Scoil Mhuire, Ennistymon, Co. Clare


It’s that split second when you first wake up in the morning
That releases your being from eternities of suborning
You’re in love with that moment, when your life seems ok
And the deep sleep has conquered your demons at bay
When your mind goes so blank, it seems like perfection
When really its trickery. Scheming. Deception.
Because eventually your demons will find a way to ascend
And then your one peaceful moment will come to an end
The memories, the cries, the mistaken life
It ROTS in you that you lived through that night
That she should be here and you should be not
Now forever you stare at her small, empty cot.
Two eyes, two ears, a mouth and a nose
One perfect tiny body. Ten fingers. Ten toes
Three months, one week, and five days in this life
Now she won’t age a day. Won’t live through another night
Because you were careless, a fool to look around
By one simple action- to this life you are bound
You didn’t see it coming, didn’t see the flash
You just didn’t see it coming
You didn’t want the car to crash
You didn’t expect your life to fall down
You didn’t see it coming
Now you forever wear this crown

It will haunt you forever – wherever you will go
You cannot escape this tragedy
You’ve become your biggest foe.

Eimear O’Sullivan

I Am What I Am

I come with no wrapping or pretty pink bows.
I am who I am, from my head to my toes.
I tend to get loud when speaking my mind.
Even a little crazy some of the time.
I’m not a size 5 and don’t care to be.
You can be you and I can be me.
I try to stay strong when pain knocks me down.
And the times that I cry are when no one’s around.
To error is human or so that’s what they say.
Well, tell me who’s perfect anyway.



She has to hide her feelings
Because she is dreaming
And all she does is thinking about screaming
And she can feel the anger in her steaming
And she spends all day daydreaming
She doesn’t know what to do so she cry’s all night
She is going to text him how he feels tonight
It might be love or it might not
If not he can go and rot


All Problems

All problems have a solution
And if you feel lost, it can feel like confusion
You can always ask for help in hand
Ask for someone to understand
We have to enjoy and stop being annoyed
The bad times and hardship
We have to avoid
Find time to make play
And not over think
To haul ourselves back
From the dangerous brink

Alexia Gomez


The distance between you and I
Feels as endless as the sky
The sky that stretches from me to you
That allows each bird to soar right through
For miles and miles they tirelessly glide
Within moments they are by your side
If only I could drift as high
I would fly to you and be by your side.

Katie Brown


We come here to learn, we come here to play,
But what they don’t tell us is imaginations detained.
They say that we need it, they say that it helps
But the education system just seems to neglect
Anyone different, who’s not an intellect,
Seems to be condemned to a school life of torment,
Taking those test and never getting a pass,
As the years go by confidence is crushed,
But when it’s all finished and done all the imagination seems to be gone.

Emma McNamara


Cross your feet point your toes
They are the orders we are told
Keeps in your arms and don’t forget to smile
We have been hearing them for a while
Five six seven eight
Start now or you’ll be late
A minute later and you’ll be done
Then you wait for results to see if you won
The burn the sweat and all the tears
When we dance we release our fears
We don’t dance for the makeup and fashion
We dance because we have a passion



To my face you tell me lies
Behind closed doors you run and hide
To your hole of self-pity and self-consciousness
I always take it in my stride but deep down it hurts my pride.
My foolishness was unbelievable now I’ve seen the real you I’m horrified.



I’ve heard people asking
“If there was something you could change about yourself what would it be”?
The answers, bleak.
It’s sad to think that people have such little imagination
That they’d want to change their noses
Their body shape
The way their eyes are or how smart they are at school.

If I could change one thing about myself,
I’d have wings.


This is Where

This is where in today’s society some women are still expected to do all the cleaning.
This is where in the heat of an argument people say things without meaning.
It doesn’t matter though right? Because some people don’t care how you are feeling.
This is where our perspective on life has changed, and different is the way we see things.
This is where when girls go clubbing,
It is now a trend to wear things that are way too revealing.
This is where we become accustomed to seeing the people we love leaving.
This is where some days, people wonder why they are even breathing.
This is where all of a sudden, teenagers think drinking and smoking is extremely appealing.
This is where is today’s society, messed up people have trouble healing.
Society has changed over the years… Is it a good change or a bad change?
That’s for you to decide.
This is where, people’s voices need to be heard,
And choosing to ignore them would be purely absurd.

