Sancta Maria College, Louisburgh


Roses are red, violets and blue,
Why do we do this to people too.
White is white and black is black,
We are all equal and that’s fact.

When you see a person on the street
and they don’t look like you,
That is not a reason to bully them too,
All of us have feelings, all have nerves,
So let them speak who can’t be heard.

People are people,
We should be here for each other,
But that’s not the case cause he has different skin or different preference,
But if you strip that away what do you have,
A boy, who lost in his words,
A boy, who’s drowned by fear,
A boy, who just wants to be heard.


I wake up

something feels wrong,
I call him
But he isn’t answering my calls
I know he is at work
I know that
But something still feels strange
My mom calls me
I hope nothing happened to him
But it did
I am standing at the hospital bed
And try to remember our last talk
It was a fight


A Shelter

I don’t know what’s worse…
Drowning beneath the waves, or dying from the thirst.
Having a million different thoughts at once, or having none at all.
People think they know you, like your house is made of glass.
But the walls surrounding my house and keeping it together are thick and strong.
My walls around my house are thick and strong.
My house is my body.
Don’t judge when you don’t know.


Clean girl on the outside
But on the inside,
the happiness slides.
Soft spoken yet heard
But searching for something that still needs to be learned

Always progressing,
but still always fighting.


From the outside she seems ok

From the outside, she seems ok
Perfect girl, perfect grades
She’s talented and …..
She smiles to keep them happy,
A kind old soul comforts them
But they don’t realise,
That she’s breaking inside
All the emotions rain down
She cries herself to sleep
All of the mental and emotional abuse,
Her father makes her weep,
Feel worthless,
He shadows over her
Yet she smiles on,
Never puts up a fight,
Because she has a good life, a happy life
Perfect girl, perfect life,
Being stripped down, by an internal knife.

As you travel

I slowly unravel
I hate to see you go
But when I ask you to stay you say no
Its hard to blame you when you’re not here
when u come home u call me your dear
You have done me so wrong
But I’ll stay strong

At Home

At home all I hear
is the sound of the crashing sea,
The sounds of buzzing bees
We watch Micheal Martins keynote speech
After a long day at the beach
We walk our dog and then up working in the bog
We lie on the lawn
I’ll know miss it when I’m gone

Magical Distraction

My new found attraction
Is my biggest Distraction
I spend hours just thinking
and when i think too much i feel like im sinking
when will she realise she is the one
if she chooses me i will have won

Same Old, Same Old

Same thing day in day out
nothing will change i have no doubt.
going into school being happy
with your friends faking a smile.
living a different lifestyle then when your at home
when your sitting alone thoughts
fill up your brain there’s nothing anyone can say.
it’s just the way it is and will be day after day.

Silage Season
From the fry in the morning and being on the dry till evening
To the excitement and delight and worrying about being at it all night
To the sun blaring and aul fellas raging
To the young lads drivin mad and acting hard
To the contractor and his big brand new tractor that he has loan of about 100 thousand on
To the aul ladys setting up tea for all the lads
From 4 in the morning and till 12 at night ,flashers blinking from noon till night
And the dog running round , scared for his life
It’s a tough time but a great time
And that’s silage season.

I know

People think they know
They know how I am
I am spoiled rotten
Spoiled rotten, well off, I have it easy
People don’t know
Don’t know how I am
I am hard working
Dedicated, ethical, disciplined
They think, I know
I let them think, but I know
I know