Scoil Chuimsitheach Chiaráin, Carraroe, Co. Galway

Teenage Years are the ‘Best’ Years of your Life

You try too hard? You’re considered a nerd.
You try too little? You’re considered stupid.
You speak too much? You’re considered an attention seeker.
You speak too little? You’re considered as depressed.
You like different things to everyone else? You’re an outsider.
You try so hard to be like everyone else
That you forget who you are and what your purpose in life is.
People say the teenage years are the best time of your life,
But, they don’t know the pain, the struggle, the name calling, the bullying.
Everyone has standards, if you don’t meet these standards,
You’re ‘weird’, you’re ‘different’, no one understands the intensity of these years.
You’re depressed, you’re self-conscious, you can’t speak in front of crowds?
Nobody cares about that, nobody cares about how YOU feel.
However, no one understands the WORST part about teenage years, the adults.
They think, time and time again that this generation is completely fine,
That we are just ‘looking for attention’ but THEY have made us like this,
ASSUMING that we are alright. It’s not.
They say that teenage years are the best years of your life?
Do they mean, the most stressed

Natasha Cusdin


To reach my goal,
I need control,
Lots of training,
Always gaining,
Pain and sacrifice,
Is the price,
To make my goal,

Rhys O Flatharta


Some of us have them,
They are annoying and drive you crazy
And they are also quite lazy
They sometimes hit you,
Snitch on you and
Also misplace me for a witch
But don’t tease him
Or be mean to him
Because after all
He is my brother.

Roseanna Bailey


We’re all looking for some peace
But all we get served is opinion
Acting as if they were the police
Thinking that my life is their dominion
They’ve broken me of my will on one condition
That I don’t break free after this day
They think they won but they have only given me ammunition
Not everything is one sided and it’s their time to pay

Mattie McDonagh


School ain’t so cool when
Everyday feels like an April fools
Who will sit with who
And who will be left sitting on the lone stool.
An endless pool of ridicule
Doesn’t matter which school.

We always take the bait and continue to obligate
As we patiently await the day
When we are no longer the prey,
And our stress will finally be kept at bay.

Michaela Ní Mháille

The Try

Everyone screamed as I was living my dream
Running through that field of green
To make our team invincible again
22-27, I was in heaven
We were kings of Connacht once more
And it was all down to my fluke of a score

Seán McDonagh


Tension grows as the game approaches,
And so do the doses,
Coaches are worried,
As they see the players have scurried
Onto the pitch in a hurry.

Siobhan Hogan

The Big Game

The big game has come
The warm up has just begun
The nerves are starting to kick in

Just like that, our final has commenced
The ref has thrown the ball in
With no doubt who will win

The player scored
The parents cheered
The whistle blows they’ve one a final

Niamh and Anna

Look into the Eyes

I look into the eyes I love the most
The eyes I hate the most
The one who can’t stand me as she says
That will always be the way
Deep breaths as it’s hard to keep
No time for pity no time to sleep

Carly O Toole


School is a journey through your teenage years
And it’s not easy when you’re young
You have to put up with teachers and homework
And worst of all, the Junior Cert

It’s a rollercoaster of a ride
But when all is said and done
You’ll be sad when it’s over
Until you go on the next ride

Liam Flaherty

Broken and Afraid

Whose love is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite sad though.
It really is a tale of woe,
I watch him frown. I cry ‘hello’.

He gives his love a shake,
And sobs until the tears make.
The only other sound’s that break,
Of distant waves and birds awake.

The love is broken, afraid and deep,
But he has promises to keep,
Until then he shall not sleep.
He lies in bed with ducts that weep.

He rises from his bitter bed,
With thoughts of sadness in his head,
He idolises being dead.
Facing the day with never ending dread.

Niall Joyce

One Punch

I started as a kid, just there to throw a bid,
It was do or die, punch or be punched
I was gonna make him my lunch with just one punch,
I knocked him down made him look like a clown,
Faced down on the canvas, the win I was handed.


My Car

In my car
Going to Spar,
Might get a milky bar,
And jump into a squad car
Don’t know how far,
Till I reach the bar.

Dara Ó Sé


I try the best but everything comes out the worst
The only reason my head hasn’t burst
Is that I have a fear I might combust
Heart made of twine
I don’t have the time to be allow my head to bring me this stress
All I can feel is this pressure in my chest
Because life is like a game of chess
As my mind is a work in progress

Roisin Seoige


Whose car is that? I dont know.
The driver is drunk though.
He was cross like a dark angel.
I watch him pace. I cry hello.

He gives his car a shake,
And sleeps I’ve made a bad mistake.
Tormented with nightmares I never sleep.
Revenge is a promise a man should keep.

He rises from his cursed bed,
With thoughts of violence in his head,
A flash of rage and he sees red.
Without a pause, I turned and fled.

Jack Regan

No More

The craic was good,
The night was booming,
The girl was drinking and she was fuming,
Out the door she fell on the floor,
That’s when her friends said no more,
She was mad goin crazy
She grabbed the vodka and started dazing,
The night was still young and she was having fun,
Until she tried to run,
She fell out the door,
The guard got a score,
And picked her up,
And said you’re having no more.



Money is funny its a lot like honey
sweet at first but then is runny,
Money is not your mummy
It will not always be there for you,
It gives you yummy food but you’re a dummy,
Money will change you for the worst
You’ll be cursed, hit with grumpiness
And selfishness,
So be clever and do yourself a favour
Love you’re mummy and you’re family.



I have a problem.
I am expected to be solemn
In places like school,
That make me feel like a fool.

I wish I could get a break
So that I won’t ache.
People will ask
(But I keep on my mask)
“How are you today?”
And I always say:

“I’m fine.”



I like sports
I enjoy it a lot
I train a lot
I give it my all
I will never stop
Until I win it all


A Guy

I know a guy
But if you ask i’ll deny
My friends despise
But they haven’t seen the pain in his eyes
I’ve seen his mind
And sometimes I am blind
To the person he may be
Because I know he’ll never hurt me



I like to play football
The posts are very tall
The crowd cheers us on
And we win the game
We celebrate
Leitir Moir is our name

Cian O’Conghaile


I like soccer
I think its proper
When you lace up those new boots
You feel like tearing up those grass roots
When you score a goal
You feel like you are on a roll
Win a game
You feel like you have unimaginable fame

Luc Flaherty

Basketball Poem

I be ballin like im mo bamba
Shooting around like Kobe
I’m the black mamba
Steph Curry with the shot
He be cooking with that pot

I be droppin em like A.I in his prime
I be James Harden getting to the free throw line