St. Raphael’s College, Loughrea, Co. Galway

My Heart Yearns


When you laugh then you blush

It’s my heart that you crush

And the feeling you give

Projects more reason to live


No emotion stronger than how much I care

About how you are doing when I am not there

My mind runs through levels of you like a game

My heart yearns for you to be feeling same


At night when the sun hides

I wonder before I die

Will I have played it right

Or just more nights spent crying


Girl Power


Get compliment or you’re ugly,

But never compliment yourself.

All bodies are beautiful,

except your own.

Don’t have feelings,

But crying yourself to sleep is ok.

Being different is great,

But not if it’s you.

“Be yourself”,

But don’t be different.

It’s not ok for men to slut shame,

But if you’re mean, you’re a whore.

A life where “men are the enemy”,

Yet ‘sisters’ attack each other,

Simply for being born.


On Our Reign


Your heavy feet drum against the ground,

We approach the obstacle together,

No words are spoken but everything is said clearly,

The alien beneath me wonders if he could put his trust in me,

We lock eyes on the same object and, hearts pounding,

I let him take me over, the wind hits my face and the butterflies gather

For a split second, gravity seems like a myth.

My ears are then filled with the drumming of his hooves again

We ride away with another ribbon on our reign.


Cast out to Sea


We are sea shells in the sand,

Buried deep within the beach,

We can’t see the light of day,

Until the sand is swept away,

We are then used,

In many different ways,

We can serve a purpose,

Or simply cast out to sea.


I See


I see a great dark tower,

Snow swirling around, obstructing my vision

Nothing around, nothing but a great black spike


What is it?

I don’t know,

It’s familiarity confuses me,

Knowing and not knowing


I approach the looming tower

It soars into the sky with no end

This tower has no features,

This tower has no doors,

This tower has no windows,


What is it?

I don’t know,

Should I run?

Should I stay?

I put an ear to the cold tower

Bum bum,

Bum bum,

Bum bum,


I can no longer hear the snow,

All I hear is a heartbeat,

Bum bum,

Bum bum,

Bum bum,


It stops.

I’m scared,

Where do I go now?





I don’t know what to believe

Does it matter at all?




I keep busy, busy to ignore

Ignore hurt, ignore happy

Busy by hand or eye,

Busy my mouth or ear.

From music to food.

To yarn work to painting.

Pretend you have none,

And then you will feel none.

I keep busy, busy to ignore.


I Tell Them


They tell me my name,

They tell me my sex,

They tell me who deserves fame,

Yet I give zero damns,

I say who I give my fame,

I tell them my sex,

I tell them tell them who I love,

And then I scream my name!


Note to Self


Don’t live another week

Not having fulfilled

All that your

Little brain and body

Could have





Life is a bank statement, its all about the credit.

Nobody cares if you seen it or read it.

Everything is changed and blended all together,

For when it comes down to it the only thing true is the weather.

Fire from the rage replaces the sun,

People ain’t happy its never much fun.

Children see the anger and it drowns over them.

For whatever reason were all passive to the unusual endeavour




I look outside the window,

The birds are flying high,

They are free, and I am not

I feel I want to cry,

Lockdown is getting harder,

Every day is just the same

I want to see my friends again,

Isolation is a pain.


If Only


I knew it was getting bad

When I couldn’t wait for it

To rain


I knew it was getting bad

When I no longer wanted to

Talk to the people that

Made me happy

I knew it was getting bad when i

Wished there were three days

Where I could sleep and

Never wake up


If only I knew it was going

To get bad again would’ve

Cherished the days I laughed

Until I couldn’t breathe


A Dream


I had a dream, that would not come to pass it’s seems,

I want to go out again but it is impossible,

I know it won’t happen any time soon,

So please get me out of this stupid room.




In Art I drew

In my mind I thrive

In life I smile

In books I laugh

In music I cry

In town I shop

In my everyday life




No clue what to say,

I sit in front of the computer all day,

Sign in at nine am,

Sign off at half past three,

Get the work done everyday,

After go to the Xbox and play,

When I wake every day,

I say,

God it’s another lockdown day.


I Don’t Know What to Write About


I don’t know what to write about

So I’ll just write about this

And I don’t know what to say for this

So I’ll just say this

I don’t really know how to write a poem

But I can write a pretty good story

I have no idea what a poem includes

So I’ll just make it up

I don’t know how a poem works

So I’ll hope this works for me

I don’t know what makes a good poem

So if people don’t like this

Then I don’t really care


Online School!


My Brothers having fun,

while i’m having none!


He’s laughing in the snow,

while I can’t go!


He’s kicking the air,

It just isn’t fair!


He’s covered in white,

While i’m being bright!


He’s calling me on,

15 minutes is a con,

Thankfully we’re nearly done!


Let’s go have some fun!




There was a kid from Galway

Who was into video games,

He soon became addicted,

His mom became very worried

She sent him to a newly founded AA meeting for kids addicted to video games

And he went there for a couple weeks

But then he soon realized his mom signed him for a video game club

And he had the best time ever.

The best time ever