Scoil Mhuire agus Ide, Bóthar Buí, Rathnaneane, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick

Our Generation

I hate our generation, we second guess and doubt everything,
We do because the fear of judgement is so strong
That some of us cannot speak in public or even leave the house,
We are so scared of someone else’s opinion of us.
We apologize for who we are because we think we are annoying.
We overthink until our brain is overpowered by thoughts and crazy situations,
We make ourselves believe.
Some think so much until they cry themselves to sleep…
Our parents think “they got it good” but the smile fades,
When we close our bedroom doors,
We try to lock ourselves away and push out our loved ones
To save them from our worry our pain and fear,
We don’t want them to suffer what we are suffering.
It’s so hard to explain what you are feeling
When you can’t describe what it is that you are are feeling.
When our phones ding and our faces turn pale…
It’s not bullying you tell yourself it’s just a joke
A joke that happens every day
And you are now crying at the same joke
You laughed at two days ago.
How could it be funny if you are not laughing…


My Mother

Time is an abyss
That takes everyone we love into the dark
But you know this
And stay afloat to provide us with your spark

Your demons lie dormant
But your heart remains full of gold
And if they shall torment
The love you give will forever hold

For you are my beacon
That shines like no other
I am proud to be your son
And for you to be
My mother

Arron Toomey


Slut shaming
Whore. Skank. Tramp.
That’s what we are to them.
It’s like labels on our foreheads,
Defined by what we do.
We are more than just the labels.
We are more than what they say about us
We are more than what we do.
The clothes we wear don’t define us.
Legend. You’re class.
Boys are praised while girls are shamed.
For the exact same reason.
It’s not fair.
It’s not right.
I will not let myself get defined, labelled, shamed anymore.
I am not a slut. Whore. Skank. Tramp.
I will rise above those labels.



I come from a society where women are portrayed
As toys for boys
As whore, sluts and you name it
For boys this may be fun
For girls who have to hide and run
From the horrible names
From the shames
Of today society


The Balls to the Walls

Dressing room filled with Aerosols
To the room dark and all alone
The void that is unknown
Your head isn’t right but they say it’s just a phase
They never know what’s going in your headspace
They says it’s just a joke but is it really true
You never know why they are laughing at you
You try your best but its just not enough
Adults always say to stay tough
But it’s hard trying to keep up your defences
It’s hard trying to keep all these offences
It’s hard trying to believe in yourself
And how dare they say to love yourself
They don’t really know what’s going on with you
How could they ever know what you been through
But you just say some people have it worse
Some people had nightmares to traverse
But still that feeling that hurts deep inside
It doesn’t go away no matter how hard you try
So you keep it all inside so it might go away
And try and keep it positive until someday
You break down mentally and physically
Your friends all talk to you quizzically
Mentally they say you’re challenged
But you just can get out

Kevin Hough

Behind Closed Doors

Behind closed doors, every story is different
Don’t cause the pain you can’t handle
Stay strong don’t fall, your responsibilities are yours
You fall so deep it kills you to get back up
Being in the middle has its pros and cons

Emma Donovan


She eats lunch alone,
Goes home on the phone,
We try to help her,
But whatever we do it doesn’t matter,
But she’s my sister,
So she knows I love her.

Elaine Breathnach


I come from a place, where some people can be a disgrace
They bring people down and they don’t give a damn
You’ve heard them stories about people online
They really bring you down
But in reality you are on cloud nine

My place may be frightening
But I promise you that I can keep the disheartening from happening
Would you come to my place
Oh, please come it will be the best showcase

Gemma Walshe


Ears blocked at every compliment,
Feeling trapped in this world of cement,
It all seems completely worthless,
My mind is going through a circus,
How does one escape their own thoughts,
Has everything they’ve said to me been false.

Eileen Collins


“Best years of your life”
I really hope not
Life was different when you were young
There was no media or phones for that matter
There is no escape
Media has taken over everything
And it will only grow



You’re not cool enough they say
If you don’t wear the newest and trendiest clothes
If you don’t drink or smoke a cigarette
If you are not bold in class
There’s no point on coming to school
To get judged by the other hundreds of people in the hallway
Not evening saying anything just the horrible glare at you
The stare that goes through you
“School days are the best days of your life” they say
Ya right.



