Sancta Maria College, Clooncarrabaun, Louisburgh, Co. Mayo


My anxious, mysterious, joyful thoughts
Memories scatter like a school of fish
Through the dark waters
Of what should not matter
To the murky depth
Where I hide how I feel,
My fanged emotions,
My blossoming ideas,
Who I am
I say how I feel
Without opening my mouth
I have my own secret life,
My own space,

Mia Warde

Pixelated Perfection

Time ceases to exist,
Clocks stop and I travel somewhere else,
Where my actions have meaning,
Reactions, consequence, can change the world.

I can run for miles with boundless energy,
Through pixel perfect grass that rustles in the sulfuric wind,
Blinding sunlight vanishes into the chill, into what seems like an instant,
I switch off, force inconsequential issues to fade into the background,

Into black,
Into dust.

Sam Butcher

In the Crimson Sky

The sun rising in the crimson sky.
Clouds like lovers, passing by.
Stretching limbs and sleepy eyes,
Open to see the light
Slowly creeping across the room.
Work and school like shadows loom.
Screams to wake, heard far and wide.
Breakfast rolls on hot plates fried.
Morning coffee, freshly brewed,
The morning air, the smell of food.
The day unfolds where lifetime start.
Shadows fall and then depart.

Allana O’Keeffe


Freedom’s Puzzle

We live in a society that doesn’t let you be the person you want to be.
My own self will never be able to be free.

The people are victims to the cruel world of office work
We are all voyeurs in a world of hurt.

I can keep all my insecurities without the fear of being judged.
Every electrical device should be unplugged.

The world turns upside down, good is evil, evil is good.
I wish I could go back and relive my childhood.

The character is more important than the body.
We are taught be clones, mass production, a copy.

Leonie Hildenbrand

The Sun Sets

The sun sets like a burning ball of molten
All destroying fire
It’s fuses with the cotton clouds and sets ablaze
The world’s desire
The ocean flows with breathing waves
The clustered town of freedom’s slaves
Over mountains stony rage
The spellbound sun casts golden rays
Streams of water gently flow
Romance blossoms, seedlings grow
The traffic of eternal cars
Beneath the everlasting stars

Joanna Pdilaoan


We get confused in search of answers
The world has yet to solve

The chatter of your friends you hear
Will into dust dissolve

Decisions alter consequence
Impacting on your life

You anxiously wait for the bell to ring
It’s time to pay the price

The long hours of these winding days
Be they good or bad

Are the best days of your life they say
And that I think that is sad.

Suzey O’Brien


Nothing will move
Nothing will change
Time and space
Won’t rearrange
Promises made
Promises broken
Locked away secrets
Left unspoken
Things we meant to start again
The shadowy hole where hope crept in
We found out it never ever ends
And darkness is your only friend

Lily Kilcoyne Kellegher

Technological Populous

They sell our information
They trick the population
Life is but a task
Information overload hurts our brains
There is nothing left to gain
No hope is left in this game

Alexandre Barrymore

She Waits

She waits on the faded curb
For the last ten broken years
The movie of her life soon ends
Credits roll like falling tears
Her grandmother watches lonely walls
An empty house begins to fall
And children leave again and again
Flashlights blind her eyes and then
She hits the bumper one last time,
Throwing her off the road to the side
Like a building spitting its victims out,
Plummeting to the hard, cold ground
Time is like a setting sun
The trumpets play and cycles run
The alarm sounds off the slamming door
Only to discover they’ve been here before

Caoimhe McNally


People paint their lungs black with toxic fumes,
Unwanted children are made by faulty industry and false expectation,
Concussions are exchanged as unwanted currency and physical honesty,
International killer conglomerates feed me poison I pay for as though its water,
Shattered glass is used as a scalpel slicing flesh.

Conor Clarke


Your head starts smoking, it’s getting harder to breathe,
The weight of your ambition makes it harder to succeed.

We struggle and fail because we are told we are no good,
Everything you do is not what you should.

The clock runs slower, it crawls through the hour, the afternoon is dying
And in the chambers of your heart, your inner child is crying.

The lies you built your palace through the witching years
Came smashing down around you like adolescent tears

An invisible power that slithered around your leg and pulled you down,
Was the Demons that you dreamed of, who let your Halo drown.

