Scoil Mhuire, Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipperary



It’s the fear of end

Can’t be seen or heard

They cry above me while the sunset gleams

I’m frozen

Unable to move a muscle

The sound of nothing is ringing though my ears

I’m still

Visions play through my head

My life is flashing before my eyes

Events I wish I could go back to, resurface

Changes I wish to have made

Wanting to be better

Wishing to have enjoyed life more

All the times I’ve hoped not to be alone

Yet here I am


The darkness over comes me

Praying to be better

I will be better


Not Bothered


I am not bothered by the things that you do,

Alone is how I found you, alone is how I leave you.

My nails are digging into anything I can find.

Now this is acrophobia, or maybe just my mind.

Oh so far I have to climb from the bottom to the top,

The voice in my head is the one telling me to stop.

One day I will encounter a new and friendly face and

Knowing full well, I will let them take your place

And everything will start to be okay.


I Sit Here Quietly


I sit here quietly

Never know what to do with myself

As everyday is boring as hell

So I put my headphones on

And watch as the world goes on


I sit here quietly

As the birds chirp and sing

While I think

And I’m wondering

What to the world, is happening?


I Wish


I wish to walk through plains and fields,

The sun high in the sky,

Reflecting its vibrancy off the flowing grass


I wish to climb mountains, to soar high,

All thoughts and worries forgotten,

Never to return


I wish to walk cobbled roads,

A dress floating around my thighs,

The feeling of a new set sun in my bones


I wish to love,

Look deep into someone eyes and to never leave


I wish to climb trees,

Tall and groaning,

Branch after branch, twig after twig.

To poke my head through the top,

Revealing natures beauty in front of me


I wish to write,

To escape lifes limits and to prosper in my imagination


I wish to feel,

Happy, anger, sadness,

Nothing isn’t something I enjoy its something I endure,

I survive


I wish to draw,

To enjoy the leisure of sitting for hours, creating your own masterpiece


I wish to spread love,

You are not alone.

I understand you, I empathise with you and I love you


I wish to feel sand under my feet,

Between my toes and in my hair


I wish to swim,

Both day and night, both clear and murky.

Oh to just float and smile,

Engulfed by euphoria and peace


I wish to ignite change,

To save a dying planet,

To unite a dying race


I wish to play the guitar

My fingertips burning yet a smile on my face,

Singing and laughing with my friends


I wish to live,

In more ways than one.

To feel everything there is to offer.




From the womb to sixteen,

I always dreamed,

Of cameras of action,

Filled with big screens


And although it’s scary,

I think it’s quite time,

To get off my arse,

And call that job mine


Yet people do talk,

You need a proper job,

To make money,

Marry a fella named Rob


But to this I just sit back and smile,

Yes of course,

Don’t worry,

I’ll do the whole nines


No stop, they just say,

This is important, you mustn’t forget,

And I always respond,

But it’s already happened,

Time just hasn’t caught up yet

Every Day


Every day the same

The same routine repeating for weeks on end

Keeping busy by walking and baking

People complain

But I feel no pain

I enjoy the loneliness

Doing my own thing

Feeling no pressure

No one to impress

No fake acts every day

But I know this is not

What the majority would say




A penny for your thoughts?

The little rusty penny hits my palm, what does life mean?

We wake up in an endless cycle,

At night, my body is a sleep but my mind awake like a busy street.

Endless fights with demons that taunt and haunt me,

I have no voice, you judge me for my culture

A penny for your thoughts




Life’s on hold,

Because the story of corona always being told,

But summer is coming,

Full of fun and loving,

And loud music that shivers my bones.

Happier times are ahead,

Crazy nights instead,

Barbecue on sun burnt evenings,

And laughing that never ends.




In the world, in your head.

Everyone’s the same and yet,

The gruelling tasks of day to day life

Are a struggle for you and many,

Causing strife.

Wondering and wondering when this will end

Just to lay around, dozing in bed.

Feeling as if this virus will always be,

You hope and pray that you’ll be set free.




She looked out the window while it rained at night

The moon shun in ”twas very bright


Out the window down the street

Into the park where the widow weeps


Sat on the bench and closed her eyes

This was her final goodbye




Today is the day that I just done yesterday

And weeks before yesterday and more weeks to come,

Get up, stay in bed, go to the desk

Whatever is comfortable

Just as long, you get those 20 assignments done before one

I think about times I hated and now regret not loving those moments

Before all this dreaded FaceTime, zoom all kinds of socialising

Just not like the last time i saw them for months without even realising

I just want to live my life like

I used to and not give out about fools and stupid issues

I sit in bed dreaming

We probably won’t get back until 2025.




I have a dog named Rosie,

And all she dose it eat,

She looks quiet like a barrel,

And she plops down on my feet,

We tried to get her walking,

But sooner pigs will fly,

So she’ll just have to stay a house dog,

And bark from time to time.