Sacred Heart School, Westport, Co. Mayo


The harrowed plague of a late night’s contemplation,
All consuming melancholy,

It sallows my skin and anchors my bones.
Plague of my mind and corrupter of my heart,
A feeling I can only liken to something of a void,

A pit, something you’ve heard time and time again,
Like splinters rupturing my skin,

Pins and needles prickling my feet, gum in my hair.
My heart does not have a mouth, it cannot speak for itself,
I can only cry,

But my tears don’t speak words of clarity,

Nor will they ever.

The Voice

In a bubble
A bubble on my own
It can be isolating, but it’s safe
Safe is good
Safe keeps me secure
There are voices
Voices coming from all around me
Voices saying,

Be this, Look like this,

Stop this,

Get grades like this

It can be overwhelming
But overwhelming is what we all deal with it
Overwhelming is a feeling that we’ve all felt,

It is a feeling that never goes away

A feeling we sometimes hope goes away,

But it never truly does


Why can’t they understand “no”
Why do they act differently around their lad peers
What if they actually cared about me and not my pictures
All these what ifs

Questions are questions with no answers.

Can’t they just accept me for me?

Do the curves in my body make them attracted to me
Why can’t they just want me for me
Why can’t they

Live Life

Why do we care
About what they think
They’re small boys with funny looking hair
Why does it matter
About how we look
If we were the same
We’d all be like ducks
stop letting them control you
Live your life for you
If you don’t
You’ll regret it in a year or two!

The one thing

I was told I was a parasite
I was told it was my fault
I was told that I was nothing
And should put my life to a halt
Told that it was love
Told that it was funny
But the one thing I was never told
Was that someone actually loved me

I kicked a hole in the wall
But refused to hurt who really hurt me

The Billionaires could help

When they say the world is ending,
From the fires to the people fending,
For food and water and a place to sleep.
The people on the top keep,
All the rewards while those on the bottom,
Work tirelessly for little pay, this is the problem.
The billionaires could help,
But they choose to say welp,
And leave the world to end,
And the people to fend.

The Perfect Picture

She was a hopeless romantic
and had the perfect picture of love
But every time she met someone
He wasn’t the one

He was the one to never show emotion
Didn’t think about love

But one thing they both had was a heart

She had memories yet to be made
He had stories yet to be told
But one thing they will never know

Is the memories and story’s

Were to be told together


Walk like this
Talk like this
Be like this
These are the best days of your life

Like boys

These are the best days of your life

Talk to people
Because you’re supposed to like that

Play sports
Because everyone likes that, right?

Go to school where they strip you of your individuality
Ignore your tired eyes

And yet they say
“Typical moody teenagers”
“Enjoy it”

“These are the best days of your life”

They say

I am female
I am strong
I am brave
I am powerful
They say I am weak
They say I am emotional
They say I can’t
What I think of me
Will always disagree
With the opinions
Of society

Oh School my School

I walk into school,
With my head held high,
longing to see my friends,
But I sit there and wonder,
Two pairs of shoes,
Two pairs of dress,
School bag was heavy,
But there was no stress.
Oh school, my school,
You make me smile,
Hey classmates, let’s go for another while?


She has short long blonde brown hair
She hasn’t a clue when what or where
Her eyes are browny greeny blue
And still no clue what she wants to do
Her life’s a bit of a mess
But none the less
She wouldn’t change it for the world
The life of a 16 year old girl

Not to fast or Slow

My life is always on the go
Not too fast nor not too slow
My parish is mighty way down in the west
The country’s finest at its best
Flags are up around and about
We’ll win the county final no doubt
It’s the greatest village to ever exist
So, so awfully hard to resist

Different is okay

I was told I’m normal
But always felt different
Told by the understanding
Told by the ignorant

Thought I was alone
But found out I was not
I’m different and that’s okay
But that’s not what I am tought

Next Year

Next years plan
Is for Mayo to win sam

We’ve waited 70 years
Shed to many tears

No more talk of a curse
it was only one hurse

Next years the year
Get ready to cheer

No one sees

School is the “best days of your lives”
That’s what we’re told
No one hears the anxious shaking of feet
The all so loud tapping of pens
No one sees the silent cries for help
Girls that are skin and bone

Ones who sit all alone
Everyone seems so happy
Am i the only one who notices the struggling


What life is about

It felt like a prison ,
With walls and closed doors
Can’t walk down the street
For you will get stalked
Least of my worries was the halls
Filled with fake friends and
Smoke pouring over the bathroom stalls
Trapped in a prison , finally got out
Here I am now in sacred heart
Fifteen and only learning now
What life is really about

Meant what i said

In the mirror I look and I see insecurity,
But who doesn’t? Is what I’d like to know.
To look like models on a TV show, but why?
Who made me think so? Men?
The patriarchy who I blame? Will I ever know?
Forcing unrealistic standards upon women
Allowing us to slut shame.
For I need to have a realisation
That I shouldn’t care.
For flaws are man-made
I mean what I say.

They Say

They say I’m smart, I’m talented
She’s going places, she’s perfect!
I work hard, I’m worry led
She made a mistake, she’s not perfect!

They compliment not me but my luck
They don’t see the sweat or know that I feel stuck
I’m trapped between the work I’ve done to get here
And the the fear this work will disappear
With nothing to count but the wasted years

Taking Back

To Tyrone,
Revenge is the only way
To take back what you took
Because I will make you pay
And kill you with a book
Love Mayo

Fat Dog

I want to go home
To hug my dog
Even tho he’s kinda fat
And snores like a hog

Forever More

Oh the green and red of mayo
I can see it still
It’s soft and craggy boglands
It’s tall majestic hills
Where the ocean kisses Ireland

And the waves caresses it’s shores
Oh the feeling it came over me
To stay forever more
Forever more

More than a friend

Bottle blonde
Deep brown eyes
She’s your best friend
I know you’ve told me a few times
But the way u smile when your with her
Tells me that she’s more than just another girl
She’s not just your friend
I’m not blind i can tell
And you don’t look at me the same
But i guess oh well
I don’t understand why u wont let me go
When she’s the one
You want alone

Young Love

From laughing and joking,
crying and falling.
Young, love and
joy is what we hear.
Expectations, struggles
and fear.
From trusting to betrayal,
who is truly real.


i tried opening a bank account
But they soon kicked me out
Because i do not have a valid passport

I looked for my birth cert
Could only find dirt
At the back of the press where is should be

Sent my passport away
To change the expiry day
But i haven’t heard a word

I tried opening a bank account
But they soon kicked me out
I do not have a valid passport

A Girl

I am a girl,
Who stares in the mirror for hours,
Picking and poking at my imperfections
Wishing It was a different reflection in front of me,
I am a girl,
Meant to be strong beautiful and smart,
Yet I feel miles apart,
I am a girl,
Who sees other girls like me
And lots of people try to tell us who to be,
We are girls and we stand together,
Like beautiful flowers scattered in a field,

Express Yourself

Dont dye your hair or pierce your ears
Or your nose or your face, during the school years
Wear the trousers the jumper and the shirt
Dont express yourself you have no worth

In need of a Plumber

Pipes rusts in my ceiling that leaks

Water rots my floor boards that creak
Seeps through the cracks in my wall
I think of my problems compared to others

I am lucky my problems are nothing at all

I am in need of a plumber