Salerno Secondary School, Salthill, Co. Galway.

Art By AllJoy Design:

The Key To My Heart

Music is poetry, an expression of the heart
I can feel it in me when the music starts.
My mood surpasses to lengths I didn’t know existed
But then you came along and persisted.
I find it tough to get through the day, alas it gets better
When you come to stay
You make me dance and groove through the night
Even when I cannot put up a fight
The wire connects deep into my phone
it makes me arise to such a beautiful tone
Making a playlist and finding new songs
Is the only reason as to why I’m getting along
All different ages and genres I hear
And sometimes even the songs you play once a year
Music is the only love language I have
Without it I would be, Oh so sad


I hear the waves crush to shore
I feel the emotions rush to my core
I see the clouds move across the sky
I hear my dad yelling goodbye
I procrastinate my work all night long
I run around my room singing a Taylor swift song
I see my test score disappointing as ever
I feel upset but all my ties are severed

The Ode to Books

I think we don’t appreciate the delight
Of turning on your beside light
All warm and cosy at night
To flick page after page
Just to engage
And be stuck in a cage
Of a different life
I think we don’t appreciate the smell
And the stories to tell
And the way your face fell
After reading the twist
And I must insist
For you to make a book list
And pick up a novel
Because your world will greatly wobble

You Always Do:

The sinking feeling as it looms upon your door
Eerily longing for you to let it in
Waiting to cast its grip-waiting as you softly slip
Like a sunken ship, crashed against your chest
Stealing your breath and sieving your head
Slowly knocking, Still waiting still watching
Waiting to heavy your eyes, to rise the dormant black hole
To let you sink and sink and sink
Waiting to let you admire the round tunnel of
Pleading light, a sun of fury, to fall so small
To set with you, all alone

Of a Morning

One morning I was watching the sun appear from the choppy sea
I asked my self how on earth could this be?
How life continues to surprise you with the most extraordinary things
And I smiled at the things life brings


November has come and winter is here,
I can see my breath it is very clear.
Christmas is coming very soon,
As we watch Santa fly over the moon.
Kids will be happy and scream and cheer,
I cannot wait for Christmas to be here

Just A Girl

I’m just a girl who wants to live
to be able to strive, thrive and dive
into anything without fear
but needing to adhere to social expectations
its just the obligations
No judgement no pressure.
why can’t I still just be that little girl
who could do anything

That’s Life

Watching the world fly by makes me question,
What am I missing, what am I leaving behind.
What questions should I have asked,
what answers should I have answered.
The world is flying by, and I missing it.
Family growing up, cousins getting older,
People leaving, but what matters?
Everyone grows, leaves and disappears,
But we live with, that’s life
Life flashes by and now I’m a teenager,
A child, with a growth in their spine that’s hurts
Constantly under pressure to perform well
To do well in life
Now I’m not whining about the life I’m given
But it’s hard, with so much pressure.
Wanting to get a break, to try something new
Exciting and fun, I hope I get to try that soon.


I’m sick of boys thinking they know it all
When really all they do is make women’s self esteem fall
They are so sexist , it makes me hate society
For the future of this world I get so much anxiety
Being a teenage girl is hard , you’re self conscious enough
Without boys telling you you’re the duff.
I hate it so much , sometimes I want to leave,
But I can’t give people the satisfaction or relief

School Life

Walking into school is like walking into a pub
Looking around with the people inside
It looks more like a club, they glare they judge
They stare they smudge,
lipstick on the mirrors like soft Hersheys kisses,
Teacher shouts and gives out, while your in Outerspace.
The bell rings, same thing as always,
Rushing to get food in the same place.
Tests like drug ones, hoping you ace them.
Hate them

Things We Want

Everything we want
And nothing we need.
Our ethics and morals
All replaced by greed
Its no give and all take
Its not real its all fake
My shape is not right enough
My eyes are not bright enough
So when will I ever be enough?

Night Time

Night time is the worst
They always said
I never thought i’d be cursed
By the intrusive thought and growing insecurities
To be alone with myself
Always reminded of my impurities
To lay awake tears running down my face
Impatiently waiting for sleep
As i wipe away any trace
Hoping tomorrow will come soon


Living through Covid isolation
Here I sit in my bed
Here I sit with bad thoughts in my head
Here I sit staring at four walls
Here I sit watching Youtube shopping hauls
Here I sit all alone
Here I sit all day looking at my phone
Here I sit wishing I wasn’t alive
Here I sit trying my very best to survive

She Sees

Looking into the mirror, she sees bags and purses and diamonds,
She sees designer shoes and makeup galore.
She sees a whole family and an abundance of friends,
She sees glamorous jets and private planes.
She sees love and acceptance, she sees power and independence
She sees validation and success, she sees happiness and hope
For the happiest on earth would only see themselves.

Be Yourself

Be yourself
Well ok then
I’ll try but ma’am
Can you tell me which one is yourself?
Can you point them out in the crowd
That would help
I’ll copy their walk and talk
And maybe
I’ll wear my hair like them too
Why are you looking at me like that?
Wait a moment
I’ll change my mask
Maybe you’ll prefer this one


Corona virus has been both amazing and awful,
Who doesn’t like lying in bed all day,
But nobody loves not seeing anyone,
Everyone loves baking, making and trying new things,
But who liked being locked in all day every day,
However i liked spending time with my family
Thats why its been good and bad

Staying In Bed

Online classes and staying in bed
It was great for a while
Until it became the new normal
To wear masks
To social distance
To not to forgot to sanitise
And now all I want to do is to go back in time


Some days,
I feel everything at once.
Other days,
I feel nothing at all.
I don’t know what’s worse:
Drowning beneath the waves
Or dying from the thirst

I Am

I love my bong like i love my dog named sally long
I am a joy but let me tell you i am mot your tot
I’m happy I’m sad oh NO where is my dad .
Opportunity at what cost oh god my toe got lost .

And Then

I walk through the street
As i drag my feet
No messages on my phone
And then i realise
I’m all alone