Being a teenager isn’t all great
You have ups and downs
You make some mistakes
Making some bad decisions
Is alright
Shifting and drinking
Is alright
You’re only a teenager once
Live it right

Caoimhe Carroll


From the 4 walls of my room
To 4 walls in a classroom
We feel so low
Like we’ve have no life
Or even no right
But what can we do
We are still young
To out and try and have fun in the sun
We do feel low
And feel left out
We feel alone
With no doubt
But then we pick ourselves up
Brush off all the dust
Live our lives
Like we won a million bucks

Megan Ahern


There’s the dull grey walls and the dull grey floor,
There’s the dull grey sky and so much more.
There’s the faded yellow light and the dull blue water
Sometimes this town leaves a lot sought after


4 Walls

From the 4 walls
To the 4 corners
From a pen in my hand
To a sliotor and hurley
To expectations that can’t be complete
To 60 minute of a life every week
1 year
12 month



I was in love
But not loved back
It was like lying in a bath
It’s needles in my back
I knew it wasn’t going to be forever
But I will endeavour
The love that was no longer real

Eibhin O Connor


While A’s are for average, and B’s are for bad,
Many people despise this, but this is who I am,

Some people can resist, and pretend to be simple,
But I for one cannot, as I feel like a cripple.

From books about Bear Grylls and videos about math’s,
It is clear that our interests can vary, just like that.

Ríal Magan

Trees to the Forest

From the trees in the forest,
To the fresh ash in the hurley makers shop
From the workshop to the young boys hand
From the sliotar to the hurley
To over the bar

Oliver Flanagan

Billy Maggee

I once played a match
Against billy Maggee,
He hit me so hard he bust up my knee,
The ref didn’t see so I didn’t get a free

If I ever see that Billy Maggee
In twenty years or 23
I will pick up a hurl
Chase him and his girl all the way to Clonakilty

Cian Brennan


Older cousins, aunts, uncles theme all
Compared and related to your family next of kin
Pressure and expectations that have to be met
So little time, unable to cope
Straight A’s, college, future all talk
Let’s be real my life is mine
But everyone seems to be the main principle in my existence
I’d speak out, but opinions aren’t taken lightly

Emma Donovan

What I Want

When you’re younger you want to grow up and be a teacher, doctor, shopkeeper,
Go to the moon whatever you think is amazing.
When you’re younger you think you can do anything or be anything you want to be
And nobody can stop you from doing what you want to do.
When I was younger I wanted to be a singer
Because I thought I was the best singer in the world.
When I started to get a bit older I realized that what I wanted to be was never gonna happen
Because girls were better at singing than me and because I would never go far in this career.
Got a bit older and now I want to be a teacher
But I am slowly loosing hope in this because I won’t get the points to achieve this
And also because I wouldn’t be the best at school.
We live in a world where we can’t achieve something we want to do
Because we mightn’t be the best at something which is wrong.
We should grow as a society where we tell each other we can do anything


Limerick Abú

Eight minutes of extra time
Surly that must be a crime
Anything could have happened
Like a bunch of lads unsafely scrapping

Knockaderry man Tom catches the ball
Even though all season he did nothing at all
when the whistle blew
Limerick Abú
Home Liam came
And so did fame

Oonagh Sammon


In rugby,
You see the chubby’s run around,
Bound to get tackled,
Baffled by the score.

Losing by four,
Looking for more,
Who swore to try,
And supply the guns.

Kevin O Connell


I love food.
Food is class.
It tastes nice.
It makes me feel better,
When I’m under the weather.
It’s not always good however.
Too much food can make you fat,
Like a big rat.
Your shirt will be stuck to you,
Like a piece of wet toilet roll plastered to your shoe.
If your belly is too big to fit through the door,
It won’t be popular with the beours.