Mandy Haak

Such is Life

Things took a turn for the worst
Hearts were broken, bubbles burst
I learned the weight of consequence
Made promises of circumstance
Things I would not do again
The web of lies i spun began
To become untangled by the proof
An awkward and quite ugly truth


Birth of a Racing Beast

Petrol turned into dragon smoke and hear the combustion thunder
Months of grease monkey work unbolted in a blink
Records broken, shattered and set, history made and rules rewritten
The thunderous roar of beast-born machines born both night and day
Rubber is burnt, metal is crushed and trails are blazed of the scars of war

Callum Moore

My Sins

I wear my victims’ skin like a coat
The dry and torn feeling in my throat
The blood drips like water off a rose petal
My body sliding on the cold metal
The psycho sings me to sleep on a bed of nails
My hands tied to the steel rails
My skin cells shed, shavings of my tainted skin
My brain thinking why have I sinned
God gives you life then takes it away
So on your knees and start to pray

Emmet McNamee


If you aim for the moon you might hit a star
Decide where you want to go
When you make a choice
Make sure that it’s yours
Know who you want to know
For darkness lies behind the mysterious door
Under the squeaky window sill
The unwanted truth always stays silent and still
Just before it screams to be heard
We come and go and imagine we are
Exactly where we’re meant to be
We are when we are no longer somewhere
For what does it mean to be free

Elaine Garrivan

The Nature Around Us

Autumn leaves touch the ground,
Colours colliding, red, green, invincible yellows.

The symphony of the birds,
Against the calm of the morning.

A river runs through the town,
Creating life for the wonders below.

Stars light the night sky,
Catching dreams and wishes from below.

Memories of a time so simple,
Still live within the people.


The Demon

She lies, being told the odds are impossibly low,
That lupus is hurting her blow by blow by blow.
Her pure determination and iron willed nature tell her, fight on,
Lying in hospital, young and vulnerable but, so strong.
She fights the demon LUPUS pulling him by the horns,
She fights him in the eye of the never ending storms.
She defies odds with a pail of water she quenches lupus fire,
Once the flames were rising she never once did tire.
One small victory in lupus’ eternal war is won,
This is lupus, it isn’t win or lose, it’s only just begun.

Hazel O’Grady

Heart upon my Sleeve

I was so young and quite naive
I wore my heart upon my sleeve
I thought it was all for a laugh
I found my rotten other half
I got caught up in the sweetest talk
Those bitter limping words in chalk
That broke into a siren’s song
For what felt right was oh so wrong

Sorcha Wickham

The World in this Moment

Women earn less than men for doing the same job
And this is as bad as a-bomb.

Killing an animal is art, but doing a graffiti it’s a crime
They think that they can kill a creature anytime.

To rape a woman has to be punished instead of ignoring it
It’s like if you close your eyes and you press quit.

You can’t be yourself because the society will call you a freak
Your life is a theatre, your pain is a boutique.

We are destroying the world because of the pollution that we create
If we continue like that everything is going to end, we just have to wait.

Blanca Sanglas Carranza

Human Beings

We saw her for the very last time,
The time she committed this awful crime.
His life really started to collapse,
When he realized that he lost his maps.
People think they belong somewhere,
When they actually just need help.
You had two choices and took the worst one,
Instead of choosing the wiser none.
Animals live in the place we decided to destroy,
Because we are believing that nature is our broken toy.

Marie Dutrieux

Separate Ways

People speeding rollercoasters
False teeth pop like toast from toasters
A sharpish bend, a loop the loop
Wigs fly off to blind the troupe
Eyebrows plucked, extensions tinted
Shaped to look nice, facial minted
Like Ci’s all fresh for the holidays
Time to fly our separate ways

Ava-Lynne Kane

Inner Fire

I found my inner fire and power.
It is there since the first hour.

I found my favourite club and hobby.
And we do not play hockey.

My friends and family live their lives.
And I hope to find my love and wife.

I know every person and street.
And I could walk it all with my feet.

I choose to settle and live my life.
I hope that we won’t ever divide.

Moritz Heinke

Freedom Call

People fighting to be free
A flag for your identity
Catalans for independence
Apathy not in attendance
Poor people need food, a home
A school and a family
Space to roam
The cyberbully and the beast
A world that pays its kind the least
Women working beneath men

Nerea Vilasis

I Dream

I go to school to Sancta Maria College.
To learn some old and pointless knowledge.

I go to the beach in Carrowniskey
To surf the monstrous waves.

I like ice cream on a hot sunny day
Is what I always crave.

I have a mat in the living room
I have a TV too.

I have a dream I dream about
And one I keep for you.

John Cannon


A glass of ketchup and onions how disgusting.
My golden summers all are rusting
Mixed up at birth with my twin sister
I grew up like an unwanted blister
My nail fell off excruciating pain
Sister laughed like the insane
Rotten tomato mouldy and rank
No one I like left here to thank

Ciara Needham