parents pressuring us for employment,

You’re better off just being bleak.

My generation is blending in and following others,

Given no druthers, my generation is;


This is where I live

My sister is very competetive

This is where I came from

This is where she killed him

And, where she licked him

This is where I saw it happen

This is where we sit in classrooms

This is where my friend committed suicide

I would never try commit suicide

This is where I was born

I stung my leg on a thorn


I am happy

I hope i am happy for a long time
I don’t think i will though
I will try the best i can to be happy
All i want is to always be happy
That’s it
i don’t care about fame
i don’t care about money
I just want be happy
That is my dream to simply always be happy

Luis Enrique

Tu no sabes nada eso es lo q pasa,
tu no sabes nada y te paseas por mi casa,
eso es lo que pasa cuando llegan a Mestalla.
Este estadio me deja alucinando,
como cuando veo q esta Iñaki Williams jugando,
es en mejor del mundo cualquiera lo sabe,
haber si Luis Enrique se entera de este detalle.


Where the Sky is Grey

This is where i’m from
this is where we go
this is where the sky is grey
this is what we know
What you look at , save it for the dead
what you tell me , save it for the dead
where you’re going, save it for the dead
who you’re talking to, save it for the dead
when you’re lying save it for the dead !!


Susurros oscuros
Susurros nocturnos
Susurros malvados
Susurros dañinos