Evan Mc

First things First

When our pets are killed
Or by cultures that eat dogs
When pigs are more intelligent
They snuggle to feel close
They hear their mother’s voices
They recognised their own name
So why is it that
When people try to protect them
They get called extremists
When the extreme actions
Are that of those who kill them
I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty
But we should speak
For those who don’t have a voice

Lauren Meehan


I come from Rathkeale
A place full of blackmail
Where shades get paid
To hide blades and cover up big raids
Where peltin motors
And young dope smokers is okay
Where lightin fires and macin tires
And gettin arrested and havin criminal records
Is all part of the Rathkeale way



Why do all them have to pose
They all have the fancy clothes
And the nice bows,
Always make the show
They are pros
Go along with the flow
So now I shall go


Come From

I come from Newcastle west
It is the best and I fail all my tests


All Ireland Final Day

The sound of the sliotar leaving the hurl was deafening
The real skill of any man is tested when they pick up the stick and ball
Don’t mind your football or soccer
All they do is dive around the place like a retarded fish out of water
The physical demand on the players takes its toll early
But they stick it out for the love of the jersey
For the love of the grass of the lawn that they first hurled on
Amateurs that pay their own way in the world
And most importantly do it for the parish
For the love of the game it has no equal


The Kid on the Fence

The kid on the fence, he never got picked,
I guess it’s because he wasn’t that “slick”,
“He’s so rubbish”; “he’s so bad”,
He’s just not one of the lads,
He runs home crying but no one cares,
Instead they would just stop and dart him with stares
He tells his mother but she doesn’t want to hear,
And because no one listens he’s seen as a “queer”

Jack Duggan

Ready for Battle

I sit there in silence, ready for battle
The preparation is done, there’s no turning back
I’m ready to fight, until I cant anymore.
When I’ve a hurley and a ball,
I am transformed.


History Repeats Itself Without You

The red robin fled
The calves are fed
It’s time for hurling
Somethings burning

There’s a great stretch in the evenings,
Great times for feeding
The rain is teeming
The sun must be dreaming

I’d like you to know
That no matter what happens
The show will go on
Even after the disaster



As we see the players wearing the red of Munster
The fans flocking in from the end of Kerry and the bottom of cork
Walking into the glorious gates of Thomond Park
Where we see giants clash and shake hands
A the blow of the whistle, you could hear a pin drop
While the ball is soaring through the air and over the bar
The fans cheer for this is the love of rugby


A Club

We are a club,
In a small village
In the bottom of west Limerick
We fight for the jersey

There isn’t a club in the county
With as much heart and desire as ourselves
When we play the Town
It’s time to pounce
It’s a battle to the end

The town are confident
They think their pure class,
But what they don’t know
Is that we are pure class



I will arise and go now and go to limerick city,
With my Mackenzie tracksuit and socks up to the knees
I’ll find myself a beour there, wearing luminous pink and
Take her back on the pony.



From the biggest city to the smallest county
With buildings that disappear in the sky
Big bright yellow busses
Driving you into the gates of hell


Father Ted

Dermot Morgan is dead
RIP Father Ted
It was the greatest show on the road
With Dougal and Jack in tow.
They fired out comedy about Irish culture and whatnot
That had many laughing and got others in a knot.
Mrs. Doyle had made the tea
And in fact liked the misery.
Tom shot the bird and had serious brawn
The money was his he just didn’t want to fill out the forms
Jack had died once
And was risen from the dead
Like that fella E.T.
It was hard to believe.
Dougal was told not mention the son
Bishop Brennan jumped gun
If it wasn’t for Ted
He might have met a sudden end.
Now with the money just resting in his account
And the show being put to bed
There is nothing left to say except
RIP Father Ted

Darragh Lyons

All Fine

Pulled up to the school in the Mondeo,
Hoping to be taken home early.
Another 6 hours of my life wasted,
Learning, learning? About what?
Things we will never use again,
Having to listen to teachers scream
And tell you that. This this aint no dream.
Why? I could just leave and wave goodbye
But then I’d look like the bad guy, wouldn’t I?
So I’m just a young male misunderstood,
But its still all good, it’s just all fine.

James Cowhey


Courage and loyalty
Heart passion and skill
The peil na mban club
Sean Mhuillean
Old Mill
The girls on the field
Kicking points all the way
Then go home and pray
For a win the next day



Knockaderry F.C a team that’s soon to be
The best team in the country
Robert Foley up front,
The Lyonses centre back
All we want to do is have the craic
From Storin on the wing,
To Ryan in the middle
Who is the king.

Cillian Ryan


Chocolate Digestive.



I love shoes
Hitler killed all the Jews
I need more money
To hop around in my shoes like a bunny
Shoes make me happy
So much I should wear a nappy