Saoirse McCarthy

Two Faced

Two faced, fake friend
Yesterday you made amends
This morning i heard my name
You said I am the one to blame
You told me you believe me
You told them you don’t agree
Which side of you tells the truth?
Do you even tell the truth?



From when I first saw him, I knew he wasn’t like the rest
My heart started beating, I thought it’d pop in my chest.
When he first spoke to me in his sweet, gentle tone,
I knew I felt love that I’d never before known.
When his skin touched off mine, I felt a connection,
Everything about him was nothing less than perfection.
When he first said ‘I love you’, the world stopped for a while,
And when I think of my sweetheart, I can’t help but smile.

Kayla Sheridan

Music On

Music on, the world is blocked out,
Headphones on, without doubt I won’t take them off.
Each lyric is meaningful and relatable in every way
I know it makes me feel better every day.

Every song has a story to express how someone feels
It helps people a great deal
A world without music would be very silent
There would be no excitement.

Caroline O’Loughlin


You should be this
You should be that
You should be thin
You shouldn’t be fat
You have to be happy
You can’t be sad
These are the things that make us go mad.
You have to be smart
You can’t be thick
These are the things that make us click.
Your baggage should be big
Yet your body should be small
How are we supposed to please anyone at all?
You shouldn’t be smoking
You shouldn’t be drinking
How do we get away from this dreadful picking?
These are the things that teenagers hear
These are the things that teenagers fear.
From very low assumptions
To extremely high expectations
How do we even surpass these horrendous presumptions?
What is the word for society’s assumed troublemakers?
Oh, yes, teenagers.

Rachel Lynch


I wish you were to me just a friend, not just a housemate of a weekend.
I can tell that you love me I can tell that you care,
But you’re seven years older and that doesn’t seem fair.
I wish you were younger, perhaps still in school
So we could relate to each other about how teachers are cruel.
I wish you told stories like our other one does, because whenever you do it gives me a buzz.
But I wouldn’t change you not for a minute because my life’s not the same without you in it.

Ailbhe Crowe


It’s nearly Christmas so put up the tree,
The lights are bright what a sight,
When it snows all is white,
What a delight I’ll sleep well tonight.

Ailis Fitzgerald


In the cold ghostly fog
Struggling just to keep
Warm from the howling storm
Watching the snow drift
Like a spectral army
Over the forgotten land



When I wake in the morning and the sun is shining bright
I wonder what adventures are in sight.
Will I climb a mountain or swim in the sea?
Will I be with friends or will it just be me?
Will I discover new land with my telescope in hand?
Or will I meet new people and form a band?
My adventures end when the sky turns dark,
And my dreams are full of the journeys I will embark.

Rachel Fitzpatrick


I go through me fears, worries and thoughts that never scurry.
I think about what I did,
What I’m going to do and what I never do.
What I want to do but never have the courage to.
What am I going to do if someone does something wrong
Am I just going to hold in my anger or let it all flow out like a river after a storm.
If I find someone who likes me for me and makes me feel warm.
I want to get out of my shyness stand out and be fearless.
The problems in the world are still going strong,
Starvation, dehydration and poverty, what is going wrong.
The thing is we know what’s going on
But the world isn’t doing enough to keep it from happening.
All this generation is thinking about is what is trending.
The generation I am going up in are stuck to their phones
Worrying about what is wrong with them their bodies and their beauty.
But they don`t have to worry, even if they think they look ugly,
They are the definition of beauty.
When men and boys are treated differently to women and girls, it is a travesty.
Is it really so hard to treat every girl with respect,
No matter the personality weight job or height everyone should be treated with dignity.
No women wants to be hollered at, stared at or judged.
We all should be payed the same amount for the same job.
No matter what this world shall bring I and everyone will get through it
If we stick together and do it right.

Amber Doyle

The Slightest Sound

Just the slightest sound
Makes me come around.
I play and play
To try stray away from
What’s really on the ground.

The rhythm becomes smitten
And the burdens becomes uncertain
But for that short time
Spent trying to chime
I slowly forget all of that crime.

Music stops the rain pour out of me
But nothing stops the pain that’s inside of me.


The Goat

My friend has a goat
She also had a boat
Five years of age we learnt
Neither of these float.

We walked to the beach
Parents do not know
Bobbing along boat
And goat in tow.

The goat put up a fight
But we had her alright
We got away lightly
With only one bite.

Into the water
Two feet deep.
The boat started to sink
We began to think

We walked home
Heads hanging low
That’s how we learnt
Goats in boats don’